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The Very Simple Origins

The thing that started it all

Outside on a cool night in Africa, Bredry meditated. His mind closed to all, everything. So when he heard footsteps, he was surprised. his focus should've been to powerful to hear footsteps, yet when the Soul Rebel opened his eyes, he realized why his focus had been lost. "Hey there buddy." he said with a sad smile to the Lion that had appeared beside him. It's aura screamed one of loneliness, and as it lie down looking to the sky, Bredry was reminded of home. And for once since he was a lad of only 10, a tear fell from him. I Wish it could all come back. A laugh could be heard in his mind, one of complete beauty and grace, yet still mocking. And then in all it's power and beauty, the voice of Jah could be heard. As you know, i can not bring it all back Bredry. That would mean destroying this planet, but there is something i can do. Bredry was silent, he knew Jah would continue no matter what the warrior said, I can bring back a piece of it, not a large piece, but a piece none the less.

The Price? There was always a catch with beings of higher power, even ones so benevolent like Jah, Same one for bringing back Prometheus. Another piece of Bredry's soul, the second one of thirteen. And again, a cost that Bredry was willing to give up. Fine. His smooth silky voice started to fade away as he said his last words, Goooood... there will be an island on the east side of Africa. There will be artifacts, but there will be no people, no animals, and only a slight piece of soul. With the God gone, Bredry couldn't contain his extreme happiness and exploded into a dash to the east side of Africa. And there it was, an island bursting to fruition with plant life. It's gonna need a bit of fixin up, but at least its home.

8 months later

It took one month to build what needed to be built, 3 months for wildlife to really pick, and 4 months for everything to come together. He picked a name representing what he called home, the place where he was born, New Typhoid.


Size, ecology, and climate

You'll see quite a bit of this.

New Typhoid is a slight bit larger than Alaska, and is filled with plant life. Almost all the plants are abnormally huge compared to the rest of the world, and outside the main area, there is plant life to be seen everywhere. None of it is poisonous, and all of it's edible. Leading many who live here wanting to explore the wild lands. It's a good experience too, as all of the plant life is unique to this island because of where it came from. And for the most part, the weather is nice and cool. Autumn weather through out the first 3 seasons, while winter does bring a wave of cold air, it only gets to around 24 degree's and rarely ever gets snow. The reasoning for this is unknown to Bredry, but he believes it to be because of the Island's origins. Oddly enough, where Bredry lived was more grassland like, but he had been to area's like this before.

Population, wild life, and resources

Around 12 million people live in New Typhoid. A small amount considering the size, but since there's a lot of jungle surrounding the main city, it's to be expected. In the jungle, you'll be finding mainly birds, creatures who have found Typhoid's clean air and nice climate to live in three fourth's of the year. As the birds had the easiest time getting here, you won't be seeing many other animals through the jungle, both a blessing and a curse. Though you will find a few lizards here and there, they won't be too plentiful. The resource is mainly wood. The jungle provides as much wood as necessary, without Bredry taking an overabundance of it. Of course, you can't make weapons based on wood alone, an odd mine is located on the south of the island, the contents of it containing an odd metal that will be explained later.

The Kings and warriors

The Seven Warlords

Though New Typhoid doesn't have one true ruler, these are the people you come to if you want to converse on business or if there's a big problem going on in the city.

Bredry Licrae: The warrior who created this island. He's the main man that people come to talk to since he's been here the longest and is recognized as perhaps the true King of the Island. Bredry doesn't consider himself as this, instead believes himself to still be a warrior, just one that many people do business with. In a battle or war, he is considered the general. And although it's supposed to be equal, the other warlords recognize him as the one who has done battle the most, so both they and the soldiers listen to his command.

Beary Cook: Once a criminal in America, after describing his plight to Bredry and what he has done for his community, Bredry accepted him as a warlord for both his morals and his skills. Although the most human of the seven Warlords, Bredry has shown time and time again that his skills more than make up for. He even stood toe 2 toe to Bredry himself for a while before being bested by the Soul Rebel. And while his blade is worry some, and his guns of technical virtue, Bredry considers Beary a warrior and even friend.

Joey Gooding: This young man came with Beary. Apparently Beary had taken him in when wounded, and trained the young lad to grow with his powers. Originally the boy had very limited control over his power, and almost no physical skill whatsoever, but after being taken in, Beary and his community trained him in ways he never knew possible. Even Bredry considers him a formidable foe, and has stated that multiple times he wouldn't mind having a friendly sparring match with the boy. His aura is even stronger than his body. And Bredry has come to realize the boy as one of the purest people on this planet. (for those that care and remember Soothing Sounds, there will be a blog post soon updating his character)

Xango: Not much is known about the dark skinned man. All that is known is that he has a fearsome amount of power and his aura is one to match Bredry's own. A good relationship can be seen in Bredry's future with the manwith them, thus making him replaceable.

Scar (non permanent): One of the twin mutants, Scar only goes by this nickname of his. His arms are able to morph into blades, and his speed is Mach 5. Although Bredry was able to best him pretty easily, Beary had some slight difficulty and because of his nice personality and lack of other warriors, Bredry made him a warlord. Though the man has a family, and because of this feels he needs to be at home

Titan (non Permanent): The other twin mutant. He's able to grow two extra pairs of arms and has the ability to lift at least ten tons. Also morally respectable, this man is the uncle of Scar's two sons and helps out around the house quite a bit.

Met Kingston (non Permanent): Very poweful, Met has extreme energy manipulation, and was able to challenge Joey in a contest of energy, Sadly, even with Met's energy manipulation and other powers, Joey wiped the floor with him. His character came out when he accepted the defeat in an extremely polite matter. Sadly, in America, he's hoping to become a great baseball player, and only came here to train his powers along side the best.

Standards for Warlord: It actually doesn't take much to become a warlord. Just be powerful or skilled and have a decent heart. The only person able to accept people as warlord's though is Bredry, as he was the one to assign them in the first place.

The Army

Out of the 12 million people in New Typhoid, 2 million of them are "soldiers". What that means is that they live a regular life for the most part, rarely ever training with a blade unless they decide to. After all, the seven warlords are powerful enough to handle most situations. But if the time comes when there's a large scale battle, these men are here to fight. Thing is, most of them don't fight, instead they're archers. With a mystical upgrade, courtesy of Bredry (and another piece of his soul). These men fire arrows at speeds way beyond normal. To make it even more worrisome, the metal they use for the arrow heads are only second to adamantium(and everything above it). The metal is found only on the island, and while extremely hard and durable, it's also extremely light, some saying that it's actually more useful than adamantium.

The Works

The city

Or village as most people call it. Unlike other empire's the city isn't actually fancy at all. With a park in the middle, most of the houses are made solely from wood, mud, and straw. Most of the houses called huts. A man or family could create something better, but they would have to do it themselves, one of the very few laws part of New typhoid.

The Hall of Typhoid

You're gonna be seeing this, a LOT

Perhaps the only place any different than the huts surrounding the village. On the outside, it's a long c building made up competely of metal found in the mines. Though on the inside it's something completely different. It's one long hallway, that's it. But on each side of the hallway are both books and artifacts, the artifacts having descriptions beneath them. It's not velvet lining or anything, but it reminds Bredry of home sweet home. At the Very end of the Hallway is a picture of Bredry and Beary (the lion), in a burst of flames. Under it, the last story written by his people, describing the war in full detail as well as the Hero Bredry. None of the artifacts inside can cause any damage, and the few mystical items have been deactivated by Jah's will.


For a place that's almost self-reliant, there's actually a lot of exports. Metal, fruits (an all year long thing), veggies, wood, animals, meat (exotic), and many other things via a boat that comes in almost every day. Over the course of only two months people made a currency. This currency helps people buy food that want food, and want to work as a miner. Helps people buy clothes for people who want to hunt, etc etc. Bredry has no problem with this, it's a natural part of life. And as long as the community is happy, he's happy.


As of now, the only countries Bredry has relationships with, is the people who buy from his people. And by that, he means he doesn't have any. While it doesn't have to stay this way, Bredry would rather not have someone try to conquer his land, a perfectly understandable quest. The land is fruitful, and oddly enough, new animals are coming every single day. That doesn't mean you can come take our land, and any attempt to do so will be both declined if by request, and by defeat if someone attempts physical means.


Besides the one about building your own home, there's very few laws:

One, don't hurt someone indirectly or directly, emotionally, or physically. If a man wants coke, and you have coke that you want to sell, give it to him. He's an adult, he has a right to do that. If a child ask for some, then decline. It could very well mess with there development. And if that man happens to murder someone, then don't worry, that's his fault, not yours. Also, don't damage others property. that's hurting them financially. If you're being abused and don't say anything, then we can't help you, it's just out of our control. That means SAY SOMETHING.

Two, don't take advantage of the land. This one's pretty simple, this island was pure when you got here, it will be pure when you leave. Houses and stuff, that's all good. But don't go making an energy beam using the tree's of the island for fuel. it's common sense, follow it.


There's only one thing that will happen to you if you break these laws, deportation. Though if you come back, and trust me, I will know if you come back, then you'll be killed. Simple as that, no matter how high the crime.

(That's all for now, i'll be reviewing it tomorrow or sunday for errors. if anyone who's more experienced at this type of thing wants to offer some advice, go on ahead. I'll adjust this accordingly. Also Warlord spots are open, and i'm willing to do business with anyone. Last thing, Joey blog(for those that care and know Soothing sounds) going up probably monday, maybe earlier.)

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A man looking to disappear from the World might find this place enticing (also, nice job)

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Staring at the lush island the man in white let out a sly smile.

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@Gambler: (Thanks)

Bredry meditated on the top of his hut, the warrior keeping his sense of hearing open through the night incase of any loud attacks. Then as the sun rose, so did Bredry's eyes. A smile spreading acrossing his face, the Soul Rebel said, It starts."

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Cameron arrives at the island, Cameron simply explored the most remote locations of the island.

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@Soul_Rebel: The atramentous one stands on a cloud, peering over Earth with deep obsidian eyes. Anger boils within him. He looks at the world below with disappointment. The Earth he once knew from thousands of years ago was no more, the majority of mankind has regressed to a feeble state of mortality. The ancient and powerful kingdoms that once flourished all across the planet were all but gone now, succeeded by these lowly societies of meat eating fools whose handlers bare no real concern for. Pitiful. What's worse, the land he once lived and died on, the birthplace of all mankind, the land that was once home to great kings, has become overrun with lost souls.

" Alkebulan has fallen to shambles. Africa they call it. Hmph. Look at them. Their lands were once presided over by kings and teachers, now they are ruled over by scoundrels. I can hear their cries, I can see their pain, but I feel nothing for them. They were warned long ago but they did not take heed. Now they have devolved, and what do they do, pray to a god in the sky? Tch. I prey upon gods in the sky! They are all lost. They are all slaves. They are no bretheren of mine. "

He pauses. A strange sensation brews within his gut, a sensation he had not felt in several millenia. Beneath the tight, rippling muscles of his sable torso the organs begin to contract.


Of course! He is no longer a man among gods. He has regressed back to a more mortal state of being with this exile and has become burdened by the illusion of hunger once again. He still does not require food to sustain himself but the hunger will serve as a weakness in this lowly realm.

The swart one walks along the edge of the cloud, scanning the Earth with his deep obsidian eyes until he spots a conveniently isolated piece of land to the east of Alkebulan. A newly erected island. With arms held low to his sides, the piceous one lets himself fall.

Down below, on New Typhin, light gusts of wind send waves through lush green pastures.

Up in the cerulean sky above the ebony figure bursts through puffy ivory clouds, engulfed in titian flames as he descends.

Coming up on the ocean he extends a hand out in front of him and comes to an abrupt halt above the water, creating an enormous explosion in the sea as he slowly positions himself to an upright hover. He then releases himself from the hover and goes into lightfoot, brandishing his mythical sword in hand as he runs in a blaze over the water. As this dark being approaches the island he senses the presence of another ascended one, he did not expect this. This is still the world of man, isn't it?

He breaks shore and slows to a masculine walk with his sword still hanging low from his hand. The sand on the beach gleams brilliantly under the bright sunlight and the wind blows softly as sea guls fly through, their chirps fill the air. The organs in his abdomen contract again. This hunger only adds to his exasperation but the swarthy one shrugs it off and delves further into the island, leaving the sandy beach behind him as he disappears into the vegetation infested land.

The jungle is healthy with large greenery. The dusky one makes his way through the shrubbery and wonders if the other can sense his presence. Perhaps the other one has. Perhaps he should let himself be found. Yes. That is what he will do. For now, he will roam the jungle but remain alert...

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@Xango: As he watched over his land with a smile, a black star in the light of day could be seen falling from the sky. Following it's descent, an explosion of water. And then for a while, silence. Bredry frowned. He could feel a new energy, a newer aura. he couldn't identify what type of being it was, whether it was one of light, or one of darkness. He knew only that investigation was necessary at this point. Jumping off his hut, he strode to where the star had fallen, shifting into his battle form as he went.

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This place could actually be perfect for Olivier.

@Soul_Rebel: Nice work Lioney.

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Cool Beans. 

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I was going to say something really bitchy, but decided not too. So in any event good luck with this.

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@Soul_Rebel: The Stygian Destroyer otherwise known as Xango continues to roam in the jungle of New Typhin when hunger strikes again. He plucks a large leaf from a nearby tree and begins to chew. The taste of this leaf is unlike anything he'd ever tasted before; how succulent it is, as if it were fruit. Large orange circles begin to appear inside of his obsidian eyes, he stops eating. With this snack he has allowed himself to fall further from immortality, this is unacceptable. Xango spits what he has in his mouth then offers up what's left of it to a small lizard resting on another leaf.

All the while a warrior resembling a lion approaches, shifting into his battle form along the way. His shift in form sends out a fluctuation of energy and Xango notices. He smiles. His mythical sword rises just above the tree line where it will remain, sending pulses of energy to whoever it may concern; as if to say, "I'm over here"

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@Chevaliere: Thank you Chevy.

@_Sojourn_: You have me curious. I'm not one to be offended too easily, so i want to hear what you have to say. Whether it's constructive critism, complaints about the multiple amounts of empires, or just something mean, i still want to hear it.

@Xango: Feeling a wave of energy, Bredry looks up to see a blade floating in the sky. the Soul Rebel stops to observe the blade in the sky. Then, looking down to where it hovered above, Bredry smoothly walked to greet a newcomer to his island. And to see what manner of being this creature will be for one holding such control over his weapon.

As he entered deeper into the jungle, he noticed an a dark skinned man. The man whole shape and physique a lot more unique than just a simple commoner. "Hello there." He said from still a distance away. His deep voice echoing across the jungle, "and who might you be friend."

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@Soul_Rebel:  Awwy! ^_^
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@Chevaliere: LOL-y, Thats a cute picture.

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@Soul_Rebel: Oh yes. That's the it. (Of course, the underlying meaning is I'm going to turn you into a stuffed animal and love you forever!)
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@Chevaliere: Oh, heh heh

(backs away slowly)

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Souly, you know I'm just messing with you! I'd never hurt you!
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@Chevaliere: I don't know, with fur that soft and silky, it can make a girl do some crazy things.

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Well if you're consenting....a lion always was my favorite animal.
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@Chevaliere: Hmmmmmm. Can you do it in the most painless way possible.

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@Soothing_Sounds: Worth a shot. And it'll grow back?
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@Chevaliere: I..... Don't.... Know? Hmmmmm.

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@Soothing_Sounds: This works, yes?

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@Chevaliere: Lol, perhaps, just maybe.

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Well, on a more positive note,

 ♥♥♥My Best Bud Bredry♥♥♥
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@Chevaliere said:


Well, on a more positive note,

♥♥♥My Best Bud Bredry♥♥♥


[I'm his best bud :(]

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That's over with. You've still got Ajax, yeah?
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"not yet"

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@Chevaliere: AWWWWWWW

Besties for Life!
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Well then invest.

@Soothing_Sounds: Yay! <3 =^_^=

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@Chevaliere: @agentxx: Can't we just spread the love? <3

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1luv, and all that? Sure, if that's how you like it.
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@Soul_Rebel: Xango stands with his arms folded across his chest and his back against a tree like a black stain on its trunk as the other enters the jungle. "Hello there," comes the deep voice of the lion, reverberating through the jungle along the way. "And who might you be friend? Xango leaves the tree and walks in the direction of the lion, his sword still pulses from above the trees. His steps are calm and light, his arms are relaxed at his sides yet every few paces he appears to disappear and reappear several paces closer until he stands only a few feet from the lion. The dark one speaks with a deep tone that rivals that of the great lion's, "At ease, warrior. I have no qualms with you or this unusual island. I simply wish to speak to your leader. Will you show me the way to him?"

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@Xango: Bredry smiled at the warrior, his aura was odd. Powerful, "There is no true leader for the island. And while there are laws and boundaries, there are only enforcers to these laws, no changes." Raising an eyebrow, "Though i guess I'm as much a leader as there will be on this island" He said shifting into his more casual form once more.

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Fowler ran into the premises but respected their customs so he waited just barely outside their perimeter, the tall bioborg rested on his back. He was not tired but he took a shortcut to Uganda and killed some warlords along the way, a particularly nasty person along the lines of imitating General Butt Naked . Fowler did everyone a favor by disemboweling the man, hence why he reeks of human spray. He is currently on the ground making earth angels, so far there are over twelve by the border.

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@Soul_Rebel: Xango realizes he's made a mistake. One powerful as this great lion before him should have struck him as a leader of sorts. He turns and walks to the side with his head turned to the sky. "Forgive me. I should have known that you hold such a position from the great aura that emanates from you. I find your island to be a suitable place for me to remain until I am ready to return to whence I have come from; if you have no objections, of course." He says, still gazing at the sky.

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@Rumble Man: The odor of blood could be smelled on the outskirts of his island. With it, a very unique and... confusing aura. Walking to the perimeter of his island, Bredry was surprised to see Fowler. The friend of Impero and the man he had met in the park, smiling Bredry yelled out to him, "Fowler!" His voice carried over the entire island.

@Xango: Bredry laughed, a deep resonating laugh. "No worries friend, I'm not too leaderly yet." He said with jokingly, "And of course you can tay on my island. Two questions for you though, neither of which you have to answer. Where do you come from? And..." His tone became slightly more serious, but he continued smiling, "With your own aura so incredible, would you mind becoming a 'leader' alongside me?"

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"Well Hello there Bredy" Fowler stood up and walked towards the lion, It seems that the kingdom does welcome this diplomatic stranger after all. The bioborg likes the feel of this place. it is very grass roots and in some regards authentic, but the thing that he liked the most was its warrior aspect. So far even the people are friendly, It will be a good platform to build relations.

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@Rumble Man: Shaking hands with the man, he asked with a smile, "So what do you want my friend?" Even now, not much was known about the being. He had howerever, heard about the man's new empire, and was happy for his achievements. Though this also meant that he wouldn't be becoming a warlord soon.

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@Soul_Rebel: " I want to extend my hand as a sign of peace between our nations" the humble bioborg wanted to make amicable relations with most warrior/posthuman empire he can find. So far only a few have registered in his mind, there is a reason why Tritonia is isolated and there is also a reason why exceptions are made, This fellow seems trustworthy.

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@Soul_Rebel: Xango still gazes up at the sky as the lion inquires of his origins and offers a ruling position. With a grin he replies, "I come from the large landmass to the west of here -only- from a higher vibration of time and space. That is all I feel is necessary to be said about my origins, at least for the time being. Perhaps I will avow more of my past over the period of my stay here. Concerning your offer ... though I will be spending most of my time on this island meditating and preparing myself for the long journey home, I am inveigled by your demeanor and by the purity of this land. I accept" And with a quick turn, Xango stands in front of the lion again and extends his hand forward, a sign of mutuality.

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As the man in white walked through the lush forest, plants and branches bend around his body as if they wish not to annoy the slim one while he strides across the ground. A smile on his face he takes in the fresh air with a smell of fruit accenting the smell of ocean. Coming out to a clearing where a pub of sorts is located the man in white opens the door to light hearted beings of all shapes and sizes drinking juices and brews. He takes a seat at the bar and orders a cherry sundae.

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@Rumble Man: An alliance was both expected yet surprising. While both don't have many ally's to work with, there empires were complete opposites. Perhaps a great combination of yin & yang had been set in motion here. "Your offer is accepted, perhaps one day we may be of service to each other.

@Xango: The powerful man also had a powerful history. There seach and reasoning similar, he knew he would get along with the man quite well. And would probably joining him in meditation had not have to be busy with others who come to visit the islan. he took the man's hand in his own and grip, and did two solid shakes. "Your name?"

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@Soul_Rebel: "Its just that us newly emerging forces might need to look after another, the current world conditions are turbulent at best. With the old powers acting very erratic, wars over here and wars everywhere. We should probably do something about that so our people can live in peace"

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@Rumble Man: Bredry thought about for a minute, "Listen, i'm not one for war, but convince me of an attack that the 'old powers' have commenced against you or any one allied with you, and i may join in the battle efforts. At this moment though, i feel like you're taking guesses."

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@_Lucifer_: Sitting at the pub, Joey notices the man who enters. There was a unique feeling to him, or as Bredry says, an aura. Walking towards and sitting next to him, Joey asks, "What's up man?" Ordering himself the Herb smoothie.

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Fowler reassured him that it is just part of the plan "There is currently no such proof at the time being but it would not be wrong to say we should not take preventive measures to ensure that nothing happens, after all the big eagle near canada has been known to make preemptive strikes to an nation with any resources that may whet their economic interests. They usually go by economic hitmen, then the jackals, then the military and I do not want you or any of the new emerging forces to fall to this cycle of tyranny"

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Gale force winds blew into the sea, inciting vigorous waves as a petite feminine frame flew overhead. Moments later the sea calmed to still waters when a set of dainty feet alighted on the brine and began to advance towards the shoreline, sending out tiny ripples with each step. She became aware of the vibrant life on the island as she set foot on the mahogany beach. There was not much animal life present, as this island was new; but, the life of the jungle to the fore resonated within her. The dirt. The air. The trees. Her conscience could apprehend the very nature of it all. It radiated with purity. She bent down and placed a palm onto the moist, warm sand, digging her fingers into it and soaking in all of nature's codes. Beyond the jungle was the center of the island which was filled with small communities of villages populated by new occupants, 10 million with 2 million strong as the military force. A mine to the south. The emanation of several powerful individuals on the island pulsated through the ground and into her hand, sending tremors up her arm and all over her body, then......him. She lifted her hand from the sand suddenly..."So it is true," she muttered with a soft, delicate voice.

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@Rumble Man: " I understand, but let's not head straight into war. Wait until an attack is made on us does sound... odd. But that's why we really do need defense, set just for that." Then Bredry started grinning. "But as i said, if you make war with them, i make war with them. After all we're allies right?" Bredry knew the pains of war, but he was also a warrior. Years without much real battle can could starve the stranded warrior.