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Phoenix Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Sometime in the 10 century, four members of the most influential families in the magic society contributed to the erection of the Phoenix Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry in an undisclosed location in Rome. Originally designed as a safe haven for young practitioners of magic throughout Europe facing social discrimination to develop their abilities, under the careful eyes of some of the most talented witches and wizards of the century, the school evolved into much more. The public grew eager to send their children to Phoenix Academy, and its level of selectivity increased along with its reputation. Only a few short decades after its creation, the Phoenix Academy became regarded as one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world. This allowed the Academy to careful select only the most magically promising or aristocratically bred arcane talents to be accepted. The rapidly increasing prestige of the Academy drew the attention of more and more illustrious mystic scholars, who were drawn from all over the world to obtain a spot on the school’s staff. Between the influential families and renowned sorcerers invested within the school, Phoenix Academy cemented itself as not only the pinnacle of magic education, but an unconquerable power within magical politics.

One of the four family’s present for the Phoenix Academy’s birth as well as one of the highest regarded magical family’s in history, the Huntington’s have always kept a steady grip on the Academy’s affairs. Infamous for their practice of immoral mystic arts as well as their affinity for power and wealth has kept them in the forefront of business and politics in both the magic and mortal worlds. After the sudden murder of the most recent Phoenix Academy Headmaster, James Huntington (the current head of the Huntington clan) seized the position. With the entirety of the Academy in his hands, James’ transitioned the school into a newfound age of aristocracy, accepting students derived from only the very noblest of bloodline. However James’ reign over the Academy was short lived, for his own daughter; the enchanting Amora Huntington (Enchantress), replaced him within a year of taking the position. Having been the one to murder the previous Headmaster, obtaining his millennia of mystic knowledge in the process, she was indisputably qualified for the role of Headmistress.

New Era

Since obtaining the politically elite role of Phoenix Academy Headmistress, Amora Huntington has done little to change the structure of the school her father had formed. However Amora held a much broader vision for the Academy. Working with the aristocratic Charlemagne LeBeau and the illustrious Red September organization, Phoenix Academy opened its doors to adolescences of all supernatural abilities and/or noble family history. The two groups have held secret connections dating back to the Phoenix Academy aiding Red September in the fight against the Nazis in WWII. This provided Red September the uniquely powerful position of being able to control not only modern day politics and business, but the ability to groom the future of the world’s elite aristocrats.

Phoenix Castle

Phoenix Academy is located in Phoenix Castle, a large castle somewhere in Rome. The castle has extensive grounds with sloping lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable patches, a loch (called The Black Lake), a large dense forest (called the Forbidden Forrest), several greenhouses and other outbuildings. There is also an owlery, which houses all the owls owned by the school and those owned by students.

The school has numerous charms and spells on and around it that make it impossible for a "human" (i.e., a non-magical person) to locate it. Such people cannot see the school; rather, they see only ruins and several warnings of danger. Witches and wizards cannot teleport in Phoenix grounds, except when the Headmaster lifts the enchantment, whether only in certain areas or for the entire campus, so as to make the school less vulnerable when it serves the headmaster to allow teleportation.

(CVnU location thread.)

  • Make sure your character has a legitimate reason for visiting the Academy
  • Any characters with magical, metahuman, or aristocratic origin can be a student, PM Enchantress if you're interested in being a professor
  • Standard CVnU rules apply
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Nicely done :)

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I'd want to throw Saint in here, But he's already on a magical school team :(

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Let me get my Harry Potter on right quick. Looks badass D!

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Nicely done :)

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Can i join? Mari's family was very rich. will have a full origin tonight

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@Marisol Guido: As a student or teacher? Like it says in the OP, any character with money or superpowers is welcome as a student.

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jumps around spinning with a large smile on her face. Every spin she taps a surface and a single flower blooms

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@shadowknight666 said:


I'd want to throw Saint in here, But he's already on a magical school team :(

Well seeing as how this school is in the CVnU, and my school is in the prime Universe I don't see why this would be an issue.

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@_Enchantress_: Stepping out of the small inconspicuous Roman cab uncharacteristically without an entourage, the inspiring autocratic made his way up and through the magnificently artistic double wooden doors. Entering an atmosphere of sophistication with unparallelled culture further facilitated by its headmasters dignified decorum. It was indeed a house of great distinction and the perfect complement to the Ultra-Sapiens high standards of prestige. Dressed in a one of a kind dark blue Vivienne Westwood wool suit with notched lapels and full lining, its front button closure with a gold tone chain accent was the trademark of the controversial fashion designer. With confident strides blending arrogance and self-assurance together Mr. LeBeau headed towards the administrations office of Ms. Huntington, his scent of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue stealing the attention of more then a few faculty members as he marched by."I'm here to see Ms. Huntington, and no, I do not have an opponent."Charmingly enchanting the petite receptionist. Her cheeks flush with slight embarrassment."Who may I ask is here to see her?"She softly qustioned."Tell her, tell it tis an old acquaintance."

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(Love this! :D CV has it's own hogwarts lol)

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@Mr_LeBeau: Sitting in her office within the Academy, surrounded by regal furnishing and towering bookshelves, the only sound that accompanied the Headmistress' presence was that of pen against paper as she wrote a letter to an associate of hers. Behind her, floor to ceiling glass windows gave a breathtaking view of the green hills the castle rested on, as well as the sky which had just began to make the transition from its light blue into the mesmerizing oranges of sunset. Wavy blonde hair fell around her shoulders which were partially covered by her black Balenciaga mini dress. Hearing one of her many secretaries footsteps before the gentle knock on the wooden doors leading into her office, Amora turned her head just as a small woman entered the room respectfully. "There's a man outside for you, Ms. Huntington," she said politely. Tapping her pen against her desk Amora tried to think of any appointments she had scheduled. "Did he give any information?" she asked the secretary. "None, other than he was an old acquaintance. He was also quite charming," she said with an attempt to restrain her grin. A small light of realization appeared behind Amora's pale blue eyes as she turned her attention back to the letter she had been writing, saying simply. "Allow Mr. LeBeau in."

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Waving him in the couple exchanged alluring glances as they glided past one another in the office doorway. The secretary lowering her head masking her smile and obvious attraction, while Charlemagne's provocative stare continued to stalk her down the hall, the added English in the sway of her hips serving as an indication of appreciation for the added attention. "Amora." Turning his attention to irresistible Headmaster. Graciously taking her methodically manicured hand in his, contributing a gentlemanly bow in addition to a chivalrous kiss before continuing. "My dear you are simply a portrait of perfection." Pacifying the narcissistic tendencies associated with the Huntington autocratic prestige. Taking notice of the extensive literary collection tracing his finger along the priceless antiquities. Visually impressed, his appreciation for knowledge and those who understood its value was a verifiable certitude. "Amora, current events have expedited my latest desideratum and so I am now forced to seek a more, preternatural design in order to secure the direction of my vision." Pressing up alongside the executive desk. "Tell me, what do you know about the legend of Excalibur?"

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@Mr_LeBeau: Her eyebrows raised in amusement as he entered her office, his physical appeal undeniable. She bit her lip alluring at his gracious compliment. "Charlemagne darling, you're far too kind," she said before smirking, "but not incorrect." She grinned tantalizingly from across her desk as his lips pressed delicately against her hand. Setting aside the letter she had been writing, she leaned forward toward where he had rested against her desk. "I can't say I'm unfamiliar with it," she said, brushing a few strands of hair away from her face before tilting her head quizzically. "Why do you ask?"

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I want Excalibur

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I want Excalibur

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I want Excalibur

HA! See? Just like a lil sister :P

Hmmmph. I'm gonna embrace the role.
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@Mr_LeBeau you're not gonna be laughing when you see the monster you've created :D
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you're not gonna be laughing when you see the monster you've created :D

Gambler, his lil sis, and Duchess lol

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@Mr_LeBeau said:

@Mercy_ said:

you're not gonna be laughing when you see the monster you've created :D

Gambler, his lil sis, and Duchess lol

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@_Enchantress_: "Quite simply my dear, I plan to retrieve the fabled weapon, but I can not do it alone nor could I hope to successfully traverse the magically impediments that have safe guarded it for centuries." Sliding into the wood polished chair opposite the desk casually folding his left leg over the right. "If you would indulge me with the tale of Excalibur, as you know it, as the preeminent mistress of enchantments so we may discern fact from legend."

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Stepping out of her office and onto its balcony, Amora put on a heavy fur jacket over the black 3/4 length Maison Martin Margiela dress she was wearing as extra protection from the cold air. The protective charms around the castle often resulted in slightly different weather than the rest of Rome, and in winter the Academy received heavy layers of snow. As she stepped outside and crossed her arms over her chest for warmth, these flakes of snow fell lightly onto her jacket and hair. A shiver ran from her Christian Louboutin heel-covered feet all the way up her back as she took a deep inhale, letting a small jet of flames from her mouth to warm her as she exhaled.

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So conniving. I love it.

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@_Enchantress_: Mind if I paid a visit? :)

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@Impero: Of course not

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@_Enchantress_: Nice. I'll stop by with an alt.

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@_Enchantress_: Clad in a form-fitting dark grey Armani Collezioni two button suit and an elegant silver Datejust Rolex watch, the Catalan Knightfall sets foot in the most elusive of institutions. The recognizable scent of Men's Dior enigmatically radiating from a perfectly chiseled frame. A virtually flawless mask of charm and composed charisma conceals a more stern and focused persona as he seeks out the alluring Amora, an unspoken agenda compelling him towards the encounter.

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@Morte_Knightfall: Standing in the castle's snow-covered courtyard, Amora watched as her Siberian tiger roamed the grounds, his nobility undeniable. She hid her hands in the pockets of her fur coat, attempting to avoid the scathing cold. As she watched her prized beast absentmindedly, a letter floated dreamily toward her in the midst of the falling snow. It was not uncommon for the residents of Phoenix Academy to contact each other through means of enchantment, as technology was not commonly found. It was, fundamentally, how Amora preferred things. Catching the letter delicately she opened it to reveal a single piece of paper with elegant handwriting displayed on it.

There is a man here to see you, he's been waiting in the Great Hall. I sent him to your office where he should be waiting now.
- Faralda

Closing the note Amora turned her attention back to the tiger. "Come now Romulus, we have a visitor," as she spoke the feline padded obediently to her side, receiving a few strokes on the head before they both disappeared in a swirl of smoke. The only sorcerer able to teleport on the school's grounds, Amora and Romulus reappeared in elegantly decorated office. Settling into the chair behind her desk while Romulus laid down beside her feet, she sent a note to her secretary to allow her visitor inside.

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@_Enchantress_: Notified by the secretary of Amora's recent presence in her office, Andres replied with a charming wink, a testament to his thanks for the information as he calmly made his way into the office. A charismatic smile of justified confidence accompanied by a posture of poise and undeniable class and prestige defined his apparent character. Entering the exclusive office, his striking dark eyes spotted a tiger of admirable nobility before directing their attention to the premier sorceress. "Ms. Huntington", he greeted politely, "A pleasure. Andres Knightfall", he introduced himself.

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@Morte_Knightfall: She propped her elbow against her desk before resting her head on the back of her hand, examining the man with an unimpressed dullness in her pale blue eyes. It was so cliche to her, the affluent and confident demeanor. An aristocratic presence was no stranger to her herself, however there was something in the cockiness that some men held with it that left her effectively uninterested. "Another member of the Knightfall family, how lovely," she said, not sarcastically, but in a plain manner. Leaning back in her chair she lowered a hand to pet her tiger's head, her eyes never leaving her guest's. "Now, what order of business required you to contact me, Mr. Knightfall?"

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@_Enchantress_: Focused primarily on his agenda, the Catalan Knightfall was quick to voice the reason for his presence, an obligatory politeness to his words. "I'm not expecting you to accept", he admitted quite calmly, "But I need your expertise in magic for a project I'm working on. I'll repay you for your assistance of course, that is if you actually need or want anything in return", he stated. "What I need is something that can.. dull the effects of magic".

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@Morte_Knightfall: She took a moment to mentally evaluate his request, weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Although frankly, there wasn't much to evaluate with the limited amount of information. Leaning back forward she rested her head against the back of her hand once again, her pale blue eyes staring directly into his. "I'm interested, but my answer really depends on what it is you need me to do. Care to elaborate?" she questioned coolly.

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@_Enchantress_: "All I need you to do is give me a substance that can weaken or even nullify the effects of magic. The rest, I'll take care of", he answered with calm but blunt directness, maintaining unmoved eye contact, speculating on what the headmistress may request in return.

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@Morte_Knightfall: She pondered the offer, knowing the request was easy enough, but skeptical of what the Knightfall could offer in return. "I'll do it, under one condition," she said after a moment's consideration. "Tell me, Mr. Knightfall, how much influence does your family hold in the current Metahuman Registration Act ordeal?"

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@_Enchantress_: Her request was an unexpected one, however, given the influential nature of the Knightfall family, something could be arranged. "Currently, it doesn't hold any particular interest to us. But we can impose our influence on it. What is it that you want with the Registration Act?".

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@Morte_Knightfall: "Well, quite simply, regardless of the political influence I may hold myself, I don't see the leader behind the Registration Act being overly enthused to bargain with a metahuman. If they allow one organization to fly under the radar, what does that say about the solidity of their pathetic Act?" she explained calmly as the tiger below her stood and padded out a custom pet door leading out of the office to wander the Academy's grounds. "And while I could always use less pleasant means to avoid registration, I'd prefer to keeps things as clean as possible. So Mr. Knightfall, do we have a deal?"

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@_Enchantress_: While largely disinterested in the Metahuman Registration Act, Andres would however employ not only his personal influence but the influence of his family name for the task at hand. "Very well. The Act doesn't interest me in the slightest. But I'll do as requested, provided that I get what I want", he stated quite firmly before rising from his seat. "Until we meet again Ms. Huntington", he concluded, bidding her a polite farewell as he departed.

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Sitting in alone in her office the only sound that accompanied the divine sorceress was that of Rurik, her Siberian tiger, tearing apart a steak she had left for him before reviewing possible suspects for new students. Despite the delicate state the rest of the world balanced upon, her Academy remained a stronghold of nothing but mental and emotional flourishing, the students blissfully content to focus on their studies and various social activities. Her school was the only thing that brought her some semblance of unselfish joy, and she intended to keep it that way. Pausing from her work she looked out at the panoramic view of the grounds her office's floor-to-ceiling windows provided. Outside, class having just ended, a rush of students chatted idly in between passing period, some choosing to play it safe in the courtyard while other risked being late to their next class to venture out to the lake or rolling green heels the castle was placed upon. While Amora's face remained characteristically emotionless, a small light was lit behind her pale blue eyes.

A small knock on her door interrupted her thoughts as both her and Rurik's head turned instinctively to the sound. "Amora, it's me Drevis," the Illusion professor introduced himself politely. Drevis Neloren, a rather impish looking man despite his average height, appeared to hold no distinct personality characteristics upon first investigation. However, as Amora knew quite well, his tact for illusion spells was no coincidence. Setting aside her work she turned her attention to the door, crossing her legs elegantly. "Come in," she said cordially as the wizard stepped into her office, closing the door behind him. He seemed nervous, his eyes unable to remove themselves from the ground.

"Is something wrong Drevis?" she asked with moderate concern, slightly unnerved by the usually cool wizard's anxiety.

"Well," he started, looking for the proper mortal (a term used to reference the non-magical) vocabulary, "I was looking through a...newspaper?" she nodded in conformation that he had used the right word. This was no insight to the intelligence of the brilliantly incisive professor; many of the Academy's residence were raised in a purely magical environment, seeing no need to learn these mortal terms. The casualness in which she mentioned the word newspaper seemed to give Drevis enough of his usual cool confidence to continue in a less mousy manner. "And I read that in the mortal realm, laws are being enforced to reprehend those with special talents such as us. I know enough about the mortal world to know this will affect us, however what I don't know is what you're doing about it, and why you haven't shared this information with the rest of the staff," he finished boldly, yet still maintaining a firm level of respect for the Headmistress.

Allowing him to complete his questions, she tucked a few strands of blonde hair behind her ear and returned to reviewing future students as if his questions held no weight. Speaking as she worked, her tone matched her casual response. "There's nothing to worry about Drevis, I assure you. I've gotten the whole thing sorted out," she said dismissively.

Staring at her in bewilderment, Drevis tried desperately to grasp the reason for her casualty on the subject. "B-but, Amora, surely you've considered mortals inability to reason? What if they come anyway? What if they try and harm the stu--"

"Do you take me for a fool, Drevis? Do you believe I would not have taken every aspect of the situation into account?"

"Yes, but--," he started before she cut him off again."

"Let me make it perfectly clear: None of this Registration Act will reach our Academy. I have taken precautions to ensure that no government will come to our door. And if these precautions fail, I will make more. I will continue to protect this school until I have to murder the forces behind this Registration Act with my bare hands," she said with a cold finality. "No one with intentions of harming the Academy or its residents will step foot on these grounds. Do I make myself clear Drevis?" she asked in a way that threatened him to question her more.

"Perfectly," he said calmly. Whether he had more questions or not was unapparent in his expression.

"Wonderful. Now, I believe you have a class that needs teaching shortly. God day, Drevis," she dismissed him aloofly before returning once more to her work. A bell rang indicating the start of another class, the figures outside her window all having disappeared during her conversation with the Illusion professor. She continued to gaze out onto the school's grounds, the previous light behind her eyes replaced with the subtlest darkening of worry.

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@_Enchantress_: Appearing before the entrance to the prestigious academy for the magically gifted, the enigmatic Impero's intentions of meeting with the alluring sorceress lie solely on combating the Metahuman Registration Act. Having once met Amora at an exclusive restaurant in the city of New York, the composed, almost emotionless Grandmaster politely requests an audience with the headmistress as he spoke to the secretary.

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@Impero: Stepping out of her office Amora instantly recognized the handsome features of a man she had once met with in NYC. With a wave of her hand the doors to her office locked behind her before she signaled to her secretary that she would handle the visitor. Shifting the Prada bag she was holding onto, the Enchantress approached her guest with subtle interest in her cool blue eyes. "I must say, I didn't expect to cross paths with you again after our dinner in New York. Pleased to be proven wrong," she said with a smile, gesturing toward the hallway. "I was just about to head out for a walk across the grounds, care to join me?"

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@_Enchantress_: "Of course Ms. Huntintgon", he responds with characteristic calmness, walking alongside her. "I've come with a sensitive topic. Something I'm certain you'd be interested in".