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"The Finest Steel must go through the Hottest Fire."

" Organizational Moderation of Extra-combative Garrisons and Arms", or OMEGA as it is more commonly called, is a multinational project, originally an "under the table" peacekeeping force between China and the United States during the Cold War, enacted by President Nixon. It was a rough pursuit, in order to keep a third world war from breaking out over the whole process.

After the conflicts had finally ended, the project, given the new name it currently holds, was refurbished by the U.S. and quickly grew to it's current stature as a worldwide police organization. Though still mostly influenced by the U.S. due to it's high involvement in it's initial creation, OMEGA has proven itself independent, and more importantly, efficient, when it comes to dealing with the threats that plague the world.

OMEGA Station Infinity

Station Infinity is OMEGA's main base. Built beneath Lake Champlain, the base is made to be completely secure. Complete with a personal hangar, barracks, tracking systems, and more, the facility was designed to house a small army of soldiers, engineers, and scientists, and succeeded in that regard. The only entrance or exit to the base is through the hangar's access hatch, which remains closed if fighters aren't constantly leaving or entering the base. The facility always has at least four dozen soldiers throughout the base in case of an actual attack, backed up by the defense system's turrets throughout the base.

The true weapon to OMEGA, however, is in the laboratories. They were crucial to getting OMEGA into it's current degree of greatness, manufacturing weapons and facilities within the station to keep it's troops right up with their enemies. One of the more important uses for the laboratories is reverse engineering any weapons, armor, or gadgets the field agents and troops manage to snag from the battlefield. The scientists have earned the word "Leech" as a universal nickname due to this.

  • Currently, the scientists are researching the strange tiara Legion managed to retrieve from the Amazonian Mutant Asteria, along with his injuries, during the Invasion of New York City.

Personnel Intel

Central Officer Thomas-


Referred to by most agents of OMEGA as the "invisible man", Central Officer Thomas is the voice of the organization, sounding his voice throughout the communicators of the commanding field agents and keeping a watchful eye on battlefields through spotters usually scattered through areas. Having become a personal friend to Charles Andrews, or "Legion", Thomas is often heard on Charles's communicators, giving tips or Intel on the current situation. Off the communicators, he reigns as a commander, directing forces as needed and keeping Station Infinity full and functional.

Lead Researcher Maria Ryan


The head of the scientists in Station Infinity, Maria Ryan is often more of a spokesperson, giving the results of her and the other researcher's experiments to Thomas. She herself is mostly suited to biological sciences, though fully understands most other sciences.


Lead Manufacturer Richard Shi

The man who brings what the researchers dream of to life, Richard Shi, like Ryan, also ends up more as a supervisor and communicator than any form of a leader. He informs Thomas of his progress, and sends anything he doesn't need at the moment to either one of the other facilities or to the barracks.


Alright, I may of gone a bit overboard (or underboard, depending on the point of view) with this. I didn't really think to check the CVnU rules to see if any part of this was prohibited or had to be approved or anything like that. Sorry. If there ARE any problems with this, please inform me. If this has a process similar to the empire stuff, then this thread should act as a OOC for challengers and stuff well enough. Once again, sorry. I was just self pressured to get this done.

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No such thing as Overboard on an OP to me, this is tight man.

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@_Quickster_: @Ellie_Knightfall: @Surkit: Tanks.
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Nice! I don't see any problems with it rules wise either, looks good to me.

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We need to kick something off soon. Carry on the storyline from Invasion.

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@Amaranth_Strix: I'm game for anything, though ideas are hard to come by on my side.
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@_Legion_: I was thinking someone from the Court would try and recover the tiara, seems like the most logical progression to me.

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@Amaranth_Strix: Good idea is good. A short-post RPG then? Or just interacting in this thread? (My Inbox may implode)
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@_Legion_: Haha, lets do it as a short post RPG.

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@Amaranth_Strix: Awesome. You wanna make the thread? I think ti should be like NY Invasion, one thread for OOC and RPG to keep to simplicity.
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@_Legion_: That works for me. Hrm, you should make the thread to set the scene how you want. I'm the one coming after you, after all, so you've got the advantage of the defense and home ground.

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Gonna be using this soon enough.

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You know, my Hierarchy uses both HALO and XCOM units. Just sayin'.

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@the_undying_tombstone: I'm fully aware, was reading one of your blogs and it made me feel like bringing this back. When you plan on doing the next Marathon thing?

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@_legion_: This month.

If MARATHON 2 was Halo 2 with superheroes, then MARATHON 3 will be Halo 3 with powers.

I need to start on prelude posts though.

Like explaining why Klo'Vis is now crawling with the Thoughtsin, the death of the Muton King Barac'Talak, and the Coalition-Secessionist alliance.

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@_legion_: Dr. Edward John Shandian walked up to a tree, wearing a large overcoat and looking at OMEGA's hangar door through small, sleek binoculars. "Indoor place. Just what I needed." He muttered to himself as a storm cloud boomed. "Looks heavy, and is probably full of soldiers..." He muttered, when all of a sudden he noticed someone about to enter the base. Making sure nobody was around, he summoned a bolt of lightning, instantly disabling the soldier. Running out he dragged the soldier to a nearby bush, where he quickly exchanged clothing and equipment. Neatly he switched out the picture on the soldiers ID card with a small picture of his own, then walked toward the large door with a serious expression. For bringing down the USA.

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The guards at the door open it and look the man up and down before letting him through. The base was bustling with troops and staff, supplies and manpower constantly being moved around the base. Mere minutes of being within the base and the spy is quickly approached by a officer. "Soldier, we need someone to head down to the weapons testing area, Dr. Ryan has a new firearm design. Three floors down, just take the lift." The officer says bluntly before moving on to other duties.

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Stiffly Shandian nodded to the officer, then headed down to the lift. Pressing the button inside he waited, looking around with not the least bit of nervousness. He looked at the gun in his arms with a raised brow- a new firearm design? Surely Aleksai would like to hear about that. He would have to copy it. Oh boy could he see it now- Shandian Inc., selling firearms to the governments of the world. He could make billions!

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I think I can have Tombstone start pouring tons of money into this.

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