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“<Status of Project Rihzahlk?>” Came a voice over the holocom, so plagued by static that it was scarcely audible. Standing next to a monitor in the center of the room was a tall man in a white coat; his snowy hair blinding in the glaring overhead lights. He was in a sprawling white room. Save for the wall with the massive orange holocom screen, and the wall to his left, each side of the hexagonal room was covered in devices of all sorts. Each one as sophisticated and sleek as the next. Symbols danced across dozens of monitors, displaying varied types of data for the scientist in the room.

“<Archon T’ealc, I recall requesting you refer to him by his name, not the project title.>” His cutting words were met with a scoff. “<We’ve no time for that. The Stormblades are charging the palace gates. We need to evacuate the project now. You know-“ The Archon was cut off by a motion from the man at the monitor. “<I am aware of his importance. He is prepared for evactuation. I...>” His voice faltered. “<I only request a moment to speak to the child. Then I shall evacuate him.>” Before the Archon could protest, the holocom was remotely shut off. The man walked up to a device in the center of the room. It was an elaborate array of sleek machinery, all that lead up to a single glass tube. Inside the tube was the form of a boy, who couldn’t have been more than a week old. Yet powerful sciences had created a strong subject that appeared at least sixteen years beyond his true age.

The man placed his hand against the glass, and bowed his head. No words escaped his lips, but he utilized his natural abilities to relay a telepathic message to the sleeping boy. When he finally spoke, tears had sprung to his eyes. “<I love you, son. Be strong in your endeavors, seek solace in life.>” His arm extended and pressed a button next to him. His last words to his child were spoken in a whispered hush. “Fohrhiik tu fiers ot tu veahar.” From within the tube, a blue energy began to build. It started from the bottom of the tube, and slowly went up. As it did, the boy’s body dematerialized behind it.

An explosion went off nearby. The scientist knew what it was. All of the rebels at the gate were but a diversion. Just as they came in and opened fire, the clone’s eyes opened. Whether it was out of instinct, love for a man his brain recognized as father, or something else... he did not know. But a thunderous pounding came from within the tube. Spider-cracks flourished across the front of the tube, but it was far too late. The scientist was abruptly gunned down, and the clone spirited away to an unknown destination.

20th Street, Manhattan. Present.

A loud boom came from one of the sprawling metropolis’s many alleyways. Accompanying it was a flash of light. When it dissipated, there was a naked form sprawled out on the ground. He pulled himself to its feet, and attempted to take in the sights that rapidly assaulted his eyes. However, despite his confusion, his rage, and curiosity… the prevalent emotion was a crushing one. He did not have a word to describe it, but it felt terrible. Like his whole small, limited world had just been shattered. Taken away from his home, from his father, and abandoned in some strange land he struggled to comprehend.

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