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Somewhere In the far reaches of dark space

The space colony leader hrux'ha or otherwise known by the space voyagers from the three planets as big fur makes its way towards a familiar direction. Big fur approximately the size of a planetoid around earth's moon as it was seen travelling towards the milky way from the andromeda galaxy separated by the barrier of two million lightyears. It is predicted that it will arrive on earth in a week's time, NASA did not see it but non-belligerent aliens did. They are shocked to see that there something is terribly wrong as they (Big Fur) seem to take a detour from the normal migrational pathway and its deviation straight for earth. The aliens sensed and that there is a grave disturbance at its midst.

WIth their dimensional scanners exotic eyes ponder deep beneath the bushes of fur to discover the existence of numerous hijackers. Unwanted guests which are relentless, those wich are known as space ticks. The closest human definition can ascertain for their species, their leader lies in Big Fur deep inside and controlling the rest of the swarm to manipulate the big beaver colony through a telepathic channel. Exploiting the beavers to chew through the cores of planets so that they can strip mine and establish hives.

Synd'r and Shh are two brinvoyls tasked with the acquisition of helpers, or anyone at the area who can take up the job. In this time both of them are at a rush. Not because they cannot do it but rather the simple fact that they cannot be bothered to exert action, in other words they are lazy. Thus two probes are sent to a random planet in the milky way galaxy. That planet being earth, one probe sent randomly to a 'him' and another to a 'her' as there are important messages of utmost urgency and details of arming them with space muskies

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“Now at the kick, Fantasy Hopewell!” the announcer hyped the crowd up, the crowd cheered rather loudly for the young blonde. Letting loose a huge sigh, number 12 Fantasy Hopewell moved towards the kicker’s plate. Truth be told she hated this game, she grew up in Brooklyn where everyone went hard, yes even the white people. Back on the block, the boys and even some of the girls would hit Fantasy in the face with their balls.

Taking that many balls to the face blemished her childhood. Walking to the plate with black sun block under her eyes, a soccer t-shirt long tube socks and some adidas; she had the look of an athlete. The celebrity kickball game had seen its fair share of exciting moments already, Ariana Grande and Tori Vega got into a heated argument, and the argument got so bad Fan was sure she heard someone’s mother get mentioned.

As the final kicker for her team Fan didn’t have too much else to do, her team was winning by seven; they had purposely chosen her to go last; since her horrible performance in the all-star game just weeks prior. “Justin has been handling them balls well all day Fan, just try to get a base hit” Selina said, giving the young hero a pep-talk.

“Justin Timberlake?”; “No Bieber” Selina answered quickly. “Oh well that makes sense” Fantasy replied. “Here’s the pitch” Bieber ran his hands through his hair, before pitching a fast ball down the middle. The newly anointed “Sha” made contact with the ball, kicking it right out of the stadium. “BOOOM B!TCHES!!!” she gloated, running around the diamond bragging to her own team; they had been tormenting her all day.

“Number 12, Fantasy Hopewell kicked it out of the park!” the announcer screamed watching the red ball whizz pass his booth. The moment her foot made contact with the home plate; her body disappeared.

Fantasy was warped into space in a light blue light and deposited onto a cold dusty floor. “Oh god…I’ve seen this before….tentacles!” she screamed, looking around for some form of slimy aliens.

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@Fantasy Hopewell:

Stroud was taking a dump in a public toilet while reading up on the newspaper, looking for any conflicts to join in or any rich VIP looking for protection. There has always been a major spike in conflicts with the poverty gap recently, and the bad guys seems to be rolling in cash. Looking back to the times when he kills for money. Now he does the opposite, currently employed but still looking for a sense of adventure in life. Something fresh.

It was not a smooth ride, as the lump is still clinging to his sphincter. In front of the door there seems to be a mild commotion, from the sound of it there is the blade of a knife pointed at the back of a man's ass as he takes a piss at the standing urinal. Two beside and one behind, it does not feel like a kinky public display of affection or erotic knife play. It is robbery, the man holding his member is scared and judging from his urine he's had a breakfast with bacon.

Sweat mixed with the smell of piss, and imminent feces falling against calvin klein briefs brings back memories. So with a heave Stroud emptied his bowels and wiped with the last scrap of tissue available on the roll. They kept pressing against the man "Those shoes are very nice pops, that coat is also good, and that watch is perfect" now pressing the man against the urinal and moving the switchblade between his nuts."It would be unnecessary for a man like you to have a second circumcision, unless you can part with your..."

The door landed on the knife wielder's spine, making him fall on the poor sir with his pants down. The two besides reacted fast, but only enough to land headfirst on the shattered floor tiles. Some call it judo, others call it Aikido but he sticks with CQC as every scenario is 'relived' and observed carefully. Eight of them has the man's pecker in less than one piece, one of them has blood all over the walls.

Stroud picked a relatively quick one so that he can move out and along, he then cleans his hand on the sink as the businessman is still traumatized from having the cold feel of a knife pressed against his family jewels.

"You might want to go to the doctor sir," says the savior "get a bandaid for that papercut" as he exits through the door he appeared at a strange room. A teenager about to be attacked by what seems to be an octopi, he did not bring the suit nor any special tools. Yet he did have that switchblade confiscated from the punk.

"Get down!" he yelled as the knife flew towards a part of the creature that resembled a 'mouth'