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@lady_grimm@614azrael@mattersuit@kidman560 (and everyone else)

Daemon sits within his ever changing room, its walls tremble and almost churn as they take shape. Touching a finger to the wall it vanishes then reappears as another shape and color, smiling to himself Daemon sits down and a chair forms for him and he leans back looking around his new home. Spinning the chair around the island almost seems to read his mind and hole forms into the wall, a window soon to shape and he looks out into the jungle. He can see all of his insects moving around through the jungle, inching there way into every corner of the island. Nerdal constantly complains about how they "get everywhere" and this makes Daemon chuckle. Slowly he readies himself to call for everyone, as he does a insect crawls into his ear and broadcasts his thoughts "My Villains, come to my signal we have much to discuss. My meeting with Amaranth yesterday proved very beneficial, and we must discuss what the future holds for us. Come immediately..." Leaving the message short he watched as Noir slowly crept through the doorway and into his lap. Kissing his cheek she spoke "So this is our new home?" Daemon nodded "For the time being yes, soon we will make an epic empire to rival those around the world. But for now we must take our time and be patient." Webs covered the room as she glared at him "Patience is not in my vocabulary, there are no....entrees here to play with." Daemon smiled touching her cheek softly "Soon my Queen, more will come and when they do an prove useless you may have them to corrupt...or fill yourself with." With that he stood up and looked out the window waiting for his team of Villains to arrive.

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@darkchild: "And when is soon? Just because I make webs doesn't mean I enjoy waiting on victims to get caught in them." The arachnid queen remarked in apparent bitterness. Not long after the remark the lunatic Azylum entered the room attempting to give CPR to some form of dead thing.

@Lastpyre (again sorry for delay, presumably this happens Pryor to DCs call)

Lilly the small 7yr old child sat in her room drawing like any normal child. Her room was all to normal, almost unsettlingly photographic. It was off however in subtle signs of mutilation. Stuffed animals had been sutured back together in bizarre combinations. Using the natural tellaphty between demons she called out to the ONI of fire. Soon as the demon entered the room Lilly turned, her finger tips dripping in blood which she had used for red in her picture. "You need softies I need their spirit juices perhaps we can work together hotshit?"

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Deep within the abyss of his mind rested the Last Pyre, he stood up straight but not tense as he stood atop a cube of orange fire that emanated a heat that kept him in a constant state of tranquillity that no mortal could ever know. Around the cube was nothing but an endless, black, cold, void of space which reminded him of just how much he needed his flames. He wore his usual attire, a dark grey uniform of a WW2 era German soldier with thick rubber gloves, a dark helmet covered by ash, a gas mask that covered his entire head and neck and a dark grey trench coat to cover it all. Last Pyre had remained in his mind for so long due to prior deal with Peter that led to his five year entrapment in exchange for the lives of thirteen innocent children, none of which had yet to be killed and with only six months left without a single death Last Pyre was worried about a possible further delay in his ultimate goal. If Peter didn't kill thirteen innocent children in the time line he would die, leaving the fire entity waiting for another soul to come take his place.

The deal had so far suppressed Last Pyre meaning Peter had been unable to transform and release the demon and let him burn, needless to say as relaxed as he was the desire to burn increased ten fold with each passing second. He felt a huge pressure inside him at all times growing bigger and bigger and felt like he was burst like a balloon any second, it was infuriating and excruciating making what was at first a pleasant rest to a horrid torture where he couldn't burn anything. However, he knew that it was worth it for when the time period set had expired he would be immediately able to release himself with another power to reduce an entire country to nothing more than a flat wasteland of harmonic ash and embers.

Whilst wallowing in his own endless desire to burn something quite odd occurred he felt a tugging sensation from his forehead and could hear his name being quietly shouted from what sounded like a place far far away. A three headed snake made of fire emerged next to him from the cube of orange flames and slithered through the air away from him trying to lead him somewhere, he obliged and slowly glided across the cube of flames into the dark expanse following the snake with a wide path of flames appearing in front of him as he quietly followed the snake. The snake stopped and one of its three heads bit into its fiery tail, it stretched out and formed a hoop witch filled with swirly red flames that once again called his name. Without questioning the portal he stepped through into what appeared to be an average room.

As soon as he passed into the room it was as if someone had placed a huge bonfire in the room. The floor directly beneath just set alight from his presence as did the ceiling, he didn't care but it didn't satisfy him one bit like the flames he were creating weren't actually burning anything even though they were. A small girl who had clearly summoned him spoke to him telling him that she knew that he needed a sacrifice and that she needed souls, a inferno of rage erupted from inside him for almost no real reason and all he could think of was doing the one thing he had been yearning for. Burning. "RRRrrraghhh insolent little bitch, were I not restricted you would be nothing but ash before my very gaze. And yet you wish to make a deal, with ME!?" He took a moment to pause, he growled with anger and fire spat out randomly from the eye holes of the gas mask which were red with heat with small streams of smoke emitting from them. "So you want souls do you" He said with his voice still full of nothing but hatred and rage "Fine they'd only have gone to Hell anyway, all you need to do is one simple task. There is a large skeleton known as Peter, he must kill thirteen innocent children. He doesn't have to do all the work, just the killing blow. Find him, help him and your damn self." Last Pyre couldn't be bothered to argue or add anything to the deal, he cared little about this girl or what she wanted but if she would help he wasn't going to turn her down even if she was a brat. "Do we have a deal or not?!" Said Last Pyre sticking out a hot red hand to shake as a symbolic way of her accepting the deal. He soon had to return to his mind, right now he was tearing himself apart by existing being outside of his bonds and he felt himself being dragged back inside the portal.

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@noir_anarchist: Smiling he touched her cheek "Fine, if any of the new recruits get out of line you can have your way with them. Does that appease my queen?" As he joked with her Azylum walked in with something that looked very much dead. Looking at her and then to what resembled a corpse he asked "Zulu....what are you doing?"

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nope stayin off second page

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@trauma: LMAO! This page will get alot of attention very very soon, whether we like it or not

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all i see is you replying to me brah

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what the heck? haha that's some cracked out shiz

what i meant to say was " You know i'm one for a little extra attention XD"

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@lastpyre: The small child giggled historically at the demons threat, almost to the point of falling over. "Oh man you is funny, you really think you can burn me? Listen here Torchy you may be one hell of a demon but you have NO IDEA what kind I am! I'm trying to be of use to you so stop pissing smoke and let me help your sorry ass. We've a deal, don't bitch at me any longer please." Her tone was harsh and almost animalistic before the final sentence. On the last words of hers her voice became once again sweet. And with that the child ran around until bumping into a skeletons leg. "OH HI! Peter right? Course you are who else looks like a skeleton. Might I just say I LOVE that sword of yours but ehm you are an idiot. See your little treaty with the demon is coming close to an end, hell thats probably why you look the way you do. But when the deal ends if its not met what happens? You die, Pyre will probably make you a charred corpse and then your soul will burn in hell for like a quadrillion years! Meanwhile Pyre will go find a better victim and do what he wants anyways. You would be dying like a bitch." The young hellraiser took a seat before continuing. "If you want to keep that demon on a leash fine, but you got to play by his rules as well. Kill them let the demons fires grow, sure it might leave the demon in the physical world and you in the head. But I assure you it is alot better then were you are going to end up if you keep avoiding the killing blows."

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@darkchild: "What the frack does it look like Bugasaurus! Obviouslly my dance partner right hither is bleeding out of his neck socket. Now I don't know if you know this but things dripping red juice from neck sockets are like antilivlyhoodism! That's pronounced anti-lively-hoodism. That sucks I want him not antilivlyhoodism!" The wild haired wild eyed sociopath remarked.

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Glad that this deal had ended Last Pyre seemed to calm down just a little, the little demon girl's back-talk nothing above average from what he had heard before in his long eternity of existence. He turned around and floated back into the portal back into his mind not willing to test the bounders of his separation from Peter, whether or not this girl was any help would become apparent very soon. He returned to the utter tranquillity of his own mind with the portal closing behind him in a flash of red light, with all fires in the room suddenly vanishing leaving not a single mark.

Meanwhile, Peter himself found himself a little bit overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the girl running into his legs whom apparently knew exactly what was going on with him, he nodded in general acceptance feeling a little down when she called him an idiot but carried on listening until she was finally done jabbering on. A long heavy sigh came out of his skull "Look don't you think I already know that, I know what's going to happen and I know that right now I'm the only thing keeping the demon at bay" He said rather lazily "Lets just get this over with huh, I really really can't be bothered to drag it out" He began walking on gesturing to the girl to follow him, he drew the massively over sized sword from the strap attached to his back and twirled it casually in one hand like it was nothing more than a dagger. Inside he had accepted who he was and what he had become, a bone headed monster good for nothing more than violence and keeping the demon within at bay. Whether or not he had any real destiny or path was unclear as he only served as a conduit for death and destruction with no real goal other than to follow Last Pyre's orders, and seeing as he was temporarily silent that was not an option. He'd simply wait for the girl to subdue a child so that he could execute them swiftly and move on with a simple decapitation for each child, it didn't feel right but he had no other choice.

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@lastpyre: "Eeeeemmmmooooo" teased the child who skipped behind the skeleton. "You gots to be optimistic man, you can be a immortal king with riches and ladies...not sure if you need those but yeah. Demons are tricksters con artists etc, they'll give you the world if you give them what you want." The child then paused to open a portal to an orphanage. The rift smelled of death and seemed to bleed onto the floor. Once stepping through young Lilly looked up to the pile of bones. "These are orphans Petey they won't be missed. If you wish I can puppet them make it feel more like self defense?"

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"Emo? I don't think so" He spoke in a perplexed tone "I think I'm just being realistic" When she spoke of him being king of sorts for some reason it seemed like a reasonable suggestion, whereas most people would laugh at the idea he actually thought it was fairly likely but couldn't pin point why. "A skeleton king? Why... that sounds rather fitting." He went silent as he thought just where he would become king and what rules he'd put in place, the riches certainly made it more enticing. The portal opened and Peter ignored the blood not noticing whatever foul smell it produced, another perk of being a skeleton. He followed the girl through the portal whilst replying "Nah, just make sure they don't scream too loud and stop them running out of whatever room they're in. OK?".

He was finally through the portal and into a large room with eight double beds each with children cowering at the mere sight of the portal and of course an eight foot tall skeleton wielding a giant sword only made it worse, each child was frozen in fear of him and Peter didn't want to waste another seconds moment. Using his bone kinesis he gripped the necks of two children who appeared to be five, raised them into the air and quickly snapped both like tooth picks, it was at this very moment that they all started screaming and Peter continued his murderous spree by grabbing the spines and tearing them out of two more children before using those spines as small make shift javelins which he shot like a couple of blow darts at one child with one going through a eight year olds upper body and impaling him through the heart leaving him pinned against the door he was about to open. Now the blood curdling screams only drove him on and after catching up to one six year old girl he decapitated her with one long heavy strike, just seven more children to slay and he could move on.

It was an easy rinse and repeat process whereby he would pull the first child he saw by their spine towards him before decapitating as they came close, four more children were helplessly pulled into their demise as their own skeleton betrayed them. One eleven year old boy had clambered to try and escape through and open window and Peter gripped the bones in the boys foot and pulled him straight back "Round up the rest and let us be done" He said towards the girl whether she was before plunging his sword through the boys belly, grabbing his head and with a good tug pulled it out with the spine still attached. The sounds of sirens approached, their time was running out. He would only have to slay another two to be done, in the rush of it all he had forgotten himself and become a cold monster without even thinking for a second what acts he had just committed. There would be no repenting from this and he knew it perfectly well, nonetheless he had to finish the task. He would simply snap the necks of the last two children with his bone kinesis after they had been collected before waiting for a snarky remark from the young girl. He head was pounding with an excruciating pain from using the bone kinesis so much in one sitting without prepping but at least this was a good opportunity to test it out.

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Can a manip maestro please get rid of the text por favor?

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@lastpyre: "I can't in good spirits let the no screaming thing happen. Ima lock all windows and doors tho so nooo bogeymen leaves here." Giggled the child as the parasitic symbiote spread out to seal the place off. The small psychopath hopped and skipped in delight at the carnage.

Using her abilities she unlocked all inside doors and so all members living ran for the front door. "All the victims gather round gather round! All the victims gather round to meet Peter Skelly!" She sang as the pair moved to greet the soon deceased.

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The faint sound of Last Pyre laughing maniacally from within echoed through Peter's mind as the sound of sirens grew louder and the girl sadistically invited more people to their demise. He began to walk onwards swinging his sword horizontally to cleave his way through anyone unlucky enough to get in his way, it was like cutting through jungle vines chopping and slicing cleanly through the children and staff's mid sections often resulting with them being cut in half across the stomach, chest or waist depending on their height. It was like a gruesome scene in a horror movie, the killer's murderous rampage was unstoppable and blood was everywhere. Peter's skeleton was splattered all over with blood and the blood turned his sword from a shining silver to a dark crimson red, in some ways it represented his soul and how it used to be clean and sleek but now its been ruined by his own hand.

As he made his way down the corridors with the girl a voice emanated from his skull, a voice that although familiar brought out a cold shudder of dread up Peter's spine. It was none other than the voice of Last Pyre "I didn't think you had it in you Peter"he mocked, although his voice sounded like he was entertained there was always an undertone of grit, anger and hate to accompany it making it quite hard to tell how he truly felt. The demon stopped laughing and continued on to say "Listen the both of you"Trying to get the attention of the girl "The time of my freedom is nearly here, upon that time it will take no more than a tiny ember for me to be unleashed. At which point, the sudden release of a five year build up of energy will be like a small nuclear bomb"He paused for a couple of seconds to let it dawn on the both of them that Peter was essentially a ticking time bomb of mass destruction. "So if there's something or someplace you want obliterated the instant I get there, just take Peter there wait a little and let me give your enemies hell"

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@614azrael: @reaver_@lady_grimm

Daemon sits staring at his now empty bed, mere days ago it would of been filled with his Queen. But now..she is gone, something Daemon is having a harder time with with each passing day. As he stares at the emtpy bed he rises in a fit of rage splashing the room with energy and it ignites exploding in a smoked mess. Slowly repairing itself each and everytime Daemon unleashes his frustration, he cannot handle the fact that his Queen is no longer with him. That she is now one with a woman who shows nothing akin to her former self, growing each day his rage continues to swell. The woman that has replaced Noir as Queen, she has yet to show herself. He hoped this was because she was ashamed of what Noir had to give for her to be here, but he knew all too well that she did not. He also knew that for this society to continue, he needed a Queen to serve beside him.

Outside his room he heard the cries of Dresden, which meant that Lilith was soon to be at his door. Taking a deep breathe he composed himself, snapping his fingers a suit wrapped itself around him and he was dressed again. Waiting for Lilith to appear and speak to him....

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@darkchild: Aaron turned toward Daemon holding the child who was bound to him in his arm's "I knew you would come but know it is only because i chose t allow you to follow me had i gone deep into this realm you would have had no hope of following me and as for the language i used it is not hard to learn it is just old". Aaron looked up at Daemon i assume you have come for this child and you may leave with her as long as you agree to my terms and understand you have no bargaining chips in this so your choices are agree or don't and leave here the same way you came in childless now then first of all i have give the boy my last name as i understand you have already given him the first name so he will henceforth be called Dresden Collier ."Secondly we will work on a custody basis i will come and take him for period's of time or when i need to show him something and you will have him for the point's that don't overlap with that Thirdly the only reason i am even considering this is because i know you have good intentions for him as do i if i feel even for a second those intentions change i will activate the runes on this child and return him to me and destroy you and everything you hold dear is that understood".

"Upon your agreement to those term's you will notice a rune appear on your chest then disappear it will happen to me as well that is the execution of our contract if you try to remove it you will die a horribly painful death the same fate will happen if you choose to break our contract"." So do you agree with my term's and conditions if so then you may take the baby for now as he has already imprinted himself upon me and he will begin to feel the parental attachment associated with a mom or dad "."Or will you choose to fight me at which point i will slaughter both you and your demon without mercy or hesitation "his eyes were emotionless showing he was dead serious.

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@ownagepants: Glaring slightly to the fact of the rune now on his chest, he smiled thinking of other ways of getting out of this contract between himself and Aaron. But his thoughts were instantly washed away as Dresden looked at Daemon with a smile, holding his hands and closing them as if saying "Come get me." Walking slowly over to Aaron from his position across the room, he slowly takes the child from his arms. "I do not wish to fight anymore Aaron, enough has happen today to last a long time. I already prepared for those who come, when they realize the child you split now only has half its power. This one has more of it as you know, but its still a difficult thing to realize for them. That even with such power these children could change the world, and I hope they do. Paradiso is only the first stepping stone. Thank you, now I shall take my leave." Turning around with Dresden he slowly turns his head "When you wish for the child, please contact me. I am a father now, finding the child missing abruptly might send me into a fit." His head fluttered with all the screams Daemon quickly leaves the Blood Realm.

Paradiso, Commons Quarters

@lady_grimm Daemon sits in the common area bouncing the child on his knee, Dresden giggles hard as he bounces. Slowly a presence is felt by the Insect King. "He is precious isnt he? Such a powerful child already, I found him this morning creating little creatures out of nothing. Playing with them to entertain himself until I woke, think Lilith in just a few years he will be powerful enough to bring Paradise to everyone strong enough to reach it." As he smiles he speaks in a harsh tone "We need to find a way around Aarons plan, if we cant you know what we need to do. I am not too keen on the idea of someone having control over me, and even less on the idea that to get out of this deal I will need a new body. This one has proved so much more fun...." Dresden looks stern for a moment before going back to giggling and playing, as if he understood what Daemon was saying.

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Paradiso, Grimm's Chambers

Lilith's screams echoed throughout her somber chambers. She awoke from her sleep sweating and crying synchronously as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her eyes scoured the room as she had believed she was still in combat fighting for her life in the surrounding area of the ancient temple that seemed only a few moments ago. The familiar quarters reassured her that she had been returned to the Vine Villains sanctuary and was, at the moment, free from danger. The crimson banners with her symbol had garnished the walls and waved sparsely as she gained her self control.

Agh. My mind feels as if it's been torn to pieces and sewn back together…With Daemon's resources and connections, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

She look amused as she thought about her skull being surgically cut open. She threw on her signature violet cloak and limped painfully down the corridors, making her way to the common area where small giggles were heard faintly.

If (@mattersuit) Adam and@trauma were partying again instead of assisting us, I swear I'm goi-"Oh." Her concentration was broken at the sight of Daemon playing innocently with the young reality manipulator. "Well. This is a surprise." She said taken aback. Lilith's ears perked as Daemon dropped what were less than subtle hints about the next objective.

"You made that much of a commitment to our enemy?" She said perplexed and astonished. She had loss consciousness during the battle and was unaware of the next events that had taken place. "It seems Aaron is a undesirable burden that needs to be purged. Say the word and I will assemble who I can to pursue and hunt him. One word, Daemon…And it will be done."

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Adam sighed, and tested the edge of his sword against his thumb. With no pressure at all, it cut into his flesh and a single drop of silvery blood escaped the wound. With a smile, he sheathed the blade silently in the scabbard that lay on the table before him. One by one, he picked up and examined his guns slowly, painstakingly. They were, as always, in perfect condition. He replaced the magazines with full ones and filled up his bandoliers with full magazines and grenades.

This done, he sat on his bed and breathed slowly. He could feel the jaws of death as they approached. But what, or who could kill him? He stood and placed a DVD on his bedside table, then suited up. He, oddly, took very little. He had a feeling no matter how much ordnance he was packing, he would die very soon. But by whose hand? He ran a hand through his silver hair when he was equipped, his sword and handguns making him look rather under dressed. Before he left, he picked up an assault rifle which he slung onto his back beside his sword. He slipped into the garage silently, then revved up his motorcycle, then tore out of the base, being led by his mind.

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@lady_grimm: (Man grimm is quick to turn to killing that's ok so is Aaron.)

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@thephantom_ Coming out of the Vortex and into the middle of Paradiso, Daemon smiled as the young boy now in a gaseous state exited the vortex. The island Nerdal, immediately appeared composing himself out of flora and fauna. A sword pointed at the cloud of smoke "Sir, Intruder!!" Daemon rubbed his temple "No...and not so loud. I am literally...right here." Gesturing to the boy "This is....oh my I have yet to actually get your name boy. Cant give you a tour without knowing who you are, and dont mind the beast..hes a dog in beast clothing I swear. Just void your body in the designated areas, he doesnt care for random piss stains." Nerdal chuckles to the boy.

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@lady_grimm: Smiling to the child and then to Lilith "I know this, you are devoted to our cause. An I can expect nothing less than that from you, for now Aaron is alive. For now that is"

(Didnt know how much to write with characters, as of you know)

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@darkchild:A regular Island...On Earth? This is it?
The Phantom ignored the flora and fauna creature that came from seemingly nowhere, pointing a sword at Matt in his smoke form.
"I'm matt." He said plainly as his mind dwelled on what the big fuss about this place was. He solidified into his normal physical state once more and looked around a bit. Matt simply acknowledged the last bit the man said and continued on looking about.
"This is it? You want the entire world on here? I don't get it?"

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@thephantom_: Smiling and shaking his head "No Matthew, we are simply on the surface of the first step." Turning to Nerdal "Nerdal please, a trip downstairs." Nerdal growled slightly to Matt before disappearing into the Island. The next instant the two were sucked into tunnels, a tube flowed down deep into the islands core. Coming out almost instantly from the tubes Daemon began to walk down a long white hallway "We are in the first phases, so dont judge it too hastily. Soon we will begin preparations..." As he walked through an entryway the entire room lit up. A computer screen shined, and a blue laser appeared bringing a hologram to life. As it finished a large almost the size of Europe slab of land came to life. "I have the power now to create such a place, it will be our Paradise on earth. Hovering above the rock we stand on now, Dresden once he has grown in power will simply make it be." Snapping his fingers and the hologram spun showing each corner of "Paradise". Turning to Matthew "For now, we continue to build upon Paradiso so that all who wish to be with us and there kind on Paradise can live in peace. No government of America to try and collect us, put us all in camps. We will be a place for everyone to live equally. The evil, the good, and those who help both sides....living in peace as when Paradise comes to bring us upwards. All the notions of good and evil will be a distant memory..." Daemon smiles to Matthew as he finishes his speech.

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A constant struggle for inner peace - was it truly all for naught?

Devadas the sadhu traveled to the mutant haven of Paradiso to discover an answer to this question, and to once and for all establish pseudo-human contact with the leader of this estate on a personally benevolent level. He meant no harm. He simply carried the message of his illustrious master with him. The telepathic essence of the cosmic deity radiated from the wandering hermit and into the thought processes of the more psychically sensitive of the mutates, causing them to back away and to urge their peers to do the same. These were merely the lesser scouts, however, and the highly trained soldiers manning the main defensive structures instructed the man to stop - which he did quietly and with a smile on his face.

"On behalf of one messenger to another, I am here to deliver something important to your lord."

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@warsman: Daemon tinkered with his machines deep down within the bowels of Paradiso, Nerdal a constant companion on the earth beneath his feet. The constant footsteps of those around them ever echoing in ear, as Daemon looked into a vial with the very substance that coats his body once he goes "Dark" a single voice rings in his head. It is of the guard at the outer most gates of the city, Paradiso is a vast island. Within the middle is the city Daemon has come to call "Eden", the guard speaks to Daemon. "Sir there is a man outside Eden....he wishes to speak with you on behalf of an unknown outside source." Daemon moves his gaze from the vial and to Nerdal asking "Did you sense anyone arrive?" Nerdal perks his head up sensing all of the island in his mind. Shaking his head, Daemon chuckles "Someone mysterious and without a footprint...shall we?" Nerdal dissolves into the earth as Daemon disappears as well.

Appearing outside Edens gate he puts his hand on the guards shoulder "Go, leave him to me. If he wished to cause mischief he would of already it seems." The guard bows to Daemon and leaves as ordered, Daemon turns his attention to the arrival "You have something for me?"

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Devadas lowered his head, bringing his knees and elbows to the ground in a humble display of reverence for the mutant monarch.

"Your kingdom is truly magnificent, sire," he did not part his gaze from the earth, considering eye contact rude at this point.

"My message is that the great Rama Khan has chosen this time and place to appear before you - if you would only listen. His gifts are many and immeasurably valuable, especially for the dark days to come,"

However, the weight of the sadhu's words prompted him to raised his head just a few inches, his thin limbs supporting his ascent as he locked eyes with Daemon. He crossed his legs and sat down, smiling earnestly.

"The END is near."

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Rama Kahn it was a name that he had never even heard, the demons inside told him of rumors that the name brought up. But none had ever even met an individual who had met the man, let alone hear of him like this. This man before him told that he was a messenger from this man. Complimenting him on his Eden and Paradiso itself, as he stood watching the man move into a kneeling posture he gestured for him to rise “Please, I am no god. You needn’t to kneel before me, as flattering as it is I want you to rise.” Slowly the man did and locked eyes with him, telling him that the end is near.

“Yes of course it is, all these planet destroyers we have on this rock will surely destroy it if not for me.” Gesturing for Nerdal to come out of the bushes “Nerdal fetch the man a chair, I do believe we have a long discussion ahead of us.” Snapping his fingers a Drone came out of the sky, its wings buzzing as it slowly descended to the ground “Bring us some wine, and have the ladies in the kitchen fetch us something nice. I have a guest at the moment, meet us in the study.” In an instant the two men were whisked away thanks to Nerdal enveloping both and returning them to Daemons study. There a chair formed from the ground beneath for Devadas, and a Drone knocked on the door bringing in a feast for the two men. As Daemon poured himself a glass of wine he turned to Deva “A glass my friend? As you explain to me who you and this Rama Khan are. And why you think this end you see, will be an end for me and those destined for Paradise.”

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Overcome with a whimsical sensation in his inner being, Devadas found great entertainment in the darkness enveloping him and Daemon. Perhaps fear would have been more human, but the sadhu had long ago abandoned fear once he met the indomitable Rama Khan. The beautiful architecture surrounding them at the moment almost brought a tear to the humble Indian's eye, for his religious experiences were confined to the cosmic and the ancient. What Daemon had accomplished on his paradise mingled the two concepts into one. Never before had he felt closer to his celestial lord and master. He bowed his head at Daemon's offer.

"I am honored, sire," he said respectfully, taking the goblet of fermented grape juice in both of his worn leathery hands and drinking from it heartily. The coloration left a blood red smear on his upper lip, which he promptly licked off.

"I am Devadas - a sadhu, or hermit, from India. I am what you might consider a holy man, but I am also a homeless man. I have traveled the world with a mission of information, not conversion. My message to all who are willing to hear is that the great Rama Khan is coming. In fact,"

He looked upon Daemon with a stern gaze, something relatively uncommon to his mannerisms. His weathered face scrunched into a veil of grim severity.

"He is already here. He will explain his mission better than I, if only you would listen, sire."

The words of the sadhu reflected a strangely modest tone for a seemingly terrifying godlike entity. But Rama Khan did not appear to those who would not listen. He and Daemon had much to discuss, after all, and a one-sided conversation would be pointless.

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@warsman: As Devadas sipped on his drink and spoke of this Rama Khan Daemon couldn't help but chuckle, the man had such a high prestige about himself. He himself could be capable of so much, so much power and yet he bows beneath this Rama Khan as if he were a god. Daemon had met only one individual who could be classified as a god, and She was something entirely different. Almost as malevolent as this Rama Khan sounded he could be. A being so powerful yet he sent out men like Devadas to meet those who would "Listen" Daemon sipped his goblet of wine and at from a tray before he spoke "He is here? Where my kind Devadas would he be, I see almost all corners of this world at every single moment. I have yet to see such a man, maybe that's for the better as you describe him in such a way he holds immense power. But I will humor you, I am a man of many things and one of these things is I am an excellent listener." Lighting a cigar he pulled from his pocket he tags a hard drag from it before blowing smoke "If you believe the end is near for my kind, I cannot stand by and watch that happen. What can your Rama Khan do to help me keep my people alive?" Daemon waited for this mysterious Rama Khan to show himself.

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"You are a man of many talents Daemon,"

A voice like thunder rolling in the distance manifested out from all sides, appealing only to the master of Paradise. No other force physical or otherwise could detect the finely tuned metaphysical entities now enveloping Daemon's senses. Devadas smiled knowing that Daemon had finally become aware enough to listen to his master. A monolithic man appeared from thin air, pushing the molecular boundaries between dimensions apart with sheer force of presence. His thick chest heaved with the weight of ages, timeless power coursing through his veins.

"As well as many tastes. But I have not come across oceans of time and space to converse wine flavors. As one of the few planets still capable of supporting life in this sector without extensive terraforming, Earth has always presented an interesting dilemma,"

This godlike newcomer folded his arms behind his back, and began pacing, each footstep crackling with cosmic energies the likes of which could not be measured.

"Humanity is fleeting. Its only contribution to the universe will be an entertaining little spark in endless history. Yet there are some who think otherwise. Some who think that by curing the mutant 'plague,' as they call it, they will attain immortality in the halls of creation. You know of whom I speak,"

The subtle reference to Charlemagne LeBeau and his endless phantom crusade against the mutant race would agitate Daemon's curiosity in what he had to say - or, more accurately, what he had to offer.

"Weapons are always being developed. Biochemical weapons. Viruses. Why not level the playing field?"

His gargantuan hand unfolded towards the Lord of Leisure, revealing a small vial of thick red liquid in its palm.

"This is my blood. Within it you will find the secret to bringing mankind to its knees while cementing mutantkind as the rightful heirs to this world."

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@warsman: The man before him...he exuded power. His sweat itself could wipe out an entire city, and yet he stands before Daemon. Wishing to grant him such power, power of the chemicals inside his blood. Daemon looks at the vial in his palm, and takes it from him marveling at the red liquid inside. He knows exactly what this Rama Khan wishes for him to do, with a snap of his fingers the good Doctor Parnasis comes to his telepathic order. Daemon hands the vial to the doctor "Begin testing this, I believe we have one of lifes biggest trump cards. Now leave." Parnasis stares at Rama Khan in disbelief, a being with such power in his presence. He had been with Daemon the entire conversation via telepathic link. He wanted to ask so many questions but before he could Daemon again gave him an order "Parnasis...Now!" With this loud order, the Doctor left in haste within his cloud of insects.

Daemon looked upon Rama with wonder, and at the same time frustration. He leaned forward drinking the last remaining sip of his wine before setting the glass down. Standing up he held his arms behind him and spoke "You believe these humans cannot be saved? That even with Paradise they will continue to tear this world apart. What if we had someone like yourself to guide them? Would they not bow down to you in droves?" Daemon did not want the eradication of the human race, or even to make them bow down to him. He wished that even with a little force they could come to coexist. Something that each day he slowly began to believe was just a dream, but he held onto the hope "Can they really not be saved?" looking to Rama Khan for the answer.

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The Beginning and the End, his motions absolute and with only the most sublime of purposes, came to a stop with his back towards Daemon. Time passed differently for a being of his understanding. He saw the solar cycles of eternity on Earth exposed to him like a cranial tumor to a brain surgeon. He reached out, and plucked a specific moment in time - its notes hitting bitterly, vibrating on the cruel violin of life in the emptiness of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Here, he studied and lived for many years, watching the sun expanding, turning all it touched into cosmic dust, only to collide together again and start the process all over again.

He arrived back to the present day, the very second after Daemon inquired of his godly mission on the planet that seemed to attract so much attention and yet warranted very little.

"Then perhaps they would survive. But humanity is still a cautious creature. Like the primates they descended from, they do not accept change without trial and pain. Even if I were to ascend to the highest seat available to their primitive minds, there would still be some who would seek to overthrow and disprove that throne,"

He sensed a sort of unease in Daemon's voice. The Paradigm of Paradise quivered on an ethereal level. Perhaps he truly wanted peace. But even his dream of a perfect world would never be bought without great sacrifice.

"There is a time, however brief it may yet be, when humanity and mutantkind lives in true harmony. But the road to heaven is ever paved with corpses and cemented by blood and gristle. You hold the key to unlocking that road in your hands, Daemon,"

The reference to the vial did not pass on deaf ears. Rama Khan understood Daemon's unique interest in preserving peace between all species. The chance that he could endure paying the price still existed. A faint, fleeting smirk crawled to the Apex Aggressor's face and disappeared.

"Humanity and mutantkind must come to a Revelation. Once they understand the truth, then they will have freedom from pain - a freedom that is earned THROUGH pain."

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@warsman: (that was fecking awesome. Will post tomorrow most definitely)

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Daemon knew that what Rama spoke was true, that the world of humanity had drawn nothing but war and violence since its first steps. Even the cavemen who were but children to the world found that weapons were not just for hunting, almost as soon as they first strapped a sharp rock to a stick. That the human race was further gone than Daemon had wished, he sat listening to the Goliath thinking of the good leaders of this world. That this world needed to be cleansed through fire and bloodshed, only then would this world and its people find a way of finding peace. This method of reaching his Paradise almost sickened him, he only wished for a unified place for everyone to live and thrive. But it would take countless lives and even longer years for this to ever happen, that if he sparked this now that someone in the future could make it happen.

Years from now Daemon would be known as both Pariah and Savior, but today he has been given the tool to become a man of Genocide. Sighing deep he looked to Rama Khan and nodded "This world can only become greater if something falls, if the single piece that blackens the whole is removed. This malignant tumor that threatens to destroy all around it, I do not wish it to be so but I have been blind for too long. Today we will begin the preparations....will you be there when the war begins? Or like all gods will you watch from the side and simply watch." His tone teetering on the disrespectful, he hated this Rama Khan for giving him such a weapon. But in otherhands it could be used to wipe out the human race entirely, he knew that in his hands the masses will not be wiped out but quelled. "What is your role in this Rama? Do you travel through this plane, giving a balance to the chaos. Or do you simply enjoy watching each side kill each other?" Daemon stands his body language speaking loudly. He hated being in this position, no matter how much the facts made sense to him.

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Pressuring the mutant maestro into following the tides of perfection seemed too easy. Rama Khan suspected eventual betrayal, as he did in all such alliances. Even when he gave the most splendid of gifts, those he bestowed them upon were always doomed to bite his hand. The poison in Daemon's words did not help to calm his suspicions.

"Say what you will, but I am not malevolent. I simply AM,"

The Data Emperor replied in a blunt and satisfactory manner. His attentions were focused on not only Daemon's intent with the Techno-organic virus hidden within the blood, but also Charlemagne's agenda with the Legacy virus. Two inspiring world leaders with the ultimate killswitch at their disposal. Though Rama Khan had given these two the deadliest biochemical weapons imaginable, he was not stupid. He knew one of them would try to turn on him.

"I bring the cosmic truth, Daemon, that there is no path to enlightenment without pain. True happiness cannot be obtained without great sacrifice. You...do want to bring Paradise to the world, do you not?"

Playing on Daemon's innate fear of failure as well as his imminent inspiration to press onward, Rama Khan turned to face his host once more, half-expecting the Sultan of Celebrations to either fall to the emotional decay he needed to proceed - or to try and destroy his godlike visitor here and now.

"I have stated my purpose. Now, what is yours, Daemon? Will you deny the necessary societal evolution of both man and mutantkind?"

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@warsman: The truth in his words it grated at Daemon immensely, he knew that to attain his Paradise so many would have to die. He wished to fall to his knees in sobs. But he knew that a true leader needed to find a way to overcome what was laid out before him, his anger taking control he struck the desk before him cracking it deep he barked "Do you honestly think I do not know this?! I am no child Rama, I am a man who was born in such sacrifice. Look back into my line, each lives both Giovanni and Daemon were born in nothing but death. Now I stand before stronger because of both lives, both lives filled with nothing but the death of the weak. Giovanni was born from the weakness of his father, and I Daemon Matthius was born from Giovanni's weakness and insecurities. The sacrifice that bore me was the death of the last member in my family, my own mother! So dont you DARE tell me about sacrifice!" His blood boiling to its limits he continued now slowly calming himself down. He looked to Rama Khan now not as a GOD, but simply a MAN who had immeasurable power at his disposal.

Displacing his body and reforming it on the otherside of the desk he stood staring at Rama Khan "I will sacrifice EEEVERYONE!" Pulling the word "Everyone" as far as he could "To bring Paradise to light, to show everyone that survives what being strong and what their acts for survival will give them." He glares at Rama Khan "This does NOT mean I have to enjoy the fact...." He knew he had little power compared to Rama Khan, but he was no coward and if Rama cast him down with a single punch another would fill his shoes.

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@warsman: Wasnt an act of war, was speaking loudly at the situation Daemon was put in lol. You have always wanted to fight me....

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Didn't take it as an act of war.

You just lost any chance of winning one though :P

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@warsman: hahahaha, first all that came through was the bring it on.

I have my own way of winning, hell i see at least five ways a war will end for both Charlemagne and I.