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Zaniel had ordered the biggest stake he could, he was still recovering from that leg injury and he needed all the sustenance that he could get his hand on, coupled with a large pint of milk, He began to talk after he took a gulp of it "Interesting man..That was a good idea, and of-course, I have a whole island, Do you think I do all of this business on my own?" He chuckled and tore some meat of the stake and ate it , He spoke with a mouth-full "Le..lets Get my assitan-assitance to do it" He swallowed "Were are the files?"

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Albert watches the gladitorials as Glenys assisted the corpse removal team by dragging the masses into a dumptruck, later the vehicles will unload at the back of Gulch & Gatherers. The man-monster watches as he downs adamantium chips, flavored with uru sprinkles a combination that is his personal favorite.

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Angel stuffed his face while Zaniel was talking to him, he was nodding to signal that he was listening, Angel took the last bite of his salad before replying to Zaniel, "Theirs a sh**load of files in the bookcase upstairs between my Grimoire and Comic Books," The waiter returned to take the discarded plates, he decided to make a second order, "Hey buddy could I have some falafels with a side of hummus, the baked stuffed vegetables, the spinach and rice stew, artichokes in olive oil and for desert could I have some ice cream with the greek apple pie." The waiter seems annoyed at the volumes of food the pair had ordered, especially because of the discount. "Theres a discount right."

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@amazingangel: Zaniel finished his meal, coughed a bone up as it flew onto the floor and spoke amused "I will pay for this, Since I made you pay for the medical bills" He laughed and handed the waiter a card, It detailed where to go to the Villa and who to ask to get paid, He then looked at Angel "I love hummus, anyways - I will get the assistance on it" He took out a crappy Nokia and started speaking, telling the assistants what to do "Ok, they are on it - They said it will take about...5 hrs max, I got 10 people to go through it" He nodded "What you wana do in the meantime?...

( Wana skip 5 hours then? )

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The two sat in his officer....waiting for the assistants to arrive. They had gotten bored, so decided to do a few things..

Make a fire from rubbing sticks together, they had nearly burnt the villa down, as this was done inside the actual Villa and not outside.

Choreographing a synchronized dance routine that AmazingAngel had suggested on the second hour, this had NOT turn't out well, it will never be spoken off again.

Tried to write a sequel to the song Friday called another Monday, The were thrown out of the Tavern.

On the last hour they had given a poodle a mow hawk and created a new sport with nothing but a melon, a wizard hat, the soundtrack to the nineteen sixty six batman tv series and a chainsaw.

He watched as the assistance came in, holding a USB and a laptop, they handed it too AmazingAngel and left, Zaniel looked at his friend "I don't know what too do with it, you do it" He sighed, he needed to get better at technology.

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He sighed, "Promise me you'll try to learn some of this stuff in future, I don't wanna be here in another five thousand years teaching you how to use a hologram or eat soylent green or something.", Angel plugged in the USB stick and opened up the file, "Hmm, what do we have here. It seems there have been a couple of new buildings commissioned by....................Sterling Boothe." Angel seemed unsure about the journey, he walked over to the widow of the briefing room and gazed at the beautiful paradise of an island.

"We're going to Ethiopia, Not for the vampire though. We're going to find Boothe, kick his a** and throw him dank jail cell for the rest of his miserable life, see I never got close enough before, never knew where he was, never had the opportunity to get the drop on him, this time I take his everything away. This time he feels loss."

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@amazingangel: ( That actually made me burst out laughing, I love these two xD )

Zaniel laughed, "You can live 5000 years? Never knew" He chuckled. But stopped as Angel suddenly went serious, almost vengeance like. He walked over, and placed his hand on Angels Shoulder "The path of Vengeance will only lead to evil...but who am I to judge? Let's get this guy and make him lose everything, In this special case - Should I bring along some troops? 10 of my best?" He got ready to call a guard.

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"Don't worry, he won't die, I won't kill him. I just want to bring him to justice." Angel sat back down in the chair, he slumped down and exhaled loudly, "Oh yeah and I will live to be five thousand unfortunately, as long as I don't die before then, or my boss decides I'm done being his soldier.",He puts his feet up on the table and nonchalantly folds his arms.

"Honestly, I don't want this turning into a war, Sterling and Eldruid will do that themselves if we don't keep them apart. The Firebrands have enough power to tear the earth apart from what I hear and Eldruid is a founding member, from what read in the note at his castle the Boothe family have been involved with the Firebrands for thousands of years, sorry I'm not really explaining anything here, Actually I'll explain later."

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@amazingangel: "I am a young angel, But old enough to know sometimes death is justice, but whatever, You know best as you been following the guy" He stretched out.

"Firebrands?....War..?...I don't have the resources to turn this into a war any-ways, so, when can you set off? I can get us a plane to African quickly" He nodded.

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@zaniel: Angel seemed surprised. "Really I would have thought you would pester me into explaining what the Firebrands are."

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@amazingangel: "We need something to talk about on the plane right?" He grinned.

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@zaniel: "I like where your heads at dude."

Two hours later: Above international waters

"You were right, a plane gives us the chance to prepare, before we actually get there. I'm just happy we're not flying commercial."

Angel takes his seat opposite Zaniel, theirs a table between them where Zaniel has a scotch and Angel has a sandwich, he starts rustling through his rucksack looking for his briefcase. "Bear with me here, class will begin in a few minutes."

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"Yeah, Really is.." He took a drink "I am used to flying, with my own wings but whatevs, Beggars can't be choosers.." He looked outside the windows, imaging the wind blowing on his face...Like it used too. This is such a mortal way of flying.

"Good, They sound interesting" He looked backwards at 10 men sitting behind him...he had brought along 10 guys in the end, but not told Angel...yet.

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"You have no idea." Angel takes some items out of his rucksack, He takes out his grimoire, a few odd pages and a briefcase, He spreads the pages out on the table, "You remember the diary entries, I found a few more. like some kind of gothic scavenger hunt.".

He opens up his Grimoire to the to last few pages, the missing pages. "You see this book, this was first written over two thousand years ago........ it was written back to front, these back pages were the first five pages written by an ancient roman mystic, the back pages should have been destroyed over a thousand years ago, if you were to believe those in power."

He picks up another page from his rucksack, "The story goes that the Knights Templar once got there hands on the first five pages, they were given to the book keeper, to be locked in a chest and buried till they needed them and they would need them, all they ever found of him was his hand and that vanished too, the story goes that his hand still roams the earth to this day looking to steal the pages and bring them back to whoever will use them to fight evil."

A loud tapping noise can be heard from coming from Angels briefcase, He pulls a surprised face, a fake surprised face. "Whoa what the hell was that."

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Zaniel nodded "Of-course, Gothic scavenger hunt..." He made an unamused face.

He peered at the book, it looked ancient, he was not wrong, he spoke "Two thousand years ago?...Never me the Romans actually" He took a sip of his drink, and thought while listening to his partner, Knights Templar....Now he had met them once. Another story for another day though.

His face suddenly darted to the briefcase, He looked up at Angel and pulled out his dagger, he spoke "If this is a darn trick...I will gut you"

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"No trick cause theirs nothing in there but a few papers." The tapping gets louder, Angel kicks the briefcase and it seems to stop. He nervously smiles.

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Zaniel peers at his mate, just about to speak but he hears a voice "PLANE LANDING IN 10 MINUTES, BUCKLE UP" He bit his lip then spoke "Frakin briefcase"

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"Whoa ten minutes, well we better start on waking our legs up, need to catch Sterling and get those pages from him." He stands up quickly and stretches, frantically gathering his papers, book and mysterious briefcase.

"Any questions."

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Zaniel spoke quickly...He nodded to the corner over at the 10 men.. "Dude...I brought some guys...I forgot to tell you...my personal guard" He laughed "I use them like camels"

"Where do we head off too first?...How about we stop off at one of the out-posts and hire a guide? Don't wana get lost.."

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"Well, I guess this just became a babysitting mission," He starts walking to the door, he turns around. "Remember though dude, you're not the only one who has secrets.".

"I think we can just ask the first person we see to show us around, if they live here and haven't died yet, I think they have enough knowhow to show us around."

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"Secrets, I have had them too death, Don't even remind me" He waved his friend off as he left in a tired manner, this was a long flight..

( Wana start part 2 now then? )

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Yeah I'll start on it now might not post that much for the rest of tonight, got dishes to do before I go up to bed.

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@amazingangel: Cool man, Whenever you can! Remember to add the AA tag in the title though bud!

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@zaniel: Just made the OOC.........It got Kinda weird though, you should read it.

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@pyrogram "Hey what's good Heron, how's the house coming about?!"

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@reef: "Nearly done my friend, Just a few more days" Heron spoke. "We are working on an underground also"

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Sounds good boss, Reef replies awaiting his new house by making a resting spot in a cave underneath the island as he has since the first day he visited Pankration and made it his home.

After speaking with Heron, Reef grabs a bite to grind at 'Glutch & Gatherer' where he considers to make the best food he had eaten in years, complimenting the chef, Alfred and server, Betty.

He then goes and jumps into the ocean to freshen up before heading to the arena to watch some fights.

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Summoning the devour of matter he wished to have a duel in the pits of the Greek island, using a telepathic signal he called the man as he rested on his graceful sword.

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He was already inside the stadium, eating out a woman's stomach since she had G&G for breakfast without paying. He ate cheddar mixed with ____ that came out of her intestines.

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Shini walked over with a sadistic grin as he spoke to the butcher "Helloo my past foe...Do you accept a dual?" He raised his sword.

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"I still take it that you are upset after I killed a few of your clones? why not..." Albert stood up with her entrails wrapped around his neck as jewelry.

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@nerx: Shini chuckled "No no, those were simply metaphysical creations, easily conjured again" Raising his sword towards the mans eye level he simply ran forward attempting to thrust his sword swiftly through the mans left eye socket with deadly precision.

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A slight movement was made "Quite the cheeky one are you?" turning to the left as the blade sheared the skin of the side, not hitting the eye but cutting through a large portion of left ear instead of damaging his sight. With the hand so close he opens his palm to deliver a strike at the back of the man's elbow. His aim being hyper-extension to give the man new angles to play with.

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Shini felt a palm connect to his elbow as it snapped into the wrong direction causing him a little pain however it swiftly snapped back into place because of his healing properties, upon healing he attempted a simple yet effective backhand towards the man with his now healed arm, aiming for the mans cheek.

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The palm strike connected well as the elbow is bent in the intended direction, as his ear feel into his shoulder. He can heal but he chose not to as that would ruin the fun of the fight. Instead the ear fused with his suit, his opponent though knows how to repair his arm. He counters the backhand with his elbow, connecting the fragile joints in the wrists to the larger one above his forearm. Raising his arm as a person would pick up a cellular phone

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@nerx: Shini allowed the hits to engage him as his wrist snapped under the pressure, however he dismissed the pain as he raised his sword hand attempted to slash at Alberts right thigh then draw the sword up and cut through his chest.

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The wrist shatters under the force of the strong elbow yet something else happened in the course of the events, as he unfolded hand to grab hold of the previously bended arm. Exerting strength to yank off the forearm off the elbow of the previously regenerated arm. The binding forces might be weaker, hence it is a good target. While he did not notice he felt slicing steel contact his humerus, notching it slightly before moving up. Albert's right hand has a ballistic pull over the man's left forearm. The devourer's left arm caught the sword by the hilt before the second slash had reached him.

Lost an ear, leg drooping blood.

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Sheng find himself on an island of the coast of Greece. He walks through the beautiful city. Admiring the architecture, Sheng almost bumps into a child. He notices the small little boy as he stops quickly "Whoa little one" Sheng says before seeing the boys mother. "Συγνώμη κυρία μου, σας παρακαλώ να δεχτείτε τη συγνώμη μου." (Sorry ma'am, please accept my apology.) He says to the mother as she gathered her son.

"Ω, όχι, δεν πειράζει ... έχει ωραία μέρα νεαρός άνδρας" (oh no, it's okay...have nice day young man) she says as she walk off with her son following behind. Sheng smiles at the lady as she walks off "εσείς κυρία μου" (You too ma'am), before waving goodbye to the child. He then looks up to the sky as he takes a big whiff of the atmosphere. "hmmm...the homeland of my father is so beautiful, I love Greece" Sheng thinks as he walks farther.


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Angel sits in the local restaurant waiting for Zaniel to get back to him on the phone and staring over at the incredibly friendly kung-fu master looking guy speaking greek and tripping over toddlers, "Well this is serious, okay those are your choices.........you got to marry one, kill one and fu..." Angel looks over to the stranger leaning on a structurally weak railing. "Zan I'm going to have to get back to you." Angel dashes over to the stranger.

"Whoa whoa stop leaning on that!"

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Sheng turns his head into the restaurant as he hears someone say something. "Huh?....Oh hey" Sheng says noticing the man, who he'd seen in before, running towards him. "What's wrong?" Sheng says while looking behind him quickly, as if someone was standing there, to check for danger. He then into the restaurant and takes a deep whiff of the air flowing out of it. The smell of freshly cooked food filled the air. Sheng became intensely hunger as he watched the man.


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Angel walked up to the man, "First things first, don't lean on anything in Greece, cause it all breaks, this islands been around for like five hundred years and it hasn't seen a good servicing in like five hundred and one soooo yeah."

"So d'ya have a name"

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Sheng chuckles at the man's statement before answering "Yeah you might be right, I'm Sheng Mathaíno̱". After introducing myself, I place my hand out for an handshake. "It is a really lovely place, but it is a very old place. I can see that these building are probably from the ancient world."


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Reef wakes up from a long nap, stretching his arms and yawning at the same time. He then gets off his bed, cleans up, goes out the door and heads down the block to jump in the ocean and freshen up.