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We are twice armed if we fight with faith.

Back when Zaniel was an Angel, He was friends with a man named Heron. They had a little joke between the two about one-day opening a business. A fighting business. Beacuse of their Angelic Gifts they thought this could be the currency or reward. So...They found an Island off the edge of Greece.. Uninhabited with nobody living on it and set to work. In the old days they could get Helots to build it for them. Helots were the slaves of Sparta. They built the whole island for them. Fighting Arena, Bar, Housing, Everything. It took about 10 years to construct but once done was a magical sight.

Heron in Human form

In the modern Era now, It has become a tourist attraction, it stills holds the fight club however and the people know this. But they refurbished and made it look more like a Greece island to generate more income.

Zaniel is the ruler of the island...sort of, He runs the day to day business. Well, when he is in. When he is out he gets his trusty friend Heron to run the business. He is also an Angel like Zaniel. He is the Angel of Blood and Drinking. Funny that. At the moment Heron is just a live life by the day kind of man, crazy fun and loves his drink. Nothing is taken seriously.

Zaniel and Heron only tax everybody who lives on the island at 5%, They do not really need money so they give everybody an easy time. They take profits from bets on the fight club, money made from tourist attraction and general day to day business from shops.

The population of the island is only 5000 or so people.

locations inside the Island -

phago inn

This is a simple restaurant for people who want to dine. Not expensive. Just a nice little place to eat. It serves food , drink and if you want like some..blood.


Ares Bar

This is just the crazy Greek Bar, plate smashing and brawls are common. The security have to often remove people before it goes too out of hand. But sometimes just watch for fun. If you want to get a drink, just as the bartender.

( This can be NPC based so you do not have to reply to me. )

The Location is filled with many other attractions, Generally anything you will find in most small towns, Also the mountains make a lovely hike. It has hotels etc.. The normal things.


Gluch and Gatherer

"We have everything from Sausages and Soup Bones to Bouillon, and Stock. All made with the highest quality human meats. Every cut of human meat we sell has been selected for its superb quality and flawless texture. We only offer the choicest cuts of meat."

"Taketh one unicorne". The recipe calls for the beast to be marinaded in cloves and garlic, then roasted on a griddle , and serve. When braised, unicorn falls off the bone and is really quite tasty, a festival on the tongue. And when it hits the colon it's carnival time. It's cutting-edge carne, a fantasy come true for carnivores with intestinal fortitude.

Dried parts of human bodies were hanging all from the roof, pickled limbs lay in barrels, and all around piles of money and trinkets from the pockets of the dead lay in piles. Then the human is ground up and made into cute little burgers. Most people eat them with french fries. When you order a Big Mac with us, chances are it came from some guy named Mac.

In here we provide a 24/7 food service that is open to all, but we specialize in serving Man. Our atmosphere is throwback to the 1950's, a cheerful time back when there is no worries and when being a Greaser is awesome. A place known as the 'Golden Age' where the grass is greener. The Chef, Alferd Kemper, can cook a really mean burger. If you feel brave you should try on the 'Tenzil Sam' sandwich. Have a birthday? we can make you cake and add in a clown, free of charge. Be sure to look out for our special Milkshake, it is a taste that is truly out of this world. Do enjoy your moment here, your meal will be set to the Chordettes.

For more information - http://www.comicvine.com/profile/nerx/blog/cvnu-location-food-chain-gulch-gatherer/90957/

For service please reply too Nerx

Angel Alliance Headquarters


This used to be the security force headquarters, but Zaniel had taken it over for use. It has amazing facilities, best money can buy.

Reception - This is where you go to seek to join or any other business. Simply talk to the receptionist.

Underground - This is where the training facilities where, underground and enchanted with a spell so the members could go 100% at each-other, but it would not give them permanent damage, simply an illusion making them think they were injuring each-other. They could fight the illusion but would all agree to participate in training.

Floor 1 - Sleeping quarters. A separate for each Angel. They could decorate and add whatever they wanted, The armory is also on this floor.

Floor 2 - Exercise and recreational facilities, Pool, Gym etc... And a flying arena for flight practice.

Floor 3 - Medical facilities and Magical facilities if any Angel posses magic.

Floor 4 - Meeting room, This is where all meetings would be held for the members of the group.

Fight Club

Now, what makes this fight club different to other fight clubs? Money...No, The winner gets that if they want..But the REAL reward is luck, the winner of each fight gets a days worth of luck. ( So...when you interact for a day you get lucky etc.. ) The winner will automatically get this luck at the end of each fight beacuse of an enchantment that is in effect on the arena.

Fight Arena

Pankration Villa.

This is the Personal residence of Zaniel and Heron for when they are at home. They both have separate living quarters, swimming pools and the other things you get in a Villa. This is the ONLY private area in the whole location. To get access and have a meeting with Zaniel about anything or simply have fun, you need to go to the reception of the Villa and ask for Heron or Zaniel. The villa contains Zaniels personal Armour. This is guarded by 50 troops who surround it from all sides, if you wish to attack please PM Pyrogram. If attacked, the enchantments that are enabled in the Alliance headquarters are here, any unwelcomed intruder will be transported to Greece, away from the island.



The island has a small security force the is governed by the person in-charge (So Zaniel or Heron). They use swords and shields but they have been enchanted with Bad-luck, so if cut anywhere by one of the weapons you will get a days worth of bad-luck...So walking down the street a bird may **** on your head. Or..Fighting somebody and you trip up.

They are each hand-picked and trained by Ares, the God of war personally. So they are no easy targets. But beacuse of tradition, they still only use swords and spears. So modern people will probably not find them that hard, however they have an enchantment that if one of them dies, a new soldier is automatically recruited. So the numbers always stay the same. They usually fight to overwhelm.

The security force have an "army" or "militia" of 500 strong. They patrol the harbors in-case of pirates or attack, They guard the Villa, Two of them are always stationed in the Bar in-case a fight breaks out. But they usually stand and watch for fun or join in. - But they will never leave the island. They are merely a security force. Not a true army.

Spartan Security Force

Currently Governing the Island - Zaniel

Current RPG residents living on the Island or has a Base.

@reefermadness - Personal Residence being built - Sworn to defend the Island or Zaniel if called.

Nerx has a food joint.


If you are fighting in the Arena, Damage is allowed as it self-repairs through magic,any-where else keep it small.

Normal Security selling rules - Normal CV rules apply also.

No Breaking into the Villa, If you want to PM me and we can do something..say you are trying to assassinate Zaniel for example, we can arrange something.

Heron will be controlled by me, Reply if you want to interact with him.

Anything else, just PM me or message here and we can talk.

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Fun! :)

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@xanni15: you've ventured into the rpg forum O_O

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@ellie_knightfall: Pyrogram's been trying to get me in here for the last few months. >.> I'm sorta trying to work on a character. :D

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@pyrogram: I was just in awe of your utter destruction of a veteran the other night, it wasn't quite LeBron in his prime and your opponent was looking like the Bobcats but you'll take it. :D

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@xanni15: Well I guess , Now lets wait for you to finally make that character and then we can have a fight to the death hehe :P

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@pyrogram: If I can ever get away from watching Supernatural. o.o

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@pyrogram: [dude, add a club with dionysus in it]

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This is excellent. Bravo.

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@pyrogram: [Is there a place to kick things ?]

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My home!

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@pyrogram: [got this new guy, when he kicks things with his 'driver kick' they WILL explode. Plus he has that power ranger vibe going on, say he beats something... they EXPLODE]

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@regal_rumble_man: ( Cool, You can kick things in the bar...or make a legible place for him to go that will be found in a common town)

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@pyrogram: (or go a a coliseum if ya have one)

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James Johns arrive on the coliseum, smelling the good hearted people and planning to kill them as they may bring the world to ruin. Approached by a challenger Hotfoot gave the man a skull shattering roundhouse right off the bat, without moving a limb.

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A crowd of people form and a random man attempts to punch this killer in the head ( NPC, you can kill him ) He shouts "Letsss do thiis!" He shouted in a Greek Accent trying to speak proper English.

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James makes his run towards his man as he landed on the chin with a flying knee, then falling down on the individual as he puts both thumbs inside his eye sockets. Popping out eyeballs as he prepares to hook and tear away the nose, before inserting his fingers inside the...

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@regal_rumble_man: ( Inside the what O_O )

A crowd of guards suddenly appeared. They surrounded the man but they suddenly parted, Heron walked through the parting and looked at the man, giving him a funny look before clapping his hands joyfully "EHH EHH! What a show! eh? How about we go getsum DRINKKKS!" He boasted joyfully. He put his hand on the mans shoulder, hoping he would follow him out.

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@pyrogram: (I will leave that open to your imagination)

James jumped back from the 'open' man as he realized what he had done, something got over him after he had killed an aid worker in africa. Some bastard who plans to give welfare to third world countries, evil men. He was pulled back the guards, which was a good thing considering that he would have done more damage. An old man appears out of the blue, seemingly nice but not evil.

"What just happened?"

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He cheered "It loooks like you just went a liiiittle blood-crazy my freiinnd!" He laughed , "NOW DRIIKKS!" Heron would always opt for drinks, always.

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Good to hear that this one is not out to kill him, yet James cannot help but wonder if the man is hiding a knife behind his back. This might be an act, but so far he decides to go along with it.

"Where will we go old timer?"

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@regal_rumble_man: Heron was the Angel of Blood, so he was used to killing so nothing these days in the Arena even troubled him, Heron clapped his hands together and pointed towards the Arena exit, "TO THE BARR!.." He looked around "You can have the drinks on me ehh!" He nudged the man, He offered. He was not going to make him pay for drinks.

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"Give me your weirdest drink, that will set my mind back to place" said the man who had personally mauled another human with the brutality that would make a school shooting seem like a visit from President Obama. Finding new horizons and odder things to test his palate, perhaps they have magical things in this place. He does not know, he wants to try.

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"I know JUST the thing my blood loving fellow!" He walked up the stairs with the man, Looking around he laughed for no apparent reason and opened the Bar doors, He pushed the man into a chair "Siit!" He walked to the bar, Got a shot of 70% Alcohol concentration, put his hand over it and enchanted it with something that would...take the edge off..Or make him faint. He chuckled, walked over and handed it to the man. He then clicked his fingers and a guard gave him the same drink. "On the count of threee! One...Twooo...THREEE!"

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James sucked the liquid out of the glass and slammed the glass on the table as he realized something was wrong.

"Oh sh "

"I remember, you need to get people away from the corpse. It will explode"

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@regal_rumble_man: "Ehh! Just an exploding body, My people will clean it up, No bigge!" He picked up his drink and finished it in one gulped before burping loudly and asking for another as he clicked his fingers " SO tell me my fellow, What can I call yoou?"

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"James Johns, or simply Hotfoot" as the augman burps and laughs "So where do you come from?"

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"Niice to meet you James! James is a strong name, a nice name!" He hit the table "My first kill was called John!" He laughed and finished his new drink instantly "I am from GREECE, -- And the Heavens" He pointed in the air "You see, I own this place with with a man...a stupid man named Zaniel!, We built it...ehh...A few Decades ago!"

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"Nothing should be surprising anymore in this world, we live in a place where there are physical evidence for Gods and even fairytale beings. I am surprised why Judaism, Christianity and Islam haven't crumbled into dust yet. Man can be his own God, my first kill was a bastard who decided to stole my bike. Life changing kill was a man who claim to set forth a motion to destroy the world, last kill before I got her was a missionary offering aid to the poor..."

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"All of those religions have their own gods my friend..." He coughed "Think of a street, but instead of houses heavens!" Heron hardly ever talked serious, this was his most serious talk in 6 months.

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"Yeah, just like how people look at ants..." he takes yet another drink, but this time pulls the hose straight from the beer tap "Gods, space gods, and even god eating fairies..." James sucked on the hose before burping " it is really a big world out there"

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@regal_rumble_man: "Ehh well it sorta is depending on how you Viieww is!" He snorted "That is why I stay put, in this island..easy..small...and a load of drink" He grinned.

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"I just drink ale, and kick volunteer ass with my flaming feet."

he chugs

"Hence why I move place to place, someday I will rid the world of welfare"

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"Will you now.." He laughed.. "The world will always be a sh!!ty place my friend" He tapped his hands on the table.

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"It will perhaps stay that way, and I will make sure that it does not devolve further"

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@regal_rumble_man: "You knowww.. You are a good fellow, If you ever need sanctuary our doors are always open." He hugged the man.

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"Well I am a wandering vagrant, I can come by every now and then but I shan't stay for long"