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A large booming sound was heard in a region of hell similar to the likes of thunder, but there is no rain in hell what could it be?

off in the distance about a mile high in the air was a pitch black hole that led to the earth, a figure slipped out of it in a similar fashion as that of a meteorite and quickly crashed into the ground before the portal dispersed.

Demons nearby became curious.... many packs flew towards the crash site and saw a young woman in divine armor its design matching her great beauty as they landed, one of the largest demons walked close to her who was about three times her size and made a gruff sound as it poked her in the chest with its sharp toe...a groan came out from the woman and the demon growled "what brings you here? and who are you?" he asked menacingly waiting impatiently for a reply.

The woman was on her back when the Demon poked her and she opened her emerald blue eyes, she sat up and turned her direction to the demon as she gave a scowl "I'm not going to ask again" the demon asked as his hideous features became more apparent as the woman's vision became clearer.

she stood up irritated and faced the demon boldly, as it clutched its hideous hands her face changed to compassion and she reached for the hilt of her sword "I am here to put all of you out of your misery" she clutched it tightly as she continued to speak gently "and my name is Alice" the tall demon laughed mockingly at Alice as it stood tall and proud while crossing its arms "what makes you think you can destroy us?" it turned to its fellow demons over a hundred strong not far behind him as he boasted

"Because" Alice said as the the black ashes that covered her entire armor and hair vibrated off "I'm an angel" the words she said startled the demon and caused him to snarl "than you will be one no MORE!" he raised his fists up high in the air as he prepared to smash her.

"No" Alice whispered that one word as her wings popped out of the slits in the armor of her back, the white wings each one over four feet in length stretched out and blasted the horde with a blinding white holy light that was as bright as a thousand suns combined...the demons screamed in horror before the holy light stretched out and disintegrated them into nothing....the light continued to stay lit and travel many miles forward killing hundreds of unfortunate demons.

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Inferno, that corner of the vast infinitely cornered providence of dismay that is known to most as hell. Alezra Roxom is queen here and as this is the Hell so many fear the red head was to be seen as the ruler of Earths darker realms when all came down to the perception of but one. That abyssal domain where the unrightious go upon death is so abundant in souls and for each soul is hundreds of the creatures of the damned. If all was to gather in a single place one would see from their feet to the horriozon nothing but the horrors of society and of imagining. To linger in these forsaken lands is to be haunted day and night, hours and seconds, by the voices of anguish. Be it the hottest spot of the lake of fire, or the darkest corner reserved for the most traitorous wretch there was not a single place not touched by agony. And it is here, in this nightmare of nightmares that a visitor comes. A fools run for glory and valor, it would seem that over the ages as light began to dimm the need for bravado was becoming oh so clear.

Here was a bad place to target the Demon Queen, there was a reason Alezra tried to avoid much time here. It was something that was intoxicating to be around. All demons are prone to sin its only natural, in hell the greedy lust for power was like a all consuming rushing tide. There was no escaping it, getting around it, avoiding it. In hell Azrael had more power then she wanted and a part of her loved it. Blair believed in the premise of a warriors hounor if your enemy used abilities then she could, if they challenged her with just weapons then weapons were all she used. While never trying to under perform she would try to fight on equal ground. Pawns were wiped away like spring leaves to the raging embers of a wild fire. The knights she faced however were to be given a trace of dignity and respect. That nobility however was forsaken when surrounded by the smell of death and sulfer. How could she be level headed when souls more nummerable than she could count screamed for this arival to be their savior? How could she be rational when more demons then there were drops of blood to be spilled screamed for fresh ichor to stain those black rocks? The answer was she could not.

From a rift in the ruby and black skies fell a single trace of light, curiosity would damn hundreds the queen could see it. Demons would die in mass number for being fools. There end was well desserved, for foolish flesh is only good upon death. It was why so many on earth fell despite all that a mortal could obtain. The gods chose them to be rulers and yet they died like cattle and fled like sheep. The demons to soon perish were no greater then them, and as loving as the jade eyed demon was she cared not for the end of any of them. Their fall served only as eyes to observe what this angel could do. And what the angel did was predictable, briliant beautiful but common place.

What was seen was a sacred light, a orb of white that slayed all impure flesh before it. To be in its contact and live in this apocalyptic haven was simply to die. But the finness it was not their, the honor it was not to be found. It was heavens power play. A beautiful thing saying im not afraid, but then it did not know fear. Not yet atleast. Alezra knew the best answer was to keep darkness as the most likely shield tool to try and nullify as much of the light show as possible. She was going to play for blood not so much sacred fireworks. The queen took her time getting ready, and as she placed armor over her pale flesh she watched. Demons would be sent the angels way, they would die but that was the job of these hoards. As the angel walked through hell pushing past the psychological horror of being in this place and the attackers, or fell from them, Aza watched. Struggle or rise to the occasion the demon would try and observe as much as possible. Untill finaly she fealt it was time to address the beautiful intrusion.

A ring appears, along its edges dance orange and violet flames, the circle inside the ring seams a fortex as if leading into the darkest corners of space. From the portal one can hear the soft echoing whisper of the dead. It bores into the psyche speaking suicidal thoughts, how it would fair against the angel of course was questionable. Alezra stood before the angel, long red hair flowing in the wind, armor a black as night and red as rubies. "I am not patient and I am not kind....you can leave you perverse thing or you can die." In Inferno Azrael had alot less conviction and flair. Rather she gave a few seconds to comply, then in the snap of a finger a pillar of flame shot into the stormy skies. Its heat capable of making adamanitum glow white hot, its location directly beneath them. In a fight of angels there was no time for push comes to shove, simply shove.

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The mental attack irritated Alice causing no harm but caused her to lose some focus, ignoring Alezra's words she stood boldly defying her, suddenly she felt the blast of extreme heat were it not for her divine physiology she would have been utterly destroyed, Alice took into the air as the flames caused no harm other than distress and comfort

As she was in the air she pulled out her divine sword and pointed it at Azrael as she continued to increased altitude until she reach a hundred feet, "Come at me sister!" she said in a noble accent and with a tone of calmness.

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There was a subtle but clear loss of focus in the angel that Alezra believed sure to die soon. One could see that while her mind was not unraveling by nightmares it was distracting. Rightfully so afterall this was that place angels should fear most. Nobody and nothing ever reacted well to their pressence here, the closest thing was a flood of the damned. People banished for eternity for sins yelled and begged pleeding for this angel to save them when she could not. Entire civilizations called out to her in a thunderous cry of pain and yet it was a pain she could not lift from their shoulders. For this was the Inferno, the kingdom of the damned. One had to wonder just how great the gods people bowed to were when so many souls could never rest peacefully. Heavens were a withering concept and it was time Alezra Blair Roxom tought that fact to a angel blinded by faith.

The raging flames did nothing major as the angel took to the skies, something still relatively predictable. It was a curious notion though, Alezra wondering what purpose it really would serve. Light was the best weapon and fire gave off light it was better in Alezra's mind to be down where all the fire was. Sure the demon had control of fire but light was also most excessible down their. The skies were all clouds of stormy black. Yet it was Azrael's domain meaning she still had plenty of access to any element she wished. Perhaps this seraph thought herself able to use speed and flight to her advantage? Whatever the case the Demon Queen would not relent. Especially after this sickening thing called her sister after ignoring her. That was just an offensive contradiction the demon refused to stand by to.

"Lets get something straight dove" orbs of flame began to spawn all around the two hovering in the air and burning hot as a sun. "We are not kin" and with that the orbs exploded in a starburst of supernova like flames. A brief moment there was no sound but a deafening bang and a blinding flash. A football field would have been reduced entirely to ash by the magnitude of the firey explosion. It reached in all directions that escape seamed hard even for some of the best speedsters to escape. Of course the attack hardly would end there, the red haired fire proof deity vanished with that bang. The crimson mist she turned into dissapeared in the blinding light of incenerating heat.

And then she reapeared blades glowed with a plasmic energy that anyone familiar with the Keresh knew could make short work of most things. The blades also emited a low hum as the energetic tips were an add on to the chainsaw weapons. They were a fierce blend when put together forged after countless wars to be able to cleave into almost anything. Hoping to catch the angel by behind in the distraction of the blinding flash the blades lashed and stabbed forward. The right was aimed to pierce spine and heart if it landed, while the other aimed to cleave the head in two seperate sections. Every attack Azra made was aimed to kill and in the clutches of hell that furry only heightend.

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The dual explosions caught Alice off guard and the inexperienced angel was sent temporarily spiraling out of control unharmed but out of control. She barely retained her composure when the demon queen appeared out of thin air and lunged at her, Alice only managed to swiftly intercept the lunge towards the head with her divine sword when she felt a sharp pain pierce her, still blocking the opponents weapon with her sword as she pressed hard against it with both hands each having the strength of a thousand men she quickly glanced down and saw that her armor was penetrated and the enemy blade entered two inches into her chest, Alice tried to block off the pain but as long as it was still there she felt her insides slowly getting mutilated.

"You think I'm doing this out of fate or for the all father?" Alice said angrily as her strength began to increase exponentially and the previous noble tone went away "I'm not just an angel, I'm a human and a daughter" her anger succeeded the pain she felt "I'm not here to save anyone, I'm here to put you all out of your misery for the sake of mankind...I don't just hate demons I hate angels alike even myself!" suddenly she sent a knee strike at the demons waist with enough force to shatter adamantium.

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The high powered explosion seamed to have no daunting effect on the angle, presumably thanks to strong durability. Still the blaze had its effects blinding the opponent and sending her spiraling out of control. One blade was blocked halted before it could sink into flesh of the sacred angel. Her other blade however found home. Driving into the angels chest grinding insides around as the chainsaw roared. The energy of the blade trying to then liquify grinded flesh and muscle. The angel then anouncing her viewpoint on how she hated both sides. A pity in the demons eyes, the sugestion that both sides should just die was foolish to her. A knee came to pound into the demons rib cage but it was easy enough to move to the side. Alezra had learned combat from many and had time to master it a single strike of a knee at close range wasn't going to win this. Azrael did have to admit she admired the attack however the force behind it would have been crushing.

"So by your perspective angels should die just as well as demons?" The demon glared pushing on the blade in Alice's chest. Her hope was to run the angel through impaling her on the roaring blade. "People need a place to go after death whos going to run this place?" The jade eyed devil remarked almost in a mocking manner.

Then her blade not trying to dig deep into flesh of a beautiful creatures chest backed up to swing again. It would look like it was again trying to remove the head of the angel. But then would rotate in attempt to sever the angels left wing. And was finished with an elemental attack, the demon reaching for the metal armor of her opponent. Then using abilities over metalic components would aim to crush the metal, collapsing in on the angel. Durable from explosions perhaps but how would the angel fair between metal around her trying to become paper thin.