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"Yes, I can give him blood that he has never tasted before"

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@nerx: Heron got the message from the guard and went to the man, he spoke "Let's go sit down and talk over a drink"

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Seymour takes a seat and opens his briefcase "You will love what I have in store"

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@nerx: He nodded "Carry on"

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@pyrogram: "I plan to open a branch of the world's first fast food joint that caters to all dietary needs, for humans and all else. I am talking about Gulch & Gatherer. selling G&G"

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@nerx: "We will welcome it, Tell me when you have it built, take a place in our normal market square, next to the Bar..You will only have to pay 5% tax"

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"Sure thing, and I will personally pay more tax for you. This will be build by tomorrow"

[can I make a mini bio and can you post it on the first post?]

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@nerx: "Very well, Hope this works"

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@pyrogram: "To keep with the Greek ambiance we will cook up a Pegasus accompanied by Servings of the hydra heads"

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She sat there silently, listening to every word he spoke. Her eyes widen in shock, they flew... he flew... they were in Greece... HIS island... he has...had? Powers. All of this was so much for her to comprehend right now, she shouldn't be surprised, living in a world like this, but... who was he? That he was able to have an entire island to himself and a friend? When he finished and gave her that smile that always made her heart jump in her chest, she couldn't help but feel a wave of guilt be thrown upon her.

"Zaniel..." she began looking away from him for a moment. "before you tell me your story, I need to tell you my secret." She bit the inside of her lip for a moment, she knew he already knew she had powers, but still... having to stay it was... hard. "I do have powers, I have pyrokinesis, well... a weaker form of it. I can't make fire, but I can manipulate it from just a simple spark which is why the fire in the hospital didn't go out of control right away, I managed to take control of it for just a second before it went out of control. Not only that, but I'm-" She held her breath, she never exposed her identity to anyone willingly, even when she was in WAL, she was forced by Heather to tell her teammates who she really was. "I'm also known as Feral Nova, the once leader of We Are Legend." She looked back at Zaniel. "The mantel was passed down to me, after my older sister passed away." she began explaining her story. "I took it and moved to Los Angeles because my Aunt is the former Feral Nova before my sister. There she trained me in how to use my powers and assembled We Are Legend. I was with the team, up until the Registration Act, when my team was torn apart by the government." Her hands began balling up, the way the government treated her team... after everything they did for them... it still caused anger inside. "I refused to register... which is why that man came after me, I think the Government has my information and sent him to kill me, as a message to the others who are unregistered. I put you in danger, and I... I didn't mean to. Please, forgive me. I wanted... to tell you about my powers but... I couldn't imagine that conversation going well on the first date." She paused for a moment, holding back her tears of guilt before speaking her last words "I've never used my powers for selfish gain, only when I had to in a fight." She wanted to let him know that she didn't try to use her powers to her advantage outside of being Feral Nova, he needed to know that she only used her powers when needed to help others.

She then held his hand tightly, an almost worried look on her face. She waited to hear his reaction. Then, afterwards, he could tell his story to her. She didn't want to make him feel as if he was being interrogated she wanted him to tell her what he felt was necessary.

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@pyrogram: As the night was falling, Reef with a conscious of a born tactician asks Heron if he could think about it overnight. He considers what he would want his house to look like and all sorts of stuff to add once it's been established.

As the morning sun grew stronger from over the seas, Reef arises out beneath the island's core, underwater. With a loud mouth, he yawns very obnoxiously stretching his arms out as if he was an Eagle with fresh wings. Throughout the silent night, he's been given time for deep thoughts as to a blue print of his new, undeveloped home and has come up with some material for the workers to build on that would be of a great purpose to him. As he walks back into the bar in the early morning, Reef spots Heron and greets him good morning with a very anxious yet calming tone,

"So about your workers building...Like you said yesterday, I've been thinking about it overnight and was wondering if they'll be able to build me some stuff for my new home?"

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@reefermadness: "We will build you anything you desire" Heron said happily "Anything, What do you request?"

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In a very enthusiastic tone, Reef replies,

"Would I be able to get surveillance cameras pointed in both directions of my apartment with a couple sattelite surveillances on the rooftop to capture any life form in a specific radius my location? And a transportable salt water tube that could be able to transport me underwater straight from my apartment? I know, I know... I'm very imaginable but look on the bright side. You have me! Is this even possible to do in the Angel Alliances HQ?"

Then he goes on to bring about the subject that was one of the main things that attracted him the most to this Island he asks with much anticipation,

"And for the Fight Club, how am I able to participate and how much money could I win per fight?"

Knowing that he does not have any money at this time and needs some to afford other expenses. He also knows that the surface world does not accept any type of Atlantean currency and will have to earn money himself rather than being of Royal family and having all the inquiry he wished.

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Zaniel watched her eyes widen, he was sure he had blown this..he got a feeling of dread, then she said something about a secret..He looked at her, listening intently. He listed to her explain about the powers, that was obvious since the explosion, how else could she have done it? He felt....nothing, he was not annoyed, angry or any emotion other than pleased she had told him. He now felt he could get to know her better, he liked to see things in a positive light. She carried on talking after thinking for a little.

Feral Nova..? We are legend...Was she some kind of superhero he had heard about? He grinned a little, she was even more special than he could have dreamed about. He carried on listening, without realizing he had a giant smile, spread across his face as he listed to her, this was amazing, not that they had been torn up by the government. That she was involved in so much, so.. extraordinary.

He suddenly felt her angry, he did not like this..not like a government meddling in affairs normally, but sending a hitman? He clenched his teeth in anger as he remembered the mans face, he would NEVER forget. He spoke calmly and caring "Don't say sorry, we both had secrets and sometimes they are best kept that way, until they are best told, like now.." He watched her eyes well up, he felt the same as as her as he saw that....he had bonds with people through his Angel powers..the bond was one of the strongest in the universe. But...even with all of that, he could not describe how it made him feel seeing her like this, this was far stronger than any bond he had ever created with his powers.

He went in and gave her the biggest hug he could, reassuring her that everything was fine, he whispered into her ear..for the first time he was going to say what he had really been feeling..what he really wanted too say.. "I love you" He kissed her neck lovingly before sitting back up.

He sighed, he was going to tell her everything..everything. He closed his eyes, thinking how to tell her..he could not just say he was a Fallen Angel..Ok, he was improving and his powers were coming back..but still.

"Zoe, I..I.." He rubbed his hands through his blond hair. He controlled his breathing and spoke calmly "I am an Angel...A Fallen angel.." He closed his eyes, then looked into hers "I have changed however, I am not that Angel anymore..I..I am the Angel I was meant to be, My powers are even coming back, since I met you.." He grinned a fake grin, trying to lift the mood, but he was petrified what her response would be "The reason for me being kicked out...I would rather not tell you, It was...not nice, not at all and it is not reflective of me anymore, It was a mistake, I was lured in" He looked out of the window then back at her and bit his lip "I...S..S.." He could not tell her, not like this..what would she think of him? "I..snuck..broke into a temple, remember that Chinese one I told you about? Caused a feud before my Brother settled it" He had not lied to her, that was a leading factor for his banishment, he was just going to tell her when the mood was up more, not like this, not while they were both so weak. "Many more reasons, but we can save those good stories for another-time" He gave an attempted full-hearted smile but he was still scared of her reaction "So, I am an Angel.." The words even sounded strange in his head.

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@reefermadness: "I will get right on it, You will get all of that and more, I will consult you about it once it is done" He nodded "You do not need to worry about that, as you are a possible Alliance member soon ( This takes place just before ) you will have access to as much money as you need, you are being heavily invested in" He smiled "You win luck in the Arena, not just money..and you challenge anybody who enters"

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@zaniel: "Luck? Luck, that's all? I wanted to fight for money, not luck! And now that the alliance are investing money into their members, I wish not to fight but only for the honor and respect."

Reef replies with his back straight and in a bold voice.

He then goes on shaking Zaniel's hand with a very appreciative tone before leaving the conference room,

"Zaniel, I wanna thank you again for everything you've done so far and helping me get my life back on track. You're a good friend."

[Who is investing on the team and who's in charge of it? Or who is it that's funding the team? Who's supplying the resources of technology, etc? Does the Angel Alliance have their own bank where the money is preserved?]

[So it's like the S.H.I.E.L.D. agency pretty much, anything we need we just simply ask for it?]

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@reefermadness: "Luck is money, go to a casino and just win all you want, see?" He nudged the man. "It is no problem my friend, my pleasure." He smiled.

[ The island bank, they take a small percentage of money + Heron is over 500+ years old, he has quite the gold stocked up, Zaniel is in-charge and they buy Tech with the money in the island ]

( Ask Zaniel )

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Going along his way, roaming around the beautiful island of Pankration, Reef's stomach starts to growl and decides to find a place to eat..He stumbles upon Glutch and Gatherer and makes the decision to grind there. He goes to the smiley man and being new to the island nonchalantly asks,

"Hey what's up Betty.."

Looking down at the name on his apron,

"Hmm, can I get those burger specials? And could go easy on the toe jam for me please? uhh.. I mean, none at all if you could..sorry."

Asking the man he calls Betty with in a respectful manner, not knowing what the surface world eats on a normal day.

[And 'foot on the bone' is definitely not one of them, so technically he's not wrong denying it]

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@reefermadness: Heron walked up-to the now Alliance member and spoke as he ordered a bite to eat "How are yoou my firennd!"

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As his strong arms wrapped around she struggled not to whence, and hugged him back, was this a dream? Was he taking it this well? She couldn't believe it, she didn't know what to expect, maybe a bit of fear? Anger? Something else, a negative expression, not this lovingly embrace. Her head gently rest on his chest, as she then whispered the three most powerful words. She couldn't help but smile, wiping her salty tears from her eyes as she sat back up.

She sat quietly holding his hand as he seemed to struggle with what he had to tell her... was it... bad? Was that the reason why he was so accepting of her secret? Because his story was just... more complex than her own? Then he began, an Angel, wait... like... those things in the Bible? Angels? Hold on... fallen Angel? Wasn't Lucifer a fallen angel? Wait... was he THE God's Angel? Or was he was from another religion? So many things began to run through her mind. What kind of Angel was he? What could he have done so bad to be banned from... whatever kind of heaven he came from? He then began talking about that Chinese temple, and how him and his brother snuck into it, but that would cause him to be banished?

When he was done she sat there for a moment, more of a slightly overwhelmed expression on her face, her eyes looked away for a moment but she continued to hold his hand. "We're in Greece." She spoke in a matter-of-fact tone rather than asking a question. "You like Greece... you're a Angel from the Greek Gods." She was beginning to piece some things together on her own. "That's why you like Greece? It reminds you of..." she paused for a moment, what was their version of heaven again? "Olympus, right?" Now it was making sense, why he asked her if she was into mythology when they first met, why he was so into Greece, and why his eyes glowed the night of their first date. She sat there for a moment, silent, trying to process everything. Her mind trying to wrap around the fact that not only angels were real, and that the man she loved was one but that Greek Gods where real as well, everything she thought was a joke in high school, was... real? She began to wonder what else she had thought was a joke was actually real.

But then reality brought her back as she looked back at him, she could feel his fear as she looked into his eyes, he was afraid she would reject him, maybe even fear him? "Sorry, I'm just... you... you're an angel." she smiled at him, she couldn't believe it, she fell in love with an Angel. "Zaniel," she brought his hand close to her chest, holding against her beating heart. "I love you too, and just...." She was lost at words, what do you tell an angel? Someone who must have lived for so long, seen so much, done so much... So many questions began running through her mind again. "I don't want to spoil the moment but... what kind of angel, are you?"

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Zaniel watched as she took it all in, he could see this was a little much for her, Trying to comprehend everything. He was going to speak after she had finished, let her gather her thoughts. Once she was done, he gave a quick smile and began to speak.

"No, we are not in Greece, this is an independent Island just off the coast. Me and a friend built it..a while ago" He thought for a second "But it still reminds me of my past home, Mount Olympus...Not my home anymore though, this is now" He sighed..those wounds were still fresh in his heart.

He grasped her hand and spoke sincerely "Before I carry on, I am not one of those evil angels , I was banished for being reckless and not living up-to my true responsibility. I was a different man back then, I have changed since my banishment. I have even started to gain my powers back, since I met you..Being with you..Loving you , somehow.." He paused and spoke "makes me feel more powerful than even with my powers, I have never...felt like that with anybody, It is truly a miracle that I knocked over your coffee that day" He gave her a jokish grin.

He put her hand in-front of him and looked at her "What type of Angel am I?" Suddenly, both of their hands started to glow Angelic white "I am the Angel of Luck, A simple Angel - Not an Archangel or anything posh" He put her hand down, moved in and kissed her forehead gently.

"Looks like we both had secrets..what a turn of events? huh?" He laid back in his seat and looked at the ceiling dumbstruck then brought her back in vision "In all my years as an Angel, things like this still leave me in awe, how extraordinary life is, who it brings together in such a magical way" He chuckled a little then spoke "Looks like the US government messed up again,They have no power over you here. This country works as sanctuary to anybody who comes. You are safe." He was suddenly glad all those years ago, he and Heron created this Island...it had helped so many times. Zaniels face could visibly be seen to be shinning, he was not scared or worried anymore. He was just happy to see Zoe safe.

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@pyrogram: "To simplify things you are lesser gods?" the Werewolf replied casually emptying his bottle.

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@ahote: "Maybe...Power wise yes.."

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@pyrogram: "Well that seems interesting." Ahote looked outside for a moment. "I have wasted enough time here. I have a feeling I'll be running into you again soon" The werewolf sprinted off out the door at incredible speeds the jeans he wore hardly even restricted his movement in the span of a minute he was out of a human's sight line.

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I walk out of a small tight alleyway to see a huge beautiful beach filled with lights and vegetation. The smell of meat being cooked ran through the air from the local restaurant. The sound of birds singing, people laughing, wind blowing through the trees was all I could hear. I glare at the Moon and stars sparkling off the Mediterranean sea.

I walked down the boardwalk until I come upon the small yellow-ish clay built restaurant. Deciding the take a seat in the outside deck area I raise my hand gesturing for a waitress to serve me.


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Zaniel sat back in his chair, next-to the pool as the sun hit his face, He had a cocktail in hand. Relaxing and enjoying the sun, he was having a good time. He looked over at Angel and spoke cheerfully "Dude...This break..So good...You never said, What do you think about me owning an Island then?" He smirked.

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Angel looked over at Zaniel relaxing in his chair, since he had become who he know was Angel always had trouble with relaxing. "What, the Tommy Lee Jones look wasn't enough." He swirled his drink around and moved over to the chaire next to Zaniel, he was now sitting in a hunched position, under a parasol, he hated sunburn and suntan lotion and the sun.......sometimes. "You shoulda told me about it before I died, I would have loved this place, maybe take a girl up here, get a little crazy, it's your island who would see you." He looks down.

He looks back up. "The sun is quite nice today."

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"Well... contrary what you may think bud, I am not single" He laughed and took a sip from his cocktail "This is just off-the coast of Greece, The sun is always nice" He got up, stretched then sat back down."I would have told you before mate, But....I had to be careful, 5000 people live here, I cannot risk it - I told you though bud, its all good" He raised his glass joyfully and it split on the floor "SH*T" He clicked his finger and a guard brought him another drink.

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"Yeah I don't get that, it's your island, if I had an island, I'd use it to get away from it all, Y'know me myself and I, if you got an invitation you could stay for a while, like Branson's island." He pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts swiping, "Before you ask, I'm on AmazingAngel.com, you can donate, send messages, buy some merchandise, pays for my place and some extra tech when I need it."

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Zaniel smiled at his friend "I did, and I got banished - Remember?" He chuckled to himself and spoke "I am not meant to do nothing, that will only get Zeus pissed, and I will get my receptionist to buy a load of things from that with my personal bank...yeah...I forgot to mention that I own the entire islands riches, I will pay you back for that medical stuff you got me, triple it in fact" He tapped his friends shoulder.

( Now...lets just skip ahead till AFTER you join the alliance )

The two sat in the briefing room alone, after the meeting. Zaniel was tired from handing out so many promises, He looked up at his friend "Dude...You know you can live here even when not on Alliance missions ... you can call the island your second home" He took a drink of water.

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"I don't mean to be a d*** but I already have a second home, this ranks about third." Angel is sitting at the briefing table, reading a dusty old grimoire of arcane demons, licking his fingers to turn one on the pages, part of it crumbles and he sneezes. "When are we gonna get a supercomputer anyway, it would sure as hell speed things up, I'm starting to get sick of wikipedia asking me to donate..........oh wait everyone is."

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Zaniel looked up "Who does not want more homes? Whenever you wants its here dude" He looked outside the window, what a day, at-least 6 Angels all in one building...that must be a record for Earth this month. He spoke "I will buy a supercomputer...If I know what that was, I barely even use this damn phone" He took out a cheap but indestructible Nokia and placed it on the table "I never liked tech" He hit the table "Hey! I will give you...say...100k? And you buy whatever computer you think is best? is 100k enough..?" He thought to himself.. "You mentioned Ethiopia as a destination, wana fly out soon? I can bring a couple of guards, an army if needed. We can find that damn vampire"

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"I doubt he's in Ethiopia but we should go there anyway, Vamps hate the sun too, maybe thats his plan, to go to the least obvious place." He closes his book firmly, dust flies out. "and another thing, no a hundo grandeo will be enough, I'll need to hire some super scientist jerk, to come round and build us one. Actually now I'm rethinking the computer, maybe that's just not our style."

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"No, I don't think the computer will be our style, Swords..spears...that kinda thing.." He let out a loud shout "Dude! Come view my Armour, I am taking that on our next venture" He started to walk into his villa.

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@pyrogram said:

@reefermadness: Heron walked up-to the now Alliance member and spoke as he ordered a bite to eat "How are yoou my firennd!"

"I'm doing great!"

As Reef turns around to greet Heron while trying to speak with his mouth filled with food he finds to be very delicious.

"This burger...it's soo gooood! I didn't know the surface world has such a great taste in food!"

As he speaks up with a clearly enthusiastic tone after swallowing his first bite in one gulp to be able to talk to Heron in a more respectful and presentable manner.

He then goes on saying,

"Just walking around the island, seeing what more it had to offer. Started getting hungry, so I stopped by Glutch and Gatherer and thought it was the best idea to grab a bite"

"So what brings you to 'burger town'?"

Joking around with Heron to ask what brings him to his present.

"Wanna order something before I walk out of this place?"

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@reefermadness: Heron smiled "I was meaning to say, your residence is nearly built. You can stay in the HQ until it is done, I will inform you tomorrow when it has been completed" He smiled, stood up and left before turning around "Welcome to the Alliance Ehh!"

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@pyrogram said:

@reefermadness: Heron smiled "I was meaning to say, your residence is nearly built. You can stay in the HQ until it is done, I will inform you tomorrow when it has been completed" He smiled, stood up and left before turning around "Welcome to the Alliance Ehh!"

In an appreciated tone Reef replies,

"Sounds good my man, thanks again for everything. Really means alot. I have faced my demons for quite a while and before reaching this island, I thought my life was going to be around fighting off the demons in my head that haunt me since the day my city and people fell into ruins as I stood there after the fact, soo worthless and mourning for days on end."

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@reefermadness: "Being an Angel of Blood, I am aware of hardship. But you do not have to go alone, you have a family now, An Alliance. A brotherhood. Whatever you want to call it" He smiled

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@pyrogram said:

@reefermadness: "Being an Angel of Blood, I am aware of hardship. But you do not have to go alone, you have a family now, An Alliance. A brotherhood. Whatever you want to call it" He smiled

"And I thank you for this"

As Reef smiles back at Heron

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@zaniel: Angel followed his friend to the armoury, "I'm pretty sure it's cool and all butt, It's probably not as cool as mine." Angel materialised, one of his gauntlets on his hand and lifted it to his face, it glowed white. "Ya dig."

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@amazingangel: "Maybe, Wait till I unlock my own Angel like powers, something like yours, will be able to create Armour by a thought but for now, My own Royal suit will count" He walked to his quarters, it was not stationed in the armory like his other weapons, This was in his own room. He opened the door as the Armour was in the corner on display, The best Spartan Armour money could buy, or anybody could make for that matter stood in the room. Two guards either-side of it. He turned to Angel "That's what I am wearing for our next mission....and some jeans and a top, I don't fancy walking around in a skirt."

( Its this remember )

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@zaniel: Angel looks over at the ancient armour, crafted with thousands of years of war and battle, gold plated, gleaming in the light coming from just one closed window, forged by the greatest killing machines known to man, the ancient spartan empire.

"Seems legit." He said to Zaniel. "I still like mine better, for now at least."

"So what else you got in this crazy armoury bro, a light sabre, a phaser, a sling shot, a chainsaw...............Shark repellent spray."

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@amazingangel: "I lived in Ancient Sparta...What the hell is a light Sabre or a phaser anyways?..I just let Heron my friend take care of the tech stuff, he has been on earth longer than me. At the moment we only have that Armour, but I got plans for something else, You ever heard of the Impero?" He raised his eye-brow.

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@zaniel: "OF COURSE NOT!" Angel said sarcastically to Zaniel, "What is he loaning you his nun chucks or something," Angel looked down, seemingly contemplating the idea of them having nun chucks, "If it is Nun Chucks, Can I borrow them."

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@amazingangel: "I talked to the guy...he offered to help me gain my Angelic powers back,well now...Their is a concept of Chi, living in all things blah blah blah, Greek Angels, maybe even you have a certain Angelic Energy, He is going to help my unlock this...Instructing me. In return he will study my energy, I am getting this done because I am as you know - I am depowered, and this energy can be used without my Natural powers, So somebody like Zora won't give me a beatdown again" He laughed. "I can get you nun-chucks"

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@zaniel: "Don't worry." He grabbed his staff from his pocket and moulded into the form of nun chucks, he swung them around at his sides in a cool stylised display, "I got it covered." he finished the diplay then put the nun chucks away. "I'm sorry I kinda distracted myself there, you werre talking about chibi's or chia pets or someting."

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@amazingangel: Zaniel hit the wall as he burst out laughing "Dude, Lets go get a bite to eat" He looked outside his balcony window , the door was open and the pool was under the balcony, Without warning he went to push Angel off the balcony into the pool, for a laugh.

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@zaniel: "NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO!" SPLASH* Angel fell into the pool and for a few seconds everything went kinda quiet.

"DUDE WHAT THE F!" Angel had lost his shirt in the pool and his clothes were soaking, he swam around looking for his shirt, he wasn't a very good swimmer. "Damn it now I'm hungry and soaking wet.".

He took his gun and used it as a hairdryer, he got out of the pool still drying his hair. "Alright let's grab a bite, where to."

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@amazingangel: Zaniel ran to the balcony as his mate fell in, He burst into a hysterical laughter as he hoped over the side, landed and performed a combat roll before getting to his feet. "So, Get a bite to eat and talk about that Ethiopia trip?"

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@zaniel: They sat down to eat at the authentic Grecian restaurant, Angel had the salad, heavy on the olives, heavy on the dressing and heavy on the feta cheese. "Okay, so let's get this out of the way, I can heal from sunburn, I will be using an enchantment to provide a layer over my skin so only a little bit of sun and wind get through, for the time being you can not do this, you need sunscreen."

A waiter passed by the table carrying drinks, "Hey buddy do you guys have any Dr Pepper.", the waited seemed weirded out by Angel comment, these guys really were cut off. "Right away sir, I'll check.", "Now before we left for the island, I contacted one of the city planners and some members of state several Ethiopian towns, I sent some bribes out and got us property records. this isn't gonna be look for the big scary castle over there things are gonna go a tad different. I'm talking a lot of leg work, looking through files figuring stuff out and.......NOT IT!.............Okay yeah I'll still do it." Something seemed to click in Angels head, a realisation of an easy way out and if you know Angel he loves those. "Do you by any chance have an assistant?"