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After uniting with his fellow mercenaries Elian Allen the mercenary of greatness had a official home once again. The Hellhouse, a union of the world’s greatest mercenaries and assassins had recruit the Bandit into service. Elian was given the title to be the second in command of this team of mercenaries.

The Hellhouse by this time was already set, yet Bandit decided to take a few days off to go and visit his sister Elisa Allen at the R.O.R base, the trip he had planned after he left the Bladed Angels Clan. Getting on his motorcycle he switch it on he was thinking on just teleporting to the R.O.R base, but he then changes his mind and decides to take a road trip to the base and use the time on the road to clear his head.

Having a full arsenal under his long dark over coat Elian Rode his motorcycle across two states, he was now in Massachusetts. It is a long ride to the R.O.R base. Elian riding across the city he notice his motorcycle is low on gas so he decides to takes a small detour to a gas station in the distance.

Filling his motorcycle Elian notice that not to far there is a hotel named theNeverland hotel,“I bet no one goes in that hotel, not whit that name, is perfect to get a good nap.” thought Elian while he place the gas hose back on the holster. Elian then mount his motorcycle and switch it on then accelerates riding over to the hotel witch had a blinking red neon light sign. Walking to the reception Elian ask for a room the owner gives Elian the key that opened the room number 23. “I really don’t like the way this is going.” Elian thought to himself, but yet he grabbed the key and was escorted to the room by a really creapy pale man, the man open the door of the room saying,

"Room 23 sir, fresh towels are in the bathroom hanger, welcome to Neverland sir, have a good night.”

Elian was having second doubts about staying in the hotel, what was worse than the name been Neverland hotel is that he got the room 23. “What is next the exorcist girl is going to be clinging on the wall?!” Elian ask himself in a amused tone.  Hanging his jacket the king of the mercs stretch his arms while yawning, it had been a long day and now he wanted to rest before restarting his trip in the morning.

Elian took laid on the bed still having his full weapon arsenal on him. Elian sits and then he lays back on the bed sighing in relief, finally after hours of riding his motorcycle he had some comfort.

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Black leather roaring down the highway at the speed of sound, tearing everything in its path to blood and charcoal; a cigar in his mouth, a metal hat written with "PAIN" in big, scarlet letters, and a crazed grin with sunglasses over just as insane eyes; this wasn't a man, just looked like one.

He was giant, pale, and just damn good-looking. Weapons hung around him like meat at a butcher's and a chain dangled from his right fist, tipped with a hook. His destination he couldn't care less about and all he wanted was to have a good time. Of course, 'good time' to this thing meant violence like the Plague. His smile widened as he neared something - a shiny building with "Neverland Hotel" in front of it in giant, pretty neon colors.

Neverland Hotel. Feh! What a disgusting name for a clean and orderly place, HATE! DESTROY! BREAK! He chanted this within his mind, over and over until it became so monotonous that he decided to fraggin' do something about it.

The lobby was in ruins after just a few seconds of crashing and bashing, blood and guts strewn about like party favors all on the walls and furnishings. Warsman was at the center of this, standing near his parked bike (on top of a bellhop who probally deserved it), breaking a guy's neck and firing off a round into the stomach of a screaming lady, making a popping noise he laughed at.

"C'mon, WHERE'S THE FUN?!" he yelled ferociously, not doubting the possibility that he could be heard throughout the entire building.

He moved to where he thought more victims would be, upstairs, and he did so with a silence in his step, though his boots clanked heavily and would be heard at the opposite end of the hallway and thus become a contortion as to where he was coming from.

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Elian just close his eyes for a mild second and right at that moment he began hearing a commotion. Elian sighs loud in distress, “I’ll never get a good night sleep will I?” Elian sits up on the bed and hears screaming voices and one louder than the others, a familiar voice. Elian was not sure were he had hear this voice before but who ever it was it was too much coincidence for it to be there at that same time in this location. “I’ve been track?” ask himself the Merc king while he grabs his phone. Elian checks and open the phone battery chamber, the battery was not in it, it was impossible for him to had been track. This could only mean two things, a government  agency had been tracking him, or a @ss hole with too much time on his hands.

Elian grabbed one of his laser guns on his left hand and pulled the trigger one inch, this would allowed the laser gun to charge to maximum capacity while Bandit found a target. The merc king place his hand on the door knob and unlock it, then he opened the door quick and aimed ready to pulverize anyone on sight but it was clear. Elian then looked out in the corridor and it was clear nothing but the agonizing sound of the voice of the victim of who ever was attacking. Elian swiftly walked to the end of the corridor been careful not to make any sound.

Elian then leaned against the wall and holding his laser gun up at the level of his chin he then crouch and stick just half his face out the edge of the wall and took a peak of the lobby, the same elegant lobby that he was in minutes ago was now looking like a butchery.

“Who could of done such thing? Other than myself.”

Elian’s question answer itself, a pair of heavy boots were coming his way crushing the pavement with each step, the cause of all this mayhem was revealed. “ The Warsman!” Elian whispered to himself at the sight of the machine and rose up to his feet still leaning against the wall.

“What is he doing here?”

Elian then hid his left hand behind him holding the laser gun fully charge to shoot a potent blast, Elian then turn over facing the Warman still having the laser gun on his back, “Hey, you, remember me? Partner?” Elian looks at the big man dead on its eyes grabbing the laser gun firmly,  then the merc king adds “any, reason to wake me from my beauty sleep?”

Elian was no fool, he didn’t trusted even on his mother if she would crawl out of her grave. The killing happy man knew of the reputation of the Warsman specially since the machine was working for him long ago. Elian hold his laser gun awaiting for the butcher to reply.   

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"Hey, you remember me, partner?"

The handsome devil looked into the somewhat-serious eyes of Elian Allen. He was always like that, never fully aware of the sh!t he got himself in unless it was with someone he knew. Luckily, Warsman was more of an enigma among the guy's clients. Elien was short compared to Warsman, lean and thin, and even a bit muscular going along with the stealthy body-structure he had. Altogether, he was built to kill in silence.

“Any reason to wake me from my beauty sleep?”

Warsman spat out a splintered piece of bone - not his, but one of his more unfortunate victim's - and picked at his teeth with a pinky, the other hand firm on the grip and trigger of a rather large rifle, the butt of which was drenched in red fluids. Patches of his pale skin were blotted with crimson and his eyes were void of glasses now, revealing a sadistic gleam. He smirked at his former employer's arrogance.

"You're a smartass to the end, huh?"

The cyborg stepped forward once, twice, and soon he was on ground level with Elian. The floor, well, let's just say a normal person wouldn't want to look at it for too long. He raised a foot onto a broken piece of furniture and leaned on it with his elbow, allowing the rifle to almost dangle in his fist. Warsman looked down - literally, down - at his opponent, just a few yards away from each other, and inched a cigar to his lips, placing it therein and taking a long drag before leaving it there, slapping the rifle's barrel with his hand afterwards. He smirked and twisted his body around, bending over before pulling his pants down sharply, revealing two perfect, well-toned cheeks with a tattoo on one of 'em.

"Take your best shot, RIGHT HERE!" He laughed hysterically, looking over to Elian's expression and slapping himself down there.

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The mercenary of greatness watch the Warsman approaching him, standing at 6’8, 400 plus pounds of pure destructive force. Setting his foot on a broken furniture piece and leaned on his bend leg putting his elbows on it Warsman takers a good look at the king of the mercs. Elian looks back right at him still having his laser gun charged to maximum capacity. The overgrown  killing machine then states a response.

"You're a smartass to the end, huh?"

The Mercenary of greatness lowering his head and he chuckles at the latest comment stated by his former employee, he then replies asking, “Did you come for your retirement check? Cause if that is it, you should have read the little sentence that said no unemployment check benefits on the bottom of the contract.” Elian then scratch his head and looks up to the ceiling puzzled, then he leans his head to the left and adds “If there was ever any contract.”

Elian was seem to be playing around but as he show off his ability to speak he was actually spotting the Warsman’s arsenal and calculation his flaws on his design that he could use to his advantage against the android. Elian had design a strategy already he knew his former employee’s way of working, Elian knew that what ever littler chance the monstrous machine gets it would try to crush him.

Elian knows that by talking people get to lower their guard and by not being taken serious the opponent become irritated and lose sight of the battle because of the rage and hate toward the opponents, there is no one better in psychology than Doctor Elian Allen.

Elian remembers that the Warsman just likes to have fun and if he was there it was obvious that he had found what he wanted, what could be more fun than killing the mercenary the world fears. Elian knew by now that Warsman was not letting him go, the machine was looking at Bandit like Michael Jackson was looking at Webster in the courtroom, spooky.

Elian looked at the destroyed lobby once more, then he added “Well I guess this day eventually had to come, any last words for old times sake?” the half a ton machine then smirked and twisted his body around, bending over before pulling his pants down sharply, revealing two perfect, well-toned cheeks with a tattoo on one of 'em.

"Take your best shot, RIGHT HERE!" He then laughed hysterically, looking over to Elian's expression and slapping himself down there.

Elian had been mooned, looking at Warsman’s butt was like liking Britney’s cellulites.. Gross. Elian Looked all gross out and shoutted out loud, “Ugh! Get a tan!!!”  Elian then swiftly drove his arm from his back stretch all the way forward aiming to Warsman’s buttocks then he pulled the trigger and a huge flash of light sparked out of the laser gun launching a huge red heat beam going straight at Warsman’s rear end.

The place was torn by the impact of the beam, a smoke screen rose up and was blocking the view it was not clear if the Warsman was taken down by the laser. Elian was sure of something Warsman was going to be real mad after this outcome. Elian then grabbed his second laser guns and activate it, he pulled the trigger of both his laser guns one inch making the laser gun begging gathering energy in case a second attack was necessary.       

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A sudden flash and Warsman's smile faded.


The blast was searing hot against his ass and he was catapulted through a wall and then some before finally coming to a stop, face-first in the broken glass of an oven door. He grabbed either side of the machine before tearing his head from it, spitting out some spare pieces of the reflective material and pulling his pants back up to his waist. He dug into his ear with a pinky and spat out a bit of blood, his mouth only a tad lacerated by the crunchy midnight snack he had just been force-fed. His rifle was looking quite lonely in the corner of the room, forced there by the blast, and Warsman thought himself to be a Good Samaritan by strapping it back into its holster between his shoulderblades, after all, he was offering it shelter. The cyborg moved into the smoke and emerged only an instant later, pissed off as ever, but still the handsomer of the two mercenaries who would try to kill each other here.

"You just singed off my leg-hair, you miserable frag! That's gonna take weeks to even out!"

Elian looked like a sitting duck. Well, if ducks had laser cannons, then it would be the spitting image of the frag. Warsman shifted once and vanished, and within an instant reappeared in front of Elian, arms lazily dangling atop the midsections of each gun like they were connected to a reclining chair and a large smile on his face.

"Bad Elian gets beatings for playing with daddy's toys!"

At the mere utterance of these words, he unleashed a massive headbutt primed directly for Elian's own forehead with basically enough force to dent the smaller mercenary's skull pretty damn good.

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The smoke screen was still blocking the view, but the Warsman was obviously alive. The noise of clanging metal and shattering glass could be hear dropping to the pavement while the Warsman recovers from the powerful blast.

The people in the hotel began to scatter out the exit door, some even jump off the windows frighten at the sight of carnage and destruction in the Neverland hotel. Elian looked at the screaming and paniking people, Uhh, a little help for the merc?” The people just keep running out the door and got on their cars and vans rushing out driving like if the devil itself was behind them, Elian shrugs and adds,

“I.. guess not.”  

El mercenario de Judas awaits for his nemesis, the strong heavy pounding of the Cyborg apparently standing on his feet can be hear shattering the floors. -beep-beep- Elian draws his attention for a split second the laser guns were both charge and ready. The smoke screen is clearing out and the figure of the overgrown gorilla can be seen walking up to the mercenary of greatness.

“Ooh, he is pissed”

Elian thought while looking at the monster, at that exact moment the cranky android yelled out,   "You just singed off my leg-hair, you miserable frag! That's gonna take weeks to even out!" Elian still looked disgusted and he replied,

“You should be thankful Frankenstein, now you smell like a crematory instead of a dumpster.”

Elian then aimed his laser guns at the machine, but this one disappeared and reappears right in front of him with his arms lowered and very close to his personal space. Having a large smirk on his face the Warsman yells out,

"Bad Elian gets beatings for playing with daddy's toys!"

At the mere utterance of these words, he unleashed a massive headbutt primed directly for Elian's own forehead with basically enough force to dent the smaller mercenary's skull pretty damn good. Elian was surprise with this move since it all happen so fast. The head of the Cyborg collided on to the mercenary of greatness’s head. The strength was so, that the mercenary’s neck is jerk back and his body is arch backwards by the demanding impact of the blow.  

Elian slams to the pavement dropping his right hand fully charge laser guns. Having his eyes close sulking feeling the effects of the impact, “I forgot he is a teleport, I need to be more cautious.” Elian speaks to himself while he is down, he then open his eyes grunting and sits up he shakes his head and feels a warm liquid going down his mask. "Oh, crap" The blow had broken the bandit’s nose. The blood is filling the mask making it hard to breath for the mercenary of greatness.

The mercenary's mask had to come off but first he had to buy himself time and distance from the beast. Elian’s attention is then caught by the blinking light of the early dropped gun. The Allen acrobat then gets back on the game, rolling backwards and making a handstand, he flips back on his feet, crouches grabbing the second gun from the floor. Elian then looks at the big threat and aims his right hand laser gun at the Warsman’s mouth “Open wide!” the killing happy man then pulls the laser gun trigger, the huge flash of light sparked out of the laser gun launching another laser beam to the android’s pipe hole. 

Elian then looks right on top of Warsman and aims the second discharge to the ceiling right above Wars, another huge flash of light sparked out of the laser gun launching yet another laser beam crushing the hotel ceiling intended to bury the Warsman under the ceiling concrete. The Mercenary was having trouble breathing product of the blood running nose filling his mask, Elian rise his left hand to the back of his head and pulls off the mask, the face of the undead is revealed, Eian's bluish dry skin is shown stained by the red vital liquid that is spilled on the floors.

 The blood was the least that was worrien the mercenary but his memories of Warsman's ways of work.  Elian have seen Warsman destroy a whole military base all by himself in the past, he knew the concrete might not do enough damage. Bandit then place his right hand laser gun back on its holsters and grabbed one of his ninja swords. Elian had in mind that if the android was to teleport he would have a swift weapon to react to it, with the sword Elian has a quicker reaction instead of been worried about aiming and pulling the triger. Whit the sword the king of the mercenaries could counter the enemy, just whit a single move.

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A broken nose from Elian and Warsman laughed to himself, seeing the blood leak from the lower tip of the mercenary's mask. However, he recovered pretty fraggin' quick, taking up a rifle and aiming it at the closest thing there was - Warsman's mouth.

"Open wide!" Elian shouted, blasting Warsman in the face.

In that instant, Warsman dropped his smile, raising an eyebrow before raising his hands all too late in an attempt to block it. That sh!t hurt, the little frag! The cyborg arched his back in the opposite direction as much as he could without falling over, his mouth steaming and his eyes wide from both pain and fury. His tongue was numbed, cast from his mouth while the smoke radiated from the back of his throat. He suddenly drew it back, clenching his teeth and widening his eyes to the point of making them almost pop out with anger.

"YOU LITTLE F#$%!!!"

Warsman burst forward, his knuckles bleeding from the sudden release of all eight claws into the air. Each spike - nearing a foot in length - was aimed precisely for one, ANY, of Elian's body parts. A sudden outburst of slashes, uncontrolled and berserk, and Warsman stopped, his face riddled with confusion. Elian had discarded his mask and his nose was impacted nearly to the brink of being part of his brain, spilling crimson at a slowing rate. But that wasn't what caught Warsman's attention.

"You are one ugly son of a b!tch." He said, drawing his claws back into his forearms and taking a cigar out of his coat-pocket, lighting it with the generous skull of a bellboy he didn't light the skull on fire to.

He drew a breath and the cigar fumed with light, but then he discarded it and snorted out the smoke. He smiled, taking in what the "mercenary-king" actually looked like.

"When this is over, I'm selling you to a circus."

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"YOU LITTLE F#$%!!!"

The Mercenary of Judas had successfully shot Warsman with his laser gun twice the impact force was having effect but there was something to be notice, the rays seem to just make him even angrier and not cause the damage that it is suppose too the Warsman seem to be able to take the damage. “Maybe is time for plan B.. Butchery”

But it seems that Warsman was already thinking about performing the plan B. Elian’s eyes get wide as pool balls while his attention is caught by the Warsman drawing eight large bloody claws from his hands. “This could hurt I think is time for plan C.” The Warsman attack sending a barrage of slices Elian was slice across his chest and abdomen letting out a loud painful shout. Elian then block a third slice and a fourth with his sword. Then something to be notice began to emerge from his body as he block the Warsman’s attacks. Elian’s body was been consumed by crystal having on his body almost like a crystal armor to ensure some protection, yet damage had already been done. The Warsman keep slashing away and in a last attempt of blocking a slice Bandit notice his sword was been tear to pieces a left side slash broke Elian’s sword and slash Elian’s crystal covered chest and seem to have penetrate the armor “Ugh!” and in a finial slash Warsman hit hard enough to lift Elian making him fall to the pavement and slide slamming against a wall.

Elian then recalls the crystal helmet from his face. The Helmet shatters into million pieces dusting off Elian’s bloody dripping face. Elian was only breathing though his mouth not having other options. Through the crystal body armor eight slashes can be visible gushing out blood filling the armor and on the surface of the armor eight more prevented slashes were carve on the armor surface.

Elian was feeling fatigue something that is not common on him he was grunting in pain holding his chest and abdomen area while leaning against the wall. Elian looks at the Warsman who had stop his vicious attack seems like something had caught his attention he was suddenly staring at Elian’s face.  “You are one ugly son of a b!tch." The Warsman says referring to Elian’s curse physical appearance, Elian let out a mild chuckle and laughs at the comment then cough uncontrollably been choke my his own flowing blood then grunting in pain holding his wounded area.  

Warsman the recall his claws and taking a cigar out of his coat-pocket, lighting it with the generous skull of a bellboy he didn't light the skull on fire to. He drew a breath and the cigar fumed with light, but then he discarded it and snorted out the smoke. He smiled, taking in what the "mercenary-king" actually looked like.

"When this is over, I'm selling you to a circus."

Elian was pouring much blood and needed a distraction before the Warsman fallows up his attack he needed some time to be able to regenerate and heal the large wounds. Elian then smiles looking at the Warsman he replied "I should be the one saying that, King Kong!"Elian then looks at the poured blood on the floor and then shift his eyes looking back at Wars then he adds, “Now have fun, get him D!” from the blood that had been spilled on the floor a humanoid blood figure arise and shape shift into a exact replica of Elian.


Elian’s clone then looks at his creator dropped on the floor, he walks to him and grabs Elian’s second ninja sword and a two boomerangs and place the items inside him, literally. D then silent as ever grabs the ninja sword and attacks Warsman launching a diagonal slice then it jump on the air and tried to stab warsman through the throat with Elian’s sword.

While D was taking care of Warsman Elian activated his green aura, the green visible aura was Elian's none automatic healing factor it has to be activated by him. the blood seize to flow out of his wounds and began to heal his broken nose began to regenerate . because his wounds were deep the aura might not be able to recover him completely but it might be enough to fight Frankenstein.