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Hundreds of people scrambled around the phoenix base; initiating mission protocols; this wasn’t going to be an easy task by far. Members of the underground, namely Sarah Lockhart worked arduously on planting “cells” within the country to place eyes on the target. Sarah, and her husband Mike supplied her with infinite experience in all thing technological and tactics; Cassie was more than confident that they could infiltrate the small nation and get out without to many complications.

Kurrent had been in Latveria since the Ninjan invasion, Cassie needed to know what he knew, and she needed to understand why someone with so much passion for justice turned against the people he served. With a heavy election year coming up in the U.S it’d be a big blow to the opposition if one side could produce Kurrent; this was the reason they decided to act now.

She sat at her desk, slowly memorizing the best entry routes into Doomstadt; using Cirnet, Sarah was able to accurately predict which routes in and around the cities were accessible. “Sarah this is Cassie, I Need a base put up in Latveria sometime tonight.” She said, paging the woman who was making the navigation of Cirnet easier.

Flicking her cigarette just a bit; she sat in her chair simply glancing at a picture of Kurrent, her white hair lay flaccid down her face. “Kurrent, you’d better have a damn good explanation” she said, mashing her cigarette in an ash tray. “Assemble my team” her voice a bit harsh as she walked towards the hangar.

One by one the members of her group unknown to the world as Perfect Strangers; assembled in the hangar awaiting the orders of Cassie. “Alright everyone, before we leave out, I want to let you know that this is going to be a tough expedition; this city is heavily guarded with Latverian soldiers.” She said, walking around not just her team but all the other people whom were going to make this mission a success.

“This will not be an deadly force mission, we’re going to drop about 50 miles out from the city of Doomstadt; and march in the cloak of the night until we’ve apprehended the target. This 50 mile strip happens to be smack dab in the middle of some sort of marshland; keep your bio-metric scanners on at all times” she said, pushing the issue of secrecy. “There is a huge wall that will need to be secured upon landing; everyone is to maintain some sort of sound discipline until then”.

“Sarah will stay back here and be our eye in the sky, every move Kurrent makes she’ll relay it to us; she’s planted a dozen of underground members throughout the city; if you get spotted let us know immediately so an underground member can move in” she said, strapping her sword and shield on her back. “Kurrent is smart he’s going to know when we get close, I wouldn’t doubt he knows something’s up now, if you see him, I don’t care who you are, take him down…forcefully.”

“Alright everyone… let’s go”

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2:00am Doomstadt, Latveria

"Another", he said to the bar keep of the small deserted bar he had frequented since his arrival at Latveria. The bartender was an older man with a sort of wisdom that screamed veteran. As the patrons began to clear out he turned on the small TV behind him and began to clean before pouring three fingers of scotch into the glass that was in front of Kurrent.

"Anything you want to talk about you look like you have been through hell" said the in an accent. Kurrent took a swig then grit his teeth as he felt the warmth of the drink burn it way down to his stomach. He had a dead stare and said nothing. He just continued to take sips in deep thought. The bar keep shrugged it off and continued with his chores. The same thing has happened every night, but this night Kurrent finally broke his silence.

"Do you believe the phrase, absolute power corrupts absolutely" said The Electric Ace before taking another sip. The sweeping barkeep nodded in agreement, but dared not speak. He wanted to hear more.

"I came here for help from your Lord...Dreadmaster. As much as people from my country see him as a villain, I see him as a man that does what he needs to do. I respect that." He paused for a moment and noticed that the bartender was fully engaged in what he had to say then continued.

"In my time I have always done what I needed to do as well no matter what the cost and like your Lord my heroics have been questioned. Always compared to another but he is gone now. They called him a true hero and when he left this world his legacy was commemorated with a team formed in his honor....Believe it or not I was killed once and when that happened it was just another day. Maybe it was my fault though, he gave the people what they wanted, but me I give them what they need and I guess tha....."

He took another sip and another quickly after that then continued....

"I have even gone as far a regulating my own power. It was my contingency plan against myself. After a group I was a part of called Mobb Deep was dismantled I used a technique taught to me by a man called Morte Rapida. For a time it worked, but this power I wield can be intoxicating. I had a friend Despair use magic to keep me in check and finally I thought that I was good. I could never lose control and that way people would truly be protected. Then I got taken by the Ninjans and all my efforts went to hell. Dreadmaster helped me purge whatever they did to me but in order to do so he had to remove the blocks that I have worked so hard to keep secret and in place."

A smirk came across his face when he said."So now that I am some sort of super Kurrent with nothing holding me back or keeping me in check I have been asking myself doesabsolute power corrupt absolutely."

A breaking news bulletin came across the television screen. It reports that several unidentified people have been spotted outside of Doomstadt. Kurrent listened and finished his drink as he began to stand.

"For you", asked the bar keep and was me with a quick nod. "you are under Lord Dreadmaster's protection they will not get to you here, in Latveria you have asylum".

He tossed some money on the bar near his empty glass and said, "as you can see no I do not. Everything has been taken from me and now I have to go get it back"

He pulled his hood over his head and walked out the bar. Once he was outside he began to scan the area and pinpointed the best spot to infiltrate the city and began to head that way.

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Marching along the concord driveway she paced with Cassie as they spoke "I've downloaded all the information onto this" she handed Cassie a square piece of plastic, shaped like a Sim card "Slip it into the device I gave you earlier and follow the route, once you get to the bar we will hopefully be able to get new coordinates, but it's up to you all to get me new information, I can only help if we have some way to direct the Satellite, otherwise I am scanning air" Cassie took the device and zipped it into her breast pocket as she began speaking to the team converged their. Sarah was disappointed to not be leaving with them on the mission, but she was Tech and that was her job, to be their eyes and ears. Mike looked over at her, his visor up on his full black body suit, she smiled at him, her eyes soft as he winked and then focused back on Cassie, who was wrapping up their run down and ushering the odd bod members of their group onto the Private Jet. Mike approached his wife quickly, giving her a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the bum before whispering "Get us home safe love" he jumped up onto the stairs of the plane as they began lifting up and shutting the door, Sarah did not watch them leave, just turned away and hurried back to her labs.

3 Hours later

“Get the sheets put up quickly, the weather is altering course and I the readings are predicting a massive storm” The man on the screen in front of Sarah nodded his goggled face as the wind began to whip dirt and rocks around him. Clicking over to a different channel on the screen in front of her, she buzzed Cassie and the team on board the Private Jet taking them to the border of Latveria where the base would be positioned. They had to move quickly as their other base had been discovered when the Satellite had been shut down; the outskirts of Romania had housed caverns amongst mountains that were accessible via helicopter only. It was their best choice this late in the game.

“Cassie, the base is almost complete, but, be careful, the shields need to be activated before this storm hits, otherwise we won’t be able to keep the new base hidden” Cassie’s voice sounded strong in Sarah’s ear “We are 18 minutes away, the minute we land we will set off, just keep a good eye on us Sarah” she nodded as she clicked off, her hands racing across the holographic projections of maps in front of her, her soft brown boots padding across the dark laboratory floor as her assistants monitored feeds from the satellites above Latveria.

Lord Dreadmaster had a tight hold on his nation and he was smart enough to have filters over all electronic scans entering the city, but he had not covered underground wiring. Sarah had worked tirelessly following the ancient cabling that had been laid under the city at the beginning of the internet boom, now obsolete the fibre optic cables were still accessible if you knew how to operate and Sarah was one of the best.

“System, bring up imagery of Doomsdat dated 21st of July” she spoke aloud to the AI system as a 3D image of the city flashed in front of her. Manipulating the image with her fingers she followed the hooded form of the Electric Ace as he walked through the city, his tall form shifting and dancing between the citizens with ease. Rolling the picture backward she focused on the name of the bar, the first place the Perfect Strangers were headed was the last place they had seen Kurrent. The Satellite had been intercepted and cut off after they had captured that video. It was currently their only lead, and one Cassie was banking on Sarah being able to update as soon as she could.

“System, continue scan of Satellite Rory 5” Rubbing her eyes and removing her glasses she sat for a moment on the stool behind her. “Come on Kurrent, where are you now” she whispered to her closing eyes as the hologram in front of her flashed his face, sad and desloute as he stood frozen in mid motion.

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Brenda Long walked into the Alexandria district headquarters of Atticus Blaires' campaign offices. It was the central hub, where things got done, meetings were arranged, and decisions were made. Brenda being of caucasian and Korean descent, had a coldness about her. A biting face that was disturbing, threatening and downright harsh. Her grace was only proceeded by these negative attributes. On her salary, she could afford the absolute best, and too boot, she was already wealthy from an inheritance that she received. The clacking of her Christian luBoutians were the signature playlist of her arrival. Most in the office could tell by the tempo of her cadence if she would be in a bad mood, or worse. This day however, a smile had managed its way onto the usually carved perfection that genetics and make up gave her. "Listen up everyone" The room hushed. "Councilor Blaire will be stopping by today. I want him to see how hard everyone has been working. I want want him to see that we believe in his message. I want him to see that we, the offices of his home town are working the hardest to secure his victory!" she ended, exclaiming her passion and pride. Still the room echoed with the sound of a moth wing batting against the wall. "Proceed" it took a certain kind of person to command that kind of respect, this what she thought, but it was fear that she used as her weapon. It was a known tactic of hers to fire someone on the spot and use it as a warning for others who dared check a text message. Her life was work, her work was life, and she beleived that it was to be so for everyone that she employed. The phone rang, and she smiled once again. Finally Councilor Blaire was en route and nearly there. Plastering a fake grimace of kindness, hiding the cut throat demeanor that she so proudly brandished every day, Brenda Long prepared for his arrival.

"The office is emmaculate Brenda. I'm so glad you are taking this seriously. My opponent already has a history, a set standard. I have only my little experience in Nippon." She cut the councilor off. "Sir. We here believe in you with all of our hearts. We live this campaign. We love your ideas and ideals. This election is more important than any before, I'm just glad to be apart of it." she began to stream out saline tears, so fake one could almost see commercials for them as they reflected the light. Atticus sat back in his chair, taking in the woman that had run his office smoothly, and with an iron fist. "Listen. I appreciate your passion. But cut the bullsh!t. I know your kind. It's alright that you have t been happy in you life. That is none of my concern... Really. What I want to do is win, and I need you. Effective immediately I a transferring you to the national office as the lead campaign manager." Her tears actually retracted, as if being pulled back by rope. "Thank you sir. I don't... I don't know what to say." for once she really was at a loss for words. Atticus cut her off this time. "Well figure it out. I will be going to Doomstadt for a week. I am going there to personally extradite Kurrent back to the states so that he may face the crimes he committed." Her slightly slanted eyes focused in, returning from the euphoric on spot promotion. "Yes Sir!" As he walked out, Atticus spoke to the other interns, volunteer workers, and paid campaigners. When the secret service escorted him back to the black limousine, a roar of applause erupted, everyone had heard the news, and were all too happy to know that witch would be moving on.

On the highway it began to rain. The drumbeat of falling water set Atticus at ease. He began to recall the day his life as a hero truly changed. He thought of Maya's torturing of Kurrent, he thought of his subsequential actions thereafter. Was that an excuse... Being tortured... To go on a crazed rampage? Atticus didnt really know the answer to that. He knew to never place himself in positions he couldn't understand. His trip was indeed a publicity stunt. But there were ulterior motives driving him. Recently he had visited the Hall of Illumination, a dedication to fallen and active heroes. One of the homages were to Kurrent. As he read there was a profound sense of loss. Here was someone that had sacrificed their lives time and time and time again to protect the world. Atticus couldn't imagine it, but he wanted desperately to help. It was why he truly was after Kurrent. He was going to offer him peace. A life where he could live with some form of serenity, and not have to jump at every threat. Truly, like Maya, fighting was his life. His legacy. But Atticus was sure, if offered this chance he would take it.

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Proelio was unable to sleep. Great-Uncle Pluto had done his utmost to ensure the godling stayed awake. The large warhammer he held was slick with blood, as were Proelio's forearms and hands. Fallen soldiers and discarded weapons littered the ground. Twenty feet away, Pluto himself stood, wearing a dark suit with a wide-brimmed top hat and leaning on a stick. His flat white teeth were showing in a sick grin. "Good work, my boy, very good work." He picked up a rusty dagger and began picking his teeth with it. "Your father would be proud." He chuckled.

"Go back to your bones, old man. You bore me." Young Proelio sneered, crushing a skull under his foot. As he received word that he was needed, he sighed and the warhammer disappered into a smokelike substance that seemed to seep into his skin. "You are lucky I must depart. Maybe next time, we get to dance, dear uncle." Proelio growled, and turned away.

"Hastening to the call of mortals? I expect better from you, Proelio." Pluto remarked disapprovingly, and began to pick through the rotting corpses, retrieving weapons and armour from the dead to outfit his endless army. Proelio spared him not a glance; he spared Proelio more than a few. "Such deadfast resolve. Such strength, even as a mortal. Such mastery of his weapon." He said admirably.

He was at the base of the Perfect Strangers in record time. People usually do not stop to question a man with blood on his hands, and neither did they this time. He was ushered into the hangar and felt self-conscious for the first time. "I was fighting hordes of the undead all night." He announced, explaining the blood on his hands and arms. As the mission was explained, he already thought about the weapons he would use. Sleeping poison-enhanced darts, knives, perhaps a hammer. At Cassie's order, he climbed into the metal beast that would ferry them to the location. "I much prefer Uncle Hermes' method of travel." He said as though suffering from nausea. He stared at the pilot, sincerely hoping the next pilot he saw was not Charon. This thought still occupied his mind as the machine lifted and began flying. Attempting to calm himself, he produced a long pipe made of reed and began blowing a tune.

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Ready to Ride

The team designated 'Perfect Strangers' stands in a row in front of Director Strong, taking in the briefing as quickly as possible. The hangar is lit by fluorescent bulbs shine off the sleep black frame of a stealth transport jet. The collected conductor and master of sound stands in the line of boarding members strapping on black gloves to match his stealth suit, a pack on his spandex-ed back filled with doomstadt civilian attire. As he boards the plane ad straps down the dual sided belt his ear piece goes in and a transmission begins by itself broadcast by the skilled technician and espionage experienced Mrs. Lockhart.

Tone sits under a flashing read bulb listening as she gives the low down on the makeshift base they would set off from's progression. As he sits in the hard steel seat he begins massaging his throat, tapping his wind pipe. The deep and calm voice shifts through an elderly African mans, to an English boys, before he finally settles correctly on the dialect of the people of Doomstadt, Latveria.

Fifty miles due east of Doomstadt, approximate time 11:22 P.M.

The plane lands silently, only purring like a cat as it sits in full power on the mountainous landscape. Were it any other aircraft detection would have been instantaneous. The team Straps their packs on each pressing a button to the back of their belts, initiating their bio-scanners. As Cassie begins speaking in a hushed voice, Tone raises his hands and works them in a slow circular motion on the air, miming circular motions until small translucent swirls were seen just barely in his brown palms before dropping them and speaking casually in a deep lax voice, "We'll have a visibility issue from here to Doomstadt, but for now I can keep us in a sonic dead zone. The perimeter stretches around us 25 feet at all sides, try to stay in tight form. And avoid noise outside of it." He nods at everybody signify his piece being ended then steps back in formation with the group, taking the middle to make sure all were encompassed in the sound absorbing invisible sphere.

His emotions were not so different from the barrier he erected; there at all times, but held at bay and invisible to the eye. He uses the shield as an excuse to himself, blocking the lingering nerves shaking his left hand, only concentrated on walking and keeping the sound at zero decibels.

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For what felt like ages, he stood in front of a mirror. His face coated in water, his hair dripping. It had been ages since he'd cleaned himself in a shower. Picking up some shaving cream and a razor, he applied the cream to his face. Pressing the blade to his face, he slowly pushed it upwards. Bits of hair began to fall off into the sink below. After awhile, the seemingly permanent five-o-clock shadow had vanished from his face. Walking back out into the room, he stopped in front of a steel lockbox. Exhaling, he knelt down and opened it. Inside was an outfit that he had worn during a time in his life where he had been a completely different man. In fact, he hand't been much of a man at all. A weapon describe it better. His handlers had pointed him and ordered him to kill. He'd obeyed.

Lifting it out of the box, he set it on the bed. Both eyes shut for a moment, then he began to dress himself.

30 minutes later

Abel listened in silence. His stone-colored eyes hidden behind a set of sunglasses. To the outside observer, they looked like a cheap set of shades. This couldn't be further from the truth. Contained in this set of eyewear was anything the clone needed in a tactical setup. Hacked satellite feeds, thermal, night-vision, statistics, GPS.. just about everything. Even had a tiny little computer built into it. The technology behind it was far ahead of anything the world's collective armed forces had access to. As their leader spoke, he was downloading the most recent maps of the target area, ripped straight out of local satellites. His well-trained ears picked up the word 'non-lethal' in particular.

Upon the mention of who their tech support would be, he slowly adjusted his eyes over to her. Sarah Lockheart. Abel knew very little about her, and he suspected that this was intentional on her part. Turning his gaze back to the team leader, he silently crossed his arms. When she finally finished the briefing, he heard the command to get moving. Pushing off of the wall he was leaned against, he did what he'd been told and got moving.

East of Doomstadt.

As they departed the plane, Abel carefully drew the bow from his back. One of the members explained that he was putting up a barrier. 25 feet wasn't an overly big space, but it wouldn't be a problem to take a shot if absolutely necessary. Silently, he took great caution in retrieving the bow from his back. Maneuvering himself, he placed each step carefully, and finally fell into formation with the group when he'd reached the rear. In the event that a threat popped up, he had a maximum field of vision on each side except the rear. The sensors in his glasses more than made up for this. Any motion within fifty feet in any direction that wasn't registered as a friendly biometric signal would sent a ping off. In the time that the sound was heard, he would be able to silence the threat.

"I got us covered on the long range." The sentence was uttered at the right tone. As he followed the group onwards, he silently prepared himself for what was to come.

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Cass loaded the data she received from Sarah, into her personal ecosphere; directing the group from behind as Tone lead the way from the front. His ability to manipulate sound aided them in maintaining sound discipline at the pace they were moving; they’d reach the underground long before the storm hit. “I’ve got us covered long range” Abel said; keeping a tight grip on his bow ready to strike out at anything that made noise.

The whole team moved as one; slowly pushing through the thick meadows towards the newly constructed base. Finally making it to the base; Cassie broke the fire team up for a momentary for a break. Just as Sarah predicted a massive thunder storm set in sending a torrential downpour on the area. While the team enjoyed the refreshments; she retreated to her office and plotted the next phase “Sarah, we’re in activate the shields” she said; speaking through her commlink; while accessing multiple Cirnet networks; obtaining data on Kurrent’s last known location.

“Alright everyone, I got what we’re looking for, let’s get ready to move out.” She said, waiting for the team to reform in the lobby. “This is the extraction point; once the mission is completed we’ll return here” she said, looking each of them in the eyes.

“Alright then, the city of Doomstadt is just ahead; however we have to make it through the cities walls before we can get into the city. Tone, Abel; this task will be assigned to you guys; there are two watchtowers on both sides of the entrance. Abel I need them unconscious, Tone…I need them not to make a sound” she said, looking at one then double backing to look at the other.

“The rest of us will stay hidden in the shrubs until the job is done; ONCE the job is done, Proelio you’ll be with me; we’re going to upload this data in the satellite while the other gain position (The Pub) around; the location in Doomstadt.” She gave the whole briefing on her knees as if she were a quarterback drawing up the next play.

“Alright let’s move out” she said; arranging everyone in the formation they were in previously and headed out towards the city wall. As they were moving in on the structure; Sarah fed, Cassie’s ecosphere data on the situation going down in Grimm City; she figured that would’ve been a better situation to deal with; none the less Kurrent too was important.

Outer wall of Doomstadt

She crouched within the shrubbery as both Tone and Abel left to handle their business; within moments of their departure; they messaged back giving the signal. “Alright let’s move” she said nudging Proelio. Moving through the cloak of night; the two ran through the entrance unseen; and planted their backs on the wall.

“Tone, Abel; there are two more watchtowers on this side of the wall; we can make it to the satellite without them looking, but take them out” she said; nudging Proelio towards the satellite, which she was sure was packed with guards.

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He passed through the thick grass of the meadow as Uncle Mercury had taught him, with a whisper of movement and a rapidity of movement that would amaze even the most fleet-footed deer, keeping as close to Cassie as he could. Saying nothing, keeping focused upon the task at hand, but staring at her every chance he got. He was intrigued by her, but this captivation was broken as they entered the temporary base, little more than a shack really. He quickly made his way to the nearest source of running water to cleanse his hands of the dark crimson blood that clung to his skin.

As Cassie explained the mission, Proelio stared at a mirror to his left. Being at the end of the line, there could be no confusion that he was looking at another member of the team. A figure clad in red armour stared from the reflective surface at him. "Phobos." He whispered. His brother was as unwelcome a guest as Pluto. After a second, the figure disappeared and Proelio was left staring at himself. Turning his gaze back to Cassie, he heard his orders just in time and nodded. "Great." He said somewhat sarcastically. He wouldn't be surprised if the team had a firm negative image in their heads of him by the end of the mission. As they left, he stuck close to Cassie again. "Keeping an eye on me, Olympian?" He questioned. He had no doubt the daughter of Ares could put up a good fight, but he also knew she wouldn't risk a brawl during a mission.

The guards were loud and disgusting. He heard them belching and doing a host of unsavoury activity, including their conversation. He felt Cassie nudge him in the flank and he had to bite his lip to stop him snapping at her. He despised being nudged more than he despised feeling weak. He jogged to the wall and placed his back against it. I could do this solo. Easy. He thought. As she nudged him a second time, after relaying orders to their resident archer, he stared straight into her eyes his red ones flashing dangerously as he narrowed them to slits and hissed. "Olympian, push me one more time, and I swear to Jupiter I am going to tear off the offending limb and beat you to death with it." The son of Mars turned away and sprinted towards the target quickly, forming the image of his sword in his mind. The gladius would be a grand choice.

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"Got it." Pulling an arrow out of his quiver, he took off running. However, he did not run with reckless haste. He was still careful with each movement, as to minimize any potential noise. While he knew that Tone would most likely prevent his footfalls from making noise regardless, the training to silence his movements was so deeply ingrained in his head that it felt like an instinct. As he got close, he brought the bow to bear, drawing the string back and setting the arrow across it. When he let it go, oddly enough, the shaft did not fly. This was deliberate. Instead, the tip soared upwards, a black cable trailing behind it. As it neared the top of the wall, it projected hooks outwards. He was successful. The hooks grabbed the wall, and after a few tugs on the cable, he was satisfied. After a few movements, the useless shaft was discarded, his bow retrieved. Pulling a device from his belt, he hooked it onto the cable. Ensuring he had a strong grip on it, he activated the grapple device, causing his body to rocket upwards.

Upon reaching the edge of the wall, he sent it back down, for Tone. Pulling up, he set both hands on the wall's edge. His enhanced senses detected movement. A pair of foot-steps. He'd have to time this exactly. Shifting his body around a small amount, he waited. Sure enough, they got within range. In a quick movement, the clone pulled himself up and over the wall. His hands shot out, landing on the shoulders of two guards. Flipping himself over, his thumbs shot up behind him in their direction. Both jabbed each man just below the occipital ridge. They were unconscious before they hit the floor.

Taking his bow out, he fired another grapple arrow to the next watchtower. This time, he let it jerk his body into the air, instead of going through the process from last time. Halfway through, he cut the line. He barely had enough time to shoulder the bow, extend his arms, and catch the edge of the roof. Looking down, he noticed a handhold that'd give him a better position. Carefully, he lowered himself down. When he stopped, he was in perfect position. Again, he waited for a few moments, then struck.

Dropping down, he grabbed the lower edge of the watchtower's top wall, and stuck his legs through into the watchtower. Pushing in, he propelled himself through into the watchtower. Both of his boots made contact with one guard's head. The force behind it knocked him out. Swiveling around, he positioned himself behind the last guard.

Abel slipped his left arm around the man's throat, but not in a choking position. It was more careful, and precisely placed. At the same time, he pulled his forearm tight against his neck, flexing his bicep. His hand moved up and placed on the back of the guard's head, pushing forwards. Finally, he grabbed his right forearm with his left hand, and leaned backwards. After a few seconds, the man's body went limp, and the clone dropped him.

"Watchtowers neutralized. You're clear."

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The two dash for the wall in a crouched form, being inaudible was a huge benefit but they were still as visible as the guards themselves. Abel uses his increased precision grappling the wall with a custom arrow. After a moment of waiting Tone hooks the device onto his field belt and uses his feet, running the face of the wall to gain more momentum, flying up and landing heavy on one knee, though not making a sound. He quickly throws up both hands spinning translucent vortex's stopping the sound of the unconscious soldiers hitting the stone tower floor.

Abel had impressive speed to go with precision, Already making his way across a tout second wire. He had thought of everything too it seemed, having already suppled Tone with a device from the previous grapple. He thinks quickly and hooks it onto the wire while in his hand, gliding across while hanging by one arm. As he approaches abel is already at work, he merely silences the fall as the two incapacitated men. He gives Abel a nod and clicks the earpiece on his right side to confirm "Birds are out of the nests, lets move out " He pulls off his bag and opens it to show foreign clothing. a hat and a pair of dark sunglasses, throwing the outfit over his already existing dark black skin suit. He hands Abel the bag with a second pair of clothing and Glasses.The make their way down towards the other side of the wall and casually walk off towards the agreed location of extraction

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Four Months Ago...

In secret, there was a meeting with one topic as its focus. Among the many that would happen prior and post, this one held a special interest to Atticus. "Sir. Kurrent has not been seen or heard from since the invasions end. With his abilities, as of now, it seems as if we are unable to track him." Atticus was, above all else a thinker. Where he fell short in physicality, his mind made up for ten fold. He sat forward in his chair, silently he waited for a moment and stood. Walking to the door, he strode lightly as if there was nothing he cared about; locking it he took to sitting again in his lavish Corinthian leather chair. Present was a highly powered telepath, her name was Missy Armstrong. She worked, more or less as an assistant to the Minister of Social Affairs, which indeed was Atticus Blaire. "Missy. From here on out, you are no longer working with me. I am going to arrange a slot for you in the Domestic Defense Bureau. You will report back to me and only me. Is that understood?" She gave an exacting "yes sir" and she left the room. It was a personal belief of Atticus that not all that possessed meta-human powers were needed in the hero field, they were more than useful as red tape. Each week, Missy gave him a report of the whereabouts of the Electric Ace, and each week there was nothing more to give. It was one day to be exact, that the alQasim attack was brought to the attention of Trinity, when he was told that Kurrent had been given a general location. Doomstatd a sovereign nation, more militant than civilized. Since then, Candidate Blaire was playing the waiting game. The iron was hot for him to strike upon. His opponent had been quiet, running the same ads for weeks. The drive for victory was strong in him, and this gamble would prove either disastrous or a resounding success.


The black limousine stopped, and the chauffeur got out and opened the door. Standing ominously, although there was no such malevolent intent within him, Atticus allowed the calming beating of rain upon the drivers umbrella to set him at ease. They both walked in unison towards an airport where could be seen, and yet they were so minuscule compared to the enormous AirBus planes, that there was no doubt they wouldn't be watched. In typical British accent, the driver spoke "Are you ready sir" Atticus gave him a quick nod, and the driver reseeded back to the limo. It was a joy to feel normal, but now, he must utilize his unnatural ability to teleport using dark matter energy. In the twinkling of an eye, he had disappeared into nothingness.

He didn't know where he was when he came too. But, there was an alert. Sirens sounded, beacons called the authorities. He was definitely in the right place. Although he could have easily gotten away, Atticus began to sprint down the street, as he was chased by police and militant officers. Taking a fall, he was immediately hounded by them, brutalized by them. They kicked him, they beat him with batons. All the while he screamed, he yelled for help. It was his plan to have this happen. Either Kurrent would jump back into his heroic ways and somehow save him...Stranger things have happened. Or Atticus would be taken into custody, and he would then gather information from the heads of state.

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He walk for what seemed to be a mile an a half. He was going a a slow pace, noticing any and every path in his way. Since the day he was turned into the Electric Ace he has always done so. While keeping a steady stroll he noticed a commotion in front of him and made his way towards what he thought was some sort of arrest. Keeping his eye looked onto the action he stopped when he noticed it was no arrest, it was a mauling.

For several minutes he watched as the man screamed for help, but he did nothing. The highest ranking of the soldiers noticed him and stopped attacking. He walked towards him shaking his fist that was red from the brutal punches he was delivering.

"Lord Dreadmaster has ordered us to take all commands from you while he is away" said the man. This surprised Kurren but it intrigued him as well. Some more moments passed before he responded all the while the beating continued.

"ENOUGH" he said aloud and instantly they all stopped. He wanted to get a good look at the man before he passed any type of judgement. He walked towards him and could feel a power resonating from him and he suddenly knew what was going on.

"You are smart" he said to the man in a deep and gruff tone. "I say this because I have used this tactic several times, but unfortunately you are not me and this is not going to end very well for you" He motioned to the men to stand him up while his hand began to glow and crackle like lightning....

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The whole time she was paired with Prolieo she could feel the tension between them mounting; he was confrontational, and seemed to be on some undesired high horse. “Olympian, push me one more time, and I swear to Jupiter I am going to tear off the offending limb and beat you to death with it." He said, his voiced lined with aggression. “B!tch the next time you refer to me as Olympian I’m going to rip off your lips and make you kiss my ass” she said, finally catching up to him; walking out into the open having received the go from Abel.

Running whilst crouched across the field of view; she slowly inserted the USB into the satellite; activating multiple surveillance protocols. The purpose of this was to have eyes on Kurrent at all times; also she needed to know if and when Lord Dreadmaster got involved. “Alright guys, we have control of the satellite move in on the pub” she said, dashing back towards Proleio and then signaling him to follow. “Everyone, let’s move down the street parallel by street” she said, commanding each member take a separate street. This plan however was thrown out the window once the sound of sirens began to resound throughout the area. “Oh f@ck” she said, bracing herself against a wall; peering around the corner she saw what appeared to be Latverian forces beating on a helpless man.

“We haven’t been blown” she said, letting out a huge sigh; peeking back around the corner she finally saw what was going on. “Hey…isn’t that Atticus Blair?” she said, throughout her intercom. “And Kurrent.” Someone replied back over her.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are hundreds of forces moving in on your guys…” The Lockhart legacy chimed in. The situation became so much tenser, it didn’t seem like they could make it out without being spotted. “Well, we can’t be traced back to a location” she said, thinking about what they should do next.

Dropping to a knee she pulled out her shield; as if she had already made a decision. “Everyone we’re going hot” she said, activating her bio-metrics. “Proleio, Abel…retrieve Kurrent” she said; motioning for both of them to go.

“Tone, No sound…let’s give them cover” she said, switching on her thermal energy glasses. “I’ll take the ones of the roof” she said, kicking off the edge of a trash can; she parried back and forth off the wall until she was above the problem. In an Andy like fashion she pulled her shield back and tossed it diagonally across the roof taking out a positioned sniper, ready to take a shot on Atticus.