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Battle takes place in Central Park at 3:00 pm.

Nobody sat on a park bench looking at some people pass. The sun was bright and there was a slight breeze in the air as he slouched down on the metal bench. A little blonde girl, about the age of six,l walked up to the the bench and went to sit on it, but right as she reached for it, Nobody made it fade from sight. She quickly jumped back and as she did he made the bench reappear into view. "This could be a lot of fun.'  Nobody laughed in his head as she watched her tremble staring at the bench. She slowly reached for it again and once again, Nobody made it fade away from site.

"Mommy!" The little girl screamed as she turned around and ran away from Nobody. Her blonde hair bounced as she ran away and tears rolled down her face. A grin came across his face as he watched her run away. "Well that was mildly entertaining." Nobody laughed to himself.

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The Hellfire Club had suffered a major set back during the Civil War. The heroes had been cleared and once again regained their position in the hearts and minds of the people. Kept secret from all but those within the Inner Circle Gambler’s son Florian trained and studied under the brightest minds and most dangerous fighters in the world. At the age of twelve he undertook a journey that could only be described as heroic. Descending into the depths of hell to free his fathers soul, he entered as a boy, but emerged as teenager. Now 18, Florian stands by his fathers side as he prepares to one day take the King of Spades place and run the HFC.

With several elite and powerful characters around the world still with no team affiliations, the Inner Circle in an attempt to solidify its global domination and perhaps preparing for an all out war against the Heroes of the Vine, have sent several of its most trusted members to recruit these elite characters. Half Man Half Amazing, or Nobody as he was more widely known, was one such character. A legend in his own time he had served along side Gambler in the once mighty New Age Outlawz. With thee ability to turn himself invisible and the creativity to maximize this power, Nobody would make a perfect addition to the HFC.

Florian had tracked the illusive Nobody down in . Unimpressed with his display the young Prince of Spades decided to test the legend himself. Out of nowhere the Cajun dashed across the park using his superhuman speed. Planting one hand on the park bench he vaulted himself around in a stylish gymnastics type move, holding his body up while spinning his legs around underneath him. First his left foot flashed out towards Nobody’s head while bringing his right leg over the top in a modified butterfly kick aimed for the side of Nobody’s face. Using his momentum Florian spun himself off the bench twirling through the air landing on one foot in a Savate style stance.

It was plain to see that the young Florian was every bit as agile as his father. And that the former NAO member was in for a fight.

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While still watching the girl run away from him, Nobody was suddenly caught off guard by a swirl of colors infront of him. With a sudden force, Nobody was struck right in the face which sent his head jarring back, with blood flying out of his mouth which landed on the grass behind him. While still in the back motion from the first kick, Nobody was once again stuck on the right side of his face, which sent him flying off the left side of the bench. Using the force of the blow, Nobody rolled on the ground back up to his knees. As he sat crouched down, he wipped the blood off his face lip and starred at a young man in front of him. "Gambler?" Nobody thought to himself as he stared at him. It was the spitting image of Gambler, but was in a younger form.

"Not bad, kid. But its going take a more then some fancy foot work to take me out." Nobody said as he got back up to his feet. Spreading his legs out, Nobody crouched down with his with his arms spread out at his side. Nobody surrounded both his fist with a hard construct to make the rock solid. Charging in at the boy. Nobody pulled back his right arm and punched it full force at towards Florian's face. In the same motion, Nobody spun counterclockwise on his feet and brought his left fist around towards the left side of Florian's face.