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Tucked away in the small city block of Post Ally in Seattle Washington, PCF is a relatively unknown automotive shop with a small underground list of criminally connected clientele. Owned and operated by Martin Ford, a former Grand Prix racer turned wheelman after a horrific crash nearly claimed his life, PCFs one of a kind modifications have continuously produced some of the most untouchable get away cars ever to hit the streets. Its underwhelming appearance only helps maintain its simplistic grease monkey appeal insuring Ford's ability to subtly operate under the radar and avoid incarceration. But what really sets this unique engineering garage apart from its competition is Ford's mutant ability to fabricate state of the art engines which he can breathtakingly manufacture with relative ease. Replacing standard deck baseline engines with 2deck dressed counterparts capable of producing a monstrous 627hp (most Lambo's are runnin wit only 580hp) with rolling cams and forged cranks hidden underneath the hood of a stock Chevy Impala's and completely camouflaging the beast that rumbles within. And though he prefers to cloak the barbaric monsters behind the veil of a normal automobile, he also understands the stylistic appeal of the more flamboyant street machines.

Working alongside the Strigidae runaway who's automotive autodidacticism not only impressed the former Formula One allstar, but prompted his decision to indoctrinate the former assassin into the World of underground street racing, modifications, and getaway driving. Allowing for an early retirement thus setting up their unique partnership. Acting more like father and son as opposed to boss and employee. Ford is unaware of his silent associates past and he does not care to know it. Understanding that a man's secrets are his own burden to shoulder.

Whether converting concept cars into reality or building an untouchable speed machine from the ground up, if it has wheels, Ford can build it. And Vaughn can drive it.


  • This is a location thread for requesting customized automobiles and the current home of Vaughn Jackson
  • No destruction without first asking
  • Martin Ford is not an NPC
  • As far as anyone knows this is a legitimate business
  • Can also be used to set-up and par-take in street races, rally/off-road races, superbike races, etc
  • Still adding to the OP so check back later

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Badass ish son :)

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David pulled up to the shop on his old motorbike wearing a one way glass helmet on his head. He got off the bike and walked inside to a counter and pressed onto the silver bell.

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@laughingstock: Pushing out from underneath the carriage of a stripped down Hemi Cuda making sure to wipe the grease of his socket wrench, Vaughn proceeded towards the front desk. Offering a subtle nod of acknowledgment void of verbalized greeting he waited for the costumer to speak.

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Oh! He's back.

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@vaughn_jackson: David pointed at the motorbike parked inside the garage, "I would like to get some customization and some new parts added onto it. I would do it myself but I'm not much of a mechanic." The motorbike had some rust stains on the sides and had large coils attached onto the tires that looked like they were put on by a 13 year old in shop class.

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@laughingstock: Looking over the man's shoulder shifting the loosely hung toothpick from the right edge of his mouth to the left, the Strigidae Southstar slowly nodded, "Yeah I could do that." his low base filled voice noticeably absent of emotion. "Its gonna take a couple hours. There's an El Pollo Loco down the street if you're hungry." slinging a dirty rag around the back of his neck while Ford carefully walked the vintage ride over towards the lift.

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A business owned by Gambler? Ah, better get into my destructive mood again.

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lol I dont own I just work at it

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@pyrogram: See this? My dream did mean something! Now we just need to wait for him to start frivolously banning people.

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@vaughn_jackson: David nodded in reply and looked at the motorbike "Jist be careful with the red buttons on the sides of the handlebars." He laughed under his helmet "It launches in the air when pressed!"

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Let's count the time until he goes bad again.

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@arquitenens: I know right. They could make you a car in the shape of a dinosaur :P

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Surrounds it with Animus Corp fast-foodesque engineering centers and monopolizes

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@laughingstock: Together Ford and Jackson began restoring the old school bike giving it a traditional looking makeover while fabricating in some modernized innovations. Such as a keyless starter, Indian Chief crome and saddle bags, before installing a Thunder Stroke 111 engine with 119 ft lbs of torque. Balancing out the bikes already impressive aerial features. "Whatya think kid? Not bad all things considered." chuckled Ford. Vaughn simply flashed a brief almost unnoticeable smile.

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You people are killing me.

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@vaughn_jackson: David looked at the bike with grin under his helmet. "Beautiful! Are you sure that is my bike? I barely reckonize it!" David looked at the shop owner from the counter. "How much do I owe you?"

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@laughingstock: "Five grand and we'll call it even" Ford replied. "Unless of course you're interested in doing a little...job for me..."

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@vaughn_jackson: David thought about the cash he already made for his Family and he knew his plans for them would cost thousands more. David looked at Vaughn and thought for a few seconds "What is the job you had in mind?"

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@laughingstock: (jus for reference Ford is the owner and the one speaking. Just to lazy to switch accounts) :p

Ford smiled. The interest shown by the motorcycle enthusiast was a good sign. "Theres a freighter offloading tonight down at the harbor. Shipping crate 19/90. You do not need to know whats in it, you simply need to steal it. Vaughn will drive you and two of my associates. Four man job split evenly. It'll cover the cost of the bike as well as put a grand in your pocket. Your call."

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@vaughn_jackson: David quickly replied when he heard the word Grand and Pocket in the same sentence "Ok I will do it, but only one question. Will there be security there?" David looked at Ford a little worried."Oh and is it okay if I bring a friend with me? He won't want pay but he is useful."

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@laughingstock: Before answering, the loud rumble of Vaughn's highly tuned 850HP black Shelby Mustang drowned out any and all verbal communications between Ford and the newly acquainted David. Rolling to a partial stop just on the opposite side of the electronically opened garage door while waiting for David to jump in. "Sorry pal, no room for extra muscle." Ford shrugged. "Better get going, your window of opportunity is closing." Characteristically silent, Vaughn smoothly shifted into gear launching the magnificent machine out into traffic stylishly sliding the ass end sideways purposely over-adjusting fishtailing the rear from side to side before firing straight ahead towards their destination.

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@vaughn_jackson: The smooth engine of the Kawasaki Ninja that Catriona had liberated could be heard throughout the immediate surroundings of the residential area that she carefully maneuvered through. Using the quiet roads as a cut through, she navigated back out onto open roadway and let her baby loose. A highly modified bike that had been lovingly touched up by Cat, she took a nearly parental pride in the sleek hunk of black and chrome.

At break-neck speeds up to and occasionally exceeding 100 MPH, Cat used her enhanced senses that were a result of a lifetime of training and behavioral modification to allow her to maneuver at above human times. Her intended destination was Pinnacle Customs and Fabrications, the current location of Vaughn.

They had gone their separate ways just over a year ago after what could most simply be described as a revolt against the Strigidae and Arcani. They had both gone underground and taken up less than savory occupations, but she had come across information that was of the utmost importance to both of them, information that could lead them to Myrmidon.

Every sense was on high alert as she weaved through the highway traffic. If the Strigidae were to locate them, if they were even looking for them, it would not end cleanly for anybody. The black kevlar weave suit that adorned her body was patched into local police scanners, the bud in her ear relaying her current locations. She had not been called in yet.

Veering towards the next exit on her right, Catriona peeled onto the off-ramp and onto a secondary route. It would lead her directly to the storefront of PCF.

Eyes of those in the lot were on her as she came to a slow stop on the bike, perpendicular to a parking spot. Pulling the helmet off her head as she dismounted, long blonde hair cascaded down her back, adding to the feminine mysterieouse vibe that she was portraying. "I'm looking for Vaughn." Any potential leerers were met with a warm smile, but eyes full of ice.

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@vaughn_jackson: David looked out the window of the car and back at the other two Mercs in the car with David and the silent driver Vaughn upfront. David tapped the driver on the shoulder carefully. "Could we pull over at a store or something? I need to change into uh.. My gear..."

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@cat_savage: (awesome. will reply as soon as I get my head right)

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@cat_savage: The mention of his name drew his attention away from the careful instillation of a Chevy 383 stroker that he had begun to lower into the small frame of a unassuming Ford Focus. Moderately attired in a plain white tee-shirt and distressed jeans which allowed his intricately designed tattoos to display themselves, Vaughn couldnt believe his eyes as they fell upon a long removed friend. His impressive yet withdrawn demeanor slowly venturing from beyond the maintenance area towards the unavoidable beauty of a fellow Strigidae runaway. Charmingly flashing an almost shy like smile he quietly spoke. "Hey...."though short, the single word coupled with his enchanting gaze spoke volumes.

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@vaughn_jackson: "Hey, yourself." She had forgotten the way he moved, with such effortless grace coiled beneath his muscles, slow and steady not unlike the large jungle cats. The corner of her mouth turned up in the semblance of a grin, her dimple showing, as she fought the urge to run to him. Instead, she took two steps forward, sliding her hands into the pockets of her fitted leather jacket. "Can we talk?" For one of the first times in her life, she was off her game, not thinking eleven moves ahead and accounting for any possible avenue of attack.

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@cat_savage: Looking up at Cat from under the downward tilt of his head slowly removing one of his trademark toothpicks, Vaughn began to nod. Flirtatiously shy in his distractingly coy mannerisms, the dark denim jacket hanging off one of the elongated tool boxes was swiftly grabbed and slung over the Strigidae Sinner's shoulder before proceeding. Moving dangerously close inside Cat's personal space lingering his smiling lips just inches away from her own before surprisingly lifting the keys from her pocket. "I'll drive" he softly spoke with a Cheshire Cat grin.

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@vaughn_jackson: The scent of motor oil and cologne wafted past her senses as he willfully invaded her personal space and snatched her keys. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as he hopped onto the bike, waiting for her to join. Sliding up behind him, she tentatively wrapped her arms firmly around his waist as he revved the engine.

He drove it as well as she did, and that small fact grated her nerves just the slightest. It was silence between them as he navigated through small roads and in and out of residential areas spattered with little Mom and Pop shops. They came to a slow and natural stop after a strip of him showboating skills. Their final destination was what appeared to be an empty pub.

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@cat_savage: Admiring the elegantly exercised lines of Cat's curved ass as she strolled inside shamelessly transfixing his gaze on nothing else, the young wheelman was helpless against the raging memories of a life long abandoned. A love never fully realized. As the pair slide atop adjoining bar stools Vaughn was warmly greeted by the weathered looking hostess. "Hey there cutie. Been awhile." her raspy cigarette abused voice scratched. "The usual?" she questioned. Using his fingers to meme two while nodding, the pair of former Strigidae were quickly treated with double pints of Sam Adams.

Pausing as he slid another toothpick between his lips, Vaughn turned towards Cat. "Its really good to see you again Cat." purified heart beaming through his eyes exposing the ache of his soul.

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@vaughn_jackson: Cat took a drawn out sip from the glass as she looked at Vaughn. There was a small thud as she placed it on the bartop before turning to face him head on. There was something in his eyes that brought her back to days when the only thing that mattered was their mutual thirst for knowledge and skill and an unspoken, unacted upon want for one another. Neither had ever been the first to say something.

"Vaughn..." She almost segued into something else entirely before reigning herself in, words unspoken still on her tongue and in her eyes. "It's really good to see you, too." She reached down and amiably squeezed his knee before taking another sip of the libation. "What've you been up to?" They'd start with small talk, amiable catching up before she dropped the bomb on him. He had a life here and taking it from him, asking him to leave it, was something she was wary to do.

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I think a certain alt may have to come by here

awesome job by the way

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@cat_savage: As pleasant and inviting as Cat's charming repartee would have been the mere fact that she had tracked him down after all these years alluded to a more significant conversation. One she was graciously attempting to streamline with a delicate approach as not to upset the harmonic balance Vaughn had carefully constructed here. Taking a drawn out drink before exhaling with braced anticipation, Vaughn closed his eyes and asked, "Why now? What has happened....."

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@vaughn_jackson: The guilt washed over her like a wave as she turned to face the bar head-on. Resting her elbows and forearms on it, she took a deep breath before reaching into the small satchel that was strapped cross-wise to her body. Pulling out a weathered piece of paper, with an ancient script on it with ink that had been placed to the paper within the last several years due to dating, she slid it towards him. It was a dialect that they had studied in the Strigidae archives and it made mention of the Myrmidon. "I'm sorry." She muttered the words, knowing that regardless of whether he chose to stay or go, this would change everything.