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 The New Generation

Being the genius he is, the Puzzler becomes aware of a invasion on Seattle. Being the unconventional genius he is, however, he chooses not to notify heroes more suited to things like this. Instead, wanting to lead some younger members of the generation in a good direction, with their specific abilities available to them of course. He wishes to plant the seed for another great organization of potential heroes with this plan. Whether or not it was a sane choice on his part remains to be seen. The Puzzler is less of a leader and more of a.... teacher, coach, and counselor to put it in simple terms. He leaves the team in charge of it's business for the most part, hoping they make the right decisions.  
Home sweet home...
The 'Base' of the team is an apartment building in Toronto. Each member is allowed their own apartment for them to do as they see fit, but the main-base is the apartment on the top floor, the largest one obviously. That's where they choose to run themselves. The Puzzler pays for the rent as long as the team stays on the right side of the field. They aren't alone in the building, they share it with many Toronto citizens. No special treatment allowed.


This is very basic, we are still in the set-up stages for the most part. The basic story has been created and we are looking for more members. The actual 'invasion' of Seattle mentioned in the origin story hasn't actually happened yet in cannon, so you aren't too late to become a founding member ^.^

  • Character should be either good or neutral (if character is evil, he probably wouldn't agree to this, would he? :] )
  • No real age requirements, though the target is obviously characters from age 13-19. This can be shifted depending on the circumstances.
  • Report if you are going on a break time, or if you may be gone for a week/couple of days. It's acceptable.
  • Have a good time :D
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Good luck with this. If all goes well you hsould speak with CPG about getting a young heroes rpg going with the Future Champions.

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@lazystudent: COP is still active?
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@_Punk_: lol yeah The enemy within is our current RPG

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Good luck!

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Alright, I'm going to join hopefully lol

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We're going to rock the house. ^.^

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OMG A TEAM OF NOVAS!? :D IS THIS MY FAN CLUB!? I mean... >_> good luck team! ^_^

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Good luck! :D

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The name is tight. Good luck

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It was my suggestion ^.^.

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Good luck :)

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@.Longshot.: Thanks! :D 

@ Flawless: Lord_Johnathan suggested it 

@Feral Nova: LOL I knew you or someone else was going to comment on that.
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Do you guys already have a team rp up?

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seems interesting

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@moonshayde: Nope, looking for a couple of more members first.
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Think we have enough members to start the Cuotl assault?

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Good luck with this!

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Thanks to all the support.

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Harris carries another bag on his shoulders up the stairs. It was filled with some of his step-father's old books, he'd hoped he could do something with them. He'd never actually been to Canada beforehand, so it was an interesting place to start off in.

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Venture already had his area set up, a small tree was growing from the floor and he actually made a small tree house on top of it. It was just no child's hut either, a rather impressive one.

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@Venture_Kid: (O.o a tree house? Were in an apartment building...?)
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@_Punk_: (XD I am aware o.o, it's not huge, it does take up his room though lol)

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@Venture_Kid: (LOL remind me never to go in there. xP)
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@_Punk_: (Good call, there is tree and plants, everywhere..)

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Appears for one of the first times outside of his armour, wearing his blue tshirt with a ridiculously long trailing hoodie that goes out to like 8 feet, blue pants, and yellow shoes. He keeps his armour in a hissing steam powered container that will immediately unfurl and reattatch to him with a press of a button on his watch. Using a wallet of holding, he takes out various effects kept in the extradimensional storage accessed from the wallet, and quickly sets up a room much like the one he has in the jerusalem crawler.

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Dayton walks up the many stairs of the apartment building and arrives on the fourth floor. "444, that's cool." Dayton was feeling the brass numbers on the door because his sonar didn't pick up metal that well. Walking turning the key Dayton walked in and left his suitcase by the door. The room is poorly lit and Dayton is forced to bring out his walking stick. Maneuvering to the windows Dayton opens the blinds to the sunny Toronto morning. "That's better" Dayton said putting away his walking stick. Hearing his stomach growl Dayton walks into his kitchen and opens the fridge. Dayton sighed "He couldn't have gotten us food?"

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James walked up the stairs of the apartment building, He went into the room he was assigned with his bags, Several suit cases of his personal things, He finally entered the room, He looked around and thought to himself "Damn...It's Empty.." He began walking around, Exhausted. He noticed they're was a small television and a couch. He was going to start putting things up in a second, But for right now he laid down and began to rest, With the final thought of "Maybe I Can steal wi-fi from that McDonalds down the street..."

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John quickly set up a series of steam powered and clockwork driven devices in his room, rapidly turning it into a steampunk enthusiast's wet dream as some spring powered spider automatons quickly converted his adobe into a virtual copy of his room in various crusader crawlers. Notably, a great deal of brass finish was used to help personalize the room, and there were quite a lot of gears that seemed to be exposed for little reason other than to show off. Perhaps the only problem he had was that as the worker spiders were driven by springs, he had to stop and rewind them whenever they ran out of energy, which became a rather monotonous task, but one that was well worth it. Within a matter of hours, his room was more or less ready, and the spiders were put away in storage.

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@Lord_Johnathan: After being let down on the food situation Dayton decided to go see who else had moved in to the building. Walking down a to the floor below Dayton heard hissing coming from an apartment. Walking closer to the door Dayton noticed that it was getting pretty humid. Dayton realized that the humidity was from steam, knocking on the door of the apartment Dayton was nervous to see who or what would answer.

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John heard a knocking on his door as he fumbled with the air conditioning system, muttering a curse as something snapped off before he went over opened the door after wiping some fog off his glasses. "Oh hi there!" He said beaming as a clockwork spider manically tried to fix the conditioning system and modify it to clear out the steam. "No, no, no! That goes there! This goes here!" He said looking over at the clockwork spider which seemed to lower it's head like a scolded child.

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Harris yawns in his room. It was small, but it still had a bathroom in it under most of the normal apartments which had to share a bathroom. He kept the window dark, with the lights off. He had set up a rudimentary book case to keep his father's collection of daemonic books, and had a sort of put together bed, little more than a mattress, layers of sheets, and a blanket. He heard noises on the floors below him. He was doing little more than staring at a wall thinking about the whole situation.
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@Lord_Johnathan: When the door finally opened Dayton was surprised to see a normal looking boy. The boy had glasses and an overbite and Dayton was very curious what his "talent" was. " Hi. I'm Dayton, are you the team engineer?" Dayton stuck his hand out to the boy, gesturing for a handshake.

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"I'm John, and I guess...but I'm a paladin by trade."He said gesturing to his equipment, which was folded in a transforming case that would quickly form to assemble around him with a single press of his watch. "I'm part of the Ordo Astartes, we broke off from the Order of the Talon a while ago. I'm pretty good with machines since I'm expected by the Ordo to be able to maintain my own kit and make replacements if need be. Gosh that was a hard class to learn...." He said as he wiped some fog off his glasses as some of the steam driven spiders finally finished the air filtration system, sucking the steam out of the room.

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@Lord_Johnathan: Dayton was pretty surprised by John's back story. "Woah, well, I am a boy who was forced to preform in a circus for four years of my life. Oh and I'm blind. But it's okay, cause I have this sonar chip in my head that lets me see most things. And gives me a little more strength and agility, But I guess your story is still better." Dayton Joked.

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"Come on, you can't be this lazy.." Harris said, waiting outside the building. A familiar van pulled up on the street. "Sorry Harris, long drive." the man in the front seat said. He was a friend of Harris's stepfather, and his former therapist."Were they good for you?" Harris said as he went to the back of the van."Finest behavior I've ever seen." Harris opened up the back and saw his two friends, Adrian and Cecil, the black as night hounds his father had left him. "Come on you two." Harris said, stepped out of the way so the dogs could get out. They promptly stepped off the van and onto the street. "They're all yours now." Micheal said as he drove away.Harris smiled at the dogs."Okay, come on. I had to beg to get you two allowed here." Harris said to the dogs as he began walking. They followed him without order.
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Venture sits at the kitchen counter, eating a doughnut.

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(Lets just say this happens after Johnathan and I are done)

@_Punk_: Leaving John's door Dayton begins to walk down the stairs. On the stairs he sees another teenage boy with two dogs. One of the dogs began sniffing Dayton vigorously. "Oh, Hi, your." Dayton thought for a minute. "Punk, right?" Dayton smiled.

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(Guys we still need to post in the foudning role play. >.<)

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@Lord_Johnathan: (I'm backed up x.x)
Harris saw the kid, planning to simply pass him. Unfortunately, Adrian started sniffing him. "No, not Punk, that's just a nickname. My name is Harris." he said, with a bit of disconnection.
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@Lord_Johnathan: Now that you mention that, I will post right now.

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@_Punk_: "Oh, excuse me, Harris." Dayton felt the dog back away and go on with it's business. "Well, I look forward to, working with you." Dayton walked away back down the stairs. @Venture_Kid: Arriving at the bottom of the stairs Dayton noticed ivy coming out of one of the rooms. "No way." Dayton didn't believe his sonar so he walked closer and felt the ivy for himself. Hoping to find someone who could control plants Dayton knocked on the door.

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@Kid_Sonar: The already damaged door swung open upon one knock, presenting a room filled with plants and wildlife, and in the center was a tree that ascended to the ceiling. Most of the tree had a tree fort built onto it.

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James had awoken from his couch slumber and got up, He looked around and remembered he had Cain bring him a radio, He smiled as he walked over and turned it on the local heavy metal station and cranked it up very high, He was bored and at least this would help pass the time.

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@Venture_Kid: "I'll take that as an open invitation." Dayton said in a weary tone. Dayton walked into the room and shut the door behind himself. Walking up to the large tree a Deer bolted past Dayton. "That's, different." Dayton said as he touched the tree. "Hmm, it seems whoever owns this tree is at the top." Dayton jumped up to a branch. Then flipped numerous times from branch to branch until he reached the top. "A house, of coarse." Dylan sighed and knocked on the door to the house at the top of the tree.

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Testing a bit of his abilities over the winds and weather, John blew the steam filtered by the new system his clockwork spider assistants had set up into the open, letting the water vapour join the new water cycle. Smiling, he decided to begin the process of installing steam engines in some of the spring powered spiders to allow them to continuously move without needing to be wound back up every half hour or so.

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Mary walked up the stairs carrying a suitcase and a backpack containing her clothes and other personal stuff. She opened the door of the apartment which was assigned to her and saw that the apartment wasn't very well lit overall and it also wasn't very big. "Well I think it's ok, I guess... And I think that I can take care of the light later." she said. The apartment had all the necessary rooms, it had a bathroom, a kitchen and a small living room. She opened the windows and sit on the couch at the living room, she opened her bag and took one of her father's old magic books and made a little light ball to lighten the place. "Well, time to practice otherwise I'll never get better at this." she said.

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Deciding to check on his neighbors, John put his hood down, trying his best not to trip on the eight foot long tail of the hood as he walked around, steampowered spiders working to maintain the room and keep it clean and free of pests. He knocked on one of the doors next to his room and peeked his head into Lucent's room before stepping back out. "Um, hey, neighbor!" He said with a grin, showing a bit of his overbite as he wiped some fog off of his glasses.

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@Lord_Johnathan: Mary heard someone knocking on the apartment's door. She closed the book she was reading, made the light ball disappear and opened the door to see who was there. She saw a young bucktoothed boy wearing a very long hoodie and wiping his glasses. "Hi there!" she says with a smile on her face and extending her hand "My name is Mary. And you are...".

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"Oh I'm John, John Eden." He said as he put his glasses back on and adjusted to seeing through them again, taking a few blinks as he ran a hand through his spiky, somewhat bedheadish but otherwise well kept hair and smiling. "So, mind if I come in?" He said, taking a quick look around as he used a bit of wind manipulation to keep the hood tail from touching the ground and thus posing a tripping hazard.