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Four out of five of those ways are if I change my character again :)

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@warsman: hahahahaa. No ive thought it out, im good eitherway this whole thing ends actually. Contingencies, gotta love em

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"I did not say that you should, Daemon,"

The Apex Aggressor did not approach the Paradise-King, opting instead to stay his distance should any further imposition aggravate his accomplice more. Through all his omnipotence and eternal meditation, Rama Khan still understood human emotion.

"I know of your sordid history. I also know that out of anyone on this planet, you truly understand sacrifice,"

He kept playing to Daemon's weathered and tired emotional state, tried to calm him down, pacify the fires raging within.

"I have a special attachment to this version of Earth. It is where I came into being. It is where I died. It is also where I ascended, and began to comprehend existence in its entirety,"

Merely a faint memory now, the sight of 4,000,000 dead at the end of the eighteen-day Kurukshetra War still haunted him. He thought that humanity could not be saved, but even that horrible amount of death could not open the eyes of the whole species. There needed to be more in order to shake the foundations of society, fill the cracks with corpses, and see towers of ignorance and intolerance finally crumble.

"And it is where I will set the stage for the next step in humanity's evolution. Homosapien and Homosuperior will be united not by force but by Revelation. Those who follow the teachings of the Bible should know that word does not mean the END, it means the TRUTH,"

Raising his gauntleted fist, the wires strung between his elbow and his waist heaved with the violent motion.

"And with the truth, the old world so full of hatred and bigotry will shrivel and fade away."

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Vine Villains are always coming back haha

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@warsman: I have had a very VERY long night, just got back from hospital. I MIGHT post on this tomorrow, totally depends on how tomorrow goes and the information I am given. Love where this is going and will continue it tomorrow hopefully

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@warsman: Revelations, his mother had spoken its words nightly after his powers manifested and father....after he killed father. As if she was trying to make herself feel better, she truly did hate the man known as father. But her son killed out right, and for a very long time she could not wrap her mind around it. "If she was here now what would she say" thought Daemon as he listened to the words of wisdom from Rama Khan. He had seen many things in his lifetime, Daemon knew that just from looking at him. His body hiding thousands of years of scars, so deep that nothing could ever heal them but time. And this Rama Khan had all the time in the world, he watched as the world birthed and will most likely watch as it falls and crumbles into ashes and rubble.

Daemon slowly calmed down, the knowledge of the great sacrifice he had to perform still weighing heavy on his shoulders. Swiftly he spun around slicing the top of the bottle of wine and took it at its neck. Guzzling it quickly he breathed heavy getting his breathe back, he looked to Rama then towards the wall muttering "Window." instantly Nerdal transforming the room around them forming a window. Looking as the sun slowly rose off in the horizon he spoke "We will begin preparations for testing of your blood, we have willing participants for experimentation. Humans who came here of there free will, many lived in the jungles and see me as there God. Humbling but I will use this, to our advantage. Find a way to use this blood of yours to our advantage..." He hated what he had to do, to make this world into something better he had to erase what came before it. Many will die, both human and mutant "First, I need to speak with a man known as Charlemagne. I can only hope he will see reason, if he does not then I will find a way of working the President into our plans. He will be able to save most of both sides, the people love him...even though he himself was the cause of so much destruction himself. Hmph maybe in the coming years they will love me....through the sacrifice they will see the light." Daemon stood staring off into the distance, Rama Khan behind him he wanted the man of knowledge to leave. But he was not going to disrespect the man further, as his outburst had probably pushed the limits of his patience already.

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I'm imagining Rama Khan just floating out of there right now.

Like in the Monty Python SPAM sketch, just whooooooooooooooop.

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From out of the darkness and atop the back of tropic waves, a series of high powered speed boats descended upon the island, each vessel ejecting its living cargo. Pera-military mercenaries once known as the Hounds, dedicated self-proclaimed libertarians and the front line of LeBeau' homo-sapien brigade, vaulted over the port and starboard sides before sprinting towards the heart of the island. Heavily armed, the true power of their hauled arsenal however was to be carried in delegated sections across their backs. A fully functional thermal nuclear device had been divided into specific sections in order to allow a speedier infiltration.

Leaping over and under, around and through, various vegetative obstacles proved little challenge for the athletically gifted mercs. Quickly gathering at a predetermined location, rapidly establishing a rudimentary base camp while re-constructing the device. All the while their prideful leader stoic stood along the edge of the majestic beach. Arms clutching the edges of his military jacket's collar Photographically mirroring an authenticated General. With his pet Hyena patiently panting by his side, LeBeau took in a satirical inhalation and then sighed. "I love the smell of dead mutants in the morning." disturbingly reenacting a scene from Apocalypse Now.

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@charlemagne: (hahaha well then. Will see to this tomorrow.)

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Gambler's villains always disturb me

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@aeron_glyndwr: really? they have a special place in cvu, nobody carries an air of arrogance as good as hic characters. Many come close but the distance is as far as earth to the sun.

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@strongarm: none of that contradicts what I said :P

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@aeron_glyndwr: whats this i hear about Andres having a child with Mercy?.

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@cassius_knightfall: Mercy and Andres have a baby daughter. She was kept a secret from everybody for obvious safety reasons. The only person who knows about her in canon is Valerie. And maybe Ellie.

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@aeron_glyndwr: Ah hmm that maybe something we can work with in future then.

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@cassius_knightfall: for now she's strictly under wraps :) we'll see what happens with her down the road

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@cassius_knightfall: Mercy and Andres have a baby daughter. She was kept a secret from everybody for obvious safety reasons. The only person who knows about her in canon is Valerie. And maybe Ellie.


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@darkchild: I have an idea (kinda) so hit me up when you're on

nobody carries an air of arrogance as good as hic characters.

I almost shed a tear

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@darkchild: @charlemagne: (I've work soon so feel free to carry on if need be and il just catch up. That said I'm posting :D)

It was a glorious thing to be queen of mutants demons and men. The three most dominant races of the world graced this soil with presence and blood, fabricating what the daughter of Death saw as sacred ground. And she the angel of ruin had all the presence of such a ruler, hair as red as a river if blood, beauty that seemed ethereal, attire that looked more like liquid silver and onyx upon flesh rather then a dress. For all the elegance though the fact was she was no savior or mother to these people. She was sin made flesh, lusted for carnage, greedy for power, envious of Heaven, a sloth willing to take any shortcut, a glutton for violence, and wrath well that was practically her very being.

Small squads of soldiers took foot to the island, and of course Paradiso was aware. A living island knows when feet is on it like man knows when a fly is upon it's back. When Reaver moved to confront the furthest human the kingdom saw their queen off to be their guardian. Truth of it all however was she cared little what would follow more souls to claim the better. For Hell doesn't care for gender or race of its guests, and nor does the soul claiming deamoness who flew upon raven wings.

Thus it was that Lebaue and Reaver came face to face. How the jackal at the warlord's side responded to a devil's presence mattered not to her. "If you ran with the pack it would of been harder to find the alpha dog. You soldier types all look pathetically the same. As you sit upon the shores of this isle though it's clear you call the shots and our the best head to claim. Shit I'm sorry your guest how rude of me! Though I've a more elegant name you may call me Reaver I'm the queen of this lovely island on this most beautiful day. Is it the business of debate you seek or the pleasure of honorable bloodshed you desire." Her mood bouncing from violent to sarcastic to humble with almost musical flow.

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@charlemagne: @reaver_Moments after his speech to the world, the alarms around the island began to scream. Daemon's eyes narrowed as Nerdal immediately popped up in front of him, his emotionless face painted finally with the emotion of excitement. The beast within the Island had known both fear and happiness in its short life, but now it looked upon Daemon with excitement that quickly faded. Daemon barked "I know who it is, he is not a man who goes without tells. Gather everyone all the Hive Mind, and the Brethren swallow them and bring them down into the pits. Make sure Dresden is kept away from all monitors, if he sees what is happening he will react. I cannot have his powers going out of control right now. Charlemagne is not a man to do something this brash without a formulated plan, if he wishes to win this now he will do just about anything." His eyes rolled back as he looked through the eyes of his insects, they showed him Charlemagne on the south beach. Setting up a makeshift base, his Hounds carrying packs and a closer look caused his insects to drop to the ground. Sighing deep he knew exactly what they held, he turned back to Nerdal "Bring up the shields over Eden, no one comes for me." Reaching into his pocket, another vial of the Techno Organic Virus sat in his palm. Breathing deep he tossed it to Nerdal "Hide them all, and lock the vault. I am not going to resort to that just yet..." With that Daemon left, the shields over Eden rising into the skies.

Three miles above the Island they stood high, if Charlemagne wished to destroy the island he was going to have quite the difficult time doing so. In an instant Daemon disappeared into the shadows, reappearing just north of Charlemagne's camp. Growling low he barks "Such a man of theatrics Charles, what pleasure do I have of your appearance?" Moving fast without running down the beach he continues "What do you think is going to happen today?" Without order Nerdal appeared in the sands beneath camp, eyes popping out of the sand. Daemon sees it and hopes Charlemagne does not, he speaks to him telepathically " If his men move to attack, swallow them as quickly as possible. Spit them out in the ocean, where there devices will not harm the island. But do not attack yet, only on my order." With that Nerdal's eyes disappear into the sands. As he stood staring at Charlemagne, his queen appeared mocking Charlemagne. Daemon barked "Reaver! My side, now...." His eyes never leaving Charlemagne.

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@reaver_: @darkchild: (Remember Space France? Pay back time!)

A laughable coronation of comedies played out through visual amplification as the shadow composer, Darkchild, bellowed for the previously introduced Reaver to take up his side. Much as a master would mandate a servant or even better, a dog. "Are you paying attention? Thats a good bitch right there." LeBeau mockingly relegating the self-anointed Queen to the same level as his canine companion. Patting its head before checking the time pieces loosely adored around his wrist. "Cute little resort you have here." kneeling down with eccentric posture and hovering his hand just above the granulated pieces of beach sand. Silent analytic marination swelled with cerebral processing using camouflaged mannerisms and expressions to conceal the LeBeau Legacy's governing actions.

"I felt it only fair that I invite myself over for a little visit. See what the big bad Vine Villains are up to. And I must say" theatrically looking around and beyond the deadly duo. "I'm overwhelming unimpressed." stoically curving his arms into the small of his back. Seemingly void of any hesitation or fear. "Where is the rest of your legion? All I see are a couple of mutants playing house on the island from Lost. This is most disappointing. Almost a shame to strip it from you, but, I'm going to anyway." checking his watch for yet a second time. "Its almost time." he smirked.

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@charlemagne: (Space France?....oh mother....you mean Ashes to Ashes....knew one day that would come back to haunt me. Well your not going to take my home wihtout a fight)

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. Well your not going to take my home wihtout a fight)

Wouldnt have it any other way :)

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@charlemagne: @darkchild:

"If you wanted an obedient c-nt you'd of taken a broad from Paradiso. You wanted a queen thus why you took the spider and eventually the daughter of Death. Save your orders for the soldiers and wh-res!" The vicious Natasha rebuked in backlash of the insect kings command. As alluring as the night sky and imposing as the Reaper at ones door she stood between the two crowns of men and mutant.

"As for you if I wanted to be a good girl I'd have a f-cking halo. As for your b-tch how goods a siting beast when hell stands before you?" As the demonic fiend she was there was no way for her to comprehend use of an idle companion. "And you, was I to be aww inspired by your racist oriented juvenile assault with bags of flesh. Even the mightiest sapien is but meat awaiting a grinder."

(Sorry it's not to bad ass gota get back to work lol)

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@charlemagne: @reaver_: Daemon took it all in, Charlemagne wished for the war to start here and now. He came to Paradiso with death and carnage on his mind, and he most certainly did not come alone. Hiding on the island would surely be his compatriots, they would lay in wait for Daemon to strike or for Charlemagne to give his orders. Reaver the ever disobedient Queen and Wife, she stood tall and proud of what they had accomplished. She would not move from her stance until Charlemagne laid broken and bloodied in the sand, Daemon watched as various scenarios went flashing by through his mind. His training with both Ulther and Kay both filling his mind with the many ways he could take on Charlemagne, yet he stood his body held in a stance of defiance. He looked to Charlemagne and smirked slightly, a small device in his left pocket chimed. He would not give its existence to Charlemagne until the very end, yet in a loud and boastful voice he spoke.

"You are exactly what this world must fight to overcome, not us mutants as you and your little pet Clarice would say. We wish to simply exist without hindrance, yet at every single turn I have been burdened by the likes of you. Well today..." Holding his hand out to his side a swarm of insects form around his arm and lift into the sky. Cameras move overhead and broadcast everything, if Charlemagne was to destroy the first step at Unification between both human and mutants. The whole world would see it, and if he is successful at it, the world will be united in there hate for such slaughter. "I will show you how your ambitions will all be for naught.." Telepathically linking to all who reside on Paradiso "Arm yourselves, today we show the resistance that we will not fall so easily. This is our home! Defend it, Brothers and Sisters....At arms!" In a display of fluid motion he moved quickly towards Charlemagne, throwing a right then a left, knowing he would counter he prepared for a counter himself. When Charlemagne moved to defend against his strikes, he would swing hard with his right to his side in an attempt at breaking ribs.

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@darkchild: (BadAss. Gonna wait for Mercy to post then I will)

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@charlemagne: (Thanks, this DC is so much more fun because I have to think out what he does rather than BOOM. Cant wait. I know LG is going to be posting too as well)

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@darkchild: LG? Lady Grimm I'm guessing? She wont be able to save you.

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@charlemagne: HA, dont get too cocky. Two Darkness users in one area, your good as fcked

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@charlemagne: to save someone dear one has to be threatened or in danger, I don't particularly feel threatened ;)

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"I'm trying to relax. I've had such an eventful evening." Calmly reclined within her expensively installed bathtub, the violet eyed witch tied her hair into a bun, soothing her aches while Paradise met its' executioner. "Now you've got yourself in a pickle." Miss Michelle conversed telepathically with the charismatic Charlemagne, unwilling to entangle herself with Daemon, in fear of being touched by his filthy idealism.

"However, it looks like you need my help. Again." Rising from the waters, comforted by the cascading warmth, the metaphysical mistress untied her vanilla scented strands before stepping onto marble flooring. "I know we hate Daemon, but I thought you'd wait a bit." Clarice melodramatically sighed, and after that she enclosed herself in a telekinetic whirlwind in order to evaporate the watery particles residing on her flawlessly crafted frame.

"Ugh. I don't want to deal with him, but I don't want to be left out." While cockily applying ravish me red onto her honey bee lips, the boundary pushing telepath commanded her servants to find her a dress that'd compliment her body type.

"I would have really appreciated a heads up, Charles." Slipping into a transparent pair of bra and panties, the brash broad made her way into the president's bedroom, uncaring that the busy fellow deserved some rest. "Okay, that'll do Gloria." Clarice accepted a simple black dress, adding a head band to seamlessly sew the dress with her eight inch, ebony heels.

"No, you had to go and step on the poor cockroach. Lord knows the poor sap hasn't learned his lesson, but shit...I was relaxing." With her look pulled together, the physical embodiment of Shinigami transmuted herself--

--into the heart of battle. Where Daemon and Charlemagne painted a masterpiece of human adversity versus the mutant plague. A sight the witch couldn't help but enjoy.

"Can this end, already?" Characteristically unaware of the origin that elicited this combatant narrative, the manipulative mistress instead instantaneously noticed the dark child's jerked backed arm. "Like now!" Telekinetically grabbing the arms of Daemon, the first lady of America used all her strength to hold this beast back, which would leave him open to any attack made by Charlemagne.

@charlemagne: @reaver_: @darkchild: (Sorry DC, you're about to die)

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@clara_mass: You are more fun than I have had in a while here. Lets make this epic! Will reply once Mercy and G posts

@614azrael: get em!

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@darkchild: Thank you! It's been fun. This'll be no different.

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Will reply once Mercy and G posts

I'll have one up tomorrow morning. Gotta keep the momentum going :)

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@charlemagne: that you do and if its too awesome not to pass up matched with Claras im gonna have to post lol

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@charlemagne: -_- grrrr. I meant to say, if your post is as awesome as Clara i wont be able to NOT post.

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@darkchild: I think you'll find it entertaining.

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@charlemagne: Hey watch what you say my friend otherwise i am going to have to rplxos9:( your face.

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