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Hollywood Activities

Thunderbolt: The wheels on the Cadillac go round and round, round and round, the wheels on the Cadillac go round and round, all day long. With his hands on the wheel the man dressed in black cruises by insignificant others. Pitch black hair paint the mood of despair but he is actually content. In the depths of California is where this scene settles. Mister Z chews on his watermelon bubble gum while his lofty passenger sticks her head out the window. He should be ticked off but there is no time for reactive banter. Too late to turn this expensive vehicle around. On their trail the federal bureau of investigation; how quaint.

Fluenza: Wow? Decades of captivity and this is all the fuss those Catholics spoke of. This is actually exciting. Velvet hair dances with the evening breeze. Together they make a scene. He is the gasoline. She is the match. A spark! Watch them burn it all down. Their hearts have united with respect not love. The engine roars pass traffic. Intensity its so damn hot. Booty shorts, tang top, she is the supposed whore and he the hustler. The FBI is on their trail because of all the things she has down. Lead astray from a government facility, she joined him but at first it was not consensual...it was physical. But now they are on the same terms of agreement. Acquaintances for now; friendship will eventually occur.

News Lady: "Hello, my name is Kimberly Pham reporting for Channel Sixty at Ni--" WHISK! The car zooms by; her skirt rides up and she blushes instantly. Across the street on a eroding bench; sits another redheaded who is a bit ticked off. Her violet eyes view the get away vehicle. She intervenes for but a moment by eliminating the gasoline supply of all government cars. Kimberly spins around, catching this sequence on camera but the glass shatters when the face of a strange beauty is shown. "Oh my god!" She stumbles and falls on her bubble bottom. No words can describe her state of shock, a monster walks among the living.

The car halts, swerves, and parallel parks with precision. Hopping out the car first is the pompous alien woman; who cares not for the opinions of others. She pins her hair back; blasting the doors up with her unstoppable powers. The man and his troops will once again be on their trail but first they must find the man who holds the knowledge. Marcellus Essex. "You have no authorization, please---" UCK! His thyroid splits and is pushed inward by Thunderbolt's tactile telekinesis. No time for discussion. Twisting the golden knob do these outsiders enter his dressing room.

"Mister Mercury. A pleasure too meet you." Speaks the nomadic vigilante; he cracks a smirk before his eyes slide to the left. He can see the elderly woman dressed in black. She pulls off the old flesh like its latex and waves hello to her lovely boy. She lounges on this couch, unbeknownst to others but that Mercury kid seems to catch wind of her presence.

Merola is startled but she has no fear. What she has planned finally draws near. CLICK! CLACK! Officers are here. Their all under arrest because of something they have yet to do.
The hands of the short-minded redhead clench in anticipation. Her past asks that she return from which she came. Lives are actually on the line.

To be continued............

If your down to play...come on and join us ;)
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Heaven or Hollywood

The light illuminates the young actor’s creamy skin as he styles his licorice black hair. He styles his hair in a partless slick back to compliment his high priced attire. He wears one of five exclusive colorful Tom Ford outfits. Being the budding actor Julius Basquait was, Tom Ford begged him to model his clothes for his Esquire editorial and shoot. Julius was never easy and he agreed to wear the clothes only if he could pick the colors and design. From there it was settled.

His hair finally slicked to perfection, he stood up and modeled his first outfit for Kileena, his Kenyan manager and agent. “Look good?” he asked, frowning in question. Kileena's candy red colored lips pull back and reveal a pearl smile. "Beautiful, Julius. Beautiful." Kileena's words were never filler; she was his agent and manager first, so she would tell it like it is. "Here." She noticed his collar was off and leaned in wafting her sensual perfume in Julius' nose. He smiled, "Love the perfume." She swept a strand of thick black hair behind her ear and smiled. "Thank you" She said glancing to see who was entering in the room.

"Mr. Mercury. A pleasure to meet you." The boy said as he and a girl walked in the room. Kileena rested her manicured and gold polished nails on her Versace adorned hips. "Excuse me, who are you?" Julius rested a hand on Kileena bare shoulder. "I'll handle this..." A snowy haired women lounging on the couch distracted Julius. Where did she come from? A slight chill ran up his arms and back. Life was strange. His life was strange. So he handled the urgent matters. He disregarded the boy addressing him as Mr. Mercury; although it irked him out of costume; Julius' eyebrows dropped in curious suspicion as he held his hand out to the boy and he flashed a camera smirk. "Julius Basquait." His eyes scanned the three strangers wondering what brought them to his dressing room.

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Three Months Ago:   
 It.  Is.  Hard.  Too.  Believe.  Life.  Is.  Perilous.  For.  Those.  In.....Need.  It can even hurt those who sign a deed.  There is a woman who can hide in the snow; I know of her and her misdeed.  She says she is maternal yet she hurts me, internal.  From what I know she is eternal.  It is hard to believe she is a seer.  I tend to wonder...why she is here.   
I have this feeling.  Like I'm dreaming because right now is not somewhere I'd likely be.  But then I realize that when I finally wake up, this dream isn't over.  This dream isn't even happening.  This is my life asking me what I'm doing.  And I can't answer because it won't listen.  I am here to right some wrongs.  Daddy would tell me to forgive and forget, yet I will not.  This is not my story nor will it ever be.  It is a story of those wronged by a woman who believes herself godly.  This is a story of deceit.   
Leaving the details across the globe was easy.  Making up the existence of another prophecy was simple.  Pulling the pieces together has been difficult.  Allowing her to end herself.  Well that'll be masterful.  I am an enigma.  I woman who can never be defined.  My actions are questionable but reasonable at best.  Funny how a few bruises can make a girl turn blue in the face and her heart hotter then the sun.
Screech!  The cart stops.  She adjusts her silver stained glasses.  She bends over and does what she does best.  Eyes turn to view the well-designed surprise but when he stature returns; they leave post for their own devices.  Knocking on the door of expensive compounds; she stands idly with a tray on her hand.  It slides open.  She enters without the touch of frisky hands.  Agent Donnell greets her with a smile.  She winks.  He falls.  His eyes roll back.  He dies a painful death.  "Should of never asked for that recipe Brandon; I kind of like you."  
On her tray is a bottle that she opens without a flinch or care.  The liquid inside drips and it drips; eventually pouring all over this cleansed floor.  Her brown eyes narrow.  The subject of interest is keen to see.  Chained to a wall she is as dead as a door nail or so she had believed.  "Who are you?"  Demands the creature from beyond.  Her skin varies.  Probably due to the mood of distrust and hostility.  Unwrapping her hair does the nurse break the chains the bind the victim.  Acceleration and the alien holds the quiet blond by the soft neck. 
"Is this some sort of test?  Some sort of trick?"  Pain, anguish, temperamental issues.  A frightened alien woman just wants a few answers.  "I am your aid.  Two hours is all you have to get out.  Live life the way I say."  Puzzled.  Perplexed.  Feelings that she usually does not have.  Her grip is relinquished.  She lands on her skin white shoes.  Connected brains tell no tales but in this case they will.  She implants checkpoints into her brain. 
"Two hours until she realizes I am here.  Get out and live life the way I say.  Am I clear?"  She says without fear.  "May I ask who you are?"  Asks the hardened soul.  "Sister to a goddess.  That is all you must know.  For now at least..." She turns around.  Lighting a match she drops it on the gasoline.  She does not cry but the alien prisoner does.  How great.  Another broken soul.  No matter things would continue just as planned.  Ti'Yona floats and flies away.   
No matter your religion.  No matter your beliefs.  Destinies can be written.  Just ask me.  I've lived through prophecies.  My mother said so.  That's why she made me a writer.  A writer who can seer.  I fixed her newest prophecy, I swear I have.  And when she believes herself victorious....I will prove just how wrong she is.  Father would be proud. 
The Present: 
His eyes scan two strangers but he acts like there are three.  Ti'Yona has no time for delay.  Police are on their way.  She walks over to the nicely dressed manager and licks the ear of the Asian beauty.  "Headache."  The word seeps through the brain.  Causing pain that is minuscule but temporary for the insubordinate.  Thunderbolt takes out a piece of paper and hands it over to the handsome man.   
"We've been told you know of the location."  He looks at them like what do you mean.  Jonathan is disgruntled.  He has no time for this pedigree.  Fluenza as the Catholics referred to her as; recited the words she knew of.   
"Beneath the star is where we'll find the coordinates." 

He looks to her like he is going to hurt them both with whatever skills he may have.  Ear ringing.  Ti'Yona screams.  Seven guns, fourteen eyes, seven souls come to collect.  "Julius Basquait, you are under arrest for the avoidance of the law and murder of seven police officers."  BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!  All bodies fall down.  Three strangers look on with baffled expressions.  Merola sits with a smile on her face.  And so it begins.  She will make them allies and once that friendship has been forged, the true plan will begin. 
Ti'Yona is alarmed.  Kileena is recovering.  Marcellus is angry.  Jonathan is bewildered but pulls the famous man by the hand.  "Bring us somewhere hidden." 

 In the beginning she will be happy.  I know she will.  And when all her plans have succeeded, she will reveal herself.  She will even believe herself victorious.  But in the end all will come to light.  I will prove just how wrong she is.  Father would be proud.  I know he would.    
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Flashing Lights!

"Bring us somewhere hidden." The redheaded boy uttered as he took Julius' hand. Julius went rigid and took Kileena's hand. "I don't know what happened but we can't stay here." They rushed into the hallway and ran left. The boy and his female friend followed. This was another mess Julius found himself trapped in for reasons beyond him.

"Julius. Wait for the police and let them sort it out you didn't do anything." Julius burst through the exit and pointed his clicker at his black Maserati. "Kileena, I have a feeling this is bigger than the police." He opened the door them slammed his fist against the window. "Sh!t" He stared at Kileena without a word. She knew he had a scheme. He coughed it up. "We're flying." He levitated in the air and his eyes flashed emerald. He took the skinny Kileena in his strong arms and looked over his shoulder at the boy and otherworldly girl. "Follow me." He took off skyward leaving a glowing emerald trail for the two to follow.

The young actor and his agent had a beautiful bird's eye view of Los Angeles. "I never took you flying have I?" He smirked veering left towards the Hollywood Hills. "No, you haven't" She smiled marveling the rare sight. "You should do this--THE POLICE!" An unseen LAPD helicopter blocked Julius' path and he made a sharp right around it. He heard squealing below and glanced down spotting a squad of cop cars. "They'll back off if they see where we're going" A smirk crept across his creamy face as he saw the Hollywood Hills mansion.

The mansion was a Spanish styled paradise. Terracotta roofing, a classic bell-tower, three floors and round balconies placed at every corner of the mansion. A stylishly decorated courtyard and large back yard. Colorful gardens and towering bright green palm trees surrounded and hid the mansion. This heavenly bachelor pad belonged to the music mogul, Emile Daven.

"We're in the clear now" Julius said landing and scanning the sky for the boy and girl. The framed actor had questions. Who were they? Why were they here. Who was that white-haired women?

"Julius!" Emile yelled from his doorstep smiling and stretching out his arms as a welcome. Julius slid out his velvet Tom Ford jacket and unbuttoned his white undershirt to his stomach. His body's perspiration came from his anger. He couldn't stop thinking: "How did I get into this?"

"Emile"Julius gave him a homeboy greeting and leaned against Kileena playfully resting his head on her bare shoulders. "Emile, this is KIleena my agent. Kileena, this is Emile my friend..."

Emile laughed, lifted his right leg off the ground and wiggled his black velvet loafers. "Haha! Your friend and music producer."

Kileena snapped her head at Julius raising an eyebrow. "You pursuing music now--" Julius chose to avoid the conversation. "Emile, I have two more...friends coming. And I need your help."

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Pleasantries Await:  
Everybody comes to Hollywood.  They want to make it in the neighborhood.  They like the smell of Hollywood.  How could it hurt you when it looks so good?  Shine your lights now.  This time it's got to be good---Everybody comes to Hollywood.  How could it hurt you when it looks so good? 

The young but benevolent actor leaves behind a trail of green.  A slim redhead pulls the butch brunette from his wrists; carrying him to a new locale.  He has no reason to speak; too much dram to little time.  Her heart is pounding.  His lips are licked.  A Los Angeles Police Department Helicopter separates the duo from their new acquaintances.  In an instance the body of Jonathan is thrown directly at the flying vehicle.  He burst through the glass screen.  His fist breaks the jaw of a mere stranger.  No signs of remorse.  He closes his eyes.  He cannot face to see another death. 
Jonathan falls backwards.  He does not care if he is caught or splatters onto the floor; death will not be his anytime soon.  "Hi there pirate."  She says quite playfully and as a response; well Jonathan just smirks.  As of late, expressing happiness has not been his best suit.  She holds him by the ankles.  Blood rushes to the brain but he shows no sign of pain.  Crossed arms and deathly eyes.  In seconds they arrive. 
Julius nonchalantly conversates with whatever these humans are to be called.  Unable to care; Ti'Yona slips off her clothing.  She dips her toes into the nearest pool.  Descending inward; she swims alone in absolute peace.  Meanwhile, Jonathan pushes the flamboyant boy aside.  Looking down at Mister Mercury does he eloquently speak. 

"The white haired woman you see is my mother.  She says you will lead me to a tool I require.  All this that's happening; it was meant to bring us together.  Especially so when I rescued Ti'Yona by chance.  Beneath your star is where we'll find it.  I am sure once that is finished...your service in whatever plans my mother has will be over.  Now please, do us all a favor and bring us where we need to be.  There is no confusion at all.  We'll scratch your back as long as you scratch---"  He pauses.  He is unable to utter another word. 
His senses are alarmed.  He is excited to see her emerge from the crystal clear waters.  In her hands she holds something she never had spoken of.  A box.  A wooden box.  She gradually opens it as she gets closer to the small assembly.  Inside is memorabilia.  Pictures of parents.  Letters from friends.  Notes.  Diagrams.  A paper that says Project Mercury. 
"Marcellus.  Do you know who your parents were?"  She sneers at him before giving a dirty look toward Kileena.  Safe for now.  Protected by the lush and the fantastic.  Ti'Yona of Grange morphs clothing onto her orange skin.  Hands in his pockets; Jonathan stands stiff.   

(If you want to go into the past, go right ahead and make your own story of how Merola met your parents.  Not my best post but I thought I'd give you some freedom before I go all plot heavy)
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Bais et Crème

"Marcellus. Do you know who your parents were?" Ti'Yona stood dripping wet and stark naked. Julius covered his eyes with his hand and spread his fingers to get a quick peek. She took the hint and morphed clothes over her body.

Julius smiled making his Asians eyes squint into black slits. "TiYona, call me Marc." He stood beside her to take a closer look at the wooden boxes contents. Pictures of his parents with that white-haired women at their family estate. Papers concerning Project MERCURY. Notes on his daily progress. Pictures of him in Yemen. He takes a closer look at the picture. "That women. She was there." He grabbed the photo and pointed at her. She was in the background smiling and waving at who knows what. It looked like she was waving at Julius presently. Chills ran through his body.

Pointlessly fanning the picture he looked up at Ti'Yona. "My mom was a nurse and my father was an Air Corporal in the US Air Force...." The breeze blows and Ti'Yona's scent wafts up Julius' nostrils. He quietly sniffs. She smells like Berries & Cream Starburst, but he keeps the comment to himself. Emile and Kileena stay silent, partially intimidated by the vivacious and free orange woman. She noticed Julius' halt, so he smiled. "Uh, they married after my mom gave birth to me and raised me in Kyoto." The knowledge he shared wasn't anything informative or leading. His face suffused a soft red.

He shuffles through the box and finds another picture. This one is during the Imperial Ceremony. Widening his blue-brown eyes he spots the white haired women once again....

The Reincarnation of a Prince

1998. Summertime. Kyoto, Japan. The Essex Estate.

On an early evening Julius sat in a Japanese throne chair smaller than his mother and fathers. He hated his new closely shaven haircut. The people whispering and staring at him like a museum piece -- like he couldn't hear them. They praised his beauty without censorship. His mother thanked them all equally with a smile. His father sat rigid, disappointed at the genetic softness of his son. He was too handsome. He was striking, but his father knew it would define Julius. Johto had violent plans for his son and classic beauty never fit into the requirements

That night, the Essex family celebrated their Imperial lineage with their worshiping Kyoto and Tokyo natives. At the families feet were gifts. Flowers. Treats. Clothing. Jewelry. Toys. Original artwork. Poems They were all greatly appreciated.

"Samara, Johto....Marcellus" the white haired lady, named Merola greeted them wearing black garb contrasting her scatter-braided snow white hair. "Merola, it's a great you came." Samara, Juliuis' mother, rises from her Queen seat, takes Merola's hand and they bow to one another. "Your son, Samara. I request the privacy of you three. “There was a light in Merola's eyes and Johto stood six feet and three in inches tall.

"Marcellus. Come." Johto lead the three to the family’s billiard room. Julius, Samara and Merola stepped in the room and Johto closed the door behind them, shutting out the guest synchronized hum of conversation. "I'm assuming this is concerning my son." Julius stood silent and obedient, in his blue regal attire. Merola walked beside Julius. "May I?" She asked placing a hand on his shoulder. Johto and Samara gave Merola their approval and she the upper piece of Julius' outfit. "It's here. The mark." She said tracing the prepubescent boy's bare back.

On his lower back there was a rare birthmark. The light brown birthmarks created a dotted circle. The famed birthmark of Prince Kotaku. Kotaku became the Emperor of Japan after his father was killed in action during the Invasion of Mandrake. Merola grinned with a dazzle of awe in her eyes. "Your son is the reincarnation of your Imperial ancestor, Emperor Kotaku."

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At the podium she stands with an immense amount of confidence.  It is plain to see her sneering sensibilities.  Among the cocky; she does not freight.   Her ice cold eyes make the strongest man quiver.  She has no vulnerabilities.
"Once upon a time there was this girl who was red.  Violet eyes as well but so what, who cares?  Seven hours ago she did what must be avoided; the interference from the other kind.  She is a creature that like the other three must be eradicated from our realm.  The second prophecy has begun.  We must end those three before the nightmare commences.  We are tired of rolling over to the All-Seer nation!  Who are we?  What do we stand for?  We are the mother fucking; Righteous Children.  And we stand for humanity being first!  Now my brothers and sisters...what must we do?"  

Quiet minds think alike.  Say nothing but stand with arms raised.  They know what must be done.  Assassination of the strange three.  If controlling the police was not enough; then phase two would ensue.  Sadly, it they who are to be played.  The woman at the podium does know that they are following what the prophecy says; but she too has a plan.  Her plan is of the simplest nature.  When the three believe themselves victorious; she will prove them wrong.  Because in her pocket she holds a weapon that this bible has never spoken of.  The Grass Cutter.  A weapon that can kill any mystical abomination.  

Down South

Dallas, Texas.  Teleporation brought her here.  A place that no one from the Zeraz family would ever visit.  Vans, skinny jeans, french brassier with a trench coat on top.  Casual for her but eastern for the ranch residents.  Curly black locks; pinned on top.  Its wrapped with rosary beads.  Violet eyes morph into gorgeous emerald.  She walks; pocketbook in hand.  Her alluring scent renders the nearest male unconscious.  Across from her is a pole that is firmly stuck within the ground.  America's flag moves with the wind like ocean waves.  Knock! Knock! Knock!  
The tainted knob slowly twists.  Alarmed senses make the secret redhead step back.  She should of known better.  These people are not as nice as she had presumed.  BLAM!  Into the gut does it seep.  Her eyes roll back.  The scent of gasoline shuts her body down; if only it were permanent.  Moments later she reawakens.  No recollection of why she even arrived.  Her body is restrained.  Eight eyes look at her eerily.  Their exhausted.  Hours of awaiting her footsteps.  Days configuring the capture.  Her facade still intact.  She plays the part of damsel in distress.  She asks who they are.  Denies the name of Clarice but her tongue slurs and her nerves tense.  He enters the room. 
"Hello, baby girl."  He says monotonically.  His dimples their distracting.  Memories intentionally return.  Clarice remembers a far more innocent time when murder was her number one gig.  She laughs at herself before spitting out blood.  She should of known better.  "Hello, Jeremiah."  And although he was like a father; she cares not for him any longer.  "Don't lead me own with looks.  Tell me what you want."  The child inside kicks furiously.  She squints at the pain caused by a man she once loved.  Director Morales leans over.  His arm gripping her bare shoulder.  "Nowhere."  He whispers ever so gently.   

Travel Log - Day One

A bottle of glass; it floats on blue neon.  This is impossible.  And for the little girl who resides within a bottle filled of air; she is saddened upon her return.  Escaping this bottle is merely impassable; not impossible says an absent face.  Her head knocks against the glass so it cracks.  Your world is too mainstream.  That is why you made your own.  "Why is that?"  Speaks the little redhead.  Reality rejected you.  Brought misery and despair.  And so you substituted it with your own.  You're not the same as you use to be.  I presume life has become much harsher.  Have you forgotten all that you learned? 
Clarice?  Is that really you?  Have you lost willpower, knowledge, and all that has made you....you?  "I can't explain.  I do not even know where this Nowhere is to be.  All I remember is being handled by a father of sorts.  You see I'm quite afraid.  Afraid that I have lost myself in this Nowhere.  I believe I am being used.  Probably by you; random voice from beyond."  Oh no, no, no, no.  Why I would never hurt Clarice.  You were once our lovely princess.  It is here where you learned of your family.  Do you not remember? 
"And why is it that in Nowhere we speak proper?  Last that I remember this place was quite mean.  I believe I must go home."  Oh but you cannot.  You see every time you have entered Nowhere; it has been with purpose.  Once to learn of your future, past, self-awareness, and another time too prepare yourself for that vile mother of yours.  "My mother?  From what I know...I never had one of those.  Maybe three but they were of the most wicked kind.  Abusive nonetheless, but never have I ever felt the love from a dear mother."  Naturally, you will learn of your reason here.  I cannot tell you because it is not my way.  Look above because you are no longer astray. 
Out of the bottle does she lay on yellow soil.  Violet eyes flicker emerald lights.  She has never felt so alone when on her own.  On her side she looks at he evergreen tree.  "Voice from beyond, where art though?"  Somewhere, everywhere, nowhere to be exact.  I believe you must stop whimpering and search for answers.  But please, oh please, do not speak of Merola.  "Why is that?"  Because she is Queen of Nowhere.  She holds a prophecy, don't you know?  She will go insane if she knows you are here.  That my dear is not part of the plan.  I do wonder how is it that you got here. 
"From what I know, a blond gal asked for a favor.  Hmm maybe I am wrong.  I suppose I could be mad.  Are you mad?"  Oh no, no, no, no.  I am just sad.  "And why is that?"  Because the wolves draw near and there is nothing I can do.  Run little redhead.  Find the answers you seek.  When in Nowhere, only one redhead has purpose.  "Oh dear voice from beyond!  I suppose I must bid adieu."  She pushes herself up.  Skipping away into the forest of darkness; Clarice sweats because wolves are here. 
Her cape is crimson.  Their teeth are sharp.  A filthy pond is ahead so she stops on her tippy toes.  She turns to her left; a worried expression on her pale face.  Snow falls on the left.  A desert breeze to her right.  In the snow is a throne.  A man relaxes; and so the wolves heel yet they still surround her.  Pink lips quiver.  "Oh dear."  Her stomach hurts.  She does not know why.  The little redhead rubs her bloated belly.  "Oh deary.  Mister Man, who might you be?"   
His eyes open.  "A new world order is upon us.  Nowhere will finally be where it belongs.  Little redhead who no one knows of.  You smell of royalty."  She squints again when she sneezes from the shivering coldness.  "And you smell of ancient garbage.  Emperor Kotaku.  I thought your soul was reborn."  She replies with knowledge she had learned in an instance.  "Part of me has been reborn but soon the rest of me will return.  As of now my vessel will soon learn of his destiny."   
A finger on her lips.  She thinks a thought only she could conjure.  "Hmmm am I to believe your in the ranks of Merola?  I here she is quite the harlot.  I suppose I am here to solve a puzzle.  And to answer such a question...I am a little redhead who arrived from a bottle.  Alice in Wonderland-esque I suppose but who's looking at the similarities; certainly not me."  She sad happily but then she gasps as the man disappears and reappears with his hand tightly gripped onto her slender neck.   
"Oh dear!  Killing me will solve nothing, nothing at all."  The bushes are unsettling; they shake and they shake.  A cute kitten standing comes forth.  Two blades in hand it orders all to stop.  He is from the left side not the right.  Behind him are chickens, rabbits, three blind mice, and a woman dressed to impress.  "Nutter the dogs my pretties and as for you my lovely warrior; leave us be."  On one knee does she ask the girl to come near.  "Oh little one you remind me of a daughter I once had.  Why are you here?  Speak now...for me." 
It was happening rather quickly.  A voice from beyond worries for her safety.  "I am here to visit a seamstress from the right side.  I apologize for the confusion.  I believe your dear old man heard me wrong."  Patted on the head does the little redhead skip away.  Little did she know that Merola knew when liars lied selfish lies.  Poised and pulling on string she shoots an arrow that strikes the left limb.  "Oh daughter, why are you here!." 
"I am not your daughter, I swear on my true mother's soul." 
"Oh...then I truly apologize.  Nevertheless...kill her my cats before she walks another inch.  My sister must not know I am to murder one of her own."   
"Oh dear you are quite troublesome.  I promise not to speak of this quarry, I swear on my soul.  I am simply searching for answers....that is all.  One of which is to revert my grammar.  I do not believe I talk this way.  You see my lady, I have gone mad.  May I please crawl away?" 
"You are familiar...I know of that but I will allow amnesty just this once.  Leave now and if you return...face my wrath." 
Pulling herself an inch away; a little redhead sticks her tongue at the cat fool and his dirty dozen.  Little did she know that a big bad bear stood behind her.  This trip was gnarly.  Had she really gone insane?  For those who wonder or ponder; Clarice has been sent away.  Jeremiah Morales found the way to combat Merola.  With the help of a blond woman; Clarice has been sent to Nowhere.  A place in her mind where the All-Seer nation reside.  It is here she will find the answers.  The answers to combating Merola's newest prophecy.  Elsewhere, the Righteous Children have mobilized. 
Their own their way to hold a famous person hostage at one of the talked about places in California.  On the television screen is where the three strangers will learn of this news.  Stay tuned for the next installment my pretty little viewer.  I am the Voice from Beyond.  I am the only one who knows it all and even I worry about a little redhead on a tremendous adventure.  It is sad to see her being used yet again.  In time the truth will be known.  Until then...goodbye for now.  

(Will post again as Thunderbolt.  After that the ball will be back in your field)
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lmfao you would randomly post so I can be happy........#Creep

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Haha! I blame my spontaneity and odd behavior on...drugs. (That I don't do anymore because I'm a reborn angel. :)

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Oh god are you forrealz xD  

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Yeah, but I'm not a reborn angel. Being bad is usually funner.

O_O LMMFAO. I have a funny memory with this song. OMFG! Why did you post it?

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Because I felt like it? O.o 

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Prelude to Crossover

Break the bonds of previous lives.  Forget the times from which you came.  Now is the day to dive head first.  Think not of yesterday and only of today.  In the distance; far from the reaches of a Hollywood star walk two star-crossed lovers.  One being a son, nephew, boyfriend, father, and former vigilante.  The other being a daughter, sister, girlfriend, mother, and retired mercenary.  Different strokes but their love strained but never finished.   

Sitting beside one another; Danielle leans on the man of her dreams.  Eyes closed, arms crossed, she feels warm when near his heart.  Ladies love him, he's on that new swag but if anyone stares they'll be frightened to see that old weeding ring on his finger.  He looks to his hand but leaves it there; because it has sentimental value.  For the gist of jokes; he blows a kiss but it causes a nearby man to faint instantly.  "That's new."  He said jokingly.  

That's Noah for you.  Always trying to crack a smile on whoever's living in the here and now.  I love him for that but he's doing what he usually does.  Acting like we haven't just fought.  Acting like our family is as connected as he would like it to be.  Its hard to patronize him because he's strong but sensitive at times.  Those yellow eyes of his.  I cannot bare to see them tear.

Walk, talk, break some chalk.  Little Eva Zeraz clicks her camera and takes in these pretty sights.  She's three and a half but acts above her presumed GPA.  Behind her is a tall man dressed in white, his name is Larry Hoover; psychiatric body guard.  Too the left is a midget crocodile by the name of Serendipity; he's a telepathic genetic anomaly so he doesn't do much besides growl.  Beneath her shoe is a silver dagger in case of emergency.  She withholds a book of sorts and drops it in front of her youthful parents. 
Shock.  Awe.  Astonishment.  Noah and Danielle look to their daughter with raised eyebrows.  Pushing herself forward; mother dearest feels like squandering the small child.  Pinning her curls back she asks that her daughter sit and explain.   
"Well mother, that right there is a prophecy that I stole from Aunty Marissa.  I fear she is trying something problematic." 
Hmmm.  Figures.  This life of mine; its never normal.  Our past is the past yet it keeps creeping on us.  The future is upon us all.  Teaching us all new ways to die and live.  Another prophecy.  A new set of complications.  Need to avoid this.  Pull my children out of this sort of situation.  I must murder Marissa Lilith Zeraz; the tether to this world of chaos.

Elsewhere: Three strangers delighted themselves with the pleasantries of Hollywood.  Ti'Yona of Grange; crunches her hair that releases the clear H2O.  "I believe that box has meaning.  Now take us to your Hollywood star or I will vaporize this Asian organism without the slightest of ease.  Poynata Cringo Natu! {Stupid Human Gnats!}"   
Thunderbolt grabs her by the wrist but she triggers his asthma.  Five steps away and his health is normal once again.  Seven seconds later and she is face to face with Marcellus.  "My face is up here humanoid.  Now.  Do we have a deal?"  Fists clinched.  Eyes widen.  Heavy handed.  She is ripe for battle.  Sweaty and bothered; Jonathan takes out his gun. 
"Any objections and we can do a little dance.  We've been playing nice and everything's been fine so far.  Lets not end it with blood splattering on this new outfit of mine."
Tomorrow: Witness the origin of The Decoy and Thunderbolt!
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".....Let's not end it with blood splattering on this new outfit of mine." The redhead man said, pulling out a gun. Julius' jaws clenched; their sudden commands and their anticipation of a battle rubbed him the wrong way. Kileena rested her hands on his left bicep. "I need to talk to you." She faced him and guided him away from the two strangers. Julius looked at Emile and signaled for him to follow with his eyes. "This is crazy, are you agreeing to this? Kileena uttered keeping her voice as low as possible, but she still held anger in her tone.

Julius raised an eyebrow and buttoned his shirt. "Emile" He placed his hand on Kileena's small shoulders. "I'm leaving her here with you. Don't bore her." Emile slid his hands in his swimming trunk pockets then smirked and nodded. "I have no problem with that, man." Julius smiled and a span of silence commenced. "Let's go.”Emile grinned at Kileena and she crossed her thin arms. "I'm going to kill you Julius." Kileena followed behind Emile appearing uncomfortable and they went into his mansion.

With an insurance plan, the Asian actor walked across the cobblestone courtyard to the two strangers. "We don't have deal. You're digging into sh#t you have no knowledge of. If you knew you wouldn't be so eager..." Julius glared at Jonathan's gun."...to find this 'Hollywood star'. “Jonathan’s gun put zero fear in Julius' mind and Ti'Yona's indifference to humans was the same as one of his random haters. Irrelevant. An emerald wireless communicator flashed on Juluius ear. "Konnichiha ehh..." Julius spoke Japanese to an unknown receiver. " watashi ha iyaringu o hitsuyou to suru...arigato." The emerald communicator beeped and slowly faded out like a dying candle.

"I'm the Hollywood Star." Julius returned TiYona's persistent gaze. "And whatever you want is a mystery to me." He levitated off the ground and his eyes flickered emerald. Police sirens blared past the mansions front gate. "The cops are looking for me and I'd be an idiot to hang around here when I can go elsewhere." He surveyed the night sky and drifted higher. "We’re going to Maui. And maybe you can help me understand all this." He looked at Ti'Yona. "Can you fly that far? If not I have an alternative option." If TiYona's flying abilities weren't up to par, Julius would ask Emile to create a dark portal for them to transport to his private island.

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Before the Origin Story

The Now:
If it is at all possible; sometimes I dream of Grange and what my life could have been.  A planetary space that could have been mine.  My own ever so sweet home but instead...I was manifested onto this earth world through spiritual incantations.  I am to believe the essence of my father still looms within me.  I suppose that is why I dream the dreams I tend to dream.  And here I stand once again; feeling lost but now at hand.  I breathe it in too let it go. 

Afterwards, I am so blatantly judged for my appearance and by the way I carry myself.   I am then asked if I can fly but instead, I lie.  A stranger should never know of one's powers; number one rule from my supposed home world.  And so a dark portal is conjured from the hands of Emile; a flamboyant boy I wish to turn.  Were are told in no uncertain terms that it is "Julius" who is our Hollywood Star.  Jonathan  instinctively believes the words of another and so he follows the three into the unknown.   
However, I cannot.    Exactly, twenty-nine hours and forty-five seconds since my release from that small cubical.  I know better to believe words without questioning.  Even if this human is telling the truth, I still wonder why it is that I am on this field trip.  My memory is oddly foggy.  How I even met Jonathan is but a mystery.  The meaning of our together has not been explained.  With the addition of Mister Mercury; I wonder what is the point to my existence.  It all seems pointless but I want to continue.  My mind tells me to interrogate just like those men in suits; but my heavy heart says to find out what is so special about the Hollywood Star. 
The portal that leads into the aforementioned, private island, begins to shrink.  Before I can move the alarms go off.  Men and women barge right inside.  They are agents, they are my captors.  "Put your hands up!  Move one muscle and you are dead!"  Shouts the man with an unprotected face.  From this indication; he must be their appointed leader.  I blink twice, lick my lips, and show my pearly white teeth.  As I hypothesized; this agency requires me living.  A grin on my face tells them all what I shall do next. 
KABOOM! ZOOM! SLASH! BASH! CRASH!  She stands before the bodies of the dying.  Pulling the leader by his collar; she stares into his brown eyes.  His lips quivering, his muscles tense, he does not want to die.  He shows her a picture of his family.  A family he loves dearly.  A family he keeps fed by doing a job he was assigned to do.  Tearing up, she is saddened to see the distress she has caused.  These organisms are not the ones meant for her rage; just the ones who ordained her as a slave.  Before she lets him go; she speaks to him as kindly as possible. 
"I am sorry for the pain I have caused.  Your kind do bother me but I comprehend your situation.  Explain to me why the law enforcement is after us and why my captors want me retained." 
"I don't have authorization to speak on the matter." 
"TELL ME or DIE!" 
"Okay, okay.  Sector Eleven wants you contained because of a freaking prophecy that no one really believes in.  And the FBI are as we expected; under an unbreakable spell.  We believe she---" GLUK! His eyes roll back, saliva dripping out of his open mouth.  She drops his now, lifeless body; believing she had somehow murdered an innocent soul  For once she feels empathy and this emotion strikes hard.  On her knees she covers her eyes.  She feels the presence of another, yet she sees no one. 
Merola stands above the talkative body.  A spiritual dagger lodged in his brain.  "They cannot know just yet, you blabber mouth."  Adjusting her dress; she lays a hand on her astral daughter.  Unknowing of her touch; the stranger from runs to the dark portal.  "WAIT!"  She yells out.  It is too late.  Her transportation has sealed itself.  Merola is outraged but such a discrepancy.  There is nothing she can do but wait.  Hoping for the best. 
I am alone in a home that is not my own.  Stepping outside to the flashing of cameras; I quickly fly away.  News spreads fast in a town likes this.  In a matter of time there will be a hit on my head.  Funny what I learned in my years alone.  My name is Ti'Yona Samara of Grange.  I hate this world a lot more than I should.  I blame the politics of this world.  I am called Fluenza.....because I can cause death.  I hate this world.  Because I was never a child.  Someday I hope to dream a dream that which will be considered a part of reality.  A dream where my life is simple and no one knows me as what I am but as who I am. 
From Her Eyes: The sun shines down upon the bare building.  Quiet clouds break away so that the heavenly sun can do what it does best.  "Good."  On a rooftop; away from the chaos stands a woman dressed in a white gown.  Her blond locks cover her conniving face.  Withholding a large book laced with gold; she is happy to notice the alterations in play.  "Mother, the games have begun."  She said rather happily.  Opening up to page four; her eyes pop and her mouth drops.  Ten torn pages and the hand print of a child.  Closing it; she spins around.   RING! RING!

"I should of known my family would get involved.  Should of planned better."  RING! RING!  Jeremiah Morales is calling.  At first she ignored the cellular phone but then she answers.  "What the hell?  You were suppose to negotiate with my sister.  I swear Jeremiah this better work or I swear....I will end you."  She folds the phone and throws it off the roof.   "Book of Omens take me to the Son of Thunder."  Her heart begins to pound.  At first it was easy but now the plan was becoming complicated.  Loose ends needed to be cut.  She readies herself for the worse.

Elsewhere: On a private island; Jonathan cracks the washed wall with his bare fists.  He is angry to see that his lovely assistant was no longer by his side.  Now he needed to talk, without the aid of his other half.  Bloody knuckles and a face of regret; he grabs Marcellus by the head and pulls him close.  Breathing onto his face, Jonathan speaks like he would when flirting.  "Alright, Hollywood Star.  You want some answers.  Question away."  Letting go; he moves backwards and snaps his fingers.  "Kileena, get me a drink...or else."  He winks playfully before returning his gaze to Mister Mercury. 
"After twenty-questions...its my turn to play."  Pulling off his soiled shirt; sweat rolls down his chiseled chest.  Jonathan cracks a smile, hoping trust can be earned.  Unbuckling his belt, he drops his shorts, and in his Calvin Klein underwear; does he walk over to the balcony.  "If you'd stop staring and start talking, I'd be happy.  If you don't....I'll get really, really upset."
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"Kileena, you can relax in the living room, but tell Vangelis to bring us drinks."Julius gave her a comforting smile because she was pissed and out of her element. Kileena was aware of Julius' power, but she wasn't around when he was dealing with the supernatural business that came with it. This was her first time. Julius thought she handled it well and made sure she felt comfortable. He thought Jonathan's demands were inappropriate. "She's not a servant Jonathan, talk to her with respect."

His loyal manager left the pool house and searched for Vangelis as Jonathan removed his sweat damp clothes. "After twenty-questions....its my turn to play." Jonathan walking onto the balcony. Julius narrowed his eyes wondering why Jonathan stripped down to CK underwear. "Jonath..." Jonathan cut him off. "If you'd stop staring and start talking, I'd be happy. If you don't....I'll get really, really upset." Julius gave him a challenging glare and found his suggestion of any attraction to him odd. He slipped into his walk-in closet and changed out the Tom Ford clothes. He hoped Tom Ford and Esquire would understand and forgive him for his disturbance when this was all sorted out. Julius was innocent.

Moments later, he stepped out the closet barefoot in a forest green v-neck and khaki chino shorts. "First question..." He saw Jonathan still standing in only his underwear; Julius modeled in underwear and Jonathan's absence of clothing was normal to him, but Julius felt an odd attraction to him that he didn't feel earlier. "What do I have that you need? As far as the Hollywood Star goes the only Hollywood Star I can give you is....me." His last sentence was alien to him and he felt something coaxed him to say the innuendo. He felt his sexual preference being challenged and he asked himself what attracted him to not a women, but a man. And it was this man specifically.

Julius dropped his head and latched his gold chain around his neck. "I have clothes you can wear." He turned around and walked across the room towards Jonathan out on the balcony. "Feel free to put some on anytime. The closet's yours -- but answer my questions first." He gave Jonathan a stern stare letting him know he wasn't playing games. Julius stood over six feet tall and weighed 215 pounds of mainly muscle; and, He ate, slept ad breathed Jeet Kune Do; It would be wise for Jonathan to approach this with less attitude.

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Zeraz Industries - East Coast

You'll never fall till you let go.  Don't be so scared of what you don't know.  This phrase echoes through their minds.  And as the debris settles; four mercenaries strut onto the scene.  Observatory, Crusher, Dimension, and the Malicious Zaria.  Together they are Sector Eleven's brightest, bravest, and most sly agents of disaster control.  Mother Earth has been saved from annihilation due to their grace and fluidity.   Today is no different.  With her hair pinned up; Lidia Zachariah touches the fresh gravel below.  Her delicate body is in unison with the eerie surroundings.   Meanwhile, the other three maintain the perimeter. 
"I wonder who would do such a thing."  Speaks the butch Lenny Morrison; and although his concern seems honest the others know this to be false.  "Oh withhold such sarcastic undertones; I know you hated the Zeraz family as much as me.  Return to your duties and I will do the same."  Closing her eyes, she once again caresses the barren land.  Pictures, odors, and sequences replay within her complex brain.  A group of individuals that wear black and white.  Lead by a woman with a tall man by her side.  On their white shirts is in insignia with meaning.  A fist placed firmly in the center of a human skull.   
*GASP* Her head jerks back and she falls onto her behind.  Blood trails down her bright white face.  Martin Rodriguez rushes to her aid and although his own lover is uninterested by her bruise; Observatory must know why his own lover must care for her.  Laying in the arms of Crusher; the valiant Malicous Zaria places her finger on his clean, pink lips.  "Shh."  She whispers and his body shuts down.  Rolling onto the floor; Lidia pulls out a gun and shoots the watcher three times into the stomach.  "Nothing personal." 
Running away from the scene; she tries to create a telepathic link but instead she is disgruntled when a dagger pierces her unprotected upper back.  UGH!  Lidia whimpers as she stumbles onto the smoldering ground.  She screams when pulling out the projectile; spinning around does she cast the illusions of seven counterparts.  Hoping that her fellow worker is perplexed; the blond perpetrator returns to her escape plan.  So many thoughts on her minds, fears of what is to come, but she halts when bumping head first onto the chest of Dimension. 
He is disappointed by her actions; he believed her to be above betraying her own kind.  "You and your sister are just the same.  Thinking of yourselves first."  UCK!  Like a barbarian does he choke her till her brown eyes roll back.  Her life slowly slips away.  "Anyway last words!?!"  Spit sprays onto her fragile self.  "T-the...righteous chil-dren....have returned."  He releases his grip.  Lidia falls onto the floor yet again.  Her skin aching and begging not to be scratched or inflicted for a while.  Catching her breath; she grins at his emotionless expression.   
"You as well as I know those two are of the same akin.  The Righteous Children solely believe in the Christian Faith and will eliminate anyone who believes differently.  And yes I know their homosexuality begs to differ with their stance, but you know how much they despise the Zeraz family.  What's happening now will give them a valid excuse to eradicate my sister and her children.  I cannot allow that so get out of my way!" 
"There is something you are hiding Zaria!  Tell me before I vanquish you once and for all.  Sector Eleven is growing tired of our pattern of betray--"  SHUNK! With the same weapon that made her bleed profusely; the Malicious Zaria plunges this crimson colored dagger into the lower stomach the powerhouse known as Dimension.  A lucky shot indeed.  Holding him by the ears; she connects their opposite ideals.  "Listen to me." 
A prophecy was made decades ago.  An All-Seer known as Merola created the awfully confusing tale in order for her children to be inscribed into the history books of man.  In case of failure or a change in the master plan; their is a sequel of sorts that means the utter destruction of humanity.  The Righteous Children know of this and their part within its pages.  And although they are too play along for the beginning; abnormalities have been formulated.   
Hmmm?  So you think I'm lying because I learned a few new words from the glossary?  Shut the hell up!  In a matter of minutes Crusher and Observatory will awaken with some type of sacrilegious programming.  I need you to stop fighting this.  The only one who can help us is a villain known as Mister Mercury.  He is the star who can either make this newest crusade a success or destroy that wicked witch once and for all.  Why do I care?  Well I-I-I can't-tell you.  Maybe because......  
SMACK!  The tether is shattered.  Her body rendered unconscious.  Standing above her weakened self is Crusher and Observatory.  Their hands eleven inches away from one another; it is clear to see the knowledge bares truth.  Baffled and bleeding; Dimension seemingly quivers.  "Why have you done this?  We will not be forgiven this time around."  Chuckling at his questioning; Crusher wipes a strange substance onto the face of his ally.  "Conform to the righteous side and you too will realize why we are, who we are.  In the name of the father.....God loves you too."  
She slips in and out of consciousness; her male acquaintances seemingly unaware that she is still among the living.   
Dear Noah, 
     The man that I can never truly love.  You aunt was right.  New enemies have emerged on the east coast.  Zeraz Tower decimated.  New coverage afoot.  Oddly no one has perished; many injures have ensued.  The Righteous Children have made their first move.  Dimension, Crusher, and Observatory are the first meta-humans to conform with their narrow minded ideals.  They are looking for Mister Mercury; just as your aunt said they would.  I know we all thought she was bullshitting but I guess we were all wrong.  How typical, right?  I guess this is my final testament.  Tell my sister that I love her...funny saying that but you know it is true.  I even love you.  Shed no tears because fear will cause problems, and who knows I may return...since our kind tend to do that often.  Wait can Danielle hear me? 
Elsewhere: Noah's eyes widen as his daughter and her crew arrive onto the scene.  His estranged lover bothered by the incoming thought message but before any type of argument can occur; the estranged woman arrives.  With a book in hand she pushes Eva Zeraz aside.  "Marissa what the hell is going on?"  In a fit of rage the Son of Thunder throws the table upward.  Dodging his attack; Marissa advances forward and punches him directly onto the neck.  Gasping for air, he struggles to return to battle but as of now he cannot.   
Eva with her hands on her hips looks up at the annoyed brunette.  "Why so serious?  It's not my fault your involvement was so obvious.  Let me help you."  Kneeling down; Marissa looks into the eyes of an intellectual child.   
"If you take you with me; what do you have to offer me?"   
"Ummm Larry Hoover, nuff said.  He can get us inside the Righteous Children's headquarters and destroy them.  Afterwards we can ambush the three strangers your book speaks tons about." 
"NO!"  Noah and Danielle, hands held run to them but they all vanish with the blink of an eye.  What happens next?  No one knows. 
(Will post as Thunderbolt this weekend)
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This is beautiful (and I choose that word because I'm in the clouds right now ^_^) I'm learning why your stories are so lifelike and I'm taking note. ;)

That Larry Hoover reference is random, but hilarious!

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Take Care

I am not promiscuous; not even in the slightest.  How could I be?  Especially so when this is my first outing beyond those plutonium walls.  I suppose I should locate the whereabouts of Jonathan and company, but why should I?  Away from his presence...I feel a sense of liberation.  A notion that should of been mine upon escape.  I know I should stand beside that man but I feel lonesome.  I presume I am far too exquisite for the likes of Kileena but whatever.  On this planet how hard could it be too simply survive? 
FLASH!  Her eyes go white.  Veins popping from her boutique frame but a fit of rage is halted when the paparazzi ask for a smile.  Is this what the human culture adores?  The exploitation of its women?  She believes this to be true.  Her curves are on display.  She shakes her lips to the beats from the vast amounts of iPod systems.  Metal compounds bend to her will.  Everything is a slave too her grace.  She won't deny it because it cannot be contested.  She is not trying too hide it.  Her power speaks for itself.   
Huff and puff is what the cameramen do.  They cannot control.  Their a slave for her.  And their not trying to hide.  They ask for more.  Gimme more.  Gimme more.  MORE!  Center of attention.  Even if she up against their expectations, she has their permission to do whatever she wishes.  She's dirty dancing while those cameras are flashing.  Strangers join in.  Sweaty bodies in total unison.  Men follow her thighs and women her arms many movements.  The sexual innuendo is unfathomable.   
Above the sun spotlights Princess Ti'Yona's attributes.  "Oh my god!"  Three!  A mother of three is broken from the controlled experiment.  Two!  She is haunted by the sight of metallic creatures.  In sets of two do they join in intercourse, nothing incestuous...pure satisfaction.  One!  Only one life can view the madness, thankfully her children are away but this is psycho sexual.  This must be stopped.  "Ahh! Say my name!"  Oh goodness, gracious.  One, two three!  Get one eighty degrees and Ti'Yona is stuck in between.  Everybody loves her.  That flirtatious scent and the messages her body sends out. 
Her back is caressed.  A moan of ecstasy escapes her tongue.  It feels tremendous but this is inhumane.  Entirely impossible.  This must cease and desist but no one will lesson.  Breasts bounce against one another.  Lips lock.  Hard cocks.  Can you see what she sees?   "Jonathan!" 
Love me, hate me, but can't you see what I see?  The zaniness of this home world.  Why are they so grotesque.  I did not mean for any of this.  Before the night is through I must find the one who understands me.  I know what I must do.  As must go with what I know.  I should seek Jonathan.  He knows me even without the dwellings of my past.  He loves me, he hates me, but he can see what I see.  The psychotic nature of the human race. 
"STOP IT!"  Their bodies collapse.  Mercury slithers out of their mouths.  It is a substance not commonly found in the human body in such quantities but here, each tear drop conjoins with one another.  From it the framework of a woman is formulated.  Curiosity infects her underdeveloped brain waves.   Her finger touches the levitating anatomy and immediately it bursts when contact is made.
"Electromagnetic radiation." 
Stuck like a nail beneath the tire of an abandoned vehicle.  Her joints are locked.  Eyes glare into that of a woman she is unable to recognize.   However, her own heart skips a beat when sharing the same oxygen as she who bares no name.  Locks of white hair and a face that portrays no sense of sympathizing, just mere disappointment.
"Baby can't you see what you've done?  You're powerful but you won't see it.  Accept your gifts and use them will but you won't...rebellious.  Too hot for you I believe.  Should of chosen another but you will not fail me.  My son requires your physical form.  Everything that has happened...forget it.  Interruption so early can be disastrous but for now I will have to accept the possible consequences....until then.  It is time for an upgrade of sorts." 
CRAM! SLAM! BLAM!  A knowledgeable bullet fragment is lodged into her skull.   Information of the twenty-first century incorporated into her thought process.  Princess Ti'Yona of Grange is reprogrammed in order to be a better suited pawn in the unknown chess of Merola versus Marissa.  How quaint.  How manipulative but in actuality, it is quite smart.  Her body is transported to a different locale.  An ancient graveyard.  Her body crashes onto the pavement with massive destruction.  Her aching body rises from the gravel.  Eyes full of intent.  

 " Kotaku."  A calm breeze pushes her hair upward and covers her eyes.  Dusting off pieces of concrete, the basic instinct of Fluenza activates when the bodily movement of others can be felt.  She extends herself forward with a thrust of her left foot.  Her clinched fist smashing the jaw of a hooded bystander.  "Good evening.  My birth name is Ti'Yona Samara.  Merola has sent me here.  Begone or face my wrath."  Sadly, he is unable to answer her somewhat polite demand.  She for but a moment hesitates before suffocating him with the nickel residing in his pockets. 
CREEK!  Her body reacts to the sound.  An earthquake of sorts pulls her down.  She falls beneath the grime and onto the deceased.  Disgusted, insulted, and baffled.  Ti'Yona holds her head...knowing some sort of tampering has gone on.  How did she get here?  Where is Jonathan?  What is happening?  Where is Jonathan?  Soon the endless loop of questions end.  Her eyes set onto a shrine.  And before she can get closer, a wooden stake is pressed against her throat.  UCK!  It hurts.  It is painful when touching her skin.  
" あなたは何をしますか"

"I have come for the knowledge of the star...the reincarnation of..."  She cannot finish her sentence.  Her eyes close instantly.  Ti'Yona is set into a slumber meant for eternity.  Standing beside the shrine is Merola who yawns at the sight of yet another failure.  How expected.  Lighting a candle she says a prayer but not to God but to herself...she is God...at least an extension of what he use to be.  CLAP! CLAP!  The Earth surely quivers.  A battle between Mister Mercury and Thunderbolt is set into play.  It is time to name the leader of this band of outlaws.  All falls into the place...even if distractions are becoming numerous. 
I know things get hard.  I'm so proud of my offspring but on occasions they do bother me...so much.  I am better than all of them but enough of me, what of them?  They make such childish decisions.  Taking nothing serious at all.  No time to say hi and by.  Now that these two are miles away..maybe they will act better.  One wants companionship the other an emotional tether.  I suppose this could be my fault since it is my doing but it is for a better future.  I am doing this for a good reason.   
Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.  He laughs at me but Lucifer if you a listening...know this to be true...your chains will be broken when my pawns commit savagery.  But we do not work for you.  I will see to it personally that you be the first holy figure to die by the hands of an All-Seer.  Take me my words you scum....you could have been with me but instead you fell too hard. 
You forget....that I am the one who allowed your most favorite offspring to live. 
You lie!  I did that all by myself. 
Even an All-Seer can fall to the tricks of Lucifer.  I am greater than you my darling. 
But, but that is impossible.  I am the one who rescued his soul. 
You did by I had contained it and struck a deal with a mortal you have forgotten. 
Who?  Who could that possibly be? 
Cassandra Adams of Germany.  She just a delicious soul...too bad you never payed attention. 

You lie!  Your words are trickery.  Leave me be Lucifer...allow me my games till our time to speak is necessary. 
So be it All-Seer.  Its so sad.  If you had sided with me, none of these problems would occur. 
Shut up!
God will find a way too love you.  I am sure of it but I despise you.  Merola you shall utterly lose my deary...I cannot wait to torture your soul for all of eternity. 
Whatever you say I will not lesson....in the texts of my prophecy...I have seen your destiny Lucifer and it is not all pretty. 
What?  What is it that you mean? 

Nothing....nothing at all.  It was neither fun nor depressing talking.  Until next time. 
The candle is blown out.  Crossed arms and a serious face.  She walks away from her spiritual daughter.  Ti'Yona will be fine.  As it is written.  As it is written.
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Three weeks later...

Over a Hawaiian Island populated by roughly 130.

"This is it." Marc placed a golden mask resembling a fierce monkey over his moneymaking face. The alien carrier ship Marc peered from, hovered over the Hawaiian island Niihau. Assisted by Vangelis and Jovian, Marc leaped from the ship 30,000 feet from Niihau land. His arms were pressed to his side and his body remained straight and rigid, descending for the beach far below. "It's a clean slate." Marc said into his communicator, open to Jovian and Vangelis' comm channels.

Jovian and Vangelis equipped in the same sleek, black bodysuits as Marc dove down closely behind him. Although they matched their stealth uniforms their mask were different. Jovian's resembled a tiger and Vangelis' a haunting owl that Marc chose for him. "Rico, you need to change over early. I don't wanna risk you landing bad and slow us down. This needs to be quick." Jovian admired Marc, but at times his guidance was overbearing. "I understand. I'll switch over now." Jovian pulled back and his head moved from facing the ground to facing the sky. The Portuguese teen raised his hands straight over his head and he marveled at the green land below him.

"You're doing perfect, Enrico." Vangelis complimented typing on his Empyrean Carpus to activate residential tents parachuting down from the carrier ship, hidden with invisibility and scattered clouds. "The tents are falling, your grace. " The blue skinned alien uttered in a monotone voice.

A green aura outlined Marc and he sped ahead and landed on the clear field of Niihau grass....

The large tents landed and expanded into metallic houses. Shaking the ground below the trio's feet. "Bring it down." Marc said into his communicator. Seconds later the carrier ship faded from invisibility and landed on the Hawaiian soil. The carrier ship hangar door opened, creating a ramp to the ground. "Fall in!" Marc commands. The armor clad blue-skinned aliens jogged from the ship and stood in their regiments in tight columns and rows. Their faces were forward and arms were down at their sides.

"This is the beginning of a long month. Over these upcoming weeks we'll build an Earth safe haven for the Tzu believers. The first week this empty land will be yours...ours. The second week your loved ones will be free to live here...Tonight, we rest. But we beat tomorrow's sun for work...At ease....Dismissed" The Cerulan warriors cheered and retired to their bunkers and Marc retired to his private quarters.

"What happens when the military intervenes? They're--"Marc cut off Jovian. "Rico, we already discussed this. We fight. They fight." He said referring to the Cerulan soldiers. Jovian stood silent and took off his mask revealing a tan face. Marc slipped his mask also. "You're scared and you don't have to fight when the times comes. It's your decision, but fully commit to one or it'll cost you your life." Marc slipped out his black stealth clothes, exposing his unscathed flesh. "Sleep on it." He said looking at himself in a vanity mirror on an end table beside his bed. "I will. Goodnight Marc." Jovian said leaving to his quarters, that he shared with Vangelis...

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Oh really? That's wassup