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Darkchild walked through the forest watching the animals run around him, the forest was dense and his body took in the air. He continued through the forest sensing a potential but ignored it since he wanted to be left alone. The world moved in slow motion for a few moments as he sat on a tree stump and took a breather, he made his way through a open area of the forest and sensed the mans power before he spoke "You better leave or suffer the consequences." Darkchild smiled as the man stood up placing a blindfold over his eyes, looking down at the man Darkchild shrugged his shoulders and walked past the man putting his hands in his pockets. As he walked past Ruin he tells him "Consequences? Boy you know nothing of me, and I will tell you this. Leave ME be and I will make my way past you, I have done nothing to your nor this forest. As far as I can see You were the one to harm the inhabitants." Darkchild continued to walk his back turned to Ruin but he charged his with a little bit of power just in case the man decided to fight.

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