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Those doctors had sold him out. Pallu was back in the old continent where the death penalty swung over his head! All his things were taken and placed in the locker with all the other criminals belongings. The thought of his pendants just sitting on the other side of a cage in an airplane. It simply ticked him off. His eyes scanned over the cage for weak points, but the mild headache he had from the concussions he was frequently getting was making it hard. Though he did see one. He was a skinny guy so they tied his arms behind his back but left his legs free.
"Do you have a smoke?" Pallu asked the guard who grunted, then released one hand off of the shotgun that was fixed on the terrorists torso. The familiar grin went across his face as Pallu kicked his leg up against the gun, blowing the lock on cage. With that he was up, hopping over the cuffs to get his hands infront of him he ran directly past the chest with his goodies in it and clubbed both pilots with his balled fists. After that he kicked the controls and sent the plane to a decline. With the force the case the items was tossed against the wall and broken open, Pallu hanging onto the door was barely scratched.

It wasn't a dignified crawl he made but it was a crawl none the less. Over the door and through the hall of chairs he kept an eye on the guard who was recovering from the random change in direction. Snagging his collar with the tips of his fingers he made a victorious laugh then slapped it on before throwing himself out the door of the plane. Wearing a bright orange jump suit he flailed through the air, his green dreads doing just the same. Then the sound of the wind crashing into the fabric became his parachute.

It was the middle of nowhere but it was a start. He could see a small village that wouldn't be happy to see him after the plane crashed into it. Wasn't every day that a terrorist threw a plane at something, nobody ever liked the terrorist. It pleased Pallu to know most people with dreads would be descriminated against too simply because of Pallu's hair. How foolish.

On contact with the ground the maniac rolled, stood then brushed himself off until the dust was off of his dazzling jump suit. "Great.. no weapons, no dignity." said the crazed man who now strolled into the carnage of fire and death he had accidently caused. "Does anyone have a phone!? I wasn't given my right to a phonecall yet!" Nobody listened, just as well, they would probably throw the phone at him. So rude.

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As soon as she opened her eyes it was met with a bright light.She was strapped to some type of table with people looking over her,Harley Samsum was a 18 year old girl who was abused,raped and homeless,The Scientist found her on the street and decided to use her for there latest technology Called the project Omega. And what that did was restructure her Body. She was now a moving.living breathing weapon,the Scientist took a huge Sticker that Said Sha and stenciled it on her fresh white armor.The sha of this time had gone missing know one knew where she went,So civilizations all across the world were creating there own Sha's. Michelle Standford a Grad Student at CSU was the first to take on the title of Sha and Now it was going to be Harley.One of the Scientist came up to her and opened a compartment under her armor and placed in a high priced crystlic fusion cell which caused her suit to light up with a bright  blue flash.

They unstrapped her,and allowed her to move around,The data screen for Harley ready unstable she began to get flash backs of her mother being beatin,Her sister being killed and herself being rapped. Her emotions overloaded the systems and she erupted into a huge rage. Blowing the whole facility to smithereens,she stood in the debris confused at what just happened.She felt sorry for the bodies she caused to lay on the floors,but they  created her into some type of weapon,and all weapons have there malfunctions.

She flew into the air towards a small villiage, she landed and saw a man scurrying around looking for a phone,She glanced back to see the smoke rising in the air,she didnt want the Federal employee's to come after her so she decided,that it was best to stay in the village.She finally ran a scan on the man seeing that he was a terroist,she quickly became alert. She didnt want him to draw attention to the villiage,so she readed her verta blast.


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Nobody would give him a phone so he managed to take one from a running woman, openning it then smiling. "Hello!!! Yes I haven't spoken to you in some time. I need a lift. I am in the village where the two gypsy girls.. and.. AHA you remember!!! Good, can you come pick me up? Yes I know I am all over the news. I just killed.... afew. It was an accident! Well this time it was. Can you? Thanks." Closing the phone he tossed it then heard "You there, calm your.." then he blanked her out. Obviously he could still here her but he knew what was to be said.

   Turning on his heil the man wade a quaking sound that shattered the cuffs on his hands. "I am about as calm as someone could be if they jumped from a plane! Please go, I do not wish to have any trouble. I need to find a woman! Ask her why she let me live.. then possibly destroy every atom she is composed of." With that said, Pallu made a motion one would to tell a child to go play somewhere else. He did not move, nor did he stand hostile. Simply waiting for his ride to arrive.
     "Oh.." he mumbled in a growl of a voice, noticing the blast she had ready for him. "I must warn you, I have learned things..!" a giggle parted his speech, "..You will not survive.. and your not on my list to kill." with that he stepped closer to her, he was ready, though he hoped his body could handle the stress he would put on it.

By this time the people had cleared the area, but stayed to watch as this robotic woman stayed to face him. Afew flinched as he raised his hands to brush his dreads out of his face.

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The man continued his sparatic behavior talking on the phone to someone his faced paced movements was giving Harley a headache,he turned to her and explained how he had jumped from and plane and was looking for someone who had let him live,he was going to ask her why and then kill her. as she aimed her verta blast at him again as he warned her he has learned things,but she was a cyborg with omega level skills so,she naturally wasn't worried. He told her she wouldn't survive and that she wasn't on his list to kill but if he had a list that means he was killing for no reason,She fired her verta blast full force,it was so powerful it knocked her back a few meters. The blast covered a perimeter of 36 feet by 36 feet,She quickly regained her footing and flew in for a cybernetic energy based strike to the face.


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Eyes fixed onto the woman who seemed to aim her attack directly at him. This was a comical factor to him for at this point he thought he was unstoppable. Each opponent was amazingly powerful and nearly killed him, but he always managed to live. It got to his head and gave him quite the ego. A whoosh of sound and force came crashing at him and with a clever smile he clapped and the earth below him shot a pillar sky high. The pillar crumpled with the force of the verta blast. His eyes widened with such amazement and surprise of this ability. "WOW your AMAZING!" he chuckled. Falling now as though nothing was wrong.

His body tensed and he seemed to vibrate, "Sound is so much more then I had first though..." with that his form stretched forward and then crashed back together, launching him back down to the ground. "Now, my list is of those who deserve it. Those who made you.. by the looks of it. They want heroes while being the villain. What does that make me!?" The man chuckled with discontent after his speech. "What do you think?" the man questioned again, brushing his hair out of his eyes to reveal that they had changed from a dark blue to an off white, he lacked pupils and the look made him seem more deranged. His body became translucent and again he moved from one position to another. "Ah.. the power is me.. hehe. Now leave!" With that he again shooed her away like one would a child. "I have things to do! Things to think about.."

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Harley watched as he clapped his hands on the ground and Shot into the air she watched as he fell back to the earth, without a care, it then occurred to Harley as to who he was talking about when he was talking about the person he needed to find. He was talking about Shayla Lopez, well the evil one anyway she remembered Sha talking about it before they fought.

 He appeared to vibrate as he came back to the ground Harley looked up at him with a slight smirk on her face; soon her Vera blast released some type of exhaust finally her system did a scan and told her he was dangerous.

Every time he clapped his hands, the force pushed her back; she struggled to keep her balanced finally something said

………. Terminate.

Harley flew into the air and extended her hands towards him and her armor turned silver she was picking up the metal scraps from the wreckage, of the lab she destroyed and  she threw it at him,She flew down to the ground and then opened her Verta Cannon and fired her OMEGA level magnet blast at him.

She stayed floating about 17 feet in the air.

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What a blast... literally. This girl packed a punch, that last one was making him giggle uncontrollably and he really needed to fix that. With each chuckle his body vibrated and pulsed with the energy of both the Strength and sound pendants. "My my.. am I becoming a monster? Or am I becoming a defender.. let's be the judge. For such a hero like figure as yourself you do considerable damage to your target and the surroundings. Fancy that. Maybe I can work on that myself.. but can you?" He chuckled again but it didn't seem like she cared much to say the least. Her movements sprang forward in an attack that could be easily described as 'Holy F*^%' and you would still get an A+ on that description.

With his arms up he yelled in fear, fazing his body out like before in an attempt to dodge but it was no use. It made contact with him. The man slammed agains the ground and felt the ground rumble as the blast moved past and beyond sight. His body was sore all over but he had survived. This alone through off the mans mind. Rubbing his head while forcing himself to stand, he realized his body was glowing a bluish green. He was also blurry and would twitch with the pace of his heart beat. "Wow.." he said in an echoed sound as though in a tiny white room. "Heh.. pure sound energy.. I can hear everything.. " Glancing back at the robotical woman, his dreads seemed to float as though he was in water. "That really hurt.. I can still feel the burn all over my body.. it's amazing." He raised his hand to brush away his dreadlocks, but as he did he noticed some of the rubble pulsated with the movement. His heartbeat was now enough.. "Nice.." he echoed again. Pointing at a random stone the sound of humming emerged out of nowhere before a visible blue blast of sound screamed into the stone causing it to shatter into smoke and pebbles. "This is the gift she gave me?.. Such a kind heart.." with another chuckle he glanced over to Omega Sha and pointed his hand lazily at her. His orange jump suite blowing with the pulse of his body, in rags due to her last attack. Again the humming built up and a screaming ray launched at her while the sound of his echoed, maniacal laughter bounced off of every surface, doing no damage. He was reaching total control. "Introducing the new Pallu... the Pallu Project."

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Harley watched him look in awes at his own injuries She finally realized he was insane so she decided to just leave him be. She turned around and began headed in the direction of East that’s where Shayla Lopez  the good one was last seen her,Vanka,and Michelle where all looking for her she just seemed to disappear. Harley was wasting time with someone who obviously didn’t know he was insane.

She just kept walking until she felt vibrations underneath the earth; she looked back only to be hit with a ray of sound waves which knocked her far back into a Tree. She landed in the area between the grass and two trees’ she got to her feel and let out a laugh she tapped her foot on the ground and created a massive fissure. The ground shake and quaked and cracked beneath them She then made some of the chunks of earth rise and fired them at him with speed, She took her left hand and converter her Vera blaster to that hand and then fired a huge Blast at him.

She flew into the air and created a circle around him using her heat vision, She then made the circle rise into the air where he would be stranded.

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When the beam of sound made contact with her, he did not jump for glee as he normally would. Pallu took a deep breath and stood waiting.The ground rumbled beneath him as she tapped her foot. Stones rose up and were thrown at him, raising both hands he pushed off a wave of sound to obliterate them all. His head running with questions. It destracted him from the trap that was made. He was now stuck in some sort of heat based construct. Running his hand close to it he smiled, "Sound is not effected by heat girl." the words moved smoothly from his mouth when he spoke. Eyes fixed up at her with a half smile.

The man stayed in the spot and watched her, his body beginning to vibrate and move about the construct on its own. It was as though he was walking, but he simply stood there with his hands on his hips waiting for her to attack. In this trap he could not attack her, and he was not sure how much energy he would have to put off to escape. With nothing else to do, he took a deep breath. The maniac was calm, content, and undercontrol. It was an odd sight if you knew him for the past year. "What is your name?" a question echoed from him to the mechanical girl. "Not your code name but your real name?" with that his arms moved from his sides and crossed infront of his chest.

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Harley had the man stranded on a piece of land that stuck up in the air, Now what she needed to find out what was the best way of attack, Attacking him head on seemed to be a good strategy but with his powers of sound manipulation could help him out in a long run. Harley converted her Magnetism and blast power in her Verta Blaster and then Transformed her Terra powers into full on power. This way she could fire all her attacks at the same time as project them at certain areas of the perimeter.

She locked on target and was ready to fire when he asked her what her real name is? Harley tried to stay focused and ignore him like she did previously but she decided to at least tell him her name. MY NAME IS HARLEY SAMSUM.   She then powered her blast up again this time it was at full capacity her scanner began ringing and she finally released the ultra omega level force she held in her cannon. She fired it at the base of the  land mass and then spun around and fired a volley of last all with the same power level  of the first blast.

She smiled and continued floating, she was hoping he though her assault was over; she brought her cannon up again and fired it into the air and released a barrage of energy blast that fell to the earth like comets all aimed at him, she did a backflip in the air and fired a minor blast at him to try and finish him off.

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With a smile the man watched her power her blast, "So I have to die now? Well, I remember why you died.. thats all that matters." He mumbled it under his breath then looked down as he saw a truck pull up in the distance. A small figure with purple atop his head could be seen and this brought a tear to Pallu's eye. The thought that his friend actually came to help him out dispite his distaste for killers. Poor guy. Finally the man looked up, and they locked eyes. A scream of warning shot out through the horizon. "It's to late." Pallu whispered.

Thick green tubes of hair waved about as the impending blast came at him, Pallu knew it would not be the only one, he had this coming. Though his eyes looked ready, dispite the lack of pupils. As it crashed into him he could feel the sound waves he was made up of slow and break. It was not painful, it was numbing. The platform around him lasted barely a moment before it crashed to peices below while the purple haired man watched in terror. The several other blasts that followed whipped the former terrorist to the ground with so much force, if he was still tissue he would have splattered across the dirt. Eyes closed he endured each blast waiting for the final. A moment transpired, and Pallu could feel energy again as his friends yelling at the woman to stop seemed to fuel him. Fresh sound! Pallu slowly stood, but was thrown back down as the second volly struck him in the back of the head and held him down. This one was weaker, but stung. He hadn't enough energy to maintain the sound form anymore.

Left weakened, his form returned, and his eyes stared up as he witnessed one last flash of light come down upon him. "NO!" was yelled from his side as the man jumped infront of him and took the blast to the stomach. Coughing up blood his eyes flashed red but he tried to keep his cool. "Go away!" the new-comer called out, feeling a hand on his shoulder as Pallu used his friend to stand.
 "Go home Kenjin.. these heroes seem hellbent on killing me. Maybe it is a good thing. Look at what I have done." He motioned his hand over the array of land that had been destroyed by the plane. "This is just one small part.. you've seen the news." At that he took a shaky step past his friend and looked up at Harley Samsum. "She is alot like you.. so don't fight her." At that his friend took a deep breath followed by a deep sigh. "I will try to survive.. and tell Izzy that I remember." Pallu continued before his friend walked away, to safer ground. The odd thing was, his friend seemed unfazed after afew moments. As though the blast was nothing.

Tapping his foot against the dirt he now stood on, the former terrorist looked up, wind blowing his dreads into his face. "What is it like being a hero?" He called out to Harley. His voice giving him power, the sound filling the air around him. Each sound heard restored his strength, though he remained visually unfit to continue. "I would really like to know."