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The wasteland was as silent as a graveyard. The occasional wisp of wind and the howl of a coyote floated through the air like a ghost breaking through from another world. The sun set with a purple hue for all of the pollution that was common in the wastes, something so beautiful from something so repulsive. As soon as the sun made it's final appearance for another day, the night had some interesting plans for the wasteland. Military trucks climbed the sandy hills and commandos trudged through the prickly grass that was in patches everywhere in the waste. One of the newer members brushed off his leg from getting pricked for the tenth time in a row. "Christ, why the f*ck are we stomping around in these sh!t hole wastes sir?" Asked the cocky and impatient new gun. The seasoned sergeant chomped on his cigar as he carried his AR-12 on his shoulder, grunting at the newbies questions. "Listen here slick, you didn't join this squad to b*tch and complain did you? Cause if you question our orders one more time, im shoving my boot so far up your ass, the water on my knee will quench your THIRST!" The sergeant barked at the private, causing him to shut his mouth and move a bit farther back in the squad. The rookie met up with the heavy gunner of the squad and gave a chuckle before looking out in the distance. "You know I have heard some things about these wastelands, that some forgotten biker gang has a hideout here or some sh!t like that, you don't think that's true do you?". The heavy gunner sighed and looked out in the distance while marching on with the squad. "Don't always believe everything you hear back at base kid, this is the same rumor related to sightings of a talking rodent of some kind around here.."

"Oh did you now, what a load of sh!t, you think they would get the raccoon part down at least!" Ash gripes while flicking a match to ignite, lighting up a cheap cigarette. The killer removed his feet from being kicked up on the rock they rested on and got to work. His furry hands gripped around the sniper rifle and his purple red eyes peered through the HUD equipped scope. He was about half a mile away from his targets, they were mobile and chatty. Ash was a raccoon of reputation, and when a hired military unit comes waltzing through his turf, he tends to like proving that reputation. His objectives were simple. Bait, guise, transport, homestead and renovate. Ash waited for at least another fifteen minutes before they started setting up camp. As soon as they sat around a freshly constructed fire, Ash picked up his cigarette he perched on a small rock with his mouth and took aim.

This time it wasn't for fun, at least not yet, he needed to buckle down and be as quick as possible. In an open environment he could be toast. The drivers seemed to be staying in the jeeps, two of them. The other seven were sitting out by the fire and setting up tents. What exactly were they doing? Was on Ash's mind, why military? He put his sights on the one leaning back against a rock, he was talking loud and was clearly the center of attention, perfect. Ash held his breath for a few moments, and let go just as he tightened his grip on the trigger. The silencer helped the echo but the gunshot itself was very clear. The troopers head detonated into a mess in moments and his body slummed to the side. The commando's let out commands and cries of surprise and panic. Ash grinned while flicking the switch on his rifle, the scope giving off an artificial moonlight glare.

The raccoon sadist went into a full out sprint down the hill he was atop when he fired the rifle, his speed matching that of a gold Olympic runner. As he suspected, two troops were already on the scope shimmer, moving towards it. Ash passed them in seconds while they slowly crouched towards it. "Oh shit!" One of the trooper's yelled while fixing his gun on the shadowy blur that passed the two. The larger gun knocked on the spooked ones helmet, "Hey! Relax soldier I saw a tail, it was just a f*ckin' rodent or something!" He muttered in an angered mumble before they continued to the glare.

Ash was now in the perimeter of the freshly made campsite, the squad's medic was already putting a sheet over the murdered soldiers body. Ash did a quick examination to see if anyone was watching. The others seemed to set up a perimeter just outside of the camp. This made it easy for Ash to sneak up on the medic and jump on his back while grabbing his mouth and plunging his buck knife deep inside his back. The screams were muffled through the bounty hunter's furry hand as he was whispering in his ear. "Shh shhh, easy mate, easy.." He mumbled as he allowed the medic to slowly slump backwards as he hands tried to reach for the small murderer. Finally he became limp and laid in the sand, his blood being clogged with it as it poured out of his back. Ash reached into the medic's pocket and his assumptions became true when he clutched onto a set of keys.

"Thompson? Thompson!?" One of the commando's called out while walking over to where the medic was. He saw the medic kneeling over the body of the head shot soldier, causing the trooper to sigh and walk closer to the medic. "Thompson what are you def or something, we all know he is -" The soldier was shocked to see the dead medic as he turned his horrified last expression to the light of the campfire. The soldier stumbled back and reach for his shoulder mounted comm device. But before he could click on the transmitter for back up, the cord was sliced and Ash was now holding onto the soldiers back while sticking th edge of his blade in the man's neck

"Evening, lets get one thing clear off the bat. If you try anything even remotely to my disliking. And I spill your throat open over the fire pit, understand?" Ash quickly informed the man of the new situation. "Your going to show me which one of these tents has your grenades, all of them..". The soldier complied and walked over to the demolitions tent, holding one box of frag grenades. "Alright, now your going to follow what I say very closely or I will make sure you die slowly.."

A few minutes later, the same trooper went sprinting over to one of the jeeps, holding his throat. The jeep driver tried to figure out what he was seeing so he flicked the headlights on. What he saw caused his jaw to drop in horror. The trooper was sprinting towards the jeep with his throat cut open, in a rush to get help. He didn't even have time to notice the dozens of grenades covering his vest and pants. "NOOOO!" The driver cried as the trooper slammed against the hood, a string tied to every single clip suddenly tugged as the soldier reached his hand towards the guard, blood gushing out of his throat and mouth, tears in his eyes. The soldier exploded into a massive storm of shrapnel that killed the trooper and sliced the driver to chunks. This was right on time for the two soldiers to finally slide down the rocks and onto the sniping area where the saw the shimmer. Only to see an unmanned sniper rifle. "Holy sh!t what was that explosio-" And the two met their own explosion as the sniper rifle detonated into a massive fireball.

The last man, the other driver was awoken from his unsuspected nap as the two explosions occurred within seconds of eachother. But before he could even react properly, the jeep door swung open and he was pulled out violently. Ash held his head in place and slammed the large metal door against the man's face until one strong slam to knock him out cold..

The man woke up bound by steel wiring, his first action was to spit the shattered teeth out of his mouth from the brutal door attack. The man almost vomited immediately after as the smell of burning flesh seeped into his nostrils. His eyes opened to the sight of Ash walmer, sitting on the decapitated head of Thompson the medic. The rest of the squad was piled up onto the fire, making it flicker with intensity. Ash grinned at his hostage while holding up an empty syringe to his face. "Yeah yeah, talking raccoon, holy sh!t it is crazy...Don't even go there.." Ash Said rather annoyed. "Listen mate, your buddy Thompson here had some pretty fun goodies in his medical briefcase, one of which is a fast acting toxin that I jabbed into your neck before you woke up. Now! I have the cure right here, I want two things from you and you can have it...One! You are not going to say a word until I tell you to..Two! Your going to radio your home base, wherever that is...And tell them that you need an air evac because ONE of your squad members are injured..Got it?" Ash shook the antidote in front of the soldier that was growing more and more pale from the venom, he shook his head in a panic. The raccoon held one of the fallen troopers communicators to the soldier's mouth and gently squeezed the transmitter.

The troop cleared his throat and spoke. "Home base, this is team Kansas, I am requesting an air evac on the account of a code twenty eight, over..". There was a few moments of silence before the radio buzzed back. "Roger that Kansas, Evac in one hour..". Ash dropped the communicator instantly after and cut the man free, tossing his antidote a few feet away. The soldier crawled towards the antidote while heaving, the venom getting closer and closer to killing him, all while Ash walked away from the struggling soldier. The man finally grabbed the syringe and stick it into his arm, instantly causing blood to spurt out of his mouth violently. He gurgled while slumping into the sand, looking at his killer while he walked away, gathering up enough strength to ask "W-WHY!?". Ash chuckled while getting closer and closer to the edge of darkness. "Because mate! Im notorious around these parts, can;t disappoint now can I?" Ash said casually as he faded from the man's blurred out vision, finally expiring from the even more powerful toxin Ash said was an antidote..

(To be continued).

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@Ash_Walmer: Raccoons+heavy violence=win :)

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All I'll say is, that was tight

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@Gambler: I loled

@Impero: Thanks dude!

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