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This is similar to the Military Control RPG but this time Heros you are in charge. The world is split into 4 sectors East, West, North, South. The first 4 heros to join have command of the Sector. Heros you may chose if you want someone in charge of the world. Heros keep order help those in need well be heros. Neutrals when you join you don't have to pick a side because you are neutral but you can. Villains its time for you to spread evil do what you can to cause chaos.

The Official RPG rules apply here

Other Rules Include

  1. Must use your Comic Vine character

  2. If you don't have a weakness don't join

  3. Everyone can play just follow the rules.

  4. When you start state what Sector you are in.

  5. If you move sector say what sector you are in.

  6. Goods remeber make sure keep the place a Paradise

  7. Evil's try to make the place a living hell.

  8. Neutrals do either one you want.

If you have any question please PM Mighty Magneto

Please Also keep OoC down here a link for OoC talk

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Deep underground in the West Sector Mighty Magneto was hard at work on his nest Evil plan. Magneto grew tired of the goodie goods on the planet enjoying life and hoping about. It was time to bring a change that change would be chaos. Magneto sat at his desk writing up his next evil plan. he wanted this one to be perfect something that would put fear into the hearts of the heros. Magneto got up from his desk and went into his kitchen he graped a beer and down it.

"Thats better now i can think."

Magneto went back to his desk and continued writing his plan.

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Cryo-Wolf looked over the North Sector. It was beautiful. In the winter there were snow-white landscapes and in the summer there were tropical winters. It was perfect.

Her walked through his Palace and saw his subjects. The most beautiful was his wife, Moonchild. She was a lycan. He embraced her tight and said, "I love our new home. and I love you."

They smiled as they looked from their balcony to North City, the capitol of the North Sector. Cryo-Wolf was 25 and Moonchild 24. They had a son together, Lunick, he was now 4 going on 5. He ran towards Cryo-Wolf. "Daddy!" He screamed. He knelt down and picked him up. He giggled as Cryo spun him sround in the air. Life was good.

"Go play with Simba!" Luncik ran off to go find Simba, Cryo's faithful dog and now ambassador to all animals.(Cryo can communicate with animals so the animals have a say in certain things.)

Cryo and Moonchild walked to their throne room and sat down, ready to hear of today's business.

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Methos took in thr breathtaking view of the South Sector... the desert streched on for miles... natural wonders as far as the eye can see.

His life mate Kara stood by his side as they walked through the town, everyone knew them, it was hard not to know the immortal and the alien in this paradise they had created.

it had been 10 years since the last supervillian had shown their face in his sector, the peace had become a prosperous time for the sector. technology had reached new levels, the people thrived and worked with each other for the betterment of the sector.

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Fourpower floated through the city on a platform of fire. He was in the north sector.

"They make me sick..." he thought, watching the good people.

Fourpower was heading for an abandoned warehouse he had seen in the North, near the main city. There were a few guards, but it would be a perfect hideout and base.

When he arrived, he easily struck the guards down with lightning and moved his stuff in the house. He also built a turret made of rock and "loaded" the barrel full of lightning. If he rechaged it every once in a while, it would be a good gun for any allies he had. It was on the roof.

Fourpower was plotting to take down the city. He had learned a long time ago that you can't do it by force-Fourpower was breaking the city down top to bottom. Cryo-Wolf ran the North sector-but his "new righthand man" was a former politician that Fourpower had starpped a bomb to, beaten, then sent as a spy. The righthand man, Kusid, was bringing Nort politicans to Fourpower. After a little treatment, they went back there and obeyed his commands. He now had 80% of the North sector leaders. At 90%, he thought he could impeach Cryo-Wolf and take the North.

He also needed an ally. He was planning to search underground, but first he had a bound-up undersecretary to the treasurer, bound, gagged, and beaten in his office that he needed to attend to. He'd look for someone later.

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Photon put down his badge in the office of the Secret Services in the West sector. He looked out of the window at the peaceful city. Sometimes the people made him sick, they never knew what the Secret Service had to up against to ensure their happy and content lives. They were never supposed to find out about the few supervillians that were out there, still on the prowl, plotting and scheming away to bring down their peace...

"Hey, Photon, wake up." - the head of the West office yelled at him. "You're one of our best men, more than half the criminals in the office were brought down by you..." Photon was being cautios, it wasn't like the captain to be so nice.

"Yea..." - Photon asked. He was sure he is getting a mission.

"Listen, some of our gadgets are showing increase in magnetic forces in the West sector. You do know what this means, right?" - Captain asked.

"Magneto, right? Yea, he managed to escape the faith of almost everyone else." - Photon was formulating a plan, a plan to break free from all the goody nonsense.

"We need you to bring him down, before he can stir up a rebellion. Those people outside , they live in peace because the goverment keeps people like me and you on the watch. They don't know that the evil is still plotting, and if they do know they choose to ignore it. Take him down before he grows strong again." - Captain shook Photon's shoulder with a worrying look.

"Yes, of course. I'll do my best Captain." - Photon gave off a sneaky smirk. The opportunity came knocking into his door and he wasn't going to miss it.

"Before I go, I got to take a whiz." Photon made a fake excuse. He walked towards the bathroom, as the Captain dived back into his paperwork. Photon then quickly turned and opened a safe with the combination he knew. He quickly got out some papers, copies them on the copy machine, stuffed them into the pockets of his detective coat and walked outside.

Without saying goodbye to the Captain, he jumped into the nearest sewer and using a small magnetic radar, he locked onto Magneto's frequency. He smiled to himself as he walked. This world was perfect for too long.


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"Oh thank god your here." said the old woman.

"They came in and tryed to steal my jewels."

"Were they successful, mam?" asked Gambler.

"No, I keep them in the safe over there." said the old woman.

Gambler grabbed the old woman, and snapped her neck. He took off the cop uniform he had stolen earlier that day.

Using the Ace of Spades, he blew open the safe.

"God damn, look at all that bling."

Gambler cleaned out the safe and jumped into his modified Chevy SS. As he lit up the tires and pulled a 180 he could see the real police coming.

"$#@! you pigs." Gambler yelled while giving them the finger.

He hit the Nas button, and was gone.

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The East

This place stank of goodness and it sickened her. Beth swung her motorbike through the clean streets and tried not to shudder. What kind of a place had this much sweetness and light? It was like someone had made the place out of bloody candy floss. She heard the police long before she actually saw them or the car they were persuing. Well well, it looked like it wasn't such a paradise. She eased her bike to a stop and watched in amusement as the chase carried on. While the cops were distracted, she could cause some chaos of her own, maybe even help out a fellow villain. She parked the bike and rose to flight. She swooped down, grabbed one of the cop cars and flipped it into the side of a building. The explosion lit up the street and she laughed.

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Beth turned to the sound of yelling and let out another laugh, rich and deep. She grabbed the second car, lifted it above her head and threw it at the hero. "Put me down? I'm not the dog, mutt, you are."

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"Secret Service agent Photon know what did I do unpaid parking tickets."

Magneto know everything about the man from his files he had been studying many of the secret services agents. Magneto stood up looking the man before him in the eyes.

"You are very brave to come here alone"

With a motion of magneto's hand the way photon had come in was sealed shut.

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Photon kept walking, following the magnetic signals that ranged from weak to strong to weak again. Walking through the sewer, Photon found a hollow wall. Deciding not to make too much noise, he focused on the light that was coming from behind the wall, making it materialize and push the wall towards himself. He put the gadget back into his bag and caught the wall with his hands so it wouldn't make any noise. Placing it aside, Photon walked into the long underground hall. It was very narrow, but enough for him to walk through. He took two steps in, then turned around and using the same light trick he pushed the wall back inside.

"Magneto is sure to be not too far, hmm, must be tinkering on his evil plan." - Photon heard a few insignificant noises from deep inside the tunnel. Bending the light around himself, Photon turned himself invisible and walked right by a few cameras sitting high up on the walls. The tinckering noises now sounded louder, intil he saw bright light of a few lamps litting th way into a large room. A figure was standing, staring onto a table. A bottle of beer was on the side of the table.

"Still want to rule the world, huh Magneto?" - Photon became visible again, and stood at the dorrway waiting for Magneto to respond.


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Dark Alpha could see the destruction this new villian was causing.

"Stop! Or I will be forced to put you down." yelled the hero

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"Heh, my boss would call me a coward for what I'm about to do." - Photon grinned. Despite the mission he had no intention of fighting the man before him.

"What has it been? Ten years, since the bad guys got taken down? But not you, always got a backup plan, right?" - Photon walked a little closer to the table and took out the stack of papers he copied at the office.

"My boss told me to take you down before you start raising hell again, but I think the good times are coming to an end." - Photon said, throwing the papers on Magneto's desk. "I think these will be helpful."


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"Interesting indeed you too tire of this way of life"

Magneto looked at the papers perhaps these could be of help to him.

"So what is it that you want Photon"

Magneto turn his eyes back on photon.

"You wish to join the darkside and bring an end to this pathic way of life."

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The car smashed into Dark Alpha, sending them both rashing into a house.

Dark Alpha lifted the car off from him.

"Its gonna take more than that sweetheart." laughed Dark Alpha.

Raising his hand, he fired a blast of energy at this dangerous villian.

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"Heh, something like that? You got a beer or something? I'm a little thirsty from the trip." - Photon asked.

"And yeah, i am tired. Everything is so goody, there is no adrenaline, no real rush in this way of life. Everything is slow and contempt, even for a Secret Service agent. I do like the sunshine though." - Photon remarked, then pointed at the papers.

"These are codes for the security systems all around the city. My boss keeps it in high security safe, thinks he is the only one who knows the combination. He isn't. You can do whatever you want with them, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Free your old legion and cause a disturbing riot, destrupting the security while you make way for the palace to kill the king. I dunno, you'll think fo something." - Photon explained what the papers meant.

"What are you working on?" - he asked after the explanation.


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Photon watched the TV, smiling to along with Magneto.

"My boss is gonna shit his pants, when he sees everyone running out of their cells." - Photon laughed, while taking a big gulp from the beer bottle. "Does it matter which channel? They'll be glad they have something more interesting to talk about than "flowers blooming and birds signing", thats what they normall talk about since the peace time."

"We got a diversion going, but whats the next part of the plan?" - asked Photon.


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"Well lets start with that drink"

Magneto used his powers of Magnatism to open the fridge and floated a beer to photon.

"As far as my plan is concerned its going to turn this place into a much more adrenaline pumping location."

Magneto shuffled threw the papers once again then sat them on his desk.

"However with these codes this is going to be a little bit easier."

Magneto walked over to a Computer typed in a few commands and entered one of the codes.

"Guess what that did. I have just unleashed everyone that was being held in the west sector prison."

Magneto waved his hand and a group of TV's turned on one on each channel.

"Want to place bets witch channel gets this story first."

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Gambler slammed on the breaks.

"Who was that?" he thought.

A woman with such hatred for the police and the strength to take on a hero, by herself.

Going in reverse Gambler was playing chicken with the cops on his tail.

"That crazy son of a bitch is coming right at us." said a cop.

Gambler was crazy, he was supposed to be transfered to the Maximum Security Prison on the West Side. But was delayed do to some un-forseen events.

"I fought the law, and the, law one, I fought the law, and the, law one!" Gambler sang as he drove.

He arrived back at the battle, in time to see a hero fire of a blast at the woman in the sky. Taking out the Queen of Hearts, he charged it and threw it, the blast hit the charged card and exploded.

"You need a ride?" asked Gambler

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Cryo-Wolf sat on his throne aside Moonchild. A politician, Kusid, walked by the throne room rather quickly. There was something different about his scent. "Stay here, there's something I need to figure out." He said to Moonchild.

He followed Kusid from the shadows. He finally arrived at the Senate chamber. As he peered inside, he could smell all of the senate's scents. most of them were the same as Kusid's. They were all planning to impeach him. He over-heard a name: Fourpower. He returned to his Throneroom and summoned a gaurd. "Find me this Fourpower person. I want him in my presence in the most high-tech pair of hand-cuffs you have! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" The guard rushed off. He soon settled down.

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Lowering slowly to the ground, Beth offered the man a soft smile. "Thanks, yeah, my bike got caught in the cross-fire." She dropped into the passanger seat. "Walkingstone," she said as she offered him her hand.

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"Yours," she laughed, her bright green eyes dancing. "I'm new around here. Tell me, how does a girl find a good time?" This one was definitely gorgeous and worth playing around with for a while.

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Gambler looked at her hand and smiled.

"Yeah.....I dont think so." laughed Gambler.

He reached over and pulled Walkingstone over to him, giving her a giant kiss.

"Woooooo, thats what I'm talk'in bout."

They could here police sirens getting closer.

"Your place or mine?" cackled the mad man.

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GL Bertron stopped in the North Sector. Since the incidents in Xin Bertron had been training with several Lanterns until he reached a new level of power. He had also signed on as a Corpse member under Ion's supervision. Bertron was now what he once hated, but he felt that his service to the Guardians and the universe would bring honor back to his people. Bertron had planned on blowing past the planet on his way to Zaroth, they had reported running into resistance from some desciples of Despair. The men and women who followed Dispair were religious zealots who killed people for living Sacrifices to Despair.

Of course as Bertron was passing the planet he was signaled by his ring that he should meet with Cryo Wolf. He didn't always understand why the ring would just call for him to leave missions, but as a Corpse member, Bertron was required sometimes to do some overtime.

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Dark Alpha decided not to persue the two criminals. They seemed to be headed out of the East Side. Dark Alpha cared little for the other side's, as long as he had control of his area nothing else mattered.

He returned to one of his many skyscrappers, called The Alpha Heights.

"Sir, here are todays latest figures." said Gail his secretary.

"They show a 50 percent increase in criminal activity over the last 3 hours sir."

"This is no good, whoever orcastriated that prison break knew what they were doing." said Dark Alpha.

"I want you to contact all the other leaders and set up a meeting."

"This could get out of hand."

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One of Fourpower's politicians came back to him-and his eyes were focused.

"Cryo-Wolf says to arrest you..." he said slowly, in a terrified voice.

Fourpower swore loudly.

He was gonna need some people on his side.

He'd need an ally. Someone who wanted the CIty down. Someone smart. And he needed a fighter-preferably with an insane twist. And he knew who to call for both.

"Find me Magneto. He's somewhere under the sewers, but here-" Fourpower flipped the politician a card.

"It's his number, we've done business before. Call him and say to come to Fourpower's office. I'll be right back."

Fourpower had seen someone on the news raising hell. At first he wasn't sure who it was-but then he saw the criminal hurling explosive cards and he knew who it was. The cards gave off a certain kind of energy he could track-so Fourpower simply tracked him into an alley, where he was talking to a woman he had never seen before.

"Gambler? I've got a mission for you..."

Meanwhile, Magneto's phone rang.

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Fourpower shot a lightning bolt. It exploded at the newcomer's feet, incinerating the very ground. All that was left was a burnt patch-but he had aimed at the ground, the woman was fine.

"I'm on low power right now. Don't trifle with me."

"The punk was talkng to Gambler-I have a mission and I need your help. Believe me, it'll be worth your while."

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"You're pissing me off, lady. I don't give a s$%# about Gambler's little girlfriend unless you shut your mouth and listen to me. If you're interested, then shut the hell up. If you're not, then beat it."

Fourpower popped a fireball out of his hand.

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Walkingstone turned to the new-comer and raised one eyebrow at him then turned back to Gambler. "Who's the punk?" she asked with a sniff of amusement and a nod at 4power.

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She'd barely blinked at the explosion, it actually amusing her more. "Low power, still very unimpressive. Go away, little man, we were talking. Unless you have something to amuse me as well, in which case do feel free to entertain us all."

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Using her control of her forcefields, Walkingstone caught the fireball and smirked. "Pretty," she laughed. "Go on then, flesh bag, tell us."

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Fourpower swore badly at her.

"I'm going to take down Cryo-Wolf in the North sector, and bring down the city. But I need partners. I'm calling Magneto right now-he could help. And Gambler is insane enough and powerful enough to be a huge help."

"Your girlfriend (if she's really a girl) is a b$#%@ though, so I'll make you a deal. She can come along if I dock you 50 credits."

"Fair deal?"
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Nathaniels club The Rose was somewhere in the North sector but in all his years Nameless had forgotten its exact location

"Oh bless us my sweet where oh where can our dear friend have gone he does make us so happy...oh if only our tired mind could in its library find the volume that contains the memory of the Rose."

"Perhaps one of these creatures can tell us of its location...his eyes scanned the crowd until he saw a young girl she is perhaps a patron of Nathaniel is she not my sweet?"

He glided over to her..."My dear allow us to make an introduction of sorts we are without name and without friend this does cause us loneliness a feeling perhaps you could remedee for us

Per chance do you know of a club called the Rose?"

The girl gazed a bit perplexed by the strange man who stood in front of her not quite sure how to answer

"y yes she muttered its down town in the blue district about a mile from here

"Why my dear here is only there and there perhaps you shall join us

To put it simply will you walk my dear do not say no for that would sadden us greatly and cause harm to you

The girl gazed shocked this man was extremely bold in his request

"I can't I am working right now maybe latter?

"Oh my dear latter shall not do and may I add you answered very incorrectly

I am afraid you must be punished

he placed his hands on each side of her head

"what are you she stared to say

she never finished he ripped her head off

"Now then seeing as your body is so reluctant to join us we will take your head instead

pity she was so beautiful was she not my sweet?

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"She can come along?" Walkingstone shook her finger at the new one in a taunting manner. "She decides what she does." Her hand closed around the fireball and it fizzled out into a tendril of smoke. "This ex-demoness is getting tired of this game."

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Gambler was laughing un-controlably. His new lady friend was full of fire and he loved it. But the talk of money had peeked his intrest, other wise he would have let the two try and kill each other.

Gambler put his hand on Walkingstone's shoulder. And looked at the brash new comer.

"You, dock me?" laughed Gambler.

"Tell me, whats to stop us from just killing you?"

Gambler lit up a cigeratte, and looked at Walkingstone.

"We, will help you.......but it will cost you." said Gambler.

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Leaning into Gambler, Walkingstone smirked, took his cigarette from him and pulled on it slowly. She handed it back and kissed his cheek. "We're not cheap, y'know."

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ha south east bounder:

Sync had returned from his jounery to the west, and just finshined up in the north. His recon had gone all soo well. His spy network was unmatch nor unrival, hell with being the eyes and ears he was the mind and soul, the blood the subtain the body..and his services where in great demand if you knew how to reach him.

How he enjoyed the hot breeze of sandstorm, and how it would eat the skin off a lesser being. He had reach his targets. Letting his body fade in the engery of the heat, so ir would not pick him up, and letting his bio eletric beats off his heart to be cloaked, he entered the city.. and with a snap of his fingers,"RICK JAMES" the atoms within its spans split, creating fission explosion.

The sheer about of heat and enegry, tears though the city, scream heard for a split second, and thoughts erased in exstience. Sync feels the ground ,the sand, turn to glass, and knows his mission is a success.

Sync walks off objective

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"Your right photon hell it's on every channel anyways."

Magneto's phont rang. Only a select few had the number and all of those know not to call unless it was very important.


A man working for fourpower had been on the phone and had told magneto that fourpower could use his help.

"The next part of the plan Photon will be alot more fun."

Magneto put on his helmet and cape and be gan to walk towards Photon.

"Here you want to be of use Heres an address of a warehouse talk to a guy named Bruce tell him i sent you and hell give you a package. When you have the package call me on this number."

Magneto handed photon a peice of paper with address and phonenumber on it.

Magneto then pushed a button witch lowered an elevator. He got in it and went up intill he got to the surface. He stepped out into in office building he quickly walked outside and flew high into the air.

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Photon waved Magneto goodbye and walked back the way he came in, putting the piece of paper back into his pocket, while wondering what would the package be. Rendering himself invisible again, he climbed up on the ladder, easily throwing away the lid on the sewer.

"Wonder where Magneto was going... Probably to meet with the other guy on the east side." - Photon thought while walking on the street. Sirens were aloud, rattling across the entire west side. A few cars a bikes rode by him, barely missing him, while Photon was thinking of what to do next.

"Arrrgh!!! Photon, how long i had waited for this moment! How long i had prayed for my sweet revenge! Ohhh now it is my turn to laugh my heart out as i humiliate you and make you look pathetic as..."

"Thud!" - Photon quicly levitated to a short man with two samurai swords who he took down a few years ago and landed a nose-cracking punch to the face. The man was knocked out.

"The bad guys surely could use a spy like me. Guess I'll head back to the boss first and try to calm him down. I don't want him dead, at least for now." - Photon flew up above the street and created a few laser beam out of his hands to make a few explosions. HE waved his hand to the nearby officers, who were trying to contain the roit and zoomed in flight to the Secret Service office.


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Magneto flew to the North sector just high enough to not be seen and low enough not to be picked up on radar. Magneto arrived at a small log cabin deep in the North sector Moutains. very few people ever came out here.

"Bloody hell its cold."

Magneto caled back the man who had called him for Fourpower.

"Let your master know i am at the locations we last meet he'll now where."

Magneto hung up the phone and lit a fire to get warm inside the cabin.

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Cryo-Wolf looked over the North Sector from the Ice Palace. He was trying to listen to Nature and the people, to see if there was any sign of this Fourpower Person.

He was interupted when Lunick came running into the room yelling,"Solana's back!" Cryo smiled as he followed his son to his and Solana's room. Solana was the other , barely older twin. "Hi daddy!" she said as she ran over to Cryo-Wolf and hugged.

"How's my little ball of fire! did you have a good time at your friend's house."

"Uh-huh! and I practiced!"

"Me too!" Lunick chimed in. "Ok," Cryo said," Show me what you learned."

Lunick and Solana stood next to each other and concentrated as hard as they could. Solana produced little tiny fireballs and Lunick froze his hands in ice."

"Wow you two are good! In a little while you may just beat me!" The two looked at each other and pounced on Cryo-Wolf, kncocking him over laughing.

Cryo didn't know why they both had superpowers. The doctor's said it was a genetic anomaly in Solana's case, that she could generate fire, But Since Cryo-Wolf carried his ice-power on his Y chromosome, Lunick naturally had his father's Ice Powers.

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Bertron was beginning his desent to the surface when his ring flared again.

'Ignore this mission.' The metalic voice of his ring called. 'The priority here is low. I have sensed enough law providers to excuse you from the fight.'

"Ce la vie." Bertron grunted as he came to a screeching halt in mid atmosphere and shot off toward his original mission.

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He almost skipped through the Blue district! his heart felt light for he knew soon he would be in the presents of his teacher his very creator

He allowed himself a moment to reflect upon his past to the day where he and the Rose had met

it had been in a pub in London in the early days of the industial Revolution the world had been alive then new sights new smells everything in its modern infancy and yet for all these wonders none had had more impact than The Rose himself.

It was a cool January evening when Nameless (who had been under a long forgotten title at the time)

had entered the pub in search of a warm taste to lull him to his rest for the evening

On this night he was taking notice of no one he had no need or want for conversation that night

or so he thought

"May I sit?"

The man was tall his skin pale but in a strange way delicate his clothes were from their look tailor made which showed the man had great class and style

His hair was a fire red and his eyes were if Nameless was not mistaken a light violet

again the man asked

"May I sit?"

His voice it carried with it the sweet seduction of so many long winters nights

and loves had and then forgotten in the passing of youth.

Nameless was transfixed and drawn to the man so much so that he could only manage a feeble "yes"

to the mans request to join him.

"Splendid it speaks oh my dear boy I had feared you dumb or perhaps to drunken to even be aware of your surroundings.

but thankfully I see I am in error of my asumption and am quite pleased to join you on this beautiful evening allow me with so many allowences as one can gather upon a first meeting to introduce myself I am Nathaniel

or perhaps better known as the Rose choose which ever will suite your speech best."

"A pleasure Nameless began I am..."

Nathaniel held up his hand..."Silence dear boy I am your guest I requested to sit with you and so yours being your name shall remain a mystery and on this night we shall see you as the Nameless one a truly gracious host indeed.

"Now then what refreshment shall we seek this evening perhaps Brandy?

or a dark wine?

"Well do not be silent boy dreams should never be silenced

but spoken what refreshment do you seek this night?

w-wine Nameless muttered

"Very well but my dear boy we must work on your annuciation how can one hear you if you are so lost in your speech that you cannot even deliver a simple request of a friend?

"I am sorry Nameless began I was not expecting to drink with anyone tonight.

The Rose smiled "the best feelings my boy are hand in the in expected"

ahh I see our wine has arrived...let us toast to the in expected

and love this night in honor of The Nameless one.

The remainder of the evening passed like some sweet dream far to sweet for visual recolection

All Nameless cared to remember were Nathaniels words to him the next day

"I have given you a love my sweet a love that shall last the ages

Remember always that you are the master of the stage and all below you

only players"

I will never be far from you my dear Nameless now and farewell."

Yes meeting with the Rose would be wonderful indeed.

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Dam.. he really did not like the cold, but monutians reminded him his training grounds. "fU^&& idiots, you think they would have better tracking"

How could magento come to a mountian, with metal ore, but that again if one did not know what enegry signture to look for much less how to follow it...

Sync appeared out of nowhere, "your getteing sloppy mags, ill be more than show you a new trick or 2 in how to track people...(for a price)"

"Word is that you have something big going down.. you and another."

"Besides you know im everywhere and nowhere"

"and just one thing mags, im seeing a gl energy singture"

"Oh and you guys may want to be swift, i blew up a major city in south east and im not sure if they followed me..TA TA NOW, im be around"

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Photon flew into his office, throwing a few balls of light in the direction of the convicts. His boss and a few other agents were hiding for cover while having a shootout.

"Photon! Thanks Gog you came, i thought we were done for!" - his boss happily proclaimed.

"Good! Look, i didn't find Magneto, as soon as i heart stompings and such i turned to the radio station and after hearing what was going on, i got here as fast as i could." - Photon was reporting to his boss.

"Good. I dunno how they got out, but..."

"I must go help out the citizens, sir. No time. Try and make yourself useful!" - Photon flew out of the office and headed into the direction of the adress which Magneto gave him, while forming a few lasers out of thin air through concentrating on light particles to make it look like he was helping out the good guys.

"I am here from Magneto, i am supposed to recieve a package," - Photon showed the tall man inside a small warehouse a note given to him by Magneto.

"yes of course, I was expecting you," - the man bowed before him and handed him a medium sized box.

"DO be careful with it." - he managed to say bfore Photon flew out of the warehouse, aiming for the downtown section.

"Hmm, another note." - Photon opened a note that was stuck to the box with scotch-tape.

"Call me when you get to a safe place. I will inform you of futher instructions," - eager to find out whats inside the box, Photon got out his cell phone and dialed in the number written on the note. While listening to the beeps of the telephone, he looked downwards from an enourmous skyscraper, looking onto the people fighting like on a pile of ants.


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"Its not always about not being found Sync sometimes its always about having a place where you now when people are close before they do."

Magneto had know sync was coming for awhile but always thought his comments amusing.

"By the way let me know if you get an ID on the GL reading alright."

Magneto was interested in what GL was here that could cause a problem in his plans.

Magnetos phone rang he anwers it.


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"Yes" - Photon heard a familiar voice with a combination of sinistry and gracefulness come from the other end.

"Okay... I got the package from the man. Right now i am standing in the downtown area of west side, on top of a skyscraper, watching the riot die down. They look like miserable ants... All of them..." - Photon had a breath taking view that made him realize how small all of those people were, not knowing that something much bigger and much more evil was brewing their way.

"The codes did cause a huge upset, not seen in the last 10 to 12 years, but its being supressed quickly and successfully by the police and Secret Service agents. I guess ten years in prison can really take a toll on your abilities. What do i do next?" - Photon was waiting for the next command.


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"Photon bring the package to me my locations is in the norh sector in a cabin high in the mountians." Magneto continued giving him more detailed instructions on how to get there.

"Be quick getting here i need the package before i can continue my plan."

Magneto hung up the phone and sat by the fire awaiting photon.

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Post Deleted.