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It was a relief to be alive again. To breath in air and feel the wind’s caress on the flesh or scales. Being able to actually fly unlike the Dead realm where the air was stagnant preventing flight. The exhilaration of swooping and diving with ease while flying was heaven itself. It was what a dragon was born for. There had to be a price to pay for such luxuries. A price there was indeed, but only within the visions of one such dragon who was brought forth from the realm of the dead.

Tiferia slept for the first time free of the forsaken realm only to be plagued by the past. Screams of those who died in wars long since over ,her father crying out to her as he died slowly, her friends dying left and right ,and even her own death claimed her dreams. The icy grip of the Grimm Reaper as he claimed her soul dragging it into the abyss resonated deep inside her bones. The very torment of watching and not being able to do a thing to stop the anguish felt by her loved ones at the hands of others. An onlooker watching a horrid movie unfold that could do nothing.

The very thought gripped her very soul while she slept. It was her nightmare. What was supposed to be heaven was pure Hell for her. The guardians of the realm did their best to ease her suffering. She did not dare allow them to tamper with her memories.

She woke sitting straight up. She slept in her human form just in case. Her dragon form was bigger and stronger, so to prevent too much damage she remained in the fragile form of a human. Tiferia gripped and rubbed her face as she awoke startled. Her hands shook at the thought of dying again. It was not death she feared, but being powerless to aid her loved ones in a crisis.

Stepping out of bed and walking over to get a drink of water. She looked over her shoulder at the bed to see she had terrorized the very fabric that held it together. Feathers drifted down onto the ground. Tiferia looked at her hands to see feathers embedded slightly under the fingernails. She plucked them free of the debris. It was quick work to clean up the mess. An incantation returned the bed to its’ former state. She stepped onto the balcony of outside her room to get some fresh night air.

Tiferia went back inside and crawled into bed. Her eyes were heavy as sleep took over her body. Her visions drifted to her daughter being a child. In her dream the horror of the past crimes unfolded. Tiferia woke up and realized since she was in the Dead realm her premonition abilities were a distant memory. Now that she lived again it was like they were trying to make up for lost time. She got up a lit a few candles in the room. Placing a pillow on the floor she sat down crossing her legs. Her back was straightened as she began to breath in deeply calming her nerves. It was a technique she had acquired to deal with her ability of premonition when it went haywire at times.

With each deep breath the visions in her head went from foggy blurs to crystal clear images. Tiferia allowed the images to play out and she watched once again like a spectator of things she had already seen. Tiferia had to endure watching them all over again. Tears ran down her face as each vision played out. The premonitions drew to a close as she opened her eyes. Wiping away tears she rose to her feet.

Tiferia then walked out to the balcony once more and dove off the edge. The wind pelted against her human flesh. Before hitting the ground her body transformed into the beast she truly was lifting off the ground with ease into the air. She flew out into the night’s sky until she came across her destination, her old grave site. Curiosity claimed her heart as she began clawing at the ground. Would she find a body and realize her living state was a lie or find nothing? She dug and clawed at the ground pulling dirt and rocks clear from the area. She found nothing no matter how far she dug. Tiferia did not know how to feel. Was this a reality or a dream? Was she the real Tiferia or an alternate reality like that of the one that rose up almost destroying her family?

It was all too surreal for her. Like she existed and yet didn’t. So much time has passed without her being here in this moment. She was out of reach no matter how much she wanted to be there. Tiferia took a deep breath and remembered her father’s words inside her mind. Visions are only true if you allow them to pass and reality is always there no matter what you do…nothing changes that. Tiferia smiled as his wisdom caused her heart a sudden calming sensation. He was right she had to make what she had the best she could.

Visions would constantly come and go to be able to become altered, but life was always there to live. Tiferia covered her grave site up with the dirt she pulled out. Patting the top of the dirt with her tail as she finished and with two flaps of her wings her body was in flight. Like a falcon she rose and dove over and over again enjoying the cold night air. This lifetime would be spent with an open mind and learn of this world that was so new to her.

Tiferia flew close to the ground to see how things had changed. She had seen from the Realm of the dead, but this was much better. She could touch things. She landed outside a home to look at a car. The metal craft was interesting to her. The color was a dull green and the paint was peeling due to old age. Tiferia chuckled to think of what kind of person drove such a craft. She then drew her attention toward a motorcycle. It was muddy and she wondered why such a thing was so dirty.

The night went by so fast she did not realize she had little to no sleep. Her bright blue eyes almost glittered at the thought of today being the day she would meet new people and try new things.

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@Kratesis: Thank you.

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Aw I so envy the love of life she has. Nicely done.

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@CurbsideProphet: Thank you! ^_^