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I am a woman living in a man's world.  I tell men what they need to hear and they love it.  I may use them but there's not a man in this world who wouldn't love to be used by a woman like me?
It's not my fault that men fall in love with me or that they can't resist my beauty or my charm or the fact that they're so easily manipulated.  Men crumble at my feet like little puppies begging for my affection.   
Its why I don't understand why people jeer me for my natural talents.  Men should blame themselves for their weakness.  Women should feel inferior because of their lack of control.   

Change is Good

A cool evening draft soothes a stressed conscience.  Slowly unbuttoning her grayish Calvin Klein pinstripe suit jacket; an altruistic businesswoman gently combs her crimson colored hair.  Tucking the comb into the jacket's chest pocket; thee alluring executive stands confidently.  Transparent doors are pushed open because she is above lifting her fingers for work meant for lackeys.  She steps inside the conference room as if she calls all the shots.  Unlike the other Gods the executive administrator takes her seat beside the King instead of mingling with the imps. 
As the two-faced constituents discuss whatever consumes their eternal lives, the beautiful adviser loosens her collar.  A once boisterous corridor meant for sharing war stories and ending feuds had fallen victim to piercing silence.  Taking this moment to inhale deeply, a sensual moan garners her King's undivided attention.  He knows she wants to seize this opportunity.  Speak her mind freely without the judgmental eyes of Alceus Sol or Helena Troy hindering her undeniable fortitude.  
King Vasilias shrugs when hundreds of eyes are placed upon him.  Looking down at his trustworthy prodigy the ruler readily gives her leeway.  What more can he do?  There is no need to delay.  Her disdain is understandably defensible.  Whether they be fascists, liars, concubines, or dummies this redhead certainly does not care.  All that bothers her is the dishonesty held between siblings.  Untold happenings on Mount Olympus cannot go along unquestioned any longer.     
Seward lifts Clarice from her curvaceous hips and places her atop a table meant for thousands.  When she gets footing, she smiles to let everyone know she means no harm.  Exchanging her jacket for a clipboard and pen the redheaded mystery returns her sights to those she believes to be insubordinate.  She quickly jots down the names of Gods involved in the crisis that occurred months ago.  Clarice nibbles on her titanium pen cap and giggles at her own menacing thoughts.
"Alright people lets do a head check.  Hera is dead thanks to the Olympian Champion.  Check!  Poseidon is dead.  Check!  Hades is dead.  Check!  Atlas and Hyperion are dead.  Check!  Hestia brutally injured.  Sorry for that.  Check!  Which leaves you Demeter.  What to do with you?  Oh I know.  I have the perfect job for the likes of you."  Shimmying to the sound of her own melodious voice the supposed narcissist mocks her fellow goddess for acting so victimized.   
"Did you not side with Zeus during the crisis?  Aren't half of the individuals in this room followers of the old regime?  Vasilias will no longer keep company with those who oppose the new order.  This is not some hostile takeover.  We are simply exhausted by the fact that we have siblings in this court who already plot the destruction of a kingdom not entirely healed from the wreckage caused by warfare.  Demeter because of your actions you will no longer attend to whatever job you have because as of now you are my assistant.  Oh and as an insult to injury you'll take the image of my step-father whenever in my company so that I may boss you in whichever way I please." 
Slipping her Licia Suede sandals off her aching feet the bored redhead turns back to her King.  She can't help but chuckle at the mixture of emotions she has caused.  Its kind of exhilarating to know that one woman can cause such an uproar.   
"As the executive administrator to King Vasilias it is my duty to uphold class in my dimension, to advise my fearless leader to make the right choices for our kingdom, and weed out any traitors whether they be minuscule or immense. After the Crisis in Olympus there has one issue that was suspiciously left unattended. Our dimension's general has gone AWOL. Something that cannot be accepted in the court any longer. Victor Grey must be contained immediately. The longer he is left unsupervised, the more vulnerable Vasilias' domain will become." 
"This is a message to all of the Gods! Find me the location of Mister Grey and you will surely be rewarded. Preserve your positions.  Prove your loyalty." 
She taps the pen against the wooden clipboard.  Elongating her speech for dramatic reasoning.

"Thank you for listening my fellow brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, and totally unrelated peasants. My name is Clarice Michelle Zeraz and the safety of Mount Olympus is all I care for. Have no fear my relatives. I will observe this mission appropriately as Seward properly captures the renegade general. Have a good eternity. All Hail Vasilias! Maestro to a new generation! A man who serves his worshipers! People Power!" 
Even though she basks in the ambiance of what's she done, Clara Mass wonders what poor Victor Grey is doing right about now.  Of course nothing as exciting as being an executive administrator but excitement should be permitted in anyone's life.  Even mosquitoes like Mister Grey.   
While she waits for the location of her target the violet eyed murderess decides to check up on her tumblr.  Clarice hopes she has broken the 300,000 followers goal by now.  Sharing her day to day living must be splendid for those with borrowing lives.  
A lot of people get impatient with the pace of change ~ James Levine
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"Eh! Eh! Ah!" Victor trained his body for combat using a punching bag, he would spare no time in getting ready for whatever came at him. The door knocked on Victor's door abruptly and ended his training session. A gun concealed under his jacket, he made his way to the door. Opening the door, the taller god Hermes towered above him, an unfortunate frown on his face.

"Victor, I come bearing bad news" Hermes spoke "Clarice has just put a target on your head, it's about your military duties, she says you've gone AWOL and threatened the security of Olympus in doing so, you are set to look like a renegade . . . Seward is coming here right away" Hermes didn't appear to hold any scrolls, he spoke from the heart, which meant he'd come here on his own accord.

"Thank you Hermes . . . but-" Victor realised he didn't have much time and ran to suit up "Thank you, you may leave" Victor didn't want Hermes to be seen here.

"Perhaps some gods are willing to help you, there are still some that don't believe you to have defected or whatever label she may put on your head. They can-" Hermes was cut short by Victor.

"Keep a telepathic link open, but for now, I can't endanger others because of me" Victor began to suit up in his alternate armour. Seward possessed the powers of Poseidon, and he'd need to get him out of the range of others. Had it been foolish not to ask for help? He can't possibly win this. Should he ask for help while he can? No.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Victor ran throughout the city, holding his .700 caliber magnum with extra magazines, his adamantine Bowie knife and many other weapons and gadgets. This armour was specifically made for sustaining hits from super individuals, but it wasn't yet finished. He'd have to rush the process. Making his way to a farm, he stood in the bare land, waiting for Seward to come. He could see the god from far away, approaching Victor and ready for a fight, believing him to really be a renegade. I could've had Hercules be on my side.

Victor rushed into battle with a sword, hoping to engage the god in close combat to limit his powers.

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Nobody ever knows what they'll do when things start going wrong. 

Nomadic Serpent

Clarice Michelle loosens her collar as fair maidens tighten an intricately woven bustier.  Ten rows of shaved diamond stroke the smooth locks of maroon colored hair.  Beneath her midsection are two blind servants whom carefully zip velvet versace heels.  From the left wing of her corridor arrives a blinding light.  Appearing before the presence of Vasilias' right hand woman is none other than a shackled Hermes.   
Before she interacts, Hermes is quickly brought to his knees by the trident of Seward; the redheaded mystery applauds the messenger for his outright foolishness.  "I must say...I never viewed you as a threat."  Clarice applies lip balm onto her already rubicund lips.   
"However, now I see my error of misjudgment."  Effortlessly disposing of her glamorous accessory; thee executive administrator clutches her signature titanium pen.  "Please.  Hermes I am not your enemy."  Leaning over the deranged beauty lightly kisses the runner's perspiring forehead.  How it saddens her to act so business orientated but she must act accordingly.  She'd hate for others to obtain the wrong idea.
Thirty-five seconds and Hermes has yet to make an utterance.  A bothersome god who holds onto the old ways of Zeus' regime.  A horse holds more dignity than he who aids an AWOL general.  "Tell me--"  Taken back by a whirlwind of oxygen, Clarice stumbles as saliva expands onto her glimmering lilac eye.  It reddens from discomfort.  An annoying pain that has yet to fade.  Screaming from the surprising insult, glass shatters, and laughing workers cringe. 

"You are no goddess.  You are no Olympian.  Clarice Michelle Zeraz you are a tainted abomination that should of been gutted two decades ago.  I am sorry child but your very existence spells doom for humanity.  You are no heroine...you are a wretched---UCK!"  He is unable to speak another word as the golden trident of Seward plunges into the grime covered abdomen of Olympus' herald.   
Once her eyesight returns, Clarice crawls to Hermes, grabbing onto his precious balls.  Squinting at the amount of pressure she applies, tears rolls down his wrinkling flesh.  Caressing his arm with the other hand the redheaded fighter savors the scent of eternal blood.   
"Please do listen rooster son of Zeus...from now on you shall do as I say or so help me the world will only remember Hermes as a traitorous retch.  Now tell me my little winged persona...where is Victor Grey!!!"

A moody atmosphere tears the happiness from innocent souls as for Clarice well she is accustomed to such evenings.  Straightened hair as black as death sways from left to right while the melodious vocals of Guy Richie plays on a loop within a drunken woman's apartment.    Minutes pass away faster than an amateur porn flick.  Soon enough she is standing before a gate that remains steady for multiple miles.  
Opening the aged barrier by the powers of All-Seer; Clara Mass is whisked away by the masculine arms of Seward.  An awful spells interacts with her nostrils so she demands her faithful warrior to be still.  She returns to her feet without proper aid.  Without a moment to spare she witness a rushing Mister Grey screaming as if he were a valiant immortal.  She chuckles as his efforts are deflected.  Seward engages his target. 
"My...my...my....what a wondrous place to die."
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Hermes, our link is weak . . . I can't feel him anymore, his telepathic relay, it's gone . . .

Clara Mass, Vasillias's advisor, appointed into position as a result of the war. She was behind this. She stood high, placing herself above every living thing, she had her own thing coming.

"Making me out to be a renegade general?" Victor responded to the taunt, taking deep breaths, his body slowly tiring, but his stamina still strong "clever, but stupid. When I clear my name and the whole Olympus bears truth to the lies of the real renegade, who will they trust? You are a wolf in sheep's clothing, a coward hiding in plain sight, yet you claim what? To offer liberation? To save the olympians? Your kind is the worst" Victor's adamantine knife clashed with the golden trident of the Son of the Sea, the force of the blow sending him back, the only thing keeping him to the ground being his weight. He'd underestimated Seward, and no reinforcements would come, but he had a far-fetched plan, a long shot.

Spitting out a string of blood from his mouth and into his face plate, Victor performed a perfect side roll to compensate for his reduced manoeuvrability, Seward had just missed his mark, his trident flying past the Fallen God with a firm and swift movement, the power might've killed him, the sound of the air being cut could be heard out loud. Victor doubled forward and made his way to Seward's back, slashing at the son of the sea's back. The god had underestimated Victor as well, because even if he wasn't god, his skills were toned over millennia's of military focused battle. I'm not playing for smiles, i'll get killed. Sometimes you have to play dirty to win. Victor side rolled around Seward as he prepared his plan.

"You know, very convenient your husband disappearing in your house? Any coincidence? Why'd you kill your husband Clara?" Victor attempted mind games, but she wasn't the real threat here, he was just having fun to get under her skin. The real threat was Seward, the Son of the Poseidon. Didn't this guy die?

"Why were you so eager to kill your dad Seward? Got too tired of humping him?" Victor smirked, taunting the god as Seward threw his Trident forward, piercing Victor's armour and sending him through the air flying. He landed with a crash, his rib was bruised, it had to be. Victor reached his hand into his holster, producing his gun from the armour. It was a Desert Eagle .50 Pistol custom made, but that wasn't the real trick. S.P.I.N Tech bullets will reduce any man to the regular human standard, removing any powers or extraordinary physiology. Victor raised his gun, taking aim to see a large wave of ocean tearing through the crop and heading straight at Victor The Son of Poseidon now had his distance to launch a proper attack, a large ocean wave encompassing the whole countryside coming right at him, ten stories high.

Victor ignored the large wave of ocean, towering as large as a ten story building. Ignore it and make the shot! The gun sent it's S.P.I.N Tech bullet forward, Seward's shoulder was pierced, cutting into his muscle and sinew, but the bullet stayed in. Seward's muscles began to reduce in a smooth transition, a god made mortal as long as that bullet stayed in. The Irony? Both were gods made mortals now. A shadow encompassed the both, Seward's attack lay right above him, coming right down toward him. The huge wave crashed through, it should've snapped his neck. He should've been dead. He lay closing his eyes, his armour was damaged and his guns ineffective. The ocean was deep, and he was losing breath.

Instead the armour was made to protect him from this. Was Clara caught in the big wave as well? Did Seward's neck snap? Victor tried to swim to the surface as he pondered on the possibilities. It seemed like a mile swim up. F*ck Clara! I didn't expect this!

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No Way Out

Demigod Seward remains elsewhere on a watered concrete initially frazzled and eventually unconscious.  Numerous broken bones as well as fractures are implemented onto the body of thee supposed sea master.  What had been  a colossal oceanic blast had torn the grassland asunder.  Drenched by heaven's tears, Clarice Michelle's telekinetic bubble disintegrates.  And soon one final tide brushes her flawless body across the abandoned farm.   
Her eyes open yet again.  Time has passed since original impact.  Hung upside on a nearby fence, she's unaware of her guardsman's location.  If medical attention did not appear within the next fifteen minutes, well death would be a certainty.  Soaked auburn hair clouds eyesight and as the executive administrator to King Vasilias, she should of planned this battle out according to strengths and weaknesses.   
Twitching muscles scream for relaxation.  However, an headstrong personality will not respectfully admit defeat.  Clara Mass's attitude is intent on capturing Victor Grey for his crimes.  Does he honestly believe himself better than the Olympian hierarchy?  Going AWOL is not an action that can be blindly ignored.  Everyone must know her actions today are not of malicious intent.  No this is a statement to any other god who even considers disrespecting her kingdom. 
She falls onto her aching back.  Bruised skin causes a groan of pain.  Her throat constricts and an open mouth expunges liquid.  Clutching her slender neck, the mysterious manipulator contemplates her current situation.  Bulging eyes color a mood of despeartion.  Whatever happened next would determine her worthiness as a fighter.   
Trained since the age of thirteen to be the most deadliest of mercenaries; Missus Zeraz had become a mockery compared to her early days as a murderess for hire.  Recently, she had become lazy at her craft and Mikepool though accidental was just the warm up. 
Clarice Michelle pushes herself up into a backward bend which steadies a grip onto the slippery floor.  Low-level telekinesis pushes the beau onto her padded feet.  Effortlessly spinning around she thrusts forward like a battered powered cheetah.  Olympus' favorite unblemished fatale quickly transitions into an armadillo roll.   On one knee the Las Vegas brawler becomes one with nature.  It was time to end this dilemma.  
"Victor Grey! Stand down this instant!  Combat is not something you wish to initiate.  You are hereby under arrest for your crimes against our people.  Failure to comply will result in a finale to your sad existence." If he moves a single millimeter, she'd attempt to rip the clothing off his body, stripping him bear.
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As the ocean came to pass, the clash between his armour and the tidal wave left his muscle unrelaxed, and his durability shells cracked. He reached his hand to his extra plates, relieving the armour to its basic components. It left him weaker, but more agile. "What crimes Clara? There's no one here, so why don't you drop the act. Why are you really doing this? You want to know why i've been AWOL?" he raised his gun, sending two S.P.I.N tech bullets at Clara, hoping to do the same as he did to Seward. He performed several side rolls, staying on the move as his opponent was dangerous. "I can't get back in Olympus, I have no access anymore, i'm no longer a god, no more than you are a patriot to Olympus" he was waiting for Hermes to re-establish a link "What did you do to Hermes Clarice?" he kept his distance as she could crush him with little effort if he gave her the chance. That's what this whole game was, keeping her distracted and stalling, keeping his distance so she doesn't realise what he's doing, keep her talking so she doesn't think of it.

"You know Clarice, when I first heard we have a new advisor to the king, I got ideas, I imagined you differently" he hadn't even checked if the bullets made their mark, instead he focused on staying on the move and distracting her "but did you even stop to question why I went AWOL? Did you ask yourself or did you just try to justify your cause? What did you tell everyone Clarice? Did you march to the sound of trumpets and paraded around as a hero?" he'd be damned if this didn't work. He raised his head to see if Clarice was on the ground, was she defeated? Of course she wouldn't make it easy for him . . .

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Two projectiles ejected from a strange technologically advanced device.  Clarice drops herself onto the floor and playfully caresses the wet ground.  Licking cherry flavored lips, the lavender eyed heroine spins back onto her feet.  "Was that S.P.I.N tech?"  Mister Grey's arsenal was far more advanced that she once presumed.  Her time to think was incredibly thin.  He continued babbling about her supposed facade.  Annoyed best described her feelings at the moment.  

"You're humanity has rendered you unable to communicate with the Gods? This is why you've gone AWOL."  Although head trauma kept the reality-warper unbalanced for a few seconds, her attention span had wandered when Mister Grey spoke of festivities, orgies, or whatever the hell he uttered.  Formulating a sharp diamond spear from nothingness, a drained Trinity member lunges her creation at the clavicle of a grey attired mortal. 
Clara Mass would be damned if she permitted a victory for one sorry vigilante.  It wasn't her fault that he'd become the abomination he is now.  It wasn't her fault that his arrest was mandatory for Vasilias' image.  "Hermes was put in his place", she huffed and she puffed, "And you my dear must come in dead or alive."  Victory will not comply no matter what she says or how calmly she acts. 
"I'll give you this one chance to surrender.  Together we can go to Olympus and end this political madness."  
Hands folded behind her head, Clara Mass's signature devilish smile stretches across her dirt colored face.  If he surrendered...her life would be so much simpler.  However, if he does not react accordingly the fatal bombshell will end him like she ended Michael.  She tries her hardest to ignore the pain within her complex mind.  This sudden gut wrenching issue has been caused by Seward's mental shrieks. 
"I-If you surrender", Clarice forcefully swallows her prideful ego, "I'll support you in Olympian court.  Help you regain your powers."

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Clara manoeuvred herself around the bullets, his mental games must continue, keep her distracted long enough so he doesn't end up a corpse. "You know about S.P.I.N Tech? Found it in Park's armoury, handy bullets, thing about them is they took down Seward didn't they? Can you hear his pain? Perhaps you might want to help him?" she spoke of his humanity, it seemed she had the concept wrong. "Because I am mortal, the Olympus barrier doesn't open for me, I must be escorted in by a god" from behind her back she lunged a spear forward at dangerous speeds, it was only because he was smart enough to keep his distance that he was able to slide under it, missing him by a few inches.

He kept the option of surrender open though, harder to defeat him if she thinks there is hope of surrender "Surrender you say? What are the terms of this surrender?" he began to talk once more, She's playing for keeps, get her to talk so she doesn't reality-bend. "You know, you can take away all of Seward's pain, you only need to wish it, but of course you don't have much left" he knew very well if she healed Seward, it would take it out of her, and give him time to escape and formulate a plan, but if she left him he might die.

He would have to take a gamble, get close enough to shoot her point-blank with S.P.I.N tech, but she'd have the same advantage. He ran forward, just five meters away from Clara, he swerved left and right to make it hard for her to lock on to him. He produced his gun once more, getting ready to fire upon the goddess.

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She would take her chances by delaying his death.  Somewhere deep within the bowels of her soul exists a light of optimism.  If she could acquire Mister Grey as an ally there wouldn't be any doubt placed onto her position as the King's most prized possession.  Insulted at first by his surprise of her expansive intellect, the violet eyed chess player keeps her cheesy smile intact.  Tonight she would emerge as the winner regardless of the dire stipulations. 
"I am a goddess.  I can bring you to Olympus", she immediately notices his odd body language, "You don't want an alliance", Clarice knew if healing Seward occurred, Mister Grey would use her drained powers as a tactical advantage.  "Are you mentally challenged?"  Her arms unfold and she readies herself for another assault but prior to speaking those words of sarcasm, the motivated mortal shoots yet another S.P.I.N tech bullet aimed her gorgeous face. 

Flawless Clarice cannot afford having an actual loss.  Once more sheer momentum takes Clara Mass back a step or two. However, acrobatic agility flows into a ballerina like twirl.  Even though it tears her teeth apart, the reality-warper snickers as the Park's device easily becomes a stick of double bubble gum.  She was truly a blessed woman living an realm unworthy of her tender touch.
Clarice uses her sleeve to wipe of the bloody enamel.  Her powers are dwindling as the string of time heal an aching body.  Without further delay its time to end this over extended confrontation.  She claps her hands twice and the god Hermes appears on his knees, chained to the gnarly wetland.  He's been obviously drugged by plants unknown to this dimension.  Clara Mass applauds Mister Grey's valiant efforts but she's grown bored of this tiresome waltz.  "Surrender or Hermes dies."

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Suddenly the battlefield changes, everything changes. Clara gives him the ultimatum. A drugged Hermes is on his knees, unable to speak even. "Surrender or Hermes dies" Victor's hands loosened a little, dropping his guard and standing there in a moment of silence, going through plans and possibilities in his head.

"How do I know this isn't an illusion Clara? That when I turn my back you'll stab me and walk victoriously to the Olympians?" his eyes scan around for Seward "and how do you plan on saving Seward?" he shouts out across the green landscape. This wasn't a victory, he was actually considering surrender. He'd return to his duties, and Hermes lives. It was hardly worth for him to die when this could all be solved so easily. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

"You also said you'd help me regain my powers, but we both know the gods can't just bestow me what was once lost. My only hope is the golden fleece" he described the situation to her. The Golden Fleece, the one Angeni promised him to acquire, the last desperate hope it seemed. Maybe Clarice would suggest accompanying them on the journey, to which he wouldn't know how to reply. "Prove to me that Hermes is real, tell me what happens to Seward and my powers, and then I might just come"

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Malnutrition infects the bodily insides of Olympus' messenger god.  Clarice shrugs at Mister Grey's realistic concern.  How could he believe the honesty coming from such a flawless demigoddess?  Jumping up and down like a monkey, Clara Mass gives her best impression of Princess Helena of Troy.  Clarice really doesn't like that sad excuse of a woman.  Nonetheless after doing a little shimmy, a single padded roundhouse kick cracks the cartilage inside Hermes's nose.  
"Look. No hands."  Afar a pulsating heartbeat of the Seven Sea's final prince steadies.  It is no illusion that thee graceful executive administrator has used what's left of her powers to save an innocent soul.  Consider healing her most faithful follower a kind gesture for future reference.  Slowly walking along the wet greenery, the evenly tanned beauty hopes Alceus' shadow will respectfully surrender his valiant efforts.   
"Victor you make things so difficult but I have a proposal", she's getting closer in proximity, "I agree to your terms", the thought of working alongside Angeni is cringe worthy,  "In return I'll owe you another favor so long as you support me in my future endeavors."  Face to face stood the brash beau and an AWOL mortal.  The Golden Fleece is an adventure worth anticipating.  It'd no doubt solidify her newest position as the Trinity Foundation's brightest heroine.  Bowing politely as a sign of curtsy, Clarice Michelle assures Mister Grey she'll act appropriately from here on out.  Although if he even gives the slightest clue of hesitation the former mercenary would slit his throat with an accurate slash of turquoise painted nails.  
It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order  
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Just when he thought he'd seen a glimpse of hope for Clarice, the demigoddess attack Hermes once more, much to Victor's anger hidden by his mask. She made her proposition, getting closer as she did so. Was she stalling him to get close enough? His hands trained the gun on her as she walked. When he'd heard her speak of her future endeavours, would he dare agree to her terms? Maybe he can at least lie, but she might sense it, he couldn't risk Hermes life.

One must invest an amount of interest in a deal, not too much, but not too little. "Why would you do that Clara?" he ignored her trained finger nails, lethal as they are. "What future endeavours do you speak of?" she could strike him down here and now, but that'd do her only worse. Anyone can take a life, it's nothing special, but she'd have Alceus and Angeni on her tail, and Vasillias wouldn't be pleased of his nephew's death. How would Trinity handle it? What replacement could she possibly muster up for him? Will Ares take the sole job of being Olympus's defender? Does she truly believe that the dying Seward could replace him?

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"Why would I help you?" Goodness gracious is it that unbelievable that Clarice Michelle Zeraz is consciously offering her assistance and gratitude to someone below her social class level?  Of course it sounds overzealous but her voice is of honesty and partial concern.  There's no point in murdering Mister Grey now.  Victor has obviously pleaded his case and convinced the fair executive that there is no one else worthy of the task of being general.  At least not yet of course.  Seward required more rigorous training. 
"I'll help you because no one else is fitted for the task of being Olympus' general."  Clara Mass did not care that there is no friendly bond between the two but she at least expected a sense of mutual respect. If she murdered Mister Grey after such a heated debate, Vasilias wouldn't bat an eye if he were replaceable.  Instead she must cater to his needs and if teaming up meant loyalty than so be it.  Clarice does not care as long as Clarice gets what Clarice wants.  Shinji would be proud.  His little protege was actually compromising for once in her life. 
"Future endeavors? Well I can't say in public but Victor..", she stopped talking as a contract formulates from nothingness.  In her hand she holds a clipboard, attached is a flimsy contract that entitles his undeniable loyalty from here on out.  Placing the titanium pen onto his palm, she playfully winks at the disgruntled vigilante.  All he had to do was sign the contract and she'd owe him two favors.  In return he'd be her toy till death do they part.  
"...think about the things we can do together."  Clarice waits patiently for his response.  Although as he takes his time, the devilish fatale combs her curly auburn hair.  A cheesy smile stretches across her face. Victor tantalizes her feelings but thinking for so long.  Victory is within her grasp but she knows better than to have high expectations. 
Do not bite the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it ~ Thomas Jefferson 
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A deal with the devil? Was she serious? But then his eyes scanned Hermes, with blood dripping down his nose, flashbacks of Park. His best friend Park died in a civil war between the gods because Victor asked for his help, and now Hermes pays the price. "I'm not making a deal with the devil, it's not the life I want, I answer only to Olympus and the king, and you Clara are on no pedestal you deserve" he'd decided against it, but slid his hands to his gun, if she'd turn around to go and kill Hermes or even raise her hand towards, he'd shoot her before she can touch him.

"Maybe there is good in you Clara, your mentality isn't broken, it's bent. Maybe it can be mended again. Let me help you" he'd tried the path of honesty, no trash talk, none of the likes of that. If Clara really wanted to help, maybe she deserved a chance. "So here's another proposition, Hermes lives, we get Seward to safety as our first priority. I will give you a chance, you stop firing at me, and I resume my position at Olympus. Should you need help with a quest, I will consider it, but will not be bind by contract. In compensation, you don't have to help me with the Golden Fleece. Do these terms sound acceptable?" he extended his hand to the goddess. "Clarice, i'm done fighting you, my body is sore. But I believe there is good in you, this isn't it. Maybe you had daddy issues, I did too, but Hermes has nothing to do with this. This is a way of a coward, my offer is sincere and honest as your senses will tell you, just take my hand, no tricks"

Depending on what she does next, she could be dead, a villain, or a hero.

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Oceanic Prince

Like a majority of the new Olympian breed, Clarice's future was preordained.  Prophecies written of her conception.  Perplexing tales of her rise to power.  She is meant for greatness yet her thoughts are crowded with misfortune and bewildering antagonists.   I am here to assist my fair lady in whatever goals she hopes to accomplish.  I live solely to preserve her sanity and sway harm away from touching a unattainable jewel.
Recently as tensions rise and her mind is set on escalation, trivial issues once again cloud the thoughts of my future Queen.  It's why so many have tried to downplay her abilities.  It's why Vasilias keeps her seated as his executive administrator.  Everyone is afraid of the next step in our evolution.  I have witnessed a side most have yet to embrace.  And I am tired of no one understanding!  When will this end?
He is infuriated!  How could Victor Grey divert the masterful water bending of Poseidon's greatest child?  His brown eyes illuminate, releasing an electrical surge.  Easily sliding across the field aboard a trail of lightly frozen waters, Seward clutches his golden trident yet again, his bitter eyes set on eliminating a foreign body.  Jealousy circulates through the veins of his reborn vessel.  Clarice shouldn't be keeping company with the likes of a mortal.  She belonged to him and him alone!
"I'm here to rescue---"  

Twisted Ideals

He doesn't denounce her like Alceus or issues threats like Helena.  Unlike the others Victor carves his own niche.  He's steered her into an awkward predicament.  Ending her campaign to arrest Mister Grey would look bad on her part.  "--you." Before she can even think the slicing and dicing of molecules monopolizes her time.  Bending over as if she were picking up a penny, the golden trident of Seward glides through the air.  It swerves to the left directed at the mortal man's shoulder. 
Clarice jumps up and her head collides with Seward's.  Her body remain intact, a lofty smile on her face while Seward lays on the floor unconscious.  "Daddy issues? Eh I suppose you're correct.  Here's the real deal Mister Grey.  If you regain your powers I will be your most vocal supporter and the occupation as general of Olympus will be yours once more.  Until than that role will be filled by someone of my choosing.  In addition, you are to have little or no contact with the Gods."   
The walking phenomenon bends over, peering into the eyes of her former opponent.  She didn't want to argue anymore.  Clarice wants him to simply use his tiny ears and listen closely.  She hates when men don't pay attention to her wordings especially in the heat of battle.  "Even a discussion about today's events to either Angeni or the Olympian Champion will result in a no contest.  From here on out I will not be your enemy.  I will discard your existence.  If we meet again..consider it our very first.   Until than I must bid adieu." 

She waves good bye with a look of concern on her face.  In retrospect this bout can be considered a victory after all.  Mister Grey would no longer be a threat to her foreboding kingdom.  Up above King Vasilias sits on his throne pleased by her togetherness.  She hadn't killed in about thirty-days, progress since the incident with Michael.  All that remained was a trident and two men injured beyond belief.  Skipping away the jolly heroine thinks about tomorrow but than she remembers once important fact. 
"Oh and as a reward for your efforts, do as you please with Seward.  He is of no use to me anymore."  She said, gleefully.  Acting as if nothing had even happened the borderline psychotic beauty is curious as to who her next opponent shall be.  A lot of people disliked her and with Victor and Mike off her list, she'd have to move on to someone for exhilarating.  Yet there is a piece of her soul that asks to wait before teleporting away.  Would Victor Grey say something urgent, initiate an altercation, or remain dumbfounded.  She doesn't care to look back unless it is absolutely necessary.  
When people learn no tools of judgement and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown ~ Stephen Jay Gould 
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Seward pounces out of nowhere, very well alive and ready to stab Victor. Truth be told, the hit would've made it, but Clara had seemingly saved him from her own monster before proposing a new deal. "So everything stays the same? Done deal" Clarice then gave him Seward to do with as he wishes. He hit his head with the hilt of his gun, fading him into unconsciousness so he wouldn't be able to follow him out. "Clarice . . ." the former god spoke to her as she walked away "release Hermes" he nodded to the god, an understanding between the both, and somewhat apologetic on Victor's part, not a soul had died today.

It seems he had expected different from Clarice, she was cunning and aggressive, as any diplomat should be, but she didn't act like a villain tonight, save for Hermes torture. It seems he'd misjudged her. "I'm sorry Hermes for dragging you into this" Victor raised Hermes head up from its position.

"I chose to help you Victor, I don't regret any of it" he still showed disgust for Clarice. "I'll be back to Olympus soon, you get out of here before that Seward wakes up" he forced a smile, one that Victor returned.

A new day shall rise, the aftermath of this day? Hermes is tortured, something that'll pass over time, Seward is no longer valuable to Clarice it seems. Victor's armour is broken, Clarice will find a way to make herself the hero of today, but the two will meet as strangers next time. Victor imagines being up in Olympus again, and this battle has had him thinking, will he ever see the place again? Someday . . . someday the god shall rise.

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I am a woman living in a man's world.  I tell men what they need to hear and they love it.  I may use them but there's not a man in this world who wouldn't love to be used by a woman like me?    It's not my fault that men fall in love with me or that they can't resist my beauty or my charm or the fact that they're so easily manipulated.   Men crumble at my feet like little puppies begging for my affection.   It's why I don't understand why people jeer me for my natural talents.  Men should blame themselves for their weakness.  Women should feel inferior because of their lack of control.     
Unlike the women of my generation, I accept my own femininity.  I do what's best for me and the motives I never mention out are on purpose.  Although I will say family is a momentous priority.  And after today's debacle I've realized that I can do what no other woman has been able to do since the premiere of the very first heroine.  I don't act like a man nor do I ever want to be a man.  I don't try to outshine others by doing the unthinkable.  I stay within my range and accept the cards I've been dealt.  I play like a champion.  I keep it original.  I am man's greatest weakness.  I am woman.  Hear me roar! 
Whether Mister Grey realizes it or not.  I have succeeded.  I won this bout fair and square.  I know of his next course of action.  I know he will search for the Golden Fleece.  In the eyes of my various critics, I've begun the walk of redemption.  For up above I've tracked down the AWOL bigot and will build a proper case.  It is with great joy that I present such facts to my Olympian kingdom.  Tonight we will rejoice!  A new general shall be named in due time.  Until than there is one last thing I must do before resting my precious mind. 


Weekly Update

Twenty-eight years ago there was an unexpected birth between two separate lineages.  A union between the All-Seer nation and the previous Olympian regime.  Historical data has yet to uncover what actually transpired but on July 26, 1984 a violet-eyed baby girl was brought into this maniacal world.  Named Clarice Michelle Zeraz, she'd go on to become one of the world's most decorated mercenaries.   
Flash forward and the little girl from New Jersey would leave the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, Nevada and premiere as the heroine named Clara Mass.  Trials and tribulations lead to a time of dismay as her alignments changed constantly like night and day.  As of late she's accepted herself as a chameleon.  Her undying loyalty belongs to those of relation while anything else is basically a toy living past its expiration date. 
Recently, she has absorbed her roots as a demigoddess and takes the position of King Vasilias's executive administrator.  Not to mention Emperor Tsukazaki also known as Mister Mercury has appointed the matron of the Zeraz legacy as the head of security for the Nippon Empire.  And so it seems as time goes on the lovely lass ascends the business ladder faster than any other woman who plays mind games like a snail.  With that said, what could be next for the once perplexing beau?  


Clarice Michelle pushes the emerald laced doors open.  Telekinesis seals the heavily coated doorway shut as knee high hooker boots click the diamond encrusted flooring.  Since Zeus's departure the almighty Vasilias had redecorated the King's quarters.  With so much glitz and glam the redhead finally knew why he had yet to choose a Queen, he is obviously a homosexual.  Regardless of his sexual orientation the classy administrator bows before the presence of her king garbed in lion's skin. 
"Miss Zeraz, I do hope this crusade bore fruit", he steadily rises from his throne, "I'd hate to banish you after such a colorful speech."  His stiff staff composed of electrolytes crack the floor beneath his pale feet.  Stepping down steep steps the statuesque ruler glares into the eyes of his most trusted ally.  For minutes their eyes stay glued to one another.  Each trying to decipher the emotions within.  At once the two reach a stalemate.  Her index finger sliding down his clavicle. 
"My King, I've tagged Mister Grey.  He will be of no harm to us for the foreseeable future.  As expected he searches for the Golden Fleece.  Yet another adventure for Alceus and company.  I suggest fastening our plans to readjust positions of power from inside the kingdom.  I know I said I would remain respectful to your children but even kids need to learn lessons of respect." 
Disgruntled.  He does not like what he is hearing.  Mentioning Alceus has become a topic of disinterest. 
"Please don't act like this.  I know I was proved wrong during the Maze incident but you have to believe me!  Alceus Sol and Helena Troy will take the throne.  It is their destiny!  At least that is what the Oracle of Apollo has told me.  We cannot allow it.  Vasilias--" 
His masculine self is rather annoyed.  Blood boils as his hands clutch her slender throat.  Clarice is unafraid.  Her truthful words have finally struck his naive heart.  She licks her cherry flavored lips.  The taste of irony has never been so sweet.  Caressing his forearms the redhead chuckles as her king loosens his grip.  Leaning downward, she exhales happily.  He was finally drifting onto her side. 
"Vasilias do not worry.  As always, I have a plan." 
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell