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Welcome to the City of New Orleans. Below is just a sample of what this historical city has to offer to its citizens and visitors.

French Quarter

The French Quarter or Vieux Carre was the site of original city of New Orleans. It is now known for its role as the city's entertainment district and for many historical structures within its boundaries. Its boundaries are Canal Street, Rampart Street, Esplanade Avenue and the Mississippi River. Because of its rich history beginning with the origin of New Orleans to its place in jazz music history, the entire French Quarter has been declared a historic landmark. Of all New Orleans landmarks, this is the area that draws more tourists than any other and is one of the most popular landmarks in the country.

This is also the home of the Thieves Guild, an illustrious group of top-tier thieves under the leadership of Charles Thibedeaux and his wife Rhona.

Included in the French Quarter are the following locations of interest:

  • Bourbon Street - Home to a variety of restaurants, strip clubs, music halls, hotels, gift shops and other tourist attractions, Bourbon Street is a veritable hotspot of nightlife and one of the most well-known locations in the city.
  • Jackson Square - A gathering place of New Orleans, this square includes two museums and the St. Louis Cathedral - the oldest continuously operating cathedral within the USA.
  • Cafe du Monde - Straight up the street from Jackson Square, this famous landmark is known for the delicious pastry known as the beignet. Located on Decatur Street near the French Market in the French Quarter, Café du Monde has been a New Orleans institution since 1862.

Canal Street

Once considered as one of the widest streets in the United States, Canal Street runs through downtown New Orleans separating the French Quarter from the other portions of the central business district. The street is a popular route for the city's Mardi Gras parades. With multiple lanes in the middle for streetcars and buses, it was once the main shopping corridor in New Orleans. Today, the street still is a popular with pedestrians patronizing the businesses, hotels, and casinos flanking the venerable street.

Garden District & Uptown

Known for the stately mansions and historic homes within the district, the Garden District and Uptown neighborhoods in New Orleans represents the wealth and importance of the original residents of the district. Consisting of neighborhoods mainly along St. Charles Avenue, these neighborhoods contain a large collection of southern mansions that date back to the early 1800's. The campuses of Tulane and Loyola universities are found in the Garden District and Uptown sections of New Orleans.

Arts District (Warehouse District)

This historic neighborhood - filled with amazing art galleries, fine restaurants, and world-class museums, has gone from bustling, to abandoned, and back to becoming the center of attention once again.

The Warehouse District, known today as the New Orleans Arts District, was originally established as an industrial area in the 19th century to store grain, coffee, and produce shipped through the Port of New Orleans. As commerce, trade, and industry practices evolved over time, the area's prosperity faded, and the once busy streets became eerily quiet.

The transformation from an urban wasteland to what many have called “the SoHo of the South” began in 1976 with the opening of the Contemporary Arts Center. The 10,000-square-foot complex is still entertaining and enlightening visitors today with cutting edge-artwork and an eclectic array of music, theatre, and dance performances.

Magazine Street

For shopping, dining or just casual strolling, no place in New Orleans outside the French Quarter beats Magazine Street. A six-mile-long stretch of this Garden District and Uptown thoroughfare features some of the best antique stores, art galleries, craft shops and classy boutiques to be found anywhere in the city.

For many generations, Magazine Street has been a mecca for bohemians and the well-heeled alike. Specialty and chain coffee shops offer Internet hookups for laptops and outdoor tables for those who prefer a more amiable atmosphere for casual and business conversations. Restaurants featuring a wide variety of cuisines are open long hours along this stretch, as are a number of nightclubs offering a wide variety of live musical genres.

Magazine Street is easily accessible by car or public transportation from the French Quarter or Downtown New Orleans.


  • No large-scale destruction of the city by any means. No natural disasters. No take-overs. Large-scale destruction (maximum size would be a city block, give or take) by any means.
  • Anything larger than the aforementioned requires permission.
  • This is a free-roaming location, the above is pretty much the only restriction. Obviously all the regular RPG rules apply.
  • Have fun!
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Very nice :)

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@Morte_Knightfall: Gracias

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The sun rises over the bayou.

Yeah. I like that one better.

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Laissez les bons temps rouler.

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*Buys stock in beads*

Awesome job :D

For the record; Naw'lens.

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Zool walked through uptown New Orleans. He has only been here twice so it is something different. He was smiling the entire time.

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*Buys a bunch of hookers*


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Yes I can go visit my grandma!

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Dressed down in a white t-shirt covered by a simple dark denim jacket with distressed details and contrast stitching, the visually reserved Knightfall pushed open the old western salon style swinging doors leading into the family owned Gatah House Bar & Grill. Home of the notorious New Orleans' Thieves Guild. Native sons and daughters who's appropriation skills were legendary if not World renowned. An ecliptic assortment of individuals lay scattered throughout the inside with unshaven faces, tattoo riddled bodies, and accents cultivated from years of Cajun breeding. Their eyes carefully watching as Quintus made his way towards the bar before nonchalantly taking a seat and ordering a Guinness. Only to be handed a pint of something resembling a draft, but down here one could never be certain. "Cheers." he sarcastically saluted. Wiping away the frost from his upper lip he continued. "I'm looking for a man named Charles Thibedeau." his inquiry instantly initiating the simultaneous rising of every seated man in the place.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Standing over by the till, Zara heard her father's name spoken from a cultured voice and her attention was immediately caught. Covertly looking out of the corner of her eye, she knew he seemed familiar from somewhere, but couldn't quite place him. Seth, who had just served Quintus his drink, stood before him, voice gruff as he spoke. "Not in at the moment, who's askin'?" Every eye in the place was on the guest, some not as subtle as others.

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The orange giant taps the ash off the end of his cigar, placing it into his mouth and letting the smoke float for a minute. His cards are crap. Only he knows that. His poker face is like a rock.

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@Gadai: "Quintus." Taking another drink showing no signs of distress. " His reputation proceeds him. I am in need of a man of his specific talents." the oversized man behind the bar subtly tracing his fingers along the stock of his hidden double barrel. "I wouldnt." remarked Quintus with dismissive tone. Eyes focused on the bottom of his glass as he finished his drink.

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Why is there no house of the rising sun?

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@Quintus_Knightfall: The tension in the room was thick enough to be cut with a knife and Zara could practically feel the electricity jumping from body to body. These men were poised for a fight - it had been far too long since any of them had seen any worthwhile action. But she was more than a little intrigued. Flipping jet black hair over her shoulder and walked over to the bar, a charming grin on her face. Clad in a black band-shirt that fell down one shoulder and hit her several inches above the belly-button she looked every inch the rebel daughter. Deep blue skinny jeans sheathed tone legs and heeled booties gave her an additional three inches of height.

Resting her elbows on the scarred mahogany wood of the bar, she nudged Seth to the side. "Zara Thibedeaux, I'll speak in mah father's stead." There was just the slightest Southern twang to her voice as she spoke.

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@Gadai: Arching his brow while looking at the young girl sideways a slight chuckle danced from his lips. "You? You are but a child. If ever I should seek council regarding the latest Justin Bieber news perhaps I will seek you out." his words condescending but not without purpose. He had a feeling, a sense. One that needed to be properly gauged through tactical motivation. If the bar's occupants didnt kill him first. Many if not all taking issue with his disrespectful response.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Seth stiffened next to her, prepared to stop her from doing whatever it was she was about to do - knowing that in truth, she had no authority to take on any job as she had not been officially indoctrinated into the Guild. She had, however, grown up her entire life surrounded by thieves and vagabonds and tending bar and you didn't do any of those things without picking up a few tricks along the way. Stepping down on the top of Seth's foot with her heel to display her warning, she took several steps back from the bar counter. With one brusque step forward, she braced the toe of her boot against the bar and used it to aptly leap atop it. Her opposite foot stepped down directly next to Quintus' hand before she landed on the floor, quiet and graceful as a cat. "Ah'm an adult and would suggest that you not condescend to me." Leaning on the bar perpendicular to him, she merely raised an eyebrow.

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@Gadai: "Indeed." he nodded. Quietly impressed by her display of gymnastic prowess. "Tell me, have you ever been to France?" purposely curving his question with a sense of adventure. "I need a thief unlike any other for a job unlike any other." intending on removing his beloved mother from the vaunted Hellfire Club before the impending take over.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: She schooled her facial expressions, suppressing the excitement struggling to fight free. "Can't say that ah have, but ah'd gladly take the opportunity, monsieur, provided the price is right."

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@Gadai: Smiling with a Cheshire Cat grin, "Money is no object." leaving a small rubber band stack of bills on the counter for the bartender. "You should go and make whatever arrangements need be made." pausing as he looked around the room. "I shall wait for you here and get....acquainted with your friends."

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@Quintus_Knightfall: She narrowed her eyes before flouncing off towards the back rooms. Before doing so, she turned to face the majority population of the bar. "Consider him under mah protection." Fifteen minutes later she returned. Clad in a black stealth suit with bag full of miscelanneous equipment slung over her shoulder, Zara had adopted an entirely separate personality. Seth took one look at her hair on the slicked back ponytail and her feet clad in tactical boots and knew that Charles would have his had.

"Me petite chat, this is a mistake."

She turned from her departure and shot Seth a hell-raising grin, eyes bright with life and excitement. "Ah'll give you 25 percent if you don't tell Daddy."

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Raking in the pot with his massive arms, the orange Goliath hoists his winnings over his shoulder and strides out of the gambling hall with pride swelling in his chest.

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@Gadai: (nice. I'm off for a little bit but shall return)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Sweeeeeeeeeeeet

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( Here ^_^ )

Zaniel saw a man sitting on a bench, drawing quickly - he thought why not, sat down and looked over his shoulder "Watcha upto?" He asked funnily.

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@Pyrogram: The Author looked over at the strange man with a rather puzzled look on his face. "Ah, an Angel! How exciting! Last I saw one of your kind you were going extinct, and having your feathers plucked. That to say though, I've seen a lot of your kind before, but nevertheless that is still technically the last time I saw one of you. Oh I forget my manners, but as an answer to your question I am simply drawing this beautiful landscape before I take my leave" The Author said showing the Angel the drawing of the city street that lay out before them. "Oh I do apologize, I am the Author, who might you be?"

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"How do you know I am an Angel, and if you were so smart you would know I am an EX-Angel. Buddy" He chuckled "I don't have feathers, You must be thinking of Catholic angels, Those new guys are weird" He paused "Very nice drawing, Hello Author - My name is Zaniel - Angel of Luck...Ex-Angel..."

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"Very nice to meet you Zaniel, ex-angel of luck. So does that make you unlucky? Nevermind I digress. Anyway, to answer your question, Angels are beings of mythical rapport. It's normally in your eyes and the way your carry yourself that gives you away. Also" The Author leaned in and sniffed Zaniel's shoulder, "you tend to carry a distinct odor that permeates the fifth wall. It is catholic angels that have the wings though, you say? I see, that explains much, Ha! Learn something new everyday." The Author flips the page in his notebook and jots down a line before closing the book and tucking it away in his coat.

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@Delphic: ( Remember to link me or I will never get it :P )

"Na, I am still lucky - Just lost my other powers..Immorality..flight..Strength..that kinda thing" Zaniel sniffed him back "Are you part dog? He paused "Catholic angles are kinda new...I am part of the Greek House of Angles so we have more history, they don't really like that though." He clicked his fingers "So, what do you work as?"

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"Oh no, I'm not part dog, though I have been asked that many a time." The Author said matter of factly, "In truth what your smelling is where a balvarian beast tried hunching that very shoulder you just put your nose to. Ravenous creatures those things are." He let out a short laugh. "As far as work, I guess you could say I'm a traveler of sorts. Say speaking of which, in being an 'ex-angel' does that mean you're unemployed? Sorry if that sounds terribly forth coming of me, I just like to know things."

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"No, No. Angels never work. I have only ever....Let's just say played in Heaven. With...." He laughed. "Not sure I should say, But...No, I am not unemployed. I cannot even be employed like a normal guy"

( I will carry this on tomorrow mate! , You reply and I will reply tomorrow ^_^ )

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"Ah, I see, well my new found friend. This conversation has been invigorating, but I best be moving on. I'm sure that we will see each other again." The Author took a silver pocket watch out from his coat, opened it as if checking the time, before closing and winding it. What happened next though was rather peculiar as he stretched the chain out to about three-fours up the chains length. He began to twirl it and as he did it began to glow until the light combined with the momentum of the watch as it spun formed a perfect circle of light that transformed into an odd symbol. "Tally Ho." The Author said before he slowly faded away and disappeared.

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They danced for what seemed to her like only moments, but it was really a couple of hours. It started with a little sweet talk, a couple of drinks, and things were going surprisingly well for them both; especially him. What she didn't know was that the "chance encounter" did not happen by chance at all. She wore an enchanted amulet around her neck. A family heirloom, the true nature of which she had no idea. Truthfully, not even the Dealer knew entirely. But he knew two things: it was valuable and his extra senses said there was some magic in there. At that point he started planning getting in close with her, gaining her trust, and taking her for a few drinks. The dancing was unintentional but not a hindrance by any means. It actually served to facilitate his plan, which had always been to gain her trust and blear her focus so he could retrieve the pendant from around her neck. Having done so, he gave her one last half of a dance before twirling her off, and once she'd spun back around, the man had disappeared.

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Ah New Orleans. It was so hot an sticky. Like having sex with a city. The fleeting thought tickled Killer Rabbit. She didn't know what she was doing there, or how she arrived, or what she would do there. Killer Rabbit didn't plan things. She did things.

"Shameless Dark Knight rip off...." Her inner monologue muttered.

"If it works, use it." She replied to herself. "Or break it. Whatever works. Oops, created a paradox. Hey, it that Alice?" She asked herself, scratching her hair under her rabbit ear hood.

"Hey!" She yelled at the narrator "Its Rabbit!"

"Are we breaking the forth wall already?......"

"Mmmaybe..." Killer Rabbit replied, watching the blonde guy shoot red beams at hapless people. Everyone he beamed suffered some small misfortune. Or maybe she was imagining things again. Only one way to find out. By stabbing the guy, that was. If it was Alice, she would understand. If it wasn't, then it didn't matter. She briefly wondered what his inside-y parts looked like. Then she wondered why the movie was called all dogs go to heaven, when they clearly they all didn't. Then she saw Alice-or-maybe-not-Alice, and decided to go stab her. She unsheathed her wicked knife, and leaped into the air.

"Using the high jump a little early?"

"I'm Killer Rabbit for a reason" She replied to herself.

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@killer_rabbit: ( Eeek, Awesome! ) @wildvine or ( If thats what your on! )

[ Remember, This is Pre-Banishment Zaniel. So powers in effect ]

Zaniel was having fun in this little coffee shop, It had been a while since he was just able to give people bad-luck for fun, well..Not fun, He had just been told off by Zeus AGAIN for messing up. This was just a stress relieve.

He chuckled as he sent a bolt of bad-luck at an old man, the mans drink fell all-over his lap. Why was he doing this? Who cares. It's fun.

Zaniel was having too much fun to realize that a crazy Rabbit women was just about to stab him. She jumped into the air..Her knife connected with his shoulder. It bounced off. Zaniel turned around as he felt this, He currently has powers - One of them is a high immunity to Physical damage unless by a magic weapon. He looked at this attacker. Not sure what to do, He moved at tremendous speed and attempted to grab her by the cheeks with his hand and question her.

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"Wow Alice! You're a lot quicker then I remember. Or care." She barely leaned back in time. His fingers grazed her chin. "Its been so long since I last saw you! I killed you, remember? Left your mangled body in a ditch." She chuckled. "Good times. But I get to kill you again! So yay. This reminds me of a quote by William Churchill, who said, if at first you don't succeed, get a bigger knife." She grinned, and pulled a bigger knife from her belt.

"Well narrated." She commented out loud. "I feel like I'm really there." She giggled maniacally.

"Stop breaking the fourth wall...."

"That wall was broken already. I mean, has anyone ever repaired the fourth wall? Hmmm Ms smarty inner monologue?" She slashed the bigger knife at Zaniel's throat.

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Zaniels fingers brushed her chin as she leaned back. That is what you get for holding back on mortals. She was talking crazy, but whatever. He was not one to speak. He was not exactly sane either at the moment. He put his hands by his side as she drew another knife. "Please, Go ahead. I have not been stabbed by a human in years" He let her take a swing at him, He decided against letting her try. Now at the Speed of Sound he went intangible and walked through her body then turned around behind her. He then flicked her back with enough force to seem like a soft punch. "Over here" He chuckled as he spoke.

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"He's not human. Lets quit while we're ahead...."

"Quit? Do you even know me?" She asked herself. "I can get this guy. I killed that ghost that once."

"That was a sheet hung out to dry...."

"Details details details." She muttered. "C'mon Alice. You'll look so cool without a head." She slashed around, but he was gone again. "Well, I was just going to take your head off, but now I'm going to kill you." She paused suddenly. "Oop, one sec. My phone is ringing." She picked up a brick from the ditch and pressed it to her ear.


"Shush you. Hello? Hatter? Hey, how are you? Still dead I assume." She nodded as if hearing a reply. "Guess who I found? Alice!" Pause. "No its her. Shes bigger. And older. But I would know him anywhere. Mmhm." She nodded, holding the brick against her ear with her shoulder while cleaning her nails with her knife. "Sorry? What? No! You're the crazy one! Don't ever call this number again!" She threw the brick carelessly aside, and looked at Zaniel in surprise. "Alice? I haven't seen you since I killed you!"

"Here we go again......"

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Zaniel watched as she randomly started to cut though the air. He laughed. The he heard her rambling again. She must be crazy, He could not talk. He was not exactly sane at the moment either. Who gets told of by Zeus Five times in a row for flirting with the Angel of freaking Chastity? He chuckled as she started talking to a brick, She was insane - For sure.

She turned around and spoke to him. He folded his arms "You never killed me...What can I call you?..You know what" He grinned "You're my new pet" He looked at her as his eyes shone red.

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"Well, this story just died. Guess we're not getting that spinoff after all brain." She commented to no one. Or everyone.

"Start a dialogue dumb bunny. Ask him who he is, or introduce yourself."

"Or tell her about my collection of fake beards?"

"Yes. No! Just introduce yourself already! Its that or an origins flashback..."

"You wouldn't dare...." She told herself confidently. Hands on her hips.

"Cue the sad violin music. Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Ju--"

"Okay, alright! Shut up the sad music!" She screamed, and cranked her headphones up even louder, the screams and clashes of metal music were audible to Zaniel ten feet away.

"Say something...."

"I'm not crazy. I'm just a little unwell." She said to Zaniel, conversationally. Her headphones still blaring music.

"Swing and a miss." Her inner monologue sighed.

"I mean, which Alice are you? Are you the right Alice or not? Killer Rabbit asked." Killer R--Wait, what? "Ha! I beat the narrator and worked my name into the conversation." She laughed. It sounded manic, and a little desperate.

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Zaniel just ignored her rambling and zoned until she was done. He started flicking sparks at people again and chuckled as a mans tea fell of the table. He looked back at her as she just called him Alice again. What was the awful noise, She was listening to the loudest music, That must hurt her ears...It had too...

"I'm...Just Zaniel.." He paused.. "The right one?" He looked at her, "Lets step-outside...It is too busy in here" In reality he did not want everybody to die in-case she went crazy. He was not a murder.

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"Zaniel? That sounds like a brand of beer." She brushed a greasy tangle of hair away from her eyes and studied Zaniel more closely. "And suggesting a change of place too? That's the Hatters job." She was amused that this little girl had forgotten how the tea party worked. "That reminds me...its tea time." She dropped down at an empty table. Actually she dropped into some guys lap. But after a minute of pushing, and 'Excuse me's' he finally scooted out from under her, leaving her to read the upside down menu.

She looked up in surprise at Zaniel, still standing by the door. "I'm starting to think he's the wrong Alice." She commented, and turned her phones down slightly.

"What was the first clue?"

"The candlestick in the kitchen." She replied.

"What? We're not playing Clue. You're always the killer in that game anyway. Never mind."

"No promises." She sipped the syrup container on the table. "Come Alice, have tea and cookies. And well talk of other times we've had tea and cookies. Then we'll discuss the best ways to remove that annoying head of yours." She motioned to the seat opposite of her with her foot.

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Zaniel sighed heavily. Not even he was used to this level of insanity. He screwed up his face as she started to drink the Syrup. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the seat and sat. He picked up the menu to hide his face. What the hell should he say? She is crazy. He lowered the menu comically and showed some of his face "Why do you call me Alice?" He raised the Menu to hide his face again.

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"Time for the big reveal already."

"Settle down brain. No big reveals." She laughed. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" She asked Zaniel. "Or, more to point, how would you find a little girl named Alice, without calling her name? I am" She continued, "looking for a little girl named Alice. So you can see how easily I might have mistaken you for her." She raised one eyebrow suspiciously at him. "Might have...."

"That's not her dumdum."

"Sorry inner monologue, I am only taking positive feedback today." She turned to the waiter who had appeared at the table. "Is it boring being a plot device?" She asked him.

"I'm sorry?" He replied.

"Fourth wall...."

"I said bring us tea. And sugar. And cookies. And sugar. And bring a cup for Alice-or-Zaniel here." She turned to Zaniel. "You are very easy to talk to. Julia should have met you years ago. Or better yet, I should have killed myself years ago." She sighed.

"But then who would have read to Alice?"

"Oh, she would have been fine, I'm sure. Tough girl, that one." Changing tones she continued "Going insane was the best decision of my life. Have you tried? I simply cannot recommend it enough."

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He lowered the menu to only show his eyes. "Alice?" He raised the menu. Who was Alice? Why was she calling him Alice? He lowered the menu to show his eyes again "I'm not Alice" He lifted it and started reading about Coke Zero and Dr.Pepper.

He over-heard plot device. What was she talking about? He continued reading as he heard Julia. He put the Menu on the table showing his whole face. "Julia? Who is she" Not expecting a straight reply.

He laid back in the chair..Who was Julia...Who was Alice and who was she?

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"Alice is a little girl." Killer Rabbit replied. "Named Alice." She clarified helpfully.

"Cause that clears up everything...."

Killer Rabbit sighed, seeming semi-sane for the first time in this encounter. "Alice was a special little girl. She meant everything to Julia. She was Julia's world. But when Alice was taken away by the Red Queen, Julia found she couldn't deal with it. So she didn't." She paused, looking off into space, seeing God knew what...

"Alice is gone dear.....We're never going to find her..."

"That's a lie." She replied desperately to herself, but stared at Zaniel. "Shes not gone. She's just missing."

"We have to accept--"

"Accept this!" She pulled a revolver from her back waist, and pointed it at her temple, her hand shook a little. "I'm so sorry Alice." She whispered to Zaniel, her eyes filled with tears, and pulled the trigger.


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@killer_rabbit: ( OoC - Zora is a reference from an Angel Alliance thing I am doing )

He looked at her as if to say..really? "Red Queen? - You know you make less sense then me on Mondays after a night in the Great Tavern" He folded his arms and sighed when he heard about the missing girl. At this point in his life, He was looking for Zora..His best Friend. But that was another story for another-time.

He watched as she withdrew a gun. Now - He was not really the good Samaritan but....

Zaniel moved his fist through the air faster than the Speed of Sound and punched the Gun out of her hand before the bullet even left the chamber, The bullet left the gun and fired outside the door safety. He looked at her "Please - Don't do that again." People in the vicinity looked at them in shock, Uh-oh, Zaniel thought. He grabbed Rabbit by the hand, levitated and phased them through the roof quickly, As they arrived onto the roof he let her go. She fell onto the floor as she was still in a sitting position. He was standing over-her with his arms folded. "Stop calling me Alice"