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Location: High Orbit Over Earth

Affiliation: Keresh Empire

Population: 5,000+

Located in high orbit over the backwater world "Earth". The Keresh Imperial Navy established Nexus Station as a refuel and refit station for any Keresh vessel on patrol in that sector, in a gesture of peace the Keresh expanded the station to include various amenities for those aboard and allowed Human's to work on the station. The Station is located guarded by a battalion of Keresh Marines at all time and has regular visits from Keresh Naval vessels as well as merchant ships from various Keresh client species. A market has been set up to allow the people of the planet below to purchase goods from across the galaxy that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Weapons are allowed on the station but fighting is strictly prohibited, anyone who violates this rule will be forced to leave the station, any who resist will be thrown out the airlock. There is also a shuttle service to the station from various points on the planet below.

Areas aboard Nexus Station include:

  • Commons - A large open area to relax in.
  • Shuttle Bay - The first thing most people see, this cavernous area can hold hundreds of ships
  • Market - Purchase goods, clothing and weapons from across the galaxy.
  • Club - Even Keresh have to relax sometimes. Caution: The majority of drinks served her have a much higher alcohol content than those found on Earth.
  • Docking Area - The section of the station where Keresh ships dock, Access is restricted and security forces will not hesitate to fire upon intruders.
  • Inn - Nothing Fancy, Used primarily to house Keresh personnel in transit to other ships or other far flung words of the Empire but anyone can purchase a room for the night.
*Room Style May Vary*
  • MaintenanceLevels - Manned by maintenance drones and Keresh Engineers, these levels are off limits to most personnel and should generally be avoided, there's nothing down there anyways.
  • Clinic - Even Keresh get injured or sick, a free clinic for all your medical needs, the staff specializes in curing ailments for a variety of species. Most treatments are free, but some will cost you.


  1. No Fighting
  2. No Destroying the Station
  3. Anyone is Welcome as long as their on good terms with Ravek and the Keresh, if you haven't met then consider yourself on good terms. Remember the shuttle.
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*Takes help wanted sign off the door.* Ah yeah! Let's trash the place! *Blows up the entire station* And other good lucks and banters that typically occupy the first pages of a new thread without needing parentheses.

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@Zauberin: -_-
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@RavekTheConquerer: Interested in a perpetual energy power source?

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Had to get it in before you got started. I'm never here for the good lucks and banter.
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@Zauberin: Then congrats! :D
@Angol: *Points to the sun*
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@RavekTheConquerer: *Points at temporary eclipse*

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@Angol: That's why we have a back up power source
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@Angol: Still trying to prostitute yourself huh?

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@Park: Is it that wrong to give people my energy load?

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@Angol: Prostitution is prostitution...

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@Park: Not when it's free

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@Angol: Then I guess you're more of a slut...

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@Park: himbo is more appropriate and its not like i am going to coughinsertmyjunktothegeneratorcough

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Endurance sits in the commons and takes in the sights of being way out of his element... 'We are not on the streets of D'Town anymore.' He thinks to himself as he watches others gather. He lays back in a recliner as it begins to massage his back."Nice."

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To do list

  1. Steal stuff
  2. Steal more stuff.
  3. Make The Keresh seem like idiots.
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@Queen's Halo said:

To do list

  1. Steal stuff
  2. Steal more stuff.
  3. Make The Keresh seem like idiots.

Why would you do something like that |'o_o'|

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Victor entered the club, why did he fly out of orbit for a club? He has one back at the loner's. It was because of the alcohol content, Victor had never been drunk due to his resistance, so this might do the trick. "Give me something with a strong alcohol intake" he sounded dumb, and they probably have never heard the request, but he desperately wanted to feel drunk... just to know what it's like.

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@NumberSeven said:

@Queen's Halo said:

To do list

  1. Steal stuff
  2. Steal more stuff.
  3. Make The Keresh seem like idiots.

Why would you do something like that |'o_o'|

Because it's fun. And why not? And I don't like the Keresh. Simple.

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@Queen's Halo: (Now, now, no racism)

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@Queen's Halo: I know :D Do you know how to put GIFs on ComicVine?

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@NumberSeven: (With Google Chrome I can copy/paste them. That should work on Safari as well.)

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@NumberSeven: SUCCESS

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@VictorGrey said:

@NumberSeven: SUCCESS

Hell yeah!

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Kayle was in a sence of wonder as they aproached the Nexus Ravek had given her a data pad. In which the queen of blades was breaking down everything there was to know. She had been dedicated to absorbing the information like water to a sponge. From engine functions to merchandise and anything in between. She always took the prospect of machines very serious and by the time Rez was done she would know the facility to the letter. She could take a quiz against the technicians that made it and top their score most likely. The only other thing to hold her attention was admiration of the construct itself and the fleet around it. Such a beautiful thing to rest her eyes upon. It had been far to long sence she could take in such a vision as this. So long apart from her kin and here she was now looking at one of the marvels that she hadn't been on sence before leaving for Minor.

Landing in the Docking Zone Kayle strugled to hold her captivation at bay. It wasn't a good show to be a mess just for being on a space station. One couldn't blame her though for her reaction. Her TM had claimed the spot right beside the dropship Ravek and herself had taken. The scorched black emblem of the Keresh on the front of the mech stood out as the rest of the polished metal reflected light. The arms folded infront giving it a spear head look activating the blades would make it capable of lancing clear through other vehicles. Rez loved it was something no other fighter got to experience. Sure there was the ocasional raming but that was rarely even tactical here that was a useable tactic. Theon the legs balled up on the sides where the rest of the machines allowing it to traverse space clasped on. The result was a look of a double edged dager it was beautiful. Atleast to the gold eyed Keresh that made it. A loving kiss planted on the forhead of the emblem in a rather strange show of affection before Kayle returned to her usual alert and ready self. "So where to Rav?"

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As the ship made it's way to the Docking Zone aboard Nexus Station Ravek sent a message to the stations commander, alerting him to prepare for their arrival. The officer had been somewhat confused at first, discovering that the person traveling with Ravek was listed as Missing in Action/Presumed Dead. After a few moments they station authorities had finally heeded and arrangements had been made. Once they landed the flight crew did a quick check of their ship and departed, most likely headed to the club aboard the station. Ravek stood by watching as Kayle inspected her mech, after she was finished he nodded towards a lift not to far away. 
"I've made arrangements for you to stay at the Inn aboard the Station while we sort things out." 
Walking over to a holographic map on the wall 
"I'll follow your lead" Waiting for her to choose
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Kayle watched the people inspecting her mech with utmost dedication. Practically hovering over them as they did there job.  Moving to inspect the map she paused looking for the best room to take. Settling on one she found had a vent that with enough time could lead to where her ship was. "I want that one if its not to much to ask. How long does it take to sort out ones presumed death?"
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@Kayle_Rez: "Not a problem" pressing a series of buttons on one of his gauntlets, notifying the owner of the change. "Shouldn't take to long, maybe a few days. In the mean time feel free to get a feel for the place and the ships docked here, as Guardsman you have full access" noticing the lift arrive out of the corner of his eye he walked over, gesturing for her to follow "I'll show you where your room is"
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"Yeah lets give the girl with a few days of free time, a dozen things of new tech to investigate, and an entire station to explore full access. Sounds like an envite to trouble but oh well your own fault." Kayle steped onto the lift as Ravek gestured. "Any body get kicked out by my request? Know they complied do to status, curiosity makes me ask though."
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@Kayle_Rez: "Would you prefer I have you confined to your room with a security detail outside?" grinning as the lift began to move "The room was empty at the moment." He'd seen her looking over the schematics for the station, finding the room with the best escape route to the hanger. "Think someones going to come after you? On this station... swarming with Keresh... surrounded by dozens of warships." Goading her
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There was a sound coming from some where below the main fuel tank, red thought it might be some loose shielding on the shuttle, broken off in the last meteor storm. But the sound had a hollow echoing resonance to it, That traveled far inside the shuttle "Must be inside the empty fuel tanks." then the engines dies & with it all power except emergency life support, bathing the cockpit in the red flashing glare of emergency lighting,

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In the maintenance tunnels, there was an almost complete silence in the air, but the whirring of generators and the hiss of steam broke the silence time to time, till finally The Rumor landed onto the floor after falling from the ceiling vent. "Well.. That could have been a tad more elegant.." Rumor carefully started to roam the tunnels.

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"I got to be ready for worse case scenarios. I was in these hundred fifty years only in social contact with two types of people. First was the Teres a alien race that thrived on the blade, the other was pirates and thieves. When your best friend in the situation ended up wanting to stab you in the back and the kid you considered your own wanted to steal your ride and a shoot you off in the air ducts, you tend to be paranoid." She shruged "nobody is coming after me here sure, would be an idiot though if I didn't prepare myself. Laugh all you want I take my survival serious though."
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@TheRumor: Via motion sensors within the tunnels and hidden cameras the security station aboard tracked the masked man's movements. 
@Kayle_Rez: "Your back among your own kind Kayle, we stab the enemy in the back, not each other." smiling reassuringly, a moment later the doors slide open to the main lobby of the Inn "Here we are" walking towards the desk
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@RavekTheConquerer: Rumor winks at one of the cameras while still roaming.

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She sighed "I supose your right old habits though rather like keeping them to. All this time its kept me alive not ditching them now." She took in the lobby once entering refamiliarizing with things of her own people.
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@Kayle_Rez:  "Understandable" walking over and retrieving the key to Kayle's room from the desk the heading down a hallway, Kayle following behind, he stopped at a door near the end, sliding the DNA chip into it the slot and gesturing for her to place her hand on the palm scanner "You're the only one that can open the door"
@TheRumor: Two blast shields slide down to trap the intruder in the tunnel, the vent opening are covered by particle shielding and security drones are dispatched to the tunnels
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@RavekTheConquerer: "About time! I was almost about to complain on the security around this place" The french spy has a laugh while waiting.

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@TheRumor: The blast shields retract, revealing several heavily armed security drones, weapons trained on the Frenchmen. A low beeping is heard from them communicating amongst themselves, one steps forward and speaks. "Hand up, Now, We will not give you a second chance"
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She followed taking the key and placing her hand on the scanner. The room becoming basically hers as nobody else could open the door. Of course still she had to be a pest when it came to such things. "Whats security like, I'm sure atleast they can get into the room if needed? Whats the reasonings they need for access to a Guardsman's room? I know I can do my own investigating but I trust your opinion on such matters."
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@RavekTheConquerer: Rumror scoffs while slowly raising his hands, "What? no please? The hospitality is horrendous!"

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@Kayle_Rez: "Security can access anywhere on the station, and can lock down any room at a moments notice. It's a Battalion of Marines augmented by security mechs. There's a camera outside so you can see who is outside before actually opening the door and there's a blast door that will slide down if someone where to destroy the regular one. Nothing gets in unless you allow it." looking around the room as the two stepped in, it was Spartan, like the Keresh preferred things, a large window on the far wall showed the green and blue world below, a few Cruisers and a Carriers were visible as well. "I trust this will do for your stay here?"
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@TheRumor: "Silence" gesturing to an exit a little further down the tunnel "Leave this area immediately or you will be removed from the station"
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@RavekTheConquerer: Rumor sighs and casually makes his way to the exit, "Tsk tsk, you robots are almost as boring as the people..."

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"Oh no its all to plot an invasion, yes its for my stay. Going to be here awhile waiting and probably issued here once fully reinstated. That being said I wan't to know the place inside and out. Especially when it comes to my room, they have a camera I want two. I want to set it to go into the lock down as its typical closing." She removed one of her plasmas katara spining the unique energy weapon before tossing it to Ravek to check out. "Short of the ker'va that blade can go through anything. I wan't my door to be able to withstand a few slashes of such. I know its extream but I want someone to have to be coming in with my tech or beter to break in. Nothing in or out unless I want it or security wishes other wise." She moved to take the weapon back. "They have mechs for security?" Her gold eyes widening in excitment at the idea.
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@Kayle_Rez: Ravek held the weapon in his hand, looking it over "I'll see what I can do" tossing the weapon back to her "I've got some things to take care of, make yourself at home, I'll be back in a few hours" leaving her to her own devices while he went to see about acquiring the modifications for her room and to take care of other business. 
@TheRumor: The mechs do not respond simply following him through the exit and sealing it behind him
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She sealed the door as he exited seting her dual pistols on the shealf directly beside the door. It would take under three seconds or less for her to get anywhere from the room to where they were. Following this Kayle put one of the energy blades in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one below her pillow on the bed and kept the last on himself. She kept her knives on her and then put the ker'va in an X formation behind the Keresh  emblem hanging over her bed. The armor removed and set before the door easy enough to throw on if need be. The woman dedicated to seting her new home how she wanted. Her well built frame left in fatigues that had been torn in sevral places to keep them more comfortable. With any luck Ravek would be right about the backed up pay check and she could actually buy some of things she simply was lacking after all these years. The blade queen fliping and catching a knife as she relaxed on her bed. Not like she had something else to do as she waited on Ravek.
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@Kayle_Rez: After a few hours Ravek walked back down the hallway to Kayle's room, he stood to the left of the door and rang the buzzer, waiting for her to open it. While he waited he softly whistled the tune to an old marching cadence that most of the troops aboard this station would likely be to young to remember. The station was full of activity, everywhere you looked there were Keresh and Tar'vorian Soldiers on R&R, Even a few Symaarians could be found amongst the crowd, sticking out as they avoided the other races, not trusting the various Keresh client races who were wise enough not to try and wage war against the Keresh Empire.
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Kayle kept one hand on the hilt of one of her knives as she aproached the door ever the over cautious person she was. Thumbing a button a small screen presented the camera feed picking up on everything from Ravek's humed tune to the discussion of the closest people almost on the opposite side of the hallway. She made a mental note to look into the updated tech and add it to her TM's collection. The door opening with a single button all of which was trigered by only her DNA signiture much to her apraisal. "Still can't believe where with them" she remarked a gold eye observing a passing Symarian as the door opened.