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The big man in a no powers fight against the Freaky man. I'll offer for you to go first, if you'd like...

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The world almost spins around Darkchild as he awakes in a large room. Almost domelike, he wakes up and the world again begins to spin. He is amazed that his powers havnt healed his body to what he was more than likly drugged with, He finally gains his composure and finds another in the room with him. The other man was none other than his one time combatant Octagon Freak, the man had been in hiding or where ever he was for the past year and a half. In their first confrontation Darkchild took the win and prevailed in their battle.

A computer screen came on above them and hovered down closer to the two combatants. By this time Octagon had woken but Darkchild cared little for the large screen was a more interest to him "May i ask why the hell my head is killing me, and i cant fix the problem i have." The computer screen turns towards Darkchild and smiles "Nanobots." The computer screen said one word, Darkchild looked up at the computer with a dumb look as if saying Huh? the computer continues. "Nanobots course through you and the man behind me body, The reason you are unable to use your powers is simple. The Nanobots are cutting off the ability to use your said powers. They are cutting off the part of your brains that control the triggers which turn on an off your powers. Think of it as a lightswitch, I just decided to turn them off."

Darkchild leaps into the air trying to punch the screen "And my I ask why?"

The computer thought for a moment "Cause i was bored and you two were in the vicinity. I looked through the both of your files and found that you the stronger in more than one way were able to defeat him with little to no effort because of your powers. I wanted to see what would happen if neither of you had powers, and see if the obvious weaker would prevail. This dome is enough to contain both of you but i feel that a bigger and wider area is of more need."

The dome begins to shift and the two long walls that make it up begin to retract revealing a very large military field "Their are weapons aplenty here the previous occupants left in quite a hurry."

Darkchilds mouth opens wide and his eyes widen. He looks over at Octagon and then to the computer "I win i get the little nanobots taken out correct?"

The computer nods saying "Yes."

DC shrugs turns to Octagon freak "You know this isnt going to be easy...but it sure will be fun." DC runs towards Octagon.

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Octagon listened as the computer screen's message ended. The current threat, Dark Child was heading towards Freak.

"I'd better take some evasive action, or something...." Freak tried to teleport out of the way, but his powers failed. "Oh, I forgot that I don't have powers any more...." Freak rolled out of the way of Dark Child's attack, and got to his feet. He picked up a pistol near his feet, and fired at DC, but the bullet clip was empty. "Damn, well, I'll just have to do this the old fashioned way...." Freak pulled up his fists, and dived towards Dark Child in a wild fury.

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"Sonnava!" Darkchild screams as Octagon slams into Darkchild. The force of Octagons vault at Darkchild takes DC to the ground "You wiry little sh!t." DC screams as Octagon begins to slam his fists into DC's face.

Darkchild takes the brunt of the punches until finding something to grasp onto, a lead pipe he swings it Octagons head while kicking the man off at the same time. He does a back roll coming to his feet he rubs his mouth "You brokth my ja-w" DC exclaims grasping his jaw then pushing hard to the side putting his jaw back in place "God dammit"

DC stands for the first time feeling all the pains of a battle. My powers dulled most of the pain, but jesus christ im happy they did now.

DC looks around the field finding guns aplenty but many of them had no clips. He finds a shotgun and jumps at it rolling and coming to his knees and firing....nothing "Sonnova bitch."He gets to his feet and runs at Octagon and jumps into the air and slams the butt of the shotgun down towards Octagons head. Then follows it up with swings using the shotgun itself as a weapon.

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Octagon managed to step away from the butt of the gun, but was unable to avoid the swings. The shotgun connected with rapid succession, throwing Octagon to his back. He sat up and looked at Darkchild.

"Well, don't count me out yet. I've still got 94 luftballoons!" Octagon rolled back to get some distance, and then found a small callibur pistol that had a bullet or two left in the clip.

"You knew damn well I'd come again, right?" Octagon took aim and fired a shot.

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The shot slammed into his left shoulder, the impact wasnt alot but the bullet did its job. His shoulder throbbed with pain as he held it "Alright now thats just not nice." He swung the Shotgun upwards towards Octagons chin, then he slunk towards the ground doing a swiping kick attempting to take Freaks feet out from beneath him.

DC then turned around and ran towards a pile of guns and did a flip over it attempting to hide from anymore bullets. "F@#K F#@K gotta think hes got a gun...looking at the empty shotgun And i dont i have a damn stick that hurts." He looks around finding a old plane propeller in front of him. He looked up at the pile of guns and reached up with his good arm and felt around grabbing a box and a grenade.

The box read shotgun "Okay this isnt funny anymore." looking up at the sky "Your sense of humor is just twisted." The shotgun box held 2 shotgun shells not enough that would do the job but he had another idea. He took two shells and loaded them into the shotgun and then turned his body around so that his feet were facing the large pile of guns. He grabbed the propeller and tossed it in the front of the pile and then kicked with all his might pushing it so it began to descend towards Octagon He stood up and sang "Click click BOOM" tossing the grenade into the air and it falling into the pile of guns and then BOOM, he took a dive under a old plane.

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Octagon dodged the first blow, but had his legs taken out from under him. Before he could sit up to see, DC was gone. Octagon looked around, but only heard some clacking noises and curse words. Suddenly, a large pile of weapons shifted over and began to land on Freak. He dove under the pile, so as to avoid the entirety of the weight, and then a large explosion sounded. Octagon covered his ears, as the explosion was very loud, and shrapnel flung out everywhere. The pile of guns protected him from most of the blast, but some searing-hot metal landed on his arms and back.

"YEEEEOOOUUUUCHHHH!!!!!" he yelled as he rolled out of the pile of guns. At the edge of the pile of guns was an old sniper rifle. It appeared to have a single bullet left in the in the gun. Freak grabbed it, and ran as far as he could, until he found an old car. It was rusted out, and all the windows were missing. He took cover behind it, and aimed through a window. He looked around for a few minutes, and finally spotted something moving. Under and old plane, with a missing propeller, was a leg moving about.

"I've got you now, you nefarious feind..." Octagon whispered. Octagon lined up the crosshairs and fired for the upper leg.

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Darkchilds breath was heavy the running around had taken alot out of him.And soon the pain of battle was again felt. He went to stand up behind the plane only for a loud bang to be heard and pain rang through his system. He took his leg in his grasp and the exit wound of the bullet was massive, it entered just above his right kneecap and come out the top of his thigh, the pain was excruciating.

"I am going to kill that sonnava bitch." He said to himself pulling himself into the old plane. He Lay on the floor of the plane looking around, finding that with a little effort the plane was workable. But it would not get off the ground but that is not what he needed.

He reached out the plane door and picked the shotgun up he had dropped, and shut the door. "Being a former theif comes in handy." he says to himself as he hotwires the plane. Soon the plane was on and the engine sputtered and stalled and came to life.

He turned the "wheel" and aimed at Octagon "This is really going to hurt." he took his foot off the brake and hit the gas and the plane took off alot faster than he thought and it slammed into the burning bin of guns throwing him through the window. As he exited the window and came head on into Octagon he fired a point blank shot, And then continued to fly over Octagon landing hard.

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Octagon took cover behind the car, and tried to reload the weapon, but there was only one shell left in the thing. Octagon tossed the gun aside, and looked for another weapon that could be of some use. While he searched the near-by weaponry, he heard a.... plane starting?

"Oh what the fu...." Octagon was cut off by shattering glass, and the sound of a shotgun blast. That terrible sound tore through Octagon's body and soul. He fell back in a disoriented flail, and rolled around screaming. He pulled away some of the buckshot that wasn't fully embedded, and flung around seeing DC. Octagon's vision was red and blurry. He wiped away the blood from his face, as much as he could, and staggered to a stand. His efforts proved futile, as he slumped back to the ground. Pain and anger rose in him like an angry typhoon. Octagon crawled his way over to DC, and managed another short-term standing position. He lifted his arms, that were as heavy as stone, above his head, and thrusted them down upon DC.

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Darkchilds body flew through the air after firing his shot of buck into Octagon and then slammed into the ground hard. He heard the sound of bones breaking, and he finally rolled to a stop on the long runway of the field. He stood up and then fell back to the ground holding his chest. A rib was poking through his chest and broke the skin, a white bone could be seen coming from his chest.

He lay thier hoping that Octagon was dead, but soon two fists to his chest made if very clear that he wasnt. Darkchild spit blood and rolled to the side away from the pain driven man. He lifted himself using the shotgun to push himself upright, he stands facing Octagon and all he can think is Dammit i need a drink. His body broken in places he didnt really need to know but his body wasnt going to give up.

He ran at Octagon jumping into the air and sending a flurry of kicks towards Octagons face, then pushing of Octagons chest he spun and fired the last buckshot at Octagon.

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With one last mighty heave, Octagon sent his arms crashing into DC. He had hoped that the battle wouldn't go on much longer, for Octagon had sustained some heavy damage. Octagon slumped to the ground after his last effort, looking to the sky, breathing heavily. He cranked his neck to the side, and saw DC coming in for the kill. Octagon heaved his body, and tried to dodge a flurry of kicks the swirled around him. Before Octagon could even roll around to face his opponent, there was another loud clang in the air, as buckshot flew towards him. Dc's aim was a little off, but he still managed to sent some searing hot metal into Octagon's back.

Octagon laid there, in all of his pain and agony, thinking to himself,

 "This can't go on much longer. I don't think I can keep goi...." Octagon lost his thought with another one, "No, you can't give up. You have to keep fighting!" Octagon shook his head, and crawled to an awkward crouch.  "Well can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence, one step from lashing out at you... you want in to get under my skin, and call yourself a friend, but you're more like a heretic! You left the Vine Villains, and now this! You're driving me insane!!!"

Octagon charged toward DC, diving at him, ready to do what ever it took to splatter his brains out on the ground.

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The man looked as if the loss of blood was causing him to loose his mind. He was ranting about Darkchild leaving the VV a subject that still burns and hits a nerve everytime Darkchilds hears it.

DC readies a fist preparing to slam it into Freaks face when Octagon leaps at him. Tackling him to the ground and slamming his fists into Darkchilds face and slamming his head into the concrete of the ground. Blood spews from Darkchilds mouth as his face is slammed into the ground repeatedly, his jaw hangs broken in bits.

He lies their as Octagon sits on top of him, he thinks for a moment then says two words that dont come out like he wanted "Fth Yuth" and he brings his legs up behind Octagon and wraps them around his neck and flips him off of his body.

The man sails through the air, but Darkchild doesnt care he just wants to get to his feet. Using all his strength he stands and again tries to speak "Uth mter fcker, uth brokt mi fkin jath" he puts his hand to his lower jaw that is now only hanging by the muscles and attempts to snap it back into place with little effort. He picks up a long pipe that is leaning against an old care and spins it in his hands the spinning almost hypnotic and he walks towards Octagon, then swiftly slams it down towards him then swings it aiming for his head with the first slam and his ribs with the second.

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Octagon rolled to his back after DC threw him off of him. Octagon could barely hear DC's voice. He couldn't even understand what he was saying. Octagon didn't know if he was going crazy with exhaustion or if DC was going crazy. Octagon breathed heavily as he laid down in the dirt and grass. Everything was quiet and peaceful, except for DC's babbling. Octagon thought that everything was going to be alright, when suddenly a huge impact came from behind. A lead pipe crushed Octagon's head into the ground, as blood flew everywhere. Octagon barely felt the pain, but more came with the second blow to his side. Octagon's ribs sank in with the blast, and half of them broke. Octagon rolled over and looked up. DC stood over him like a crazy man. Octagon staggered to a stand, and limped over to a box to look for a weapon. He found a short sword in the box, and wielded it. He charged at DC, and swung with the arm that didn't have the broken ribs under it.

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Octagon comes screaming at Darkchild swinging a sword left and right. And after a few attacks the last finally sank deep into Darkchilds chest. The pain was almost unbearable, and he writhed in pain. Flailing his arms and then finally sending one of his fists at Octagons face and his other hand slammed onto the area where Octagons ribs were broken the ribs were poking through the skin. Darkchild twists hand and grabs a handfull of open skin. He attempts to head butt Octagon only for his head to stop inches from Octagons face.

He lets go of Octagons chest and falls to his knees holding the sword and trying to pull it out, his skin turns white as the blood flows fast from the wound. Darkchild can feel his heart slow down and he looks up at Octagon with a smile "Well about time you finally beat someone right? Just end this you ignorant bitch, and i hope you suffer for all of your bullsh!t." He says with a large smile on his face

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Octagon screamed as DC pulled at his open skin. Just as Octagon thought he was going to drop, DC beat him to it.

"Well, it's about time you died.... Now it's time to chop your head off." Octagon raised the sword and swung at DC, but the computer screen flashed up, and shot the sword out of Octagon's hand. "

"There will be none of this here, no no no.... I'll do the killing." The screen shot another beam at DC, and obliterated him. Octagon stood there, dumbfounded at what had just happened. "You look surprised, but don't worry. You'll be dead soon anyway...' Before Octagon could speak, the nanobots in his brain began eating away at it. Octagon fell to his knees, as a living vegetable, but still the victor.