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Out of nowhere Platinum felt a kick on his face and hit the floor, As he got up he did a back flip narrowly missing getting a gash in his leg.

Platinum strengthed his grip on his katana and ran towards Nighthunter, grabbing a pistol and firing at him as he reached Nighthunter Platinum sent a slash flying at Nighthunters stomach.

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Nighthunter was in the streets, hiding in the shadows. He had been waiting for a fight all day and was now getting impatient. Nighthunter turned around and saw one man on platinum armor and a sword walking there without knowing that he was about to be NIghthunter's prey.

Grabbing a gauntlet the warrior of the night gained momentum and then sent a kick to PLatinumwarrior's head, after Nighthunter landed on Earth he grabbed his sword and started to run to where Platinumwarrior was.

As Nighthunter was getting closer to Platinumwarrior he felt the wind on his face, stopped infront of Platinumwarrior and then sent a slash to Platinumwarrior's right leg

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Nighthunter was surprised that Platinumwarrior had been able to avoid the slash that Nighthunter had sent him after one surprise attack. Nighthunter made a smile as he realized that the fight wouldn't be as easy as he originally thought.

Using his agility to avoid the bullets that Platinumwarrior shot to him, Nighthunter was able to come unharmed from that situation. After that Nighthunter used his sword to block the slash that Platinumwarrior that was directed to his stomach, however Nighthunter wasn't able to block it completely and it ended with Nighthunter suffering a cut on his left leg.

Nighthunter then threw a few smoke granades to the ground, using the smoke as a barrier and as a weapon to put his opponent down, after that Nighthunter made his powersuit change to heat sensor vision as a way to identify where Platinumwarrior was standing. Nighthunter then grabbed his guns and started to shoot to where Platinumwarrior was standing.

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PW was distracted by the smoke bombs but before he had the chance to enhance his suits vison he heard gun shots flying at him running he felt a bullets sharp pain in his shoulder although he was able to avoid the rest

PW felt his suit retract over the shoulder to protect his wound from further damage and felt his suit harden to help protect.

WIth that motion PW grabbed his two laser sharpend Knives jumped in the air with a flip landing near Nighthunter, PW aimed 10 slashes in many places and swung his knives.

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Nighthunter kept shooting to where Platinum Warrior was standing, he didn't know if the bullets were having an effect yet or if Platinumwarrior was avoiding them, however Nighthunter wouldn't stop his attack until he saw Platinumwarrior move or fall to the ground. Suddenly Platinumwarrior jumped in the air and started to throw slashes to where Nighthunter was standing.

Using his marksmanship Nighthunter started to shoot to the knives making them lose their way and landing on a diferent place, however because Platinumwarrior's attack had taken Nighthunter by surprise he hadn't been able to stop two of the knives that went directly to do cuts on both arms of Nighthunter.

Nighthunter smiled pretending that nothing had happened and that PLatinumwarrior's attack hadn't hurt in an attempt to confuse his enemy and play with his mind making him believe that there was no way that Nighthunter would lose the fight or atleast end really injured.

With quickness Nighthunter started to shoot without stopping for even one moment before pulling the trigger against Platinum warrior, his gun on the right hand shot bullets that were aimed to Platinumwarrior's right leg and the gun on Nighthunter's left hand targeted the chest of platinumwarrior

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Platinum was thrown back from the shooting of his knives and was angered by the smile NH had thrown at him.

Distracted he felt many bullets bite into his right leg and felt an excurtiating pain he bit down and decided not to strengthen his oppontent with his screams. He felt the bullets that hit is chest but watched as they bounced harmlessly to the floor from his reinforced chest.

Platinum ran at nighthunter at top speed sending a high speed kick flying at NHs head when he was done witht hat motion he attempted to knee nighthunter in his chest and popped a stun and frag grenade in nighthunters direction and jumped through a nearby window to take shelter in a nearby building.

Platinum then cut the power in the building at activated his night vison just incase nighthunter somhow made it alive out of that.

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Post Deleted.

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Nighthunter kept going with his attack until Platinumwarrior somehow was able to run towards Nighthunter sending a kick toward's Nighthunter's head, a kick that Nighthunter would easily block using his right arm after that Nighthunter saw how Platinumwarrior threw a granade to where Nighthunter was standing. As Nighthunter saw the grenade about to touch the floor he jumped as a way to avoid the attack.

Part of the explosion had been able to hit Nighthunter, but thanks to his powersuit and the fact that he had gained distance Nighthunter wasn't heavily injured. Nighthunter saw how one building had suddenly lost the light, while the others next to it where in the same status as moments before.

Nighthunter kicked the door and broked in, with both guns on his hands preparing to shoot at anything that he saw moving, realizing that the place was completely dark and what Platinumwarrior's idea was a smile was formed on Nighthunter's face and he started talking. "Very clever, using the darkness as both a sword and a shield, it would have worked with other people, but...." Nighthunter stopped for a second and grabbed a flash granade and threw it to the floor making a big flash of light appear. "You can't use my own tricks against me".

Nighthunter had used the trick of stealth to get advantage of the enemy's lack of vision and use it as a way to get the upperhand on a battle. Nighthunter was many things, a warrior, a tactician, a villain, but he wasn't an idiot, he wouldn't use a trick without knowing a way to counter-attack it in case it was used against him. The flash granade had two purposes, the first one was to reveal the enemy and where he was beeing hidden and the other one was to take advantage of the nightvision that the opponent would likely be using.

Once seeing where Platinumwarrior was, Nighthunter grabbed his sword and started to run to where Platinumwarrior was, sending a slash to Platinumwarrior's rib and one punch directly to his face

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As Platinum waited for a response he heard the door being kicked down. He equiped his silencer while he heard Nighthunters voice echo with speech then saw a devestating flash "dammit" he mumbled as he saw NH running at him he fired 3 quick shot as he tryed to dodge Nh's sword which his body armour was suprisingly not able to block and a punch which knocked him through a nearby door.

Since he was able to mostly avoid the gash Platinum picked up a chair and threw it directly at nighthunter while fireing many more bullets with his small pistol.

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Using his agility Nighthunter had been able to evade the three shots that Platinumwarrior had sent to him. After beeing able to both slash Platinumwarrior and sending him to another room with a punch Nighthunter followed Platinumwarrior into the room.

Suddenly a chair hit Nighthunter by surprise and made him lose some of his balance, at the same time Platinumwarrior started shooting to Nighthunter, receiving 3 bullets. The first one hit Nighthunter's left leg, while the other two hit Nighthunter's left arm. With great pain Nighthunter jumped to take cover of the rest of the bullets, without beeing able to move his left arm because it hurted him too much.

Nighthunter decided to play with his opponent's mind again, to keep him distracted for the next attack. "You think that will stop me? I've taken much worse things than bullets and I'm still here fighting. I can keep this all day....but can you?"

After that Nighthunter threw another flash granade to give him a few seconds of cover to where he wanted. When the light of the flash was over, Nighthunter stood infront of platinumwarrior with a gun on his right hand pointing to Platinumwarrior and barely beeing able to move because of the bullet on his left leg. Nighthunter then pointed to Platinumwarrior's chest and started to shoot there, one bullet after the other.

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Platnum heard his words but he knew they would anger him so he blocked them out, then a blinding flash of light hit

Suddenly PW felt a strong impact on his chest although some breached and hit him he jumped out of a nearby window and hit the pavement hard although Platinums suit had already started to patch up his wounds he threw a small bomb inside the house and hit the detonator

"3... 2... 1... BOOM"

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Nighthunter saw how Platinumwarrior quickly jumped out of the window and threw a small bomb into the house before Nighthunter could do anything about it. Without any other option left Nighthunter sent a thought to his powersuit, ordering it to use all of the energy on the shields and resistance of the powersuit, after that Nighthunter tried to give as much distance of the bomb as he could before it activated.

The bomb exploded and the entire building collapsed, however the explosion had thrown Nighthunter out of the house before it did. Nighthunter slowly got up, with a lot of pain and his powersuit completely destroyed. Nighthunter barely could move now, however he wouldn't give up, he had been the one that started the battle and he would also be the one to finish it.

Nighthunter slowly grabbed one explosive device and threw it to where Platinumwarrior was standing, while the device was still in the air Nighthunter grabbed his gun and shot at the device, making it to explode infront of Platinumwarrior's face.

After doing that attack Nighthunter fell to the ground, without beeing able to move anymore, having one of his guns on his right hand as his last line of defense.

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The explosion in front of Platinums face sent him flying into a nearby wall he hit it and hit the ground limping up with all his might stripped the weapons from his suit.

"I have gotten rid of my weapons i challange you to do the same and come at me hand to hand" Platinum had heard about how Nighthunter was one of the greatist warriors on earth and he wanted to test that theory.

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Platinum saw that NH had excepted his challange although they were both wounded it would be one helluva fight platinum thought.

Platinum blocked the kick but then felt his nose shatter and drew back his nose bleeding "argghhhh dammit that hurt"

Platinum then sent a lower sweep at NH to knock him off balance then aimed a punch to his stomach and a devestating uppercut to his jaw.

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Nighthunter stood waiting for the smoke to dissapear and learn if Platinumwarrior had died because of the explosion or if he was still alive and with enough energy to keep the fight. Suddenly Platinumwarrior appeared without any weapon to use against Nighthunter and a challenge. I have gotten rid of my weapons i challange you to do the same and come at me hand to hand said Platinumwarrior to the damaged Nighthunter.

Nighthunter looked at his legs and arms that were really injured and needed medical attention and then smiled. After a short pause Nighthunter slowly got up and prepared a fighting position. "If you think that because I'm on this state you can go toe to toe against me you are really wrong" said Nighthunter to his opponent.

After that Nighthunter threw his gun and ran to where Platinumwarrior was standing, he couldn't run half as fast as he usually did, but it was still fast enough to get to Platinumwarrior and start an attack.

Nighthunter sent a roundkick toward Platinumwarrior's head and while Nighthunter was doing the spin he nudged with one's elbow as an attempt to break Platinumwarrior's nose.

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Nighthunter received the lower sweep thrown by Platinmuwarrior which made Nighthunter lose his balance, however that wasn't enough to put him down; as Nighthunter was falling he put on of his arms on the floor using it as a way to stop the falling. Now with the surprise factor on his side Nighthunter used the momentum to use all of the weight of his body into a lowkick before the other two attacks of Platinumwarrior were able to hit him.

After sending the lowkick Nighthunter got up and sent one fist to Platinumwarrior's broken nose and another to his stomach, at the same time Nighthunter felt terrible pain as he was exposing his terribly damaged body into more damage and pression by fighting.

"Game's over" said Nighthunter to platinumwarrior as he was about to hit his opponent with some of the last energy he had left.

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Platinum felt the kick hit his legs which sent him falling to the ground although he was able to get up quickly. Platinum saw the two punches coming , although he was able to dodge the punch to his nose the punch to his stomach winded him "urk" Although he was able to recover easily due to his suit. "Not gonna get me with that trick again" Platinum then limped around NH and attmpted to grab and knee him in the chest with that motion finished he did a did a small backflip and then tried to tackle NH to the ground after that he then heard NH saying "Game's over" "heh not for me" Platinum dodged nighthunters attack then proceeded to punch NH over and over without stop all of his body aching and his wounds bleeding all over with his knuckles ripping.
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Nighthunter was confident that he was finally getting the victory on this battle, he thought that he was about to prove the sweet taste of victory, big mistake. After having beeing able to give a few hits to Platinumwarrior the new warrior was able to avoid the last attack of Nighthunter and started a full counter-attack that implied punching Nighthunter without stopping.

Nighthunter quickly made a defense position to protect himself from the attack. The position didn't prevent Nighthunter from suffering any damage, but at least the damage decreased. Nighthunter then broke the defense position to stop any other attack to come to him.

Nighthunter then sent a roundkick to Platinumwarrior's head and using his momentum he was able to nudged with his right elbow to Platinumwarrior's face and with the left elbow another one under Platinumwarrior's ribs.

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Using his agility Platinum was able to make a bending motion which enabled him to dodge the kick and elbow to his face but left him seriously open for the elbow which flew against his rib and nearly broke them.

Platinum was taken aback but the pain was minor and Platinum sent a punch flying at nigthunters face then aimed two karate chops at both sides of nigthunters rib cage attempting to break them.

With that motion finished Platinum backed away from his oppopnent not only to wait for his next move but to give his suit even the slightest amound of time to heal his wounds

"Your tougher then i thought but that dosent change the fact that in the end i will emerge the victor" a smile ever so slyly creeped over Platinums face it was barley visable through the mask and blood blocking it

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Nighthunter saw how the damages Platinumwarrior was able to sustain a little bit longer than expected and also give his own counterattack. Using his agility Nighthunter was able to block Platinumwarrior's attack, however the damage that he already had made Nighthunter want to collapse.

Your tougher then i thought but that dosent change the fact that in the end i will emerge the victor said Platinumwarrior to Nighthunter.

After that Nighthunter formed a smile and started to talk "You ain't that bad yourself, but this is where it ends....one last hit" said Nighthunter before using the rest of his energy to jump to where Platinumwarrior was standing.

Once Nighthunter was close enough to Platinumwarrior he threw his most powerfull atack to Platinumwarrior, the leopard claw,the trick he was famous for; killing a man with one shot. Using only the five fingers through the skull just like a leopard kills, there was no one that could survive the attack if it touched him or her and at that distance it was impossible to avoid

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Platinum had no choice this attack was impossiable to avoid. Platinum instantly sent all the suits power to his helmet and attack struck and shattered his helmet into many pecies and sent him flying near death into the street with blood oozing out of most parts of his body and reponing his old cuts.

All at once after the attack Platinums suit rejected itself from the power going to the helmet. With all the power gone the suit shattered into many pecies all falling to the ground. Platinum coughed out some blood in addition to the major loss of blood their already was. Platinum pushed himself to a nearby street lamp and leaning on it with his back and head leaving a long path of blood.

Platinum was lieing against the street lamp in pain. Seeing that Nighthunter too was out of energy it didnt matter though the pain was too much Platinum blacked out the last thing he felt before going unconcuis was his head hitting the gravel of the floor.

Nigthunter had won the battle Platinums last thought was of happyness he finnnaly found a place where he would be challanged.