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The Gloomy Gray Fluffs of cloud were Lachrymose over The gloomy indigo sky,The Powerful winds Raged Across the Boundless lively green plateau Violently dragging the trees roughly int the wins direction. The  Refined crescent mOon was Phosphorus with a Brilliant bright light that emitted the nigresence In the meadow, the  aroma of fresh wet herbage and  soilage filled the air lightly, fitting the natural scene of the Turbelent Prarie. The friction of the grass blades caused a minor itch to Mirage's plae white ankles,The Conisistent cold rain Drenched His Blak garb making him shiver from the geledity.Despite the Vast Sonority of rain And storminess , The congrous sounds of the Nocturnal owls and howling gray wolves previaled with its chorus of the night.

Mirage awaited His opponent Hitenryu in the meadows of kummu to Inflict immense damage relentlessly among his adversary, the day of death shall reign upon his Adriot opponent. One man will be left stand , and will be deemed victorious  in this bout. The Opposing forces will finally class, and this bout will terminate hin a sanguinary site of calamity. May the gods watch over this Noble battle and bless these two warriors with the strength and courage to fight this battel truthfully.

Mirage walked across the meadow slowly, contemplating about his final tactics that will send his enemy to the path of death.Uchiha mirage is An adept in the arts of ninjutsu, and skilled at Dark matter manipulation, wich was obtained early in his childhood. he brought his Favored katana"rage with him to his battle. it was a vital part of him winining, with out rage, he could be least sucessful to come out victor of this battle.he also brought a set of ensate form projectiles called Kunai's. they are also a vital part of sucess, he is able to attack from a distance without  fully confronting his advesary in a physical fight.

Mirage terminates by a large boulder and awaits his challenger in a hemic battle witch would be fabled for centuries

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As the hitenryu nears the plateau every living creature begins to die. Trees begin to wither and and animals begin to drop dead. Hitenryu suprised to be challenged by Such a noble warrior gins and confronts him. every thing comes to slience and hitenryu says"Do you really wish to confront me? Do you know who i am? now is your time to run keep your life. youve seen the life in this plateau bow before me, are you sure you shant leave in peace."

Hitenryu begins to engolf himself in a dark crimson color aura and begins to change. the furocious winds begin to turn and lead toward his hands and he seen to get stronger."dark energy is everywere, it is carried inmation sush as wind.." Hitenryu's cloths begin to ripp as his body gets more musculare.

Hitenryu atempts to send mirage flying with and energy burst.

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As mirage glared into the luminous moon, he could sense a foreign energy approaching the battle grounds, it was similar to his own. The essence of Negritude Polluted the air,Deadening most lively plants that enlightened the zone naturally. The force was intimidating but mirage was apathetic to his safety and will not bow down to the hands of destruction. The wind gust increased violently,snapping branches off of frail old tree.The grass blades raged ferociously, sending herbage into Mirages garb. Mirage glanced around the sphere directionessly ,Animals that stationed the area suddenly Dropped to the floor, you could hear the agonizing cries of the poor creatures make a discordant sad tone in the indigo night.Mirage loved the natural enviroment, he did not appreciate what was occurring at all.

"Do you really wish to confront me? A voice said from behind, Mirage turned his Head quickly to the source of the voice, The man stood tall and brown skin with Leafy green hair, red attire, and eyes filled with abhor and animosity.Do you know who i am? now is your time to run keep your life. youve seen the life in this plateau bow before me, are you sure you shant leave in peace". Mirage looked at his opponent and chuckled softly." Ive never heard of you, you look like the pathetic type of Jouster that underlings a rank 1 demon general, your actions do not frighten me, intimidation i am immune to, Cut The Bullsh!t and get this fight going lad, i promised my wife that i will  be home in time for supper.

Soon after mirage made his arrogant statement, A dark crimson energy ensnared his enemy's body, he was consumed by the dark veil,Mirage could feel the wiinds rage once more like when his adversary first appeared. Mirage stared at his opponent observantly as he seemingly channled his energy viciously.Suuddenly a strong shok wve of dark energy jettted towards Mirgae at magnificent speeds."you idiot, I Am alo able to maniuplate the dark energy, i will absorb this attack like oil on skin!".Mirgae extented his right hand out and aimed it at the rush of dark energy that blew towards him. the palm of his hand began to pulsate with a illuminate violent color. As soon as the dark wind came in range with his palm, the impact of the suction made a barrier screen that showed the outer surface of his enemys dark matter.soon the energy was absorbed into the palm of mirages hand, he began to scream in dismay as he took the energy in.

soon the gust terminated, and mirage was left sweaty breathing heavily from the extertion of the event."f**k HAHAHA, i thought you almost had me there bro, you wanna get things started early dontcha, well, ill give you the battle you crave for so dearly!".Mirage Unsheathed his katana voilently and showered sparks into the meadow and charged at his foe screaming in vehemence.As he dashed at his opponent at great speeds, the light thumpings of his stpes could only be heard by the midnight wolves.He vaulted into the air with a Cannonball somersault,at the terminus  of the attack he Unleashed a fierce vertical sword slash aiming for His challengers forehead. Afterwards he dissapeared, then in a split second reappered aiming a brutal thrust with the handle of hus sword to the back of His enemys head, followed by a rough leg sweep aiming for his ankles.