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@reaver_: HA! I have a plan if he doesnt leave...well even if he does leave.

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@charlemagne: Noir was, Noir is inside her. Kinda like Daemon is a mutant, but the demons inside him are not.

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@charlemagne: what he said ^

She moved to take the hit instead

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(So what will count as no selling when it comes to finding the island?)

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@reaver_ said:

She moved to take the hit instead

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(So what will count as no selling when it comes to finding the island?)

if u suddenly appear on island thats a no sell. If you explain how you come up to a smoldering island on a boat or other vehicle that would be selling.

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@ultra_girl_ said:

(So what will count as no selling when it comes to finding the island?)

if u suddenly appear on island thats a no sell. If you explain how you come up to a smoldering island on a boat or other vehicle that would be selling.

Plus its being broadcasted and a nuke just went off so it theoretically wouldnt be to hard to map out its general location.

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@charlemagne: it's actually just her fighting style :p fck heroics

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@reaver_ said:

fck heroics

Amen to that lol

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@ultra_girl_: Could rope that into the nuke explosion. Like Charles said, its being broadcasted all over the world and big mushroom cloud still in the skies above it. Kinda hard to miss if your in the immediate area lol

(btw wth broadcasted isnt a word? My spellchecker is saying its spelled wrong)

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@charlemagne: "know what the definition is? Somebody who gets others killed" truth is it's also easier to kill others yourself :D

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Nope. The correct usage is "broadcast." But I wrote it anyway lol

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@reaver_ said:

@charlemagne: "know what the definition is? Somebody who gets others killed" truth is it's also easier to kill others yourself :D

They should change that definition to Darkchild then :D oooooooohhhhhh

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@reaver_: hahahahaha love that

Nope. The correct usage is "broadcast." But I wrote it anyway lol

no shit? huh...learn something new huh

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@reaver_ said:

@charlemagne: "know what the definition is? Somebody who gets others killed" truth is it's also easier to kill others yourself :D

They should change that definition to Darkchild then :D oooooooohhhhhh


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@charlemagne: naw DC as we all know is just the word used to describe the culmination of any aaa do all perverse terminology :p

also btw your right Reaver isn't a mutant. But guess what? I don't give a f! It let me do what Azra wants to do with Azra's character ;)

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@reaver_ said:

also btw your right Reaver isn't a mutant. But guess what? I don't give a f! It let me do what Azra wants to do with Azra's character ;)

LOL I knew it! But its all good. Gives me a legitimate example of LeBeau Gene-Bending a non-mutant.

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@charlemagne: if you can do it to a mutant why not others ;)

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@reaver_: Theres an entire backstory to that but its no biggie. I can roll with knocking Reavers head off and unleashing the beast within lol

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@charlemagne: my thinking is, why stop with mutants lol. A perfect villain can adjust, and corrupt everyone. Just like the perfect hero can bring everyone together.

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@darkchild: Technically Charlemgane doesn't really see himself as a villain and isnt concerned with "corrupting" anyone. Thats one reason he turned down an offer to help take over the World. He has his own beliefs and I dont want to write him as being "perfect." He needs flaws. Like pride and arrogance. The inability to adjust his hard line thinking. Subtle traits that give character. Flaws are essential.

OOC the gene-bending was X-Gene specific simply because I didnt want to amp LeBeau up with the power to strip everyone. Its more surgical this way and allows the possibility of growth if I decide to amp it up. Magneto for example didnt start off at his current level of power, it was a gradual build. Kinda like that.

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@charlemagne: Alright Ill give you all that. Ive really liked reading Charles over Jean, Jean will always be who I think of when I think of you. But Charles is most BADASS

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@darkchild: Ha! Likewise man. It was hard at first trying to view CVnU DC as a different more complete character as opposed to original DC. This version has more depth and layers. You done come up kid lol

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@charlemagne: HA thanks man. Btw arnt I older than you SON, your the kid.

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@darkchild: both lol

@charlemagne: i get your reasonings. But then again I wanted to do shit so I did xD I make no apologies lol

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@reaver_: lol nobody asked you to rebel without cause :P

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@charlemagne: u posting tonight? lol. This has been like crack dude i cant get enuff

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@darkchild: LOL its not my turn to post its Clara's :P

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"You're damaged goods, @darkchild." Her words were calculating and cold, each one meant to pierce the flimsy idealism presented by the leader of Paradiso. However, during the exchange the metaphysical mistress noticed a decline in cockiness and escalation in mental fortitude. Daemon for all his faults withheld purpose, a purpose that could neither be swayed nor penetrated.

"Your island is dying," she could smell the vile scent of death and decay, unknowing of the fate or @reaver_ while @lady_grimm audibly disappeared. "I'd apologize, but part of me believes this was necessary," she calmly muttered whilst telekinetically diverting crimson energies into the waters across from her stationary position, unable to witness the bittersweet imagery of parted waters.

"As of today you'll have no more responsibilities and no one to lead." Mrs. Stark stammered as she pressed weight onto her telekinetic cane, her hypocrisy knowing no boundaries.

"I understand your infuriated. Charlemagne had no right to murder anyone, I didn't know, but I'm here to say this can be your liberation." The blind beauty tightly grasped the forearm of Xavier Prime, visually witnessing each individual explosion elicited from his nefarious actions. "Relinquish this impossibility and join me." Attempting yet another telepathic intrusion, this one however taking a far more subtle approach, hoping to goad Daemon into bowing before American royalty. "Together, we can start anew. Charlemagne be damned."

As the words slid off her tongue, the wicked witch entered a telepathic conversation with her deadly partner. "You are cruelty incarnate, but you are certainly artistic. Ignore my performance. Wait for my word." The First Lady leaned her head onto his shoulder, tears mixed with blood sliding down bruised cheeks, fully aware of the fallout she'd face after this catastrophic event. "Kill him, now. If you want too. You'll have my powers at your disposal." Taking into consideration the variables at play, including the few cameras that were still in operation, Clarice Michelle would telepathically incline Darkchild to attack herself and @charlemagne, which would in turn cue Charles to lethally respond with the assistance of her own powers to murder the beast with understandable conviction. Yet, if he opted for escape the First Lady would no doubt cooperate. Until then the witch gently placed a kiss on the neck of Charlemagne before returning her head onto his shoulder, humming an upbeat tune as she wiped away crimson colored tears.

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@clara_mass: Awesome post, hope Charles shows how beefed up Daemon got powerwise with the nukes going off. Cant wait to see what he does.

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@reaver_: @clara_mass: @darkchild:

The Witch of the West Wing's cardinal colored tears rolled down the exquisitely sculpted shoulder of the Ultra-Sapien. Poised with exceptional mental fortitude, she continued to premiere a stoic reverence in-spite of her catastrophic physical impairment. But Charlemagne's posture was visually bovine and rigid, completely awe struck that his gene-bending assault had been intercepted by the Mutant Messiah's loyal lover in an act of speed that had to have been beyond the limits of light. Rending the attack useless as it only served to trans-mutate the Lethal Leviathan into an even stronger incarnation of embellished demonic demeanor. A pattern that had been displayed moments earlier when Darkchild himself used LeBeau's nuclear explosion to extrapolate a tangible increase of unmitigated power. In essence, the more damage the deadly duo extracted, the stronger their adversaries continued to become.

Singed remnants belonging to the destroyed vessel began to wash ashore, while the dorsal fins of the oceans apex predators could be seen thrashing about amongst the tinted tropic waters as they indulged in a massive feeding frenzy. Devouring any fleshy left overs from the failed mutant exodus. And as yet another speech began to dribble from the former VV leader's lips all Charlemagne could do was to look upon his injured colleague. "Our work here is done." gently tucking the bloody highlights of her hair back behind the ear. "Tis time to go home."

Crouching down again to embrace the battle scarred sand with a scooping motion, the LeBeau Legacy paused, almost as if tranquilly soaking in the aftermath. Rising back to his feet he smiled and pointed towards Daemon. "You may have prolonged your life mutant, but you will never forget this day. The day you failed to protect your pressure flock, the day you failed to stop me. Everything that happens from this point on is on your head. Every mutant death will be because you failed to end it here. Remember that." arching a confident brow as the Telepathic Temptress dismissively waved a winger and ushered them away. Leaving behind the observable levels in which the mutant/human war could reach.

It was only the beginning.

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@darkchild: Twas a fun throwdown. Enjoyable read and canon builder lol

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@lady_grimm Its been nearly a week since Paradiso was reduced to a burning pyre. Since then slowly the living island has begun to regrow its flora and fauna. Creatures slowly make there way through the ash and debris, and Daemon kneels beside a growing tree. Tears slowly falling from his cheeks to the dirt below, Nerdal has finally called for its master. Knowing its time is shortly coming to an end, Nerdal forms a face in the growing leaves. Smiling it speaks for the first time since the attacks "My lord...do not spare a single tear for me. I lived an enjoyable and fruitful life with you and our brethren, the island will continue to grow without me. I enjoyed our time together my lord...." With its last moment alive Nerdal smiled and its face disappeared from the leaves. As its last energies of its life withered away, its last moment was spent rejuvenating what remained of Paradiso. Forcing the greenery around the island to grow rapidly, now it was once again something to marvel at. Still it showed the stain of that fight, that took away one of Daemons closest friends.

Daemon rose from the tree his body filled with sorrow and rage, rage against those who brought this down upon the heads of those most innocent. In an instant he felt her behind him, she had called him, almost begged him to speak with her. Now she stood behind him, she had watched the events that had just unfolded. And he, he was angry. Turning around he stared at her, attempting to calm the fire inside him as he spoke "You wished to speak with me....Lilith. What is it? I am in no mood for anymore child antics, if you have something to say out with it." His body language speaking in volumes, showing his sheer agitation and rage of the situation. Lilith had left the group that day, she left in a child like tantrum after being told to hold her ground. Daemon knew he may have acted like a dictator, but it was to protect his people....and she left him. One of the single most disrespectful things she could of done to him, leaving him and the team in there time of need.

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@darkchild: Seems like they did quite the number to paradiso.

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Lilith had found extreme difficulty since leaving the Vine Villains group that she had once called family and home. She had struggled to find some sort of meaning or purpose to her life without sharing the vision Daemon had once spoken to her about and she fought so tirelessly to help achieve. She stood atop a small boat and covered in her wraps as she approached the island, losing her powers since the schism and having to fend for herself as a normal being.

Her once purple eyes were now a intense red and sulfuric yellow that had gazed over the horizon as the island sanctuary came closer and closer. She dropped her head low as she felt slightly ashamed with abandoning her friends. The boat made a scraping noise as it landed on the sand and Lilith bounced off it's port side so her feet may meet the ground. She crouched low and shifted the sand in between her hands, sensing the decay the had consumed the once thriving refuge.

"I never meant for this." The whisper escaped her lips slowly as she rose to her feet and began to walk to Daemon's location that was being pin pointed through the ruined soil. Arriving at his location, his back was facing her and Lilith could feel the anger emanating off of him and infecting everything around him. His hands were shaking slightly in small tremors of anger, holding back whatever hostilities he had for her so they may speak maturely for the next moments. "You wished to speak with me….Lilith. What is it? I am in no mood for anymore childish antics, if you have something to say out with it." His figure almost getting larger and anger rising. "Childish? Childish, Daemon?!" She revealed her newly tattooed and balding face to reveal her own passion she had been suppressing for the past few weeks, "You lost sight of who we were Daemon! You attempted to force me to become some mutant loving equalist!"

Her feet began to crack and shake the ground beneath her as her pale skin grew hotter. "We were suppose to be the catalyst that ignited the revolution so the strong, mutant or human, could tower above the weak! I went through hell and back so this dream could come closer to realization! I shared the secret location of the reality manipulating child that you so worshipped as the messiah!" her emotions were a whirlwind within her as she grabbed her scalp and handle for her sword, a symbol of her training that would start soon. "You tried to restrain me!" Her chest heaved air in and out of her lungs, relieved that every thought she had ignored until now had been spoken. "So you're surprised of my separation? You're angry at something you incited? You wanted this. Whether you admitted to it or not, our goals for the future never really aligned did they?"

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@lady_grimm: Anger filled his body, anger from the death of Nerdal and the anger that many of her words hit hard. That many of her words were honest and true, she was angered by what she thought he was doing. Watching as her fingers licked the handle to her sword, he looked from the sword and then to her locking eyes with hers. In such a short time she had changed drastically from the woman who had given him his future son. For that Daemon held her closer than any other, which is why her betrayal dug so deep into his very core. Not taking a moment to think he barked in anger just as she had "You think I want this?! No you, you Lilith! You wanted this, I did not aim to make the world loving for mutants and those like us. Only tolerant of our existence, like those filled with racism have come to tolerate those they hate so much. Why??! Because they have to deal with it everyday, I have to deal with the fact that I could wipe this world at the push of a button of all humanity. But I cannot and I will not do that, I am better than that. You above all know the burden such an act could have on ones soul, and I am trying to make this world better at the cost of what remains of my soul. I wanted us to built this great Paradise starting here, at the very point where the strong would flourish. I never wished to tower over the weak, only to show them there potential. You always misunderstood that about my goals, unlike the others they knew that in the end all would be as one. The weak would live beneath on this rock, where as the strong would flourish high above in my Paradise...but now" He pointed to her and then waved his arms around, gesturing for her to look around.

"This island was full of such beauty, look at it now!!! Its nothing but a memory, and a memory I aim to uphold with or without you Lilith. You turned your back on FAMILY!" His anger seeping out from his body, energy cracked slapping the sand around him a small sandstorm taking form around him. Emotions were his greatest enemies, as his body acted in kind to those emotions. Lilith knew better to wake the sleeping beast within him, but she had poked hard and now she was going to see just what he could do. "So go ahead Lilith, you already rang me through with your knife. I'm sure you can see it from where your standing, IN MY BACK!" He breathed hard his screaming taking a toll on his throat he waited to see what she would do. If his words would sink in, or if she would attack her only family left in this world.

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Lilith hanged her head in shame as Daemon's words came out and expressed every piece of resentment and anger he had for the world that denied him so much. Equality is all that he wanted. Equality for those like him.

"You want to make feel guilty and I understand that. You feel as though I have stabbed you in the back, and that, I know all too well. The irony is that the metaphorical knife of betrayal that I plunged in your back, I removed from my own."

She rose her head from it's earlier shame and smirked while still brandishing her sabers handle. "Your words have always carried weight whenever I made a decision and this family was the only thing I ever thought of."

Her feet began to circle her former leader like a shark does an injured seal, smelling the blood that soaks the blue water, "I would never attack you first, Daemon. You know this. I have always considered you a great friend and a even better mentor. You have forced me to move on to others who would see me reach my full potential and see my destiny achieved. I begin my training soon and this maybe the last time we ever threaten each other."

She giggled ghoulishly before making her way back to the edge of the island so she could return home. She still sensed the anger in Daemon, if not, it raged even more so now because of her bold and brash words. "So what now, Daemon? Will you let me leave peacefully? Or will you strike me down before I can further my abilities? The bringer of Desmond and the essence of your 'family'?"

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The rage that filled his heart and mind was slowly fading, as the realization of her words filled his mind. He was the reason she had left, and he hated that fact. But what filled him with even more thoughts were what he was seeing, something loomed over Liliths shoulder looking down at her. Like a spirit wandering attached to her as if anchored to her in someway, he felt something common with this energy that she gave off. Something that felt like he first did when he met her, that the dream he held so close to his heart would one day be accomplished. That feeling that now he knew was simply lingering, Lilith had been manipulated by her emotions to second guess his words and his wisdom.

Forced by something unknown to Daemon to run against his strides, but there was something deep within her that still clung to those ideals and hopes. Those words that brought her closer to him, those needs that brought Dresden to Daemon's doorstep. Daemon stood up tall and spoke to Lilith, as she made her way towards the beach. Her words of spite and instigation still in the air, she wanted to see him do something. React to her words in anger, but now he only wished to free that part of her that still held onto his words like a child in awe. "I will not strike you down Lilith, not because I believe you are right or that your words have made any kind of change to my mind. I still believe that the part of you that turned your back on Paradise, it still betrayed me and all of our future flock. But there is something still there, deep inside you that still believes in me and Paradise....I will free it once and for all." Daemon flew forward with such speed that he even impressed himself.

The energy that loomed over her, it felt like a second mind attached to Liliths. Something that was being held back, something that one day would of been filled, but with her recent change of mind it has tried to reach out and escape. Daemon saw this energy around her call out to him, the first was during the invasion...her blood it spoke to him in something indistinguishable and now its words were clear it said "Help me..." And with the might of a god Daemon struck his palm against Liliths chest. Between her breasts he slammed his palm, he was channeling the energy that surrounded her, he wished to pull it out. Lilith screamed at him clawing his face and kicking with enough force to knock the wind out of him, but he balled his fist clutching to the energy tightly. He screamed out "I will not give up on that hope, the hope I saw the first day we met! I will pull it kicking and screaming out of you, so help me god I want to see that hope and belief in me once again!!!" As he pulled his arm back from her body clutching the energy a hand formed out of the energy and clutched his arm as he pulled. Something no...someone was forming out of the energy eyes as red as mars looked at Daemon and said two things "Thank you..." In an instant his hand burned with fire and he released the energy, something was crawling its way out of Lilith and Daemon stepped back and marveled at the spectacle he had just unleashed.

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"We have both came to the end of our intertwined destiny, Daemon. It was a lear-huh?" Lilith's eyes opened in shock from not only the blinding speed that her counterpart moved in, but the shear pain that jolted forth from her chest, radiating throughout her entire body. His fist had completely penetrated her figure and his eyes remained fixed on the connection as Lilith was paralyzed and was unable to move. Her jaw stuttered as her vision went red….No…Not red….Crimson. A red flow of energy surrounded the so called 'Messiah's fist as he pulled slowly, revealing a black beating heart. Daemon's words fell on deaf ears as the mistress of mayhem was consumed by pain and fell to her knees. Hacking blood like a terminally ill patient and gripping her abdomen as if there were no tomorrow. Blood pooled from every sweat gland and inch of her skin, causing a red steam to rise from her body.

The amount of blood collecting on the ground was astonishing to say the least as the pool began to swirl into a rigid lump. The lumps slowly grew larger and larger as more of the sanguine liquid was coughed up and gathered. Eventually the lumps fused around the heart that was gripped tightly within Daemon's hands. The blood transformed into a rather large man of size with every part of him screaming with anger. His voice quieted as he saw his savior and responded with fire in his eyes and hate in his breath, "Thank you….You have….Much rage in you." The bloodied and beaten figure bowed lowly as Lilith fell unconscious. "I am her emotions in carne. I am the soul you sensed in the desert so long ago."

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@lady_grimm: Daemon watched as the heart he had pulled from Lilith was something else entirely, he knew that the energy he had seen and sensed was part of it. Slowly as Lilith spewed gallons of blood and coughed even more up it began to take shape, eyes burning crimson just like Daemons stared into his. The power the being taking shape before him gave off was immense, and Daemon for a moment hesitated in thinking to squeeze the heart. But as he pulled his hand away from the beating heart, it was enveloped with a chest cavity as the being took form. Now he stood before Daemon and spoke of the moment both Lilith and Daemon had met, something about Lilith screamed echoing words to him that day, and now he knows exactly what he had felt that day. It was the rage of almost all creatures, he could feel a worlds worth of rage within the being before him.

He looked from the beast before him and then to Lilith, he bent to one knee as the Crimson stood beside him. He put his hand onto Lilith's shoulder as it was covered with blood, for the second time he used his own life force to heal her. This time not out of caring or love, but out of sheer pity. For now she was to be something else entirely, maybe something better this time around. But the beast beside him was what he needed, a force of rage that could and would help bring this world into Paradise. He could not let himself use his "Cure" but to use the Crimson beast as a weapon was something he could do. A force to keep those who wish him and his dream to die back, he put his finger underneath Lilith's chin and lifted it as his energy filled her body once again. Looking into her eyes he spoke "You are free....of both your rage and of me. Do as you wish, but do not try and stop my dream. I will always hold a place in my heart for you, but do not ever set foot on Paradiso again. You burned that bridge the moment you left it to die, Serenity and Hope will welcome you if you so choose. But this is your Consecrated ground, you understand me? This is not somewhere you are worthy of setting foot on again, so please leave with the energy I have given you...and never return." Standing up and looking down to Lilith he turned his gaze to the Crimson beast before him. "Shall we?"