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History of a Nation

The Rise and Fall of France

Ever since the rule of Jean Luc LeBeau and Esther Cotillard LeBeau, France had flourished. The economy was thriving. The people were happy. There was peace and contentment all across the land. But nothing good lasts forever, now does it? After the dissolution of Shadowland, Darkchild took it upon himself to create the power house team Tenebrasque In. They were content with regular villainy until they set their sights on France. It was only a matter of time before they made their move.

After the events of Tenebrasque In's takeover and longtime holding of the country once known as France. The world's heroes and mercenaries banded together in a grand stand against the power house that was Tenebrasque In and they stood their ground in a momentous assault on their stronghold. The result was TI peeling up the top layer of the diseased country and taking it out into space. This was actually a favor, as it allowed those who came into the fold to rebuild from the ground up.

The Last Daughter of France

Throughout the ages there has always been a female within the royal family, of (relatively) pure royal blood who, should they ever have the need, can be called on to protect not only the royal family, but the country itself. Between the abilities that her bloodline has afforded her and a special totem that she carries, this young woman is quite a formidable opponent. She has inherent knowledge of France, automatically knowing the layout (even if it's been changed drastically) and there are hidden secrets and locations strewn about the country that only she is privy to. She has been sitting back in the shadows, waiting for her time to be needed, hoping that it never came. She was in the background watching throughout the glory of Jean Luc LeBeau's rule and was ferried out of the country when The Darkness came.

Her name is Morgaine de Bourbon and she has stepped up to her rightful place. With a vacuum of power and nobody doing anything, she stepped in and rallied troops. Throughout her time with the Hellfire Club, she'd built contacts and her natural affinity for statescraft, along with her heritage and history, made her the perfect choice. She and her eternal love, Scalar, with the help of Starks Enterprises, The Science Branch and a myriad of top-tier magicians; France was rebuilt into something entirely new.

Dawn of a New Era

Resources have been applied. Favors called in. Troops rallied. France has been reborn and so have it's people. New France is established and it's on it's way to showing the world that it no longer needs anybody to come to it's rescue. Now a nation that stands alone with no official allegiance, New France is the pinnacle of technology and resources. They'll never need for anything, whether it's money in their flourishing economy or help from anybody else. They are now entirely self sufficient.

Districts and Locations

Hellfire Club - French Chapter

The French location of the Hellfire Club, this mansion is the height of old school elegance. Just as stacked as the Milan location, this one is run and maintained by the illustrious Claire Bennett.

Château de Versailles

The official living quarters of Morgaine de Bourbon, the last of the royal French line. A full 18,000 square miles of her personal history along with her families' it's a sight that can trigger any memory for any and all historians. V ersailles was the residence of the royalty of France from 1682 until 1789, when the French Revolution began. Louis XIII had originally built a hunting lodge at the village outside Paris in 1624. This petite structure became the foundation of the most costly and beautiful buildings in the modern world. Originally, the palace was meant to house Louis XIV, more commonly known as the Sun King. His most famous quote roughly translates to, "I am the state." Close to 37,000 acres of land were demolished to make room for terraces and walks which were to be lined with trees. Included in this grand structure's courtyard were 1,400 fountains and 400 pieces of new sculpture.

Corporate Park/Business District

This massive complex houses all of the valuable financial business partners of New France. From the famous Stark Corporation to lesser known French operations and it's best to keep it in such a way. After a small fallout from the UN and the EU. New France has decided to reinstate it's own currency for fear economic downfall plaguing rest of Western Europe; however, it still keeps friendly trade agreements with it's allies. All commerce is conducted in this sole section from legal, economic, political, social, cultural, and technological systems. Many ambassadors and diplomats will be housed here instead of the Antique District.

Antique District

This district is characterized by its numerous ancient ruins, hilly landscapes and grass fields, as well as being the district with the fewest buildings, with long roads connecting the ancient villages of the district. Some remnants have survived after Darkchild's occupation of the original France. Many ancient structures underground have survived the onslaught is made for all to see. Lucky spectators can catch a glimpse of the Queen as she walks in her ancestors' footsteps. More so than any other monarchy New France holds it's roots the strongest. .


Many of New France's seafood comes from it's coastline, rivers, and lakes. All exporting is only conductive with the use of exotic meats, spices, fruits, and vegetables leaving majority of the French's diet to be homegrown. Many billionaires are also content with the beauty of New France as well. The words of a young enticing Queen has convinced numerous stockbrokers, shareholders, and CEO's to take luxurious spending untold amount of wealth. Everyday a spectator could stand by and watch more than one yacht race free of charge. Many news reporters have made a habit finding people of interest here but one could also find the greatness of New France's most advanced military in all of the world. Most critics claim this to be a "Corporate Warfare" seeing as the Stark Corporation has claim to majority of the new technology adorned on New France's soldiers.

Entertainment Theater

The largest section of them all. Casinos, hotels, theaters, operas, orchestras, water parks, resorts, beaches, and many more all for the simple fact pleasure brings in the most revenue. Equivalent to America's Las Vegas. Europe's have more free reign and much more of a spice to entertain any man. All sports and hobbies are welcomed. No one is singled out for the fact New France aims to please any and all spectators. Gamblers are free to gamble, drunkards are free to drink, compulsive shoppers are free to spend; however, illegal activity or political corruption is absolutely not allowed. New France aims to be a utopia after all.

The Protection of a Nation - Once Torn Down, Never Again



Anzen is an AI system created for the sole purpose of protecting New France, more specifically the capital and the head of stat inside the territory of country. It is only a single computer in a secure location known only to a single person. It performs its mission on two levels - through the cybernetwork and through Shells.

On the first level it's like a normal security AI only remarkably faster.Through the cybernetwork it can monitor and analyze security footage faster then real time; detect major hacking attempts into the government systems and counter them.

Shell V

Shells are different - they are the means for Anzen to fill its purpose in the physical world. All Shells are identical in built and programming. The appearance of a Shell is that of a late 20s Caucasian human female in top athletic shape - its identical to a human visually. Its most distinctive feature is its almost neon-green hair. This comes form a coding error but as it only affects appearance, it was never changed. Shells are built and made up of microscopic nanites in Shell Pods. These Pods are located in key points to allow the optimal deployment rate. Each Pod has enough material to produce 50 Shells without needing extra materials (mostly waste - they are of recycled garbage. The most Eco-friendly security system ever) to be brought in. They are powered by superdense crystals - if they are destroyed, the Pods stop working; Shells are self-sufficient so they don't have a power source. However Anzen can only effectively operate 20 Shells; any more and they become ineffective, sloppy, slow etc. A Shell's basic features include inhuman physical attributes (speed, strength, agility, etc), H2H combat (techniques used implemented by different secret services, martial arts), weaponized combat (guns, sword, light artillery, martial art weapons). Additional features like transport device operating, cloaking and vocal interaction cause Anzen to be able to operate less Shells depending on how many features are implemented.

Anzen has multiple ways of protecting itself and the data it holds. To prevent hacking a flux firewall, a self-modifying protection, has been put into place. All Shells contain a fail-safe - disassemblement. When a Shell is compromised, the links between the nanites are severed and the body collapses into nothing. Shells can also repair themselves by the renaming nanites replicating, using metal as a base material.

Anzen interacts with humans on a regular basis (for planning, running orders, etc) through one Shell called Shell V. V for short. It can be identified by a ponytail as it is the only Shell to modify its look. It's also the only Shell to have access to all the features.


Named after the prophet of Greek mythology, the ORACLE computer system is a defense system that monitors anything and everything that happens in New France. It is all fed into and processed at the Watchtower mainframe. This technology was developed by Starks Enterprises and is held by Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. Nobody else has any of the access codes and in the event of her demise, all pertinent information and access will be transferred to Kastiel and Halle Romanova.

Cassidy has on her at all times a portable device that allows her to hook in. Any and all information is at the tips of her fingers and due to the CCTV and her eyes in the sky (microscopic satellites that have been deployed), there is no hiding from Big Sister.

In the event of an attack on France, not only will Anzen be deployed, but so will the weapons cache that has been skillfully hidden. All buildings have built in defenses and in the case of something as catastrophic as the Tenebrasque In annihilation, New France has the capabilities to fully remove itself from the Earth and sustain itself in space.

The Mistress of Magic

New France is entirely surrounded by glamours, intricately woven and layered on top of each other. They are capable of deceiving all five senses, electronics, telepaths and psychics (all but those of the highest order) as well as other witches who aren't skilled enough to pierce the illusions. If a witch or telepath is capable of intercepting the glamour, they may be able to rip down the first layer of illusion, but there are numerous layers laid with painstaking detail beneath that. Spies and others who attempt to breach the illusion with nefarious motives may know that it's an illusion in their mind, but there's nothing that they can do to counteract it. They are in thrall and believe it to actually be happening. The only way to overcome this is by tearing down the magical field. In doing so, the magical defenses will drop. It should be noted that it will more than likely take more than one person and a witch and telepath working in complete conjunction to do this. If somebody has an anti-magic tool or weapon that is strong enough, they will be able to negate the defenses.


Femmes de L'Ombre

The Women of the Shadows are whispered about on the lips of few and their identities are known by none. They are a secret organization who are just that - hidden in the shadows. They were first conceived of as the attack squad, corporate espionage and covert intelligence gathering unit of Jean Luc LeBeau's and Cassidy Starks' in the Dark Utopia era. They are led by Halle Romanova with the input of Cassidy Starks and have now morphed into something completely different.

They are an army. They are the first line of physical defense for France. They were a part of the war and reclamation of the country, leading in highly specialized troops to undermine enemy holdings and take this place back inch by inch. They performed admirably. They are lead by Halle Romanova (their Commander in Chief is Morgaine de Bourbon) and her generals (so to speak) are Elspeth, Cyanide, Little Death and Midnight Silhouette. However this is only scratching the surface. If needed, there is a nearly infinite amount of agents of the crown that can be called on.

(This thread is a collaborative effort from myself (DH), Kastiel, Charmix, Queen's Halo and Duchess)

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So, as soon as Cass and her cabal enter New France they'll be met by an army O.O

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@Cassandra Adams: For story purposes (and because I like you), no.

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@The Dark Huntress: We'll be landing via Starks Enterprises' plane xD After we're done, I look forward to New France and what it'll usher in.
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Reads the OP...

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osdmgosgnoigjsgisdfogsdhgidhgisdbgdosghsdgdoghd wonderful wifey<3

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@Cassandra Adams said:

@The Dark Huntress: We'll be landing via Starks Enterprises' plane


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@Duchess: @Mr. Mercury: @Charmix: THANKS :D

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For some reason I am imagining Asgard.

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@The Dark Huntress: The Onion Effect ;) <3

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@The Dark Huntress: lol Mister Mercury, Cassandra, Duchess, Closure, and Alderamin are in a cloaked Starks jet with some Zeraz tech incorporated for discreet reasons.
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@Cassandra Adams said:

@The Dark Huntress: lol Mister Mercury, Cassandra, Duchess, Closure, and Alderamin are in a cloaked Starks jet with some Zeraz tech incorporated for discreet reasons.


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@Cassandra Adams: How did they get a Starks jet? Cass is not playing on their team lol.

@.Spider-man. said:

For some reason I am imagining Asgard.

Good. I had an amalgam in my head of Asgard, Genosha and Attilan.

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Very nice DH o.o

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@Duchess: haha if you turn on her...your as good as dead.  Cass always has a back up plan and if you expect to survive....deary you'll be lucky 
@The Dark Huntress: Marissa had one as a gift from her friend DH ;)...I went that route in order to get into the country undetected.

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@Cassandra Adams said:

@Duchess: haha if you turn on her...your as good as dead. Cass always has a back up plan and if you expect to survive....deary you'll be lucky

Please, Claire is the antonym of stupid and the synonym of cunning. She knows exactly what she's doing.

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@Kiara_Sullivan: Thank you, dearie ^_^

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@Duchess: I hope so Claire...I hope so
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@Cassandra Adams: Tricks under your sleeves, am I right?

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@Charmix: Of course, I cannot allow betrayal no matter how logical it is.  Btw I'll be writing one of the Wilson ancestor's soonish ;) Alexia will become powerful under Cass' wing.
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@Cassandra Adams said:
@Charmix: Of course, I cannot allow betrayal no matter how logical it is.  Btw I'll be writing one of the Wilson ancestor's soonish ;) Alexia will become powerful under Cass' wing.
You will not have her. >.<
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@The Dark Huntress said:

@Kiara_Sullivan: Thank you, dearie ^_^

You are quite welcome ^_^

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@Kastiel said:

@Cassandra Adams said:
@Charmix: Of course, I cannot allow betrayal no matter how logical it is. Btw I'll be writing one of the Wilson ancestor's soonish ;) Alexia will become powerful under Cass' wing.
You will not have her. >.<

Hurry and write it already.

It's okay Kass baby, everything will be all right. I'll write a post for Alexia to confront Scalar.

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@Charmix: So, the New France thread opens and everyone's gonna jump off the Cass ship? I hope that happens after the confrontation. 
@Kastiel: Should we kick start this with the arrival of Cass' group on New France soil?
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@Charmix: Scalar will apologize and beg for forgiveness. V.V 
@Cassandra Adams: That would be best. Tonight or tomorrow. Just don't burn yourself out.
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@Cassandra Adams: Black mailed, lies, manipulation. Let the game begin.

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Gonna have a Morgaine post up tonight establishing the foothold and fundamentals.

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Men are dogs there is no other description for their species.  Their raspy voices speak with such small little heads and when that head gets even the least bit excited; nothing can halt their journey into the thing they most desire.  It is the way of mankind but what of the other type?  What of you?  Corinthos, oh my ever so Corinthos.  Where art thou when sleeping on a night like this.  I see you still think of me but dead by those veined hands of yours.   
Whoa.  Settle down there boy.  I see you're letting your plump lips soak those tears or is that sweat?  Whatever you may call it is what I shall call it as well.  Shhh I come not out of the misery of my lovelorn heart, no my dearest boy I am here in this dream of yours to discuss a proposition.  Do you remember the first day we met?  Do you remember the fifth of December?   
I can recount that occasion as if it were yesterday.  Snow fell lightly as the sun fell downward.  I could sense the feet of Alderamin, not feet away from my own but mere inches.  My eyes wandered in search of a beacon that would take me away from this obsessive puppy.  And instead of Scalar, it was you who came to the rescue of the young princess.  Last I saw of him, he was in a state of squeamishness and so he ran off like the child he was.  I embraced you like a champion.  Kissing you lightly upon those delicious lips of yours but we never spoke of it again.  Corinthos, you told me that I was only an interest to Scalar.   
Now I know you were only fighting your feelings for moi.  Surely you felt the same way as I.  You licked your lips to savor the taste of my honey flavored lips.  However, you only liked me as a blond and never in the form of Morgaine.  I suppose now it was all my fault.  Why did I waste my time chasing a man who'd never adore me when I could of had you?  You cherished our time together whenever I was normal but yet you never admitted to that.  I know, I know, I ramble but I only brought it up to reassure you that once upon a time....Corinthos I respected you. 
I've done so much crap but finally your feelings are the same as I.  Hatred for Morgaine de Bourbon.  She has taken the life I deserve and brought you down to the status of monkey.  How does it feel to have your brother watch as your disgraced by a boutique woman?  Are you not ashamed of what you have become?  Father Kastiel would be appalled to see you like this.  As am I.  All I ever wanted was a life of happiness and I can have that with your assistance.  
Awaken my dearest boy to one last bargain between you and I.  Gather Scalar and Morgaine all alone and allow me to hurt them in whatever form I wish.  They dislike you after all.  And don't be frightened.  For in the climax of it all you the mighty Corinthos will "behead" the vile Queen of Conquerors.  Therefore regaining their trust.  A simple telepathic trick will win them over.  As a gift I have disarmed the devices within your bloodstream.  And so tonight, all the dominoes have fallen into their proper places.  My team and I will no doubt arrive shortly on New France soil.  Do what I have asked of you....and respect will once again be a trait you withhold.  
Cassandra awakes from her dream like state.  No longer heartbroken.  She knows in her hear this is all her fault but she is to ignorant to allow these imbeciles a win over her royal ego.  The playing fields must be evened out.  She will ruin them for embarrassing an immortal beauty of her rank.  This Shameless Queen's plans are as clear as the evening sky.  Revenge in the most basic manner.  Stepping outside of the Starks Enterprises jet, her brown locks brush backward as a gust of oxygen blows into the vehicle.  The streets worry themselves into cracks as her heels touch solid ground.  Each crease she steps upon wonder just how she entered without difficulty. 
Although, Noah still remains under the influence of Alderamin the Queen is not at all worried.  Her predator turned lackey knows to stay on her side and he will be permitted to do whatever he pleases to the forever emotionally conflicted Scalar.  As for the lovely Claire Bennett, the Queen of Conquerors saw so much potential but sadly she is untrustworthy.   This is where the handsome, Mister Mercury comes in handy.
"Duchess, oh my little Duchess.  We are friends are we not?  However, you failed to mention your living situation.  Which so happens to be New France.  A loyal subject to the future Queen and her lover boy.  I do respect you in the highest regard, that is why I will not murder you right here.  In order, to make sure our interests do not conflict you will remain here.  I refuse to allow our relationship to be destroyed because of my disdain for the rulers of this nation.  I adore you to much to kick you out of my life so soon.  You can stay and live here, be one with the country, but from here on out you will stay out of my business when matters like this occur.  Mister Mercury, fulfill your favor by watching the Duchess.  She makes one wrong move and subdue her accordingly.  Au revoir un magnifique.  I hope to see you soon enough."
She snaps her fingers together, Closure on her left and Alderamin on her right.  From the shadows does Alexia Wilson arrive.  Tattered clothing but safely escorted by her most trust worthy conquerors.  Lending out a briefcase filled with new outerwear, to the young woman, Cassandra kisses the newest Wilson Witch.  
"I am so proud of you.  The power is tasty is it not.  Candy is safe but alone in a resort based in the Bahamas.  Least I can when I put your life at risk against Scalar.  I upheld to my side of the bargain by increasing your power tenfold and you accomplished what was asked of you.  Awakening Alderamin and giving Scalar a taste of what is to come.  Now my deary the final decision is up to you.  Follow me and destroy the people we hate or you can leave now.  Don't worry I won't take much of an offense to it.  Just know that if you don't help me...you'll never truly access the full potential of your unique powers." 
The Queen of Conquerors.  She is the most manipulative woman to ever breathe on this planet.  Walking forward she hopes that Alexia will tag along, just as Alexia's mother and grandmother did before her.  Looking back, both Cassandra and Alderamin glare into her eyes.  If she were to back out of this predicament, the two would compel her to obey their orders.  She would not be defeated yet again by these foolish monkeys.  Slowly coming too, Noah opens his eyes to see Morgaine...who he now knows to be his mother.  He is unable to make an utterance, his body only knows to walk beside her.  "Mom..my why?"  Did he say what she thinks he said?  Turning to him...a piece of her humanity comes to light. 
"My love....they have made a mockery of your mother.  You don't understand they've put me through.  I've been embarrassed...the council no longer looks at me the same way.  I will prove myself.  I must prove to myself that I am still strong.  You don't understand it but one day you will.  So, stop asking questions and do as I say.  Corinthos will be calling soon enough.  All the hatred I have will be poured out tonight and after its all said and done I'll leave with a smile on my face.  They shall pay for what they have done.  I will make sure of---" 
Her eyes stop upon looking at Alderamin.  It had been centuries since the two could stop and look at one another without trying to suffocate the other.  Their lives forever intertwined.  Sometimes by her side and others at her neck.  Months ago, he forced her back into the lives of Scalar and Corinthos.  It was his plan to uproot their lives, break them down emotionally, and at the right time take their hearts.  Maybe it was his hatred for Kastiel that caused him to create such a plan or his unaccepted adoration from Cassandra that made him create the curse placed upon the Queen of Conquerors.   
No matter the reasoning, he aligns himself with her once again.  This time they both feel an honest hatred for Scalar and Scalar only.  Cassandra uses her jealously and Alderamin his envy.  Both hope to take out their pain and maybe, just maybe when its all said and down...maybe they can build their own life...together because when she looks in his eyes, something happens that she never expected.  For but a second does her true form reveal itself.  Blond hair and yellow eyes.  Looking away she returns to the Morgaine charade, trying her hardest to push away the thought of liking Alderamin.  Their co-plotted plan must not be compromised.  Morgaine will pay and Scalar....a fate much worse than death. 
(I'm sorry DH, I posted right after you wrote that thing about Morgaine setting the guidelines of the country.  I'll take this down if you want me too)
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Ha, you wrote it as though Claire's life is so easily played in your hands. I can guarantee that is not the case.

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@Duchess: Cass likes Claire a lot...its the only reason she gets to stay alive ;) Besides she gave you enough respect by letting the strongest guy on the squad oversee Claire.  Overhaul did you like the post :D
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I thought the group was going to be eventually played out in the midst of New France then come crashing down, not all of a sudden O__o.

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@Charmed Ones: Is there a problem? We still have tons of time to add in some flashbacks in Twisted Days thread :) 
I want to explore the teacher/student with scoop of hostility mixed between Cass and Alexia if you'e up to it.
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@Cassandra Adams: You're fine. I was talking about government and their political position etc.

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@Cassandra Adams: No problem:) I just assume that the whole Secret Circle will be played out in New France, didn't think it would end so soon.

Sure, I'll get on as her now <3

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@Charmed Ones: Secret Circle takes place after all of this.  In a way this could be considered Cass' circle prior to the one we're making in the thread ^.^ 
You want to go first or should I?
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@Cassandra Adams: Ooh I see <3

You go, then I'll follow and we trade off from there.

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@Cassandra Adams: If Cass tried to kill Claire, it wouldn't be pretty. And it most definitely would not be easy by any stretch of the imagination ;) Overall, of course I did.

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@Halle Romanova: Okay good.  We're getting closer >.>
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@Duchess: But like I says, Cass respects Claire and likes her to much.  If there were different circumstances, the gals would of had a brawl ;) btw thanks!
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In term of character, I say Cass is clever and cunning and always seem to have some sort of leverage against others. She's full of mysteries.

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@Cassandra Adams: And Claire respects and likes Cassandra, so we don't have to worry about that :)

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@Halle Romanova: Such a strong powerful woman has grown attracted to. He has to admit no one has caught his eye like she has. In fact no other woman could make him wear tights and that was a fact. Today, however, he was dressed in a suit in order to impress the lovely Halle Romanova in the newly built watchtower. She was so hard to impress or get her attention. She played him that way. If it was a fight he wanted, he would have to work for that just as hard. With the tables turned Kastiel could not form as much resistance as she did. Then again he was not as afraid to get his heartbroken as she was. Compared to all the other men Kastiel was the safest. Loyal, attentive, faithful, and reliable. Regardless Halle had her reservations that Kastiel were determined to break. "I imagine we will have a room together here? I mean with all these girls here you'll find a hard time to sneak off to see little ol' me. You're good but not that good, Romanova." His dress shoes echoed each step he took as he walked closer and closer to her. "Dinner reservations for two. A date if you want to call it that. Yes? No?" 
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@Kastiel: She'd stepped out of the training room at the sound of his footsteps. There were five people on the planet with the clearance level necessary to enter this building, Herself, Cassidy, Morgaine, Scalar and Kastiel. Her body was encased in tight fitting yoga pants, a sports bra and a towel draped around her neck. At the sight of him in the uniform that she had procured for him, a chuckle escaped her mouth. It developed into full fledged laughter as she bent forward, an arm around her stomach. "I'm sorry...just give me a moment. It's the tights. Oh my god, the tights." She could barely speak.

After catching her breath, she smiled at him, her eyes lit up with joy. "Of course we have a room. And I AM that good." Walking over to him, she leaned into him, not caring that she was sweaty and a mess. Her lips glanced across his for a quick kiss as she reached behind and gave his bottom a squeeze before stepping away again. "As long as you promise not to wear the tights."

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@Darkchild: That's how I do :)

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btw Ginju will be making an appearance in NF but not for an assault nor confrontation. got me some ideas brewing

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@Halle Romanova: "........." First Cassidy and now Halle. For a second he thought he contracted this human feeling of blush? Is that what it was called? Just a months ago he would have punched her in the face; however, they were more lighthearted toward each other now. Inside he cursed himself for having this as the only form of armor he could wear. He was sure Halle gave this to him just for the view and a good laugh. Kas will get her back one day for that. Luckily kiss will satisfy him for now. Her natural scent filled his nostrils for just a second while her hand was filled with something else. "They're not tights, they're not. You just have an insane misconception of what you gave me. I believe the term is armor and I will grace you with my best suit as long as you can promise not to grab me in public. Debauchery from a lady isn't approved of in the eye of the public and I'll be damned if Cass catches us in trouble again." Smiling he removed his mask. He never failed to wear the whole outfit despite the fact he didn't look as imposing as he used to. Even mistaken as a member of Champions of Peace though they soon realized they didn't go for kill shots. Safe to say no one has said that again. Looking at her again he smirked, "I'm still surprised you manage to get such a workout from a computer. I doubt it's better than the real thing." 
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@Cassandra Adams: Awesome post, guess Marc's paying a visit to the Hellfire Club.