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The voices had to belt to carry over the howling wind. Of course, the dramatic atmosphere only added to the whole of this tragic day. The Prince of Atropos, Atticus Blaire, shamed and vilified, now knelt shackled to the Crow's Pire Plataeu. "What is it that you have to say for yourself." Usually a very sarcastic person, and witty without necessity, he did not see this time, however to be fit for such frivolity. "Had I been able to compile a defense in my name, I would tell you. But seeing as how was ambushed, that luxury is withheld. Simply, I did what I had to do to protect the Shrine of Chronus. It was my sacred duty, and I was the only one capable. I did what had to be done." Glances were exchanged between the Zenith Court. There should have been five elders here, but his mother was not present, for she could not bare to see her fruit spoil and rot in front of her eyes.

"You harbor no remorse, for using outlawed techniques. You knew the consequences and yet you persisted even when you were informed that assistance was nearby." Atticus raised his head the meet the four other women and men. The intensity, a fire so presence, they all, averted his own glare. "If I had waited, everything we hold dear would be gone by now. He was this close to retrieving the Coat of Atropos" Pausing just a moment to allow moisture to return to his throat, "I did what I had to do" "Very Well. Your sentence is set in stone. However grateful we are, we have but one choice."

Weakness came to him. He'd foolishly thought that because of his name, because of his title, because he had saved the whole of Atropos, that somehow he would be spared. But, the old and antiquated ways of the Elder Council were narrow, and unyeilding to circumstance. With unison, they proclaimed his sentence, the cost of using outlawed techniques, was "OBLIVION" A nearly forbidden form of magic so expansive in energy use that it required the combined efforts of masters to perform. Flicking his head upward toward the sky, his voice finally taken away by the snatching arms of the wind, Atticus lamented his finality. In his localized aura gravity began to increase at an exponential rate, as a black orb descended from the sky above. It was all cacophony and chaos, frantic and frenzied. Atticus saw only the light being consumed by the darkness, and peace being broken by the howling wind upon the mountain top. And then only darkness. And then...Nothingness.

Only one day ago...

He was exhausted. His bones and muscles ached like every nerve and synapse fired into stone. Atticus' heartbeat while steady was fast and ready to become unstable. Around him lay the dead bodies of the others, those sworn to protect the Shrine of Atropos. Ever since he was able to walk he was groomed to be one of them, chosen even before birth, it was his life's task, and one he took seriously. Each guardian was either the prince or princess from their originating fatherlands. Being from the capitol of Atropos, Atticus was important. He'd grown to see himself as above, and better than the others. Yet still, the pride he had for being the Prince was prevalent.

For almost an entire year, his land had been in wartime with a hidden enemy, although, rumors that it was the The Raven, had flourished. The way bodies were left, the swift and lasting shadow left in its wake were tale tell signs. Atticus didn't believe it though. Figuring it was some copycat, trying to make instill fear into the hearts of the Five Lands, so that when battle came, there would be an already uneven playing ground. His pride, his belief that he was invincible came from being fearless, and believing that no matter what, he would be able to stop whoever came for the Coat of Atropos.

And then, the shadow came. The trembles of warfare began slowly but quickly climaxed. The shinobi of Atropos were quickly dispensed, seeing as how most of them had been shipped out on the mission to protect the other villages, or help rebuild. It was then, that it dawned on him. "Whoever it is, their plan was to have the shrine weakly protected so that it would be easier to impregnate the enclave that housed the coat. It had worked. And with all his disbelief, with all his invincibility, he witnessed the others fall victim to the might that was The Raven.

The Raven had been the greatest warrior of the first Great War. Hailed as the savior of the lands for defeating The First, by absorbing the latent energies of the thousands of dead. Back then it wasn't forbidden, it had only been done a few times before. But he was also, the cause of the Second War, when he was consumed by power he had, destroying villages, for no reason, other than to prove his worthiness to have the crown bestowed upon him, and for all others to give him the authority to rule all the lands. It was then that the Land Alliance came together, and constructed a constitution of sorts, creating a energy usage classification, and a strict educational ladder that would teach the willing to become great shinobi. They also, relegated which powers were seen as unforgivable, or outlawed. Anyone to use them would face an equal punishment administered by the Zenith Court.

The Raven wasted no time in laying waste using outlawed techniques. Who was there to check his power? No one. And with no checks, he rampaged, as the legend had foretold. Until finally he was faced with the last guardian of the shrine. Atticus. Being that he was the Prince of Atropos, he had been trained at stricter and more rigid levels. He knew how to handle most things that even some of the Zeniths could throw. But as their fight raged on, hour after our, he saw that he was slowing, crumbling, and The Raven was still pushing like the moon on the ocean. It was then, than the strike happened. Opening us some reserve of speed, nothing like he'd faced before, the Raven appeared behind him, grabbing his neck. He was able to wriggle free, but the struggle took more from him. He grabbed at his side, bringing out a hand knife, attempting, with futile effort, to gut his opponent.

The battle continued on, and he was being beaten, like a child being scorned. Relentless, brutal, and severe. Until finally, he was faced with a decision...Win or Die. He choose to win, which meant staying alive to at least see another day. His hands bloodied, his breathing labored, and vision blurred. Atticus called upon his blood, to commit an act of sin. "Forbidden Technique: Black Ocean Rhapsody" This particular ability was a blood gift, from his namesake. There was absolutely no escape from the shear amount of dark energy. It would not stop until the target was consumed and dead. As the world around him darkened, Atticus, made his way, as fast as he could to the Shrine, hoping that it wasn't too late for him to save the Coat of Atropos. But the doors had already been opened. Had The Raven already gotten it, was he too late. The pain of that reality was too much to handle. Along with his near death state, Atticus, was met by the Zenith Council.


Salvation? "This fleeting message is for you my son. The Raven has disappeared. We have you to thank for it. I was only able to save you at the last minute from the oblivion technique. But you can not stay here, you can not stay in this world. I myself used an outlawed power to remove you, and as long as you are gone, we will be alright. Remember me, and know that our reunion is to come."

"Where am I?" Atticus looked around, to see a world that was completely unfamiliar to his own. His body was still broken from battle, but he was healed enough to move. Leaning against a structure built with small rectangular stones, he came to an opening where other people seemed to reside. Collapsing on the black stone road, there was darkness again, and noise again.

One week later.

A sigh was exhaled. His breath hot, and his mouth dry, he opened his eyes to see a woman and a man dressed in white coats around him. "Are you alright son. Can you move you head." Instinctively he looked left and right, and he rose up, propping himself on his elbows. "Easy, you've been in a coma for a week. What is your name, and where are you from. Can you remember who did this to you" All of the questions, were easy to answer, but with his current surroundings, there wasnt much in the way of explanation. "I'm leaving" His bare feet touched the cold ground, he could feel the chill of vents blasting out cool upon his bare body.

This world was strange, and it was obvious, he was far, far, far away from home. But he needed to get back. And for that he would need help.

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Forbidden techniques, always epic :-)

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