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Albert calmly rests on a bloody wall on the street after he's bagged the intestines of a guard, the man put quite a struggle as the monster ripped open his stomach. It took him quite some time as the man is wriggling like a lunatic, why it would be no problem ripping off the stomach yet Al just wants to take out the intestines cleanly. He did originally intend to heal the man afterwards but since he has bad manners the Monster left him to die. These intestines will be used to make sausages, and the meat will be procured from the gladiatorial arena.

"I love this place..."

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@pyrogram: Proelius waved a dismissive hand and walked towards the large arena, quickly gaining the center of the colosseum. He leaned down, and got a fistful of sand, then wiped his hands together, which would aid with gripping his weapons. After he dusted the excess off his hands, he removed his helmet.

"I am the son of Mars! Whom dares challenge me?" He cried, drawing his twin gladiuses. "We'll show them, Uncle Marcus." He whispered to the weapons.

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Heron left the Arena as a little Guard came running too him, "Sir! A man has come , he is asking for you" Heron thanked the guard and went to the Villa "Thank youu!" He shouted back to the guard.

Heron walked through the island, he was now at the Villa, opened the door and walked into the lobby. He saw a man, standing tall, he went over to approach him, and tapped the man on the shoulder and spoke "Come, let's go sit down and have a little chat, I am sure I can help you with whatever you need ehh" He directed the man into the Villa....



Zaniels Return to the Island...

Events had just happened in Los Angeles and Zaniel had just fought the man who had tried to kill his love, twice. He was now flying over the country, attempting to get to his Island, to Heron and get some help.


Zaniel flew through the skies, he was injured but he did not care, he was scared and he did not know where to go, he instinctively went to the one place on this earth he felt he was safe at, His Villa with his best friend Heron..He flew as the wind brushed his face, blood trailed behind them from his nose but he ignored it, he looked down at Zoe as they flew, he kissed her forehead then carried on flying. He hoped that the room that had blown up had killed the attacker but he knew this was not going to be the case. They flew for about 5 minutes, not a word was spoken as she was going in and out of consciousness and Zaniel was straining to fly in his state, he had a broken nose, injured neck, and scolded arms and a little on his face, nothing visible to Zoe apart from the nose-bleed, but the smoke in the building he had breathed in was sure to make him sick, he had inhaled way to much.

He was flying at speeds fast enough to get their quickly but slow enough to not injure Zoe, he was not aware she may or may not have been used to flying, he was aware however that she had powers...she must have, He did not mind or care, She was still Zoe who he loved and cherished, now even more complex in her brilliance, This made him realize they had so much more to learn about each-other.

He landed on the Island, next to his Villa as he skidded to a halt as gravel sprayed into a wall, A guard came rushing to Zaniel and shouted happily "Sir! You are back, We need to celebrate!" He paused "Who..What...Why are you bleeding?" He looked on worried.

Zaniel suddenly felt very faint..He nearly dropped Zoe but the guard ran upto him and caught her. Zaniel crumpled to the ground.."Take her inside, Get heron.." He crumpled to the ground out cold.

@reefermadness: The guard came rushing in carrying a women, "HERON! Zaniel is Back, he needs help!" Heron looked at the man he was with and spoke "Stay here" He walked off worried to find Zaniel.

Heron walked outside and found Zaniel on the floor, barley awake, he grabbed him and pulled him up, over his shoulder, walking inside the Villa he put him on the bed. He then instructed the guard to make Zoe safe and put her in one of the Villa rooms and get her medical attention. Zaniel croaked a word "Arm the guards...Give Zoe medical attention.." He fell out of consciousness.


30 minutes later

Zaniel sat down, bandage on his chest from the wound, he had got his nose cleaned and his lungs cleared. He spoke to Heron "Friend...I owe you more thanks than I can give...How is Zoe..?" Heron laughed a little, then sat down next-to Zaniel "Ehh! You idiot, You have done much more for me, Zoe is safe. She is under armed guard, over 50 of our best surround the Villa and she is getting the best medical attention possible, Now...Sorry to leave but I must go - I was talking to a man, he could be a possible ally." Heron left, leaving Zaniel on his own as he went back to Reef.

Zaniel stood up , he walked to the room Zoe was in worried, he needed to see her, two guards stood out-side her room, the best in the whole country. He patted them on the shoulder and they left to the end of the corridor, he did not want Zoe to think at all she was not free to leave at any time...he did not know how she would react to this. A foreign country...flying...murderous lunatics..he had no idea.

He walked in, she was safe. He sighed..He had lost his powers again however, he did not know why, He sat down next-to her and grasped her hand, she was sleeping. He would sit and wait till she woke up.

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@the_roman: @nerx: ( Heron is unusable as you can see in my above post, so...You two! Kill each-other Remember the winner gets luck for a whole day, use it in interactions etc... )

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@nerx: Big knife? I have one of those. Two actually.

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@the_roman: Not too big, just the right size would do

no point cutting a lemon with a cleaver

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@nerx: There's every point.

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Killer Rabbit smirked. "Oh don't worry crazed monster thing. No one will sing to you in hell." She said soothingly, and pulled her big knife from her belt. Ready to lop his head off.

"Wait! That Cormac guy is gonna shoot him, remember?"

"Silly inner monologue, killing is for Rabbits."

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@killer_rabbit: @nerx:

Cormac waited, he wanted to see what Rabbit had in her before attacking, He aimed his gun at the targets head, ready to take the shot in case things went south.

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Albert had a feeling that somewhere somebody is calling out to him, and he decides to go to the coliseum to eat somebody new

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@nerx: We are already in the Fight Arena >_>

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"Hey! I'm the only oblivious nut in this story! I will not be the straight man!" She growled, and threw her knife at the back of his head.

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Albert twisted his head in a one hundred and eighty degree arc to face the direction of the tasty appetizer, his body followed after with a delay as he spun in the air. Catching the blade as a dog would capture a thrown frisbee, taking a bite. Then landing on all fours.

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@nerx: @killer_rabbit:

Cormac decided this was going to be too much trouble and did not want to even have to watch what those teeth would do to Rabbit, He aimed his gun at the mans head from his safe distance, Taking 3 charged energy-shots...these would end the man instantly, Blowing him into oblivion as if he was firing three torpedoes.

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Killer Rabbit watched the weirdo spin his head and catch her knife. Then he took a bite out of it like it was a cookie.

"Well....that's a new one for us..."

"I....loved that knife!!" She screamed, and drew her revolver from her back waistband and aimed at his head.

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@pyrogram: @killer_rabbit:

Albert ripped off his own head and kicked it off the arena, the ears became wings as they morphed and the part flew off to another island. Now a headless body fights both of them, yet the neck felt odd warm sensations above it.

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@nerx: ( wut >_> ...Is your guy immortal or something?)

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@pyrogram: (think of it as jason voorhees/mike myers/chucky and 80's era slashers)

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@nerx said:

Killer Rabbit watched him pull his own head off with glee. Then confusion. "Did we really see that, or am I hallucinating again?" She asked herself.

"Not sure, honestly. Lets say it did though..."

"Good thinking brain." She chuckled, and fired at the headless body rushing at her.

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Cormac was confused..the bullets he had fired went straight throw the mans now not there head as it vanished as he pulled it off, they fizzled out as they were not impact bullets.

He then fired another 6 bullets into the body, attempting to simply blow it up with charged rounds.

Cormac honestly had no idea who this man was, or how he was doing these things.

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@killer_rabbit: @pyrogram:

The head vanished away into the horizon, landing in another island where it took over the body of a man. A man who is somewhat running towards a power plant of some sort.

Albert purposely made his field permeable and lukewarm as the six slugs knocked his body down. Blood spurted from the wound but now the body has got ammunition. Right hand points at the girl, left hand points at the man. Aiming slow and low, as for the girl three bullets are shot at both knees.

For the man three shots are fired at the testicles.

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@nerx: Dude...he bullets were meant to explode in you, they are not normal bullets.

He then fired another 6 bullets into the body, attempting to simply blow it up with charged rounds.

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@pyrogram: Something went wrong with the circulation of the projectiles and in turn Albert's arms were both blown off from the elbow down...

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@nerx: I mean, how is he using the bullets? They were destroyed.

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@pyrogram: [that was not the bullets, his arms are just gone]

The body is now headless, disarmed...

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@nerx: ( I do not understand the attack then, sorry.

Blood spurted from the wound but now the body has got ammunition. Right hand points at the girl, left hand points at the man. Aiming slow and low, as for the girl three bullets are shot at both knees.

He can create or mimick things that hit him? So he got shot, so he can now create bullets? Cool )

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@pyrogram: [Not really, he can 're-arrange' his body. In this one he made tunnels to redirect the shots]

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@nerx said:

Killer Rabbit leaped easily over the bullets and angled to kick the headless body in the chest as she came down.

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He falls to his back as both his stumps sprayed 'normal' blood to her eyes in reaction

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Reef, awaiting on the presence of Heron, part owner of the island, is soon greeted with the warmth of a firm hand on his shoulder from a man asking of his attention. In a very quick response, Reef replies,

"yea, of course..that's why I'm here..but before I go on talking, jus wanted to take the time to thank you for letting me visit your beautiful island you got here, Heron. Very fine work. Is there really a fight club you could get paid from your winnings though? I've heard much about this and have been very anxious on find out myself."

Somewhat glazing off to the near future, Reef get into focus and jumps back on-topic saying,

"Anyway, the main reason I came to Pankration Island and called you to my attention was to ask if it would be possible for me to make this island a place I could call home? I mean, I don't really need a real home or anything like that and could find a comfortable place to settle into at ease during the night underneath Pankration's surface. All I really wanted out of this conversation was to make my presence known to you specifically and try to sign up for a legitimate residency here on the island."

Before Heron could answer, he is interrupted by a rushed Guard, urgently asking for his help and tells Reef to stay put. Reef, sitting down stares at the back of Heron and the guard as they walk out the door. Very eager to know what has happened, Reef is given thoughts of following them but knows that if he wants to make this his home he'll have to a bid by the rules and wait very impatiently for Heron to come back..and so he does.

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@nerx said:

"Hey, I normally have to pay for this." She wiped the blood off on her sleeve. She leaped up, intending to crush the headless bodies chest under her weight.

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Heron had heard the man out...he was going to agree after they had a talk..but he had to leave. He came back 30 minutes later, He sat with the man and patted him on the shoulder once more "Sorry my friend...My friend..Terrible, was attacked and.." Heron nearly teared "Let's say he was nearly killed, my friend...While I was drinking" He clapped "Let's go!" Walk to the Villa meeting room, the two men walked in and sat down, He handed Reef a drink "You came to the right place AND at the right time, we are looking for people to come and live. I can say yes, but one a few conditions...." He counted on his fingers "One...You agree to all of our rules, I will lay them out if you agree to agree to them" He counted a second finger "You agree to an Angels Promise with Zaniel, this means that you will become bonded and share a sacred friendship" He nodded "Three, the most important, In time of need. You will need to defend the Island, from any threat." He gave out a hand "Do you agree?"

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As she leaped upwards the stumps in both hands sprouted a branching section of fleshy tentacles, each oozing a layer of adhesive slime. All attempting to entangle her in a web of goop.

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@pyrogram: Reef, very enthusastic, replies back in a confusing, yet friendly tone, "Do I need to put my right hand on a Bible or something?" Well, I'm as loyal as a male wolf is to its pack so you can count on me for anything Heron."

Reef, excitedly stands up, raises his beer mug and shouts,

"Cheers, brother!"

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@reefermadness: "EHH! NOO!" He burst out laughing "The bible is toilet paper here...Only joking" He smirked "We are Greek! Not some holy book worshipers!" He stood up, hit the mans drinks with his and sat down."Now tell me...What do you need my workers to build you?"

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(Its cool, I got him. Sarcasm. Lets resume fresh tomorrow yeah?)

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Flashes of memories ran through her mind as she slept, the fire, Zaniel picking her up and then the window but after that... everything was so fuzzy. Bits and pieces of her gazing up to the blue sky, then over at Zaniel, the wind in his hair, blood on his face and his strong arms holding her close to him. But they were just seconds long before her world would go dark again.

The first thing that began coming back was her hearing, the sound of a genital breeze could be heard as the salty smell of the air was the next thing to hit her. Was she by the ocean? A soft groan escaped from her as she weakly squeezed her hand, feeling another hand in her own. Zaniel? She had to force herself to open her eyes. Her breaths were soft and shallow, her chest barely moving as her eyes began to open. Her vision was blurred as she struggled to focus on the figure sitting next to her. Finally, she realized who was holding her hand, it was Zaniel, but it looked hurt... "It... it wasn't a dream?" She seemed almost confused, she thought the nightmare about the monster finding her in the hospital was nothing but that, a nightmare, it turned out it was all real. A pain went through her chest as she looked at him, he tried to protect her, "I told you to leave." she spoke with pain. "I didn't want you to get hurt.. I'm so sorry." she still hadn't realized that they were in a whole other location.

But that was just a second later, her eyes finally caught the sight of something... different like... the whole damn room. Her blue eyes shift from him to the room, it looked like a medical room but... looking out the window was a different story. No skyscrapers, no smog in the sky, no sound of cars honking, or people yelling... Instead, the soft sound of the ocean was heard. "Zaniel..." she spoke a little scared. "W-where are we?" Were her moments of falling in and out of consciousnesses real as well? Zaniel holding onto her... flying?! She waited for him to speak as she struggled to sit up on her own.

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Zaniel had so many thoughts running through his mind, would she be angry..scared..Confused, probably a mix of the three. He had acted instinctively and brought her to the one place he personally knew well enough that they would be safe. Even though he was scared for how she would react, he knew this was the safest bet. The guards reassured him that the lunatic would not be able to get in, especially with the new Angel taking residence here, but Zaniel did not know that yet.

Zoe's eyes slowly opened as Zaniel was looking out of the window contemplating what to do next, He caught her voice and changed his gaze from the window to her. Before he could tell her he would have never left, she asked where she was...He could tell she was scared and confused. He helped her sit up and began talk, grasping her hand with both of his.

"Zoe, During the attack...you may remember but you somehow blew the place up" He paused "I think..we have both been keeping secrets from each-other, for good reason but.." He looked down, then at the blue sky our of the windows then back to her blue eyes "But..lets end the secrets, I will tell you everything right here, you do not have to tell me how you caused that fire, I know what it's like to want a secret, I will not even pressure you into telling me" Suddenly a guard burst in, looked at Zaniel who gave him a death stare , the guard backed out closing the door quietly "This is an Island off-the Coast of Greece, I own it with a friend. His name is Heron, I brought you here , after you exploded the place. I flew...Yes, I flew" He sighed and laid back into his seat "I did not want to lie to you..but, I did not want to scare you off, thinking I had powers..HAD powers..I may add. I thought I had lost them, but they came back - For you" He moved in closer to her and spoke "I would never have left you in the hospital" He kissed her hand.

"I have so much more to tell you..How and why I have those powers, so much more you may want to know...Ask me anything. Anything" He gave her a loving smile.

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[who do I meet If I want to open a fast food branch here?]

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@nerx: ( Heron, Ask for a meeting..Reply to me and I will talk )

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A man in a suit arrives on the island with a briefcase as he wishes to give a proposition for a new food place.

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@nerx: A guard greets the man, "Sir..Can I help you?"

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"The name is Seymour Soylent, and I come from a land far away. Here to give blood to your angel"

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@nerx: "...Blood?...That is not needed, Heron can make blood and the Island is currently on high alert, do you want a meeting with Heron?"