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In an alternate universe the human race is extinct, wiped out by a mutated version of the deadly Legacy Virus created by Mr. Sinister. The real villains behind thee attack are a group known as the Hellfire Club, who would later betray Sinister and kill him.

Many wars were fought in the aftermath but in the end the heroes of the Marvel U were cut down. But nature has a way of replacing extent species with another creation. A child has been born, not human, and not mutant but possibly the next step in evolution.

Seeing this child as a threat the Hellfire Club will stop at nothing to destroy it. Will the heroes of the vine come forth and help save this child, or will Hellfire rule forever.

In this timeline the world is broken up into seven countries.

North America

South America






No auto-hits

No god mode

The first 6 people to post in the Ooc thread will have there choice of country to rule as you see fit. The Hellfire Club will divide North America amongst ourselves. Villains who wish to play but who are NOT members of the Hellfire Club can either choose to help the heroes or help us, its up to you.

Although the country's names are the same, you can build them up anyway you want, futuristic, baron waste land, whatever, its all up to you. We all know about each other, the villains know about the heroes and vise versa.

There will be 4 X-Men still alive, these X-Men are protecting the child on a barge in the Arctic Ocean. The surviving X-Men are:


Kitty Pride



These characters can be killed but please, dont just kill Kitty Pride cause you think she's weak, or Logan to make a name for yourself. The child can not be killed, it can only be moved be heroes or those working with the heroes (and me).
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Post Deleted.

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Arrow sat at the table looking of a map of the world, His hand slid to a bottle of scotch , he slowly poured him self a galss , His slim pale fingers reaced for the golden liquid he took a sip and placed the glass back on the table half full, Hid dark eyes danced aroud the room.

A portrait of each member of the club hung on the walls behind each seat, He stood lifting the glass as he went, walking towards the one of Gambler an old friend he had lost , "Where are you now old friend, You would love this world we have cerated." , The rest of Hellfire wanted to take the picture down , But Arrow had refused , He said "It is easy to forget what we fight for , keep him there to remind us.", He took another sip and moved back to the map.

"Now child where are you hiding ", running his hand over the map it slowly began to raise Each contient took shape , running his fingers round the world, touching minds hunting for this new animal, each mind was simple some where blocked , "Hmmmm Intresting".

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Nevada Dessert


The desert sun beat down on Lincoln as he sifted through the wreckage of the last great battle between the Hellfire Club and the combined forces of thee X-Men and others. He slowly knelt down and picked up a helmet, the red and gold tint seemed to glow as the sun beamed down on it. There was alot of memories here, but one thing was missing, the adamantium skeleton of Logan.

Lincoln slowly rose to his feet, crushing the gold and red helmet in his hand he took to the skys, back towards the Hellfire Club.

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It wasn't quite Canary Wharf but the towering vista of New York's skyline felt somewhat like home. Raven let her eyes drift out across the city, full and bustling with mutants. How long had it been since she'd tasted simple Human blood? She actually found she missed that gentle fare, how it cleansed the palette after a rich mutant meal. Shaking herself slightly, she turned her attention to the report she had in front of her. It detailed the last battle against the flagging ranks of the X-men.

When the Human Race had been killed off, there had been little point in the Masquerade and so the clans of Vampires had risen to take their place in the order of things. Yet Raven had remained the most powerful of her people, stronger than ever with her place in the Hellfire Club. Yet this child had them all scared out of their minds. She had promised them her resources, of course, but her interest was more of fascination. What would the next evolution of Humanity taste like?

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The child lay quietly, covered only by a rough blanket. It was a pity, but the few remaining Xmen had little at their disposal. Kitty had finally fallen asleep, her arm hanging over the edge of the cot and touching the baby’s chest. Ben stood from his position on the floor of the cabin and stalked towards the cot.

The child was small, appearing much the same as the thousands of other babies on the planet. But that was an illusion. The child was unique, the first of its kind, the first of the new humans. Ben brushed its cheek with his forefinger, the child stirred but did not wake.

“You are the one who will change the world. You have so much power and yet you are unable to use it.”

His finger crept to the child’s throat. With his finger and thumb he could crush the life from its small form. Before he could act, for good or bad, the door to the cabin swung open and Rogue shuffled in, the artic wind swiftly followed and she hurried to close the door.

“Glad to have you with us Quick, or should I call you Ben. After the Avengers fell we need all the help we can get.” She said.

Kitty woke with a start and sat up, her sudden movement disturbed the child and he started to cry. From outside Logan could be heard swearing at the noise. Ben smiled at the thought of the short man, trussed up in furs to protect him from the cold, cursing like a sailor in the swirling snowstorm.

“I’d like it if you called me Quick Rogue. It would make us seem like a team rather than the Xmen and me. I’ll go and see what Logans having trouble with.”

Ben left hurriedly. He liked Rogue, but the baby made him feel awkward. Ashamed of his own thoughts.

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spidy came where all the x-men are at and said

spidy here i heard of you guys can i help

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As Lincoln flew over the bright lights of New York city, he looked down on what had become a mutant utopia. Magneto's vision had been realized, to bad he wasn't alive to see it, after deciding to stand by the heroes in the final hour he was destroyed by Last Arrow.

But the child threatened everything, it could give people hope, it could encourage a revolt or an all out war. Landing outside the doors of the great Club he entered, sparkling diamond chandeliers hung overhead, the rug was persian silk. The Hellfire spared no expense when it came to luxury.

Lincoln saw Arrow going over a map and reading the minds of the weaker mutants on the planet. With any luck he would locate this threat and then, then they would deal with it.

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Photon woke up in a crappy hotel in Las Vegas, having gambled away all the money he stole, he didn't have much left to stay for, and only managed to get a crappy room. He lived as a normal citizen, a bit grumpy and always complaining, but nothing unusual about him. He didn't care for the mutants, he himself killed one or two of them before, Xavier wanted to make Photon change his ways but he told them all to f* off and disappeared into the crowds of normal people, his holographic device making him look like a human, hiding away his sunshine plates.

"Crappy place, crappy night... Damn I'm tired of this crappy life!" - Photon kicked off the blanket that wasn't washed for quite sometime, judging by the smell.

"Rise and shine sweethart, time to pay for what you owe me." - the hotel keeper walked in with two bulky guys with nightsticks on each side.

"What? What the hell do I owe you?" - the two dudes picked Photon up and threw him against the wall, almost breaking it.

"Your payments are late by a week! Now cough up dough or cough up blood." - he kicked Photon in the gut. Photon fell onto his knees, holding onto his stomach.

"Do you know... Who I am... I'm Photon you b!" - he yelled at the guy with some rage.

"Yea, and I'm Golden Boy who is supposed to save the world. Photon been dead for a while now." - he nodded to the two huge guys and they began swinging. After a severe beating, Photon was thrown out of the window into the street, where it was raining. he landed somewhere in the mud, and strangely, began laughing.

"This guy is crazy too, maybe we should..."

"Leave him be, probably some crack head." - the manager held the guys off.

"You think I've been dead? Gone, but not dead. Forgotten, yes, but I'm never dead. I may hide my light in he shadows, but the drought will be over soon." - Photon was feeling quite destructive, as he pointed his hand towards the sun. A huge concussive ray of blinding yellow light broke through the clouds, shattering the entire city block that the hotel was on. Photon's plates were back on, and the feeling was exhilarating. He pointed his hand to the ground and melted the concrete to form a phrase that let the world know to start cowering in fear again.

"Photon is in grave no more."


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Logan was battling with the tiller of the barge. His huge arm muscles shaking with the effort.

“Logan! You want some help?” Ben bellowed against the wind.

“No.” came the faint reply.

Ben shrugged and turned away.

“Now get over here and help me!”

He grinned, feeling the cold bite into his teeth and numb the inside of his mouth. Never give an inch, that was Logan, he’d always been the same.

The two men tugged at the tiller as the storm worsened, the wind blowing snow into their eyes. After a few minutes Ben was soaked to the skin and freezing cold. He couldn’t imagine how Logan felt, he’d been out for hours. Something scraped along the hull of the boat, sending both men to the floor. With a judder the boat stopped moveing.


The single word from Logan summed the situation up completely. Fortunately neither man was going to have to go into the water. For at that moment Bobby Drake returned from a patrol.

“Popsicle head, we need to see whats under the boat!” Ben yelled.

With a gesture the rocking motion that had been present for seven days stopped. The boat was no longer at sea, it was half submerged in ice. Ben opened the hull space and swore, it was full of new ice.

“Were holed!” he yelled up to the waiting Xmen.

“Could have been any number of things, but one things for sure. We aint going anywhere in this boat.”

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"quick ben can help you guys"

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The sound filled the luxurious room. Cryo-Wolf's furry head popped up from his bed, looking around frantically for the source of the noise. Then he found it. It was his cell hpone, laying on the table across the room. He slid out of bed and walked over to the vibrating and ringing cell phone. He picked it up and pressed a button.

'New Voicemail' it said on the screen. Behind him he could hear the voices of the two girls in his bed. "Come back, Wolfie."

"Hold on, Girls. Only be a minute." He pressed a button on hi phone and he held it up to his ears. As he listened to the message his eyes slowly widened. He hung up the phone.

A human baby? There hasn't been a human in so long. Cryo was interested. A silky smooth hand worked its way over Cryo-Wolf's shoulder, while another went around his waist. He heard a voice whisper in his ear,"Don't make us wait." He turned and put his hands around the girl. His eyes wandered to the other one waiting on the bed. They were both werewolves, hand selected by Cryo himself.

Cryo was about to speak but he didn't. He longed so much to stay here. It was killing him. He groaned and said, reluctantly,"I'm sorry girls. I have a matter of business to attend to." Cryo gulped and walked away from the girl, grabbing his shirt and putting it on. He walked to the door of his room and looked back at the girls, now both on the bed staring at Cryo-Wolf. Damn, it was good being in the Hellfire Club.

He reluctantly closed the doors to his room and walked down the hallways of the Hellfire Mansion.

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Post Deleted.

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Arrows eyes flasshed open he had caught the minds of the two men Photon had killed , He looked over to Lincon "Photon" Arrow took another drink and sat down in the chair , damn this child and Photon, How could we have missed him he thought letting the smooth scotch touch his throat, "Damn it".

He was not afraid of Photon Powers between Arrow and Lincon it would not be a problem , Maybe, But it was the strength he could give the others he had been Magnetos right hand man for so long, He had some pull in the leadership area if he could rally the remaining heros and get the child , Then maybe just maybe .

"Lincon where are the rest my friend, Would you like a drink". Arrow slid the bottle across the dark table towards lincon, They needed to move fast and move soon.

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The New York location of the Hellfire Club had not been so hidden or secret. But then again, why would they hide away from the world, when the world was theirs? The building was right in the middle of the city and easily took the most expensive place in the US to live in award.

"Wowww! This place is niiiiiiice." - Photon whistled as he sized up the place. He didn't hide his appearance, his plates were full on, shining away brighter than a thousand street lights. He had on some pants and sneakers and a shirt with Superman logo on it. He walked to the door... and with one light blow, knocked the front doors off the hinges.

"Anybody home?"


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Cryo-Wolf was walking down a hallway when he noticed Arrow and Lincoln in a study. He walked in and said,"Is it true? there's a human child? How?"

He leaned against the wall and looked at the other Hellfire members, wondering what they would do.

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Arrow put a magical shield up in an instant, His shadow powers disappearing from the bright lights of Photon, Arrow slowly raised from his seat, A small spark of raw magic began to swril in his hands, Arrows eyes met Photon "Long time no see old friend , How can I be of help".

The chair Arrow had sat in fell to the floor, All the was between the two titans was the long oak table, A small sinster smile creeped up on Arrows face, If they fought, There would be nothing left of the Hellfire Club HQ, Waiting on Photon to make his move, Arrow wondered for a moment what side of the fench Photon was on , Was he with them or would he die in vain like so many had, Would Arrow have the blood of another friend on his hands.

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Lincoln stood just slightly behind Arrow, he had never fought Photon but knew of his reputation. Arrow had the same calm look he always had as he looked into the eyes of Photon, Lincoln had heard many storys about the two but that was long ago, almost another life time ago.

"You are either very brave or very stupid to violate the inner sanctum of the Hellfire Club." said Lincoln. He tried to put on a strong face but deep down he knew a confrontation with Photon would change everything.

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"Hahahahaha..." - Photon laughed a gargling laughter as he saw Arrow rile up for a fight.

"Long time no see old "friend" - Photon accented on friend. The time he betrayed the VV still bit Photon in his shiny ass.

"How is the new place? Sure looks good from the outside." - Photon picked a chair that was laying on the floor and sat down, while grabbing the bottle on the desk and taking a sip. After letting go of the bottle he looked at Arrow.

"Not going to betray this group, are ya?"


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Cryo-Wolf was surprised at Photon's entrance. He had smelled his scent, but didn't think it was really him. Then, once he showed, Cryo whirled around and bared his claws, crouching down ready to attack.

He saw the Plated being standing before him, shining brightly in comparison to the room's light. "Hey, Sunshine."

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"You shiny as ever I see, The VV was old news " He moved round the table letting the magic in his hand slip away , but keeping his shiled up , As he moved he picked up the bottle and two glasees and pulled the seat up next to photon, Pouring the two of them a dram Arrow sat.

The bright light from Photon had Arrows skin smoking, But Arrow showed no sign of pain, "now what is it you want, A direct assault on us is not you style Photon, Are you showing off " Liffting a glass he drank it in one and poured another, "I will back you for joining us , we could use you and I do not wish to fight you , But i Will if need be".

Since they last met Arrow had changed alot , He was more then ready for his old friend and this time he would have the back up if needed.

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"Haha, you all look like you would fight your own sweet mother." - Photon didn't take he glass, he saw that his light was slightly hurting Arrow, but didn't turn it down.

"Brave or stupid huh? You do realize I can burn half of this planet without even getting up off this chair. I don't know who of you can survive over 50,000 degress." - Photon looked at Lincoln and responded. He gave Cryo-wolf a dirty look, without even answering his greeting.

"I should have known honor was a weakness of yours, Arrow. I can only wonder if it gnaws your guts out. Everyone left my ass for dead, along with the VV. The only member to carry the VV on his chest and you all just buried me along with those humans out there! Not to be mentioned and forgotten, gone, the body stiff and rotten..." - the temperature in the room rose up higher as Photon spoke and his voice got louder. The lights were reflecting off the numerous diamonds to make the whole room seem like sunshine from utside.


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Post Deleted.

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Cryo-Wolf straightened himself up and put his claws away. He leaned back against the wall.

Cryo-Wolf acknowledged Photon's look and replied by glaring right back at him, and letting out a low growl that he didn't even know if anyone could hear.

When Photon began heating up the room, Cryo cooled the air around him so he remained ice-cold.

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Ben hauled himself up and out of the cavity.

"Ok Spidy, Im officially out of ideas. If the Helfire club shows then I'll be able to give em a warm reception. Now weve got to do something about your web. With nothing to swing from your mobility is going to be next to nothing compared with what your used to. That'll impair your fighting and we cant afford that."

Ben spent the next hour hammering thirty foot stakes into the hard packed ice around the ship. Iceman was somewhere in the blizzard. Unseen by all and Logan was inside, sharpening his claws. They all knew that it wouldnt be long until the bad guys came knocking.

Ben felt rage course through his blood. They were cornered, trapped, waiting to be slaughtered. It was as if God himself was telling him to flee.

"Im not running you bastard!" he roared at the storm

"Fighting, protecting is what I do. If this child needs it, then Im ready to die protecting it.!"

"Thank you Quick."

For a second he though that the wind had answered him. But a soft footstep behind him explained the situation. He turned and saw Rogue standing, knee deep in the falling snow. She had tears in her eyes. He blushed and gave a mock salute.

"S'alright babe, like I said. It's what I do."

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Kitty Pryde slept peacefully by the baby's crib. That is, until a noise came from here laptop on the floor. She woke with a start, making sure the baby was ok before reaching for her laptop. She opened it to realize it was her Instant Messenger making all the noise.

She pressed a button that said 'accept IM'. She read the words sent by DigiDude001: "What's new pussycat?"

Kitty laughed and replied, in her screenname, prettykitty17: "Nothing much. How's you?"

DigiDude001: "Same here. Listen, I heard about the baby, I want to help."

prettykitty17: "How'd you find out?"

DigiDude001: "I can access every part of the internet, remember? I practically AM the internet. I hacked into phone lines via the internet."

Kitty sighed and realized it was true. He was the ultimate hacker.

prettykitty17: "Ok. you want to know our coordinates?"

DigiDude001: "No need. Just put down your laptop and step back."

Kitty ooked confused, but stepped back from her laptop, which she set on the ground. The screen lit up and sht a ray of light into the room. The light began to change into digital codes, the codes forming into the shape of a figure and then the figure gaining color and soon life.

Digitzor smiled and said,"What's new Pussycat?"

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Ben turned away from Rogue and back towards the storm.

"Hey Mother f*uckers! Come get me!!!!!!!!"

Then he followed Rogue back to the ship. Hoping deep in his heart that a warrior would come, one strong enough to test him. For that is the way of the world, only the strong survive. Plus it would help to impress Rogue.

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Digitzor jumped up onto the table so he could get at close enough eye level with Kitty.

"That still amazes me." Kitty said, hands on her hips.

"And you never have to worry about finding a parkng place." Digitizor said. the two of them laughed and hugged. "It's been a long time, Kitty. I'm sorry about the other X-Men."

Kitty lookd at the floor. "I miss them alot." Digi reached up and put his hand on her shoulder. "Worrying about them isn't how they'd want to be remembered. Protecting this baby is how they'd want to be."

Kitty looked up and smiled. "Thanks. You go out and meet the team. I need to stay with the baby."

Digitizor jumped down onto the floor and walked out onto the barge. The cold wind burst into the room and Digi made sure he closed it quickly, to not stir the baby.

He turned and looked out into the frozen tundra and ocean, and at the other members of this mission.

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Outside the ship, a gloved hand burst through the ice. A figure in something that looked like a blue and white radiation suit clambered out of the hole in the ice.

The ice crunched under the blue boots of the stranger as he walked towards the ship. If anyone was watching, they might've heard the stranger say, 'So, it's true.'

Inside of the heated pressure suit, Akwa grinned as he knocked on the hull of the ship.

'Hello? Anyone there? I come in peace.'

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Roundhouses Akwa.