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The young Princess stalked the cage she and her sisters had been locked in scoping out their captors. “All of them have pale faces” she spoke back in her native language; this prompted all the other women to come and look.

“She wears ugly cloths” one of her fellow captives said, causing everyone inside the cage to burst into laughter. From the darkness, the young French woman Z and Hayden saw in the jungle stood before them. “This one…she’s there leader” the woman said, with her hands behind her back smiling at the grimacing Ziccarra.

“Why isn’t she bare like the others?” the captain asked, paying more attention to the naked Ninjans. “I suppose it’s because, she’s of royal blood, I don’t know” the woman asked, still peering into the eyes of Ziccarra.

“I find it to be awkward that they all speak the same language but have different skin tones. That one right there almost looks as if she could pass for white” the woman said, pointing pass Ziccarra.

“The Iberians will pay top dollar for her” The Captain said, rubbing his beard.

The whole time she was speaking, the young Ninjan watched the movements of her mouth; trying to learn the language.

“Look at the Princess though, her hair is white…not like any n!gger I’ve seen before” the captain responded, whilst heading back to the deck.

“Maybe…there not…” the young scientist whispered slowly looking into the pacific eyes of the Ninjan Queen. Shaking off the eerie feeling that Z actually knew what she was talking about; the young woman headed back to her table.

“This war is starting to get to me” she said, sitting at the table, charting the next pick-up point. “What…is…war?” a soft voice came from the far side of the room; she never glanced to see who said it, acting off instincts she answered the question.

“Well war is a conflict usually between two nations, always very, very bloody.” She didn’t finish her explanation; she looked around the room to see no one. “Did you say that?” she asked looking at the Ninjan Princess.

“Come on now, Speak up” she yelled sternly. “I did” Z answered abruptly. “Oh well, I-I-, that’s marvelous!” the scientist expressed with a bit of joy. “Now, errm, what is your name?” she asked, trying to incite a conversation.

“My name is Ziccarra” Z responded again, staring into the blue eyes of her white counterpart. “Oh wow what a name, my name is Pamela” she said, offering her hand for Z to shake.

Z returned the gesture, not taking her eyes off the woman. “What are your plans for me and my sisters?” she asked, taking a step back into the see of Native Ninjan women.

“Well, I don’t have any plans for you, but I think the captain intends to sell you…” Pam answered, feeling a bit guilty. “Are we not living beings? Can we not make choices on our own?” The Ninjan inquired trying to accurately gauge what was going on.

“Well…I-…uh…?” Pamela tripped over her words, trying to answer the tough question. “Who is it that determines what people are to be…sold?” Ziccarra asked again, this time her tribe sisters all pressed the bars next to her.

“My people have been here longer than your people; we have honed and graced the land longer than you have; if anyone should be deemed the magistrate of justice, should it not be us?” Ziccarra asked with her pupils glazing over with a white stare.

“Your highness, I mean you know harm…it’s just…” Pamela stammered, trying to make a case for herself but she was almost instantly silence by the Ninjan Sovereign. “It’s just that you live in a civilization ignorant and powerless to make any difference” she said, taking a seat on the floor in the middle of her sisters.

“What was that, you were talking too?” Z asked, referring to the captain. “You mean the man?” Pam responded confused.

“What’s a man?” Z asked, somewhat intrigued. “You don’t have men in your culture?” Pam asked, trying to think of the best definition for a man.

“MISS THORN!!!!!” someone yelled, startling the young women, she thought the call came right on timelas she didn’t know how to explain what a man was. Pulling her dress up just a bit she sprinted up the deck; “Yes! Yes what is it!?” she yelled back, trying to see what the fuss was.

“My word…” she gasped with her hands over her mouth. “The Royal British Navy….” The captain said, a bit tempered. “What does this mean?” Pamela she responded, getting a bit scared.

“At the very least they’ll take our cargo…” the captain said barking orders for his crew to man the cannons. “We only have the ladies on board!” she said, somewhat confused. “I said the Cargo” he snapped back; watching as his men readied the canons.

“You’re going to fire on them?” Thorn asked, forcefully turning the captain around in protest. “DAMN IT WOMAN, if the British board this ship those whores will be the last of your worries!”

“FIRE!” he screamed, walking across the deck; the sound of hundreds of cannons being fired from the canons almost caused Pamela to go def.

Scurrying down to the hold she paced back and forth, being overcome with fear. “This is…war?” Ziccarra asked, placing her head on the bars.

“Yes, we’re being attacked by the British…” Pamela responded, she bit her nails out of nervousness. The sound of the British return fire ripping through the deck intrigued the Ninjan Princess.

Turning to her subjects, she spoke in her native tongue to mask her intentions, the ladies all seemed to cheer and praise Ziccarra. “What’s going on!” Pamela screamed, staying low to the ground.

“Pale woman, I will end this war” Ziccarra said, putting both her hands on the bars and effortlessly pulling them open.

“!!” Pam’s mouth dropped as she tried to explain what happened, “Our quarrel is not with you pale woman” Z said, heading towards the deck.

“CAPTAIN!” someone yelled pointing to Z’s presence on the deck. “What the hell!!! Whore get back below!” he screamed, storming towards Ziccarra.

“A man, what a remarkable creature…” she said, pushing her hands towards him; a huge gust of wind knocked him on his ass. “She’s a witch!!!” he screamed, trying to ready his musket.

Pushing off the deck, the Ninjan Princess began to soar through the air, for the first time. “This power must be mothers” she said, flying in front of the French ship.

“Pay for your crimes against my sisters!” she screamed, casting a powerful gust of wind on the ship, causing it to take on heavy water.

“Ziccarra what’re YOU DOING!!!” Pamela screamed, trying to brace herself. “Correcting your ignorance…” Ziccarra’s interference allowed the British to catch up. The redcoats were in awe at the site of the flying Ninjan.

“Take what and who you want, but leave my sisters untouched” Ziccarra commanded, landing back on the deck in front of the general. “Failure to comply will result in harsh consequences…” she said, with her eyes turning white again.

“Oh yes, the pale one is with us as well” Ziccarra said, pointing towards Pamela.

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I guess I should've named this the Ninjan-French conflict, lol the actual war is between the British America and New France

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