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We have done this once before. You have one post and only one post. There is no changing the circumstances, just write how your character would react to it. Do not God-mod my RPG! You cannot effect the idea of the post, you cannot change the world no matter how powerful your character is......Just write you reaction.

The sun was rising on the East coast when it hit...or landed...whatever it was. They had come in a massive force and had moved through the world with a lighting fast speed. The whole of the world was their's in just moments as they passed through the world's military in just moments, one attack world wide all at once. The Overlords had quickly took over the media and were broadcasting their message in all languages all at once. "We are now your lord's and you will submit to the rule of the Overlords. Any resistance will lead to the death of 1 million people. You will be tagged and will be assigned jobs based on your abilities."

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Friday, September 16, 2012.

Naamah stood on the steps of Le Palais Garnier, clutching her chatelaine bag and tapping her foot impatiently. Where is she? Dawn cloaked the Place de l'Opera in a silky blue light. The Contessa frowned. It was quite maddening. For almost one hour she had waited for her lover at the agreed rendezvous, beneath the impassive bronze gaze of the statues that graced the roof of the opera house. She had endured impertinent looks. She watched the fiacres come and go, in classic tradition, private carriages with their hoods up, and expensive looking automobiles alike circle the streets, public conveyances open to the elements, four-wheelers, gigs, all disembarking their passengers. A sea of black silk top hats and fine evening gowns from the showrooms of local vintage Victorian era appropriate garb, for it is a themed event. It was an elegant opening-night audience, a sophisticated crowd come to see and to be seen by their peers. But no Kayle Rez.

Once Naamah had thought she spied her. A Lady of her lovers bearing and proportions, athletic build, and blonde hair with black streaks, and with the same measured step. From a distance, she even imagined her shining gold eyes and beautiful smirk, and she raised her hand to wave. But then the woman turned her face, and she saw it was not Kayle.

Naamah returned her gaze to the Avenue de l'Opera. It stretched diagonally all the way down to the Palais du Louvre, a remnant of fragile monarchy, when a nervous French King sought a safe and direct route to his evening's entertainment. The lanterns twinkled in the dawn, and squares of warm light spilled out through the windows of the cafes and bars. The gas jets spat and spluttered. Around her the air was filled with the sounds of the city at dawn as night gave way to day.

Then she felt the soft hands of her lover wrap around her and hold her from behind."How do you do that?"she jests to her super sexy space girl. It is funny to The Contessa, her hearing is so advanced that she could notice which wheels needed repair, or the silent conversations happening inside the bar across the street, but she couldn't hear Kayle get the drop on her. And just as the two lovers were about to take in their very first opera together, something that took a healthy amount of prep work on Naamah's part, comes to a crashing end as the world is invaded by a super advanced race of beings calling themselves The Overlords.

"The Overlords... One million people murdered if we resist, tagged, jobs?" Naamah takes Kayles arms up into her own, and pulls them to her crimson lips, kissing her forearms with all of her passion and love. "They want slaves... Lets kill as many of these poor fools as we can before that can happen. What good is a planet to Overlords with no people to make slaves out of?" she says as a wicked smile painted across her face. Naamah starts killing humans, as many as she can, going all out in a blood lust, until she is made to stop.

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This event was painfully unanticipated, even by the meticulous manipulator himself. Even after all of his ludicrous preparation, relentless planning and peerless alertness, he too fell before the undeniable might of The Overlords. His own personal failure against them was not powerful enough to affect him, however, the sheer shock of failing his people in Iberia, it, shook his seemingly unbreakable confidence. Forced out of the empire he had created through elusive manipulations and prolonged scheming, The Genius had no choice but to watch these Overlords usurp political power which was not theirs. The invasion was abrupt, nobody could have predicted it, regardless of all the geniuses and masterminds that the world had to offer, none could truly oppose the unquestionable ferocity and superiority of The Overlords.

Having since retained his characteristic confidence, mysterious Impero remains hidden in one of the few locations that has perhaps managed to conceal itself from watchful eyes of The Overlords. Through countless years of intense preparation and advancements, cunning Impero discovered numerous possibilities involving the human consciousness. Having developed an unorthodox yet somewhat incomplete quasi-pocket dimension that rested in the virtual reality of an Iberian citizen's subconscious, the former Emperor carefully observes the world's current situation through a series of holographic monitors that hovered before him. With his lightly cracked iconic mask sitting gently on his lap, the pensive expression on his dashing face, a testament to his difficulty in formulating an effective counter-plan for this. "While fruitful, these observations are risky. I am at risk of detection. But I have no choice. Retaliation is needed", he thought, pinching the bridge of his nose in slight frustration. Sighing as he retains his infamous calmness, for but a moment, he wonders what has become of his lover Lara Kelly and their daughter, Kratesis.

Minutes into the sudden invasion, enigmatic Impero made several attempts at communicating with them, however, neither were in Iberia and he had received no response from their communications devices. It worried him. However, they were not the only ones in his thoughts. His close friend Fowler had not responded as well, and while searching for and locating the three of them was indeed a priority, his most important priority was attempting to rid the world of The Overlords, no matter how ridiculously slim his chances have become. Soon he was approached by his daughter Rubina, she was the only one with whom he managed to escape with, his heir apparent. "Father, have you had any success locating them? I have to know that Kratesis and Lara are safe", the usually proud Yuansu Prodigy asked, an expression of concern looming over her lovely face. Calmly shaking his head, Impero put his expressionless mask back on, "No my daughter. But I will. For now though, the world needs to be free of this plague. And I will do all I can to do so. Stay here", he demanded before embracing his teenage daughter with an affectionate hug.

With twin ebony Jian swords strapped to his back, each unique blade crafted with the exotic Trion metal, Impero departed from the unorthodox pocket dimension, leaving his daughter to its safety. Clad in his distinct armored dark hooded militaristic attire, the former Emperor infused terrifying amounts of his own chi into his body, elevating his physical attributes beyond their usual limits. Rarely ever doing battle with more than 50% of his true capability, the cryptic assassin had no choice but to free himself from restrain. The occasion insisted that he do this. With a plan set, Impero returns to Iberia in perhaps a futile attempt to reclaim the empire.

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Fowler and a legion of Tritonian military are busy not fending off or fighting the overlords, in this case he was working as a neutral agent. While the world was on the bring of servitude the bioborg gathered what men and women he had available that was permitted by the other members of the Triton Triumviate, they decreed that only a couple of hundred personnel can be mobilized at this given time. Radix has made radical modifications to the Sealand base that will Isolate it into a faraway dimension while the fiasco occurs because the 'experiments' are still ongoing and something as petty as a world scale invasion cannot stop him from achieving completion in this task.

Peregrine cannot and does not interfere because it was tasked earlier with the exploration of the Dyson Sphere, space is occupied at the moment and somehow the Warlords had used some form of teleportation that bypassed a solar system wide array of hollow defenses. As it lies alone in the expanse of space the machine’s solitary eye pans away at more 'interesting' information, gazing at a panopticon of unknown ancient data. Fowler on the other hand is given exactly the duration of twelve hours to move before he is pulled back to the trans-dimensional anchor set and buffered through several fractal shifts of the voyage that will cause problems for anyone/thing dumb enough to follow.

Today is not a day to fight, just a black ops get in get out mission. The sun has been generous so far, keeping a veil of shadow over his head and the skill-sets given by his participation during the League of Assassins helps the giant bioborg move under the radar. Stealth was a factor, but when backed with supernatural know-how from the time with Paradise under the Tutelage of Knight Leader Klovis has also paid off. Because when he joins a group part of his being becomes entangled with the team, likewise part of the team becomes one with him. Reciprocity comes at unpredictable times, but it is this exchange of loyalty that keeps him in a sense alive.

He wants to fight, and can fight but he cannot attract attention to the shadow state. For the moment all and any existing comms are shut off, the 'Non Interference Zone' is at full force and he is practically nonexistent at this point. Under this new guise they scattered across the lands, scrounging and scavenging for anyone that registers 'positive' on their sensors. T, in this context stands for Technopath and M, in this context stands for Magnetics both whom are also stranded in this core of chaos.

Sound modules null the existence of unwanted noise, vibratory modules shut off the nuances of movement. Fowler is ‘no more’, and this nobody has approached the selected T&M’s with an offer of an exodus from the inevitable classification. Ensuring that the Overlords can have the fun, but when they want to reach a certain group they can find themselves late. Some joined, while others stayed behind, but those who stayed behind are given aid in recompense. A pill of blue and a pill of white, a mixture of two to erase doubts as the bioborg will return.

When he does the lords can be sure to face a strong opposition, and they can be sure to remember its name. Right now the only remaining Friday on earth vanished along with a crowd of people, like how a mirage shimmers in the wind. Now a memory, later a flashback and ultimately a nightmare for those that crossed it’s mind.

Several Aid is given to his allied states, some to Iberia, some to Nakamura empire, and others to Athens. As far as people are concerned, there are no snowmen on the Himalayas, and most of the yokai/obake in the Nakamura empire are safely guarded. In the wake of external threats most of the technopaths and magnetics are abroad, waiting with a vengeance.

"We will return when they are at their weakest, and when we do they will be but a memory in our minds."

Twelve hours are over, the world shifts to a Saturday.