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Place- a large plateau above a vast grassy plain

It might of just been a training fight, but it was a fight all the same. Drake and White Phantom, each beings with fantastic power, were about to go head to head and learn just how much power they both had.

Talons slid over White Phantom's hands as he unsheathed his sword. The blade crackled with power, power about to be unleashed. OK fella, let's see what you can do!With that, White Phantom thrust his sword forward, releasing a shockwave that vibrated the very air and ground, and right on a collision course whith Drake.

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Drake flipped into the air. There were many way to battle Drake but a straight slash wasnt one. Drake had been trained by the best, to be the best. He [uled out his two golden pistols and began to blast away at WP. Lightning began to form in the middle of Drake palms. The ball of electricity grew and grew until it was the cize of a car. He then launched the two balls of lighting at his opponent he then launched into the air and used his teleportation to teleport a bulldozer over the head of WP. To make the impact of the bulldozer harder Drake used his elemental breath to blow iron to surrond the bulldozer and then it fell upon WP.

Have you any fighting skills at all

In WP eyes he coudl see that much damage wasnt done. But he wasnt expectig WP to be hurt.

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Have you any fighting skills at all? Drake called while unleashing his attacks. Oh, I have fighting skills, responded Phantom. In one-on-one combat, never go all out with your first move, because if that fails you won't have anything else left to use.

White Phantom then phased right through through the blasts from the pistols, and redirected the lightning to destroy the bulldozer.What were you thinking, using lightning against one who draws some of his power from a thunder god?

White Phantom then switched to the attack, using his animation powers. Grass blades shot up from the plain beneath the plateau, as leaves flew from the trees like missiles. The ground shuddered and rose behind Drake, and then fell to crush him. But to make his attack harder to defend against, White Phantom infused the grass, leaves, and ground with his mystic energy, thus increasing their strength and durability to a titanic degree.

Those things would stop an entire army, let's see what they do to you. However, White Phantom began to plan other attacks because he didn't expect his attack to stop Drake, though he wouldn't mind if it did.

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Drake watched suprisingly as his opponent dismissed all of his attacks with ease. Drake found. Glass blades shot up from the ground straight towards Drakes lower body. Fotuanately Drake put up a minautre force field to shatter the glass. But he had released the shield too early. Soon there was titanium leaves sticking into his back. The pain was minature but it was there. He had been weakened from bringing someone back to life, which took enormous amounts of power. Drake shrugged of the leaves soon there was a gaint piece of titanium ground with sharp titanim grass falling upon him. Boom! It was as if Drake had been crushed by the object until a metalic arm broke through the top of the titanium. Yes! Drake had morphed his body into a metal that was stronger than Titanium. It ws Velon, from planet Velox. It was the world tenth strongest metal. Drake then turned back to normal form. He thyen moved towards Phantom and looked deep into his eyes

You want to know what I was thinking?

Once again lighting began to form in Drakes palms as it ran a long line up into the sky. It began to grow bigger and bigger and then the sky began to turn red. Soon all of the leaves fell off the trees all of the grass turned brown, and even the clouds were red. While still holding the lighting in his palm Drake circled WP.

Ill tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking I should stall. Stall until reinforcements get here.

In Drakes mind he knew that his opponent had completely no idea what he meant. But then again Drake didnt want him to know. Soon there was a small roaring in the distance. It seemed to be coming closer and getting much louder.

And here comes reinforcements now!

Drake snapped his fingers as all of the trees and land was beautiful again. Then the roaring came closer. Soon the sound was known to be an engine. Yes! Coming to Drake now was his motorcycle. It ws red black and rose gold. Drake flipped up onto the motorcycle as it was moving. The motorcycle kept going and didnt stop for a huge tree right in front of it. The motorcycle kept towards the tree. Then its wheel formed into huge round wheels as it bgan to drive up the tree. As the the motorcycle flips back into hte air Drakes presses a red button on it as a holster comes out of the mororcyle. Drake pulled something out of the holster. He pulled out Milago. Milago was a mythical weapon that could take form of any weapon possible. Drake personal favorite was the gun. This was no ordinary gun. This weapon had been blessed by the powers of Zeus, Odin, and Satan(the devil). It ws about the as thick as two bricks and as long as 56 inches. The powers of the weapon were devastating. Normally it would one blow would be strong enough to destroy a planet but the strongest it had ever gotten was destroying a pocket dimension. Drake pressed one mo button his bike as wings came out of the bike as he flipped off. The bike ws soon flying back the way it came. But Drake was still in the air

Aint no phasing through this. It corrupts hell itself.

As Drake flipped through the air he shot out brick size black orbs at Ap. He knew that there was no way possible that Wp would dodge or block the orbs. This would cause internal damage. Drake continued to shoot the orbs at WP. He then put an forcefield around himself and earth. He knew that the damage of the blow would take out earth. He then released the field when the damage was done.

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Curious, White Phantom watched Drake do, whatever he was doing. Phantom's attack had some effect on Drake, but less then he anticipated. Then, White Phantom saw Drake's vehicle, and his weapon, the Milago.

White Phantom knew Drake was right, he couldn't phase through something that powerful. But there was something almost as good that he could do. So, your weapon has power from Odin and Zeus? Well, I think it's time for a refund.Then, White Phantom opened a portal to Lucifera, the land that was also home to the gods. While the orbs wouldn't travel into the dimension, the energies from Zeus and Odin, naturally being from there, would.

Although most of the power had been drained from the orbs, they still flew onward. White Phantom created a shield of lightning, which he hoped would destroy the orbs for good. But it didn't. It weakened the orbs further, but it didn't destroy them. There wasn't time for White Phantom to create another thing to defend himself, the orbs made contact.

White Phantom toppled backward from the force of the orbs. Although most of their power was gone, they still tore through White Phantom, causing a river of blood to pour fourth from his gaping wounds. But then, a shaft of sunlight struck the Lucifer, but not just ordinary sunlight. That beam held White Phantom's healing powers, powers which allowed him to recover from virtually any injury.

You know Drake, when it comes to combat, I think I can say you're my equal. But not my better!Then, there was a massive explosion beneath Drake. White Phantom, with renewed strength, had been compacting air beneath his foe while talking, and then had released it. So much air had he compacted that a massive hole was blown in the plateau, as the vibrations threatened to topple the rest. White Phantom had protected himself with a shield, but he didn't know about Drake.

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Drake wtahced as WP was speaking. Then sudenly the ground began to shake. A huge blast impact knocked Drake into outer space. He had not been preared for the attack. If so it would havent had made the leat bit of damage. Knocking Drake inot space was a big mistake on WP's part. Drake continued to fly from the impact. He then staightened his body to direct his movement to a huge plasmatic ball of hot acid. A star! Thats all Drake needed was to fly into a star. Acid not only healed Drake but it made him stronger, faster and better. Drake flew straight towards the biggest stra he saw. As soon as he went in far enough to be surrounded by the outer circle of the star it turned black. Then disappeared with Drake standing there. He had been granted more power from the almighty univer god now. Drake telported himself back to WP and grinned. Drake then began to do a various amount of martial arts stances. These movements opnened up a portal.

If you really want to battle come to a dimension htat cant be harmed. Where are powers have "No boundaries". Where we ahve no limits. Unless you are afraid.

Drake flipped bac into what looked like the middle of no where. It was actually a indestructable planet in the middle of no where. Drake had not been lying when he said that they had no boundaries on this dimension That was just what Drake needed. A reaoson to go full power. He knew that no matter how much WP practiced there was no way he was going to be prepared for what Drake had waiting for him.

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White Phantom had to admit it, he was impressed. But he also knew Drake had made a dangerous mistake. Drake figured that his power with no limits would exceed the Lucifer's. But the full power of myth was not to be underestimated.

Charging through the portal, White Phantom began to shout at Drake.You fool, here I can access any power ever spoken of in myth. My power no longer has the limits in once did. You may be far stronger here then on Earth, but so am I!

Once he was fully in the dimension, the Lucifer began to glow with energy. He then used that energy to enchant the heavens. The sky seemed to boil, and energy fell, scorching the earth and setting the ground ablaze. His weapon too was enhanced. Like Odin's Gunginer, when he threw his sword, it would not miss. And when it struck, it would strike like Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor which could carve deep slashes in the sides of mountains. So Phantom threw his sword, with terrific speed and strength. Its blade crackled and shone with the titanic power it now held. And Drake had only seen the tip of the iceberg, as White Phantom now possessed near limitless power.