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I always thought that powers should complement my characters, not make their job so easy that the powers alone do all the work. So I got this. Longshot's powers:

Cyclops Like Eye Beam But Different Function: It's orange and it teleports OC to whatever surface it is aimed at, feet first of course. Max range is a mile.

Universal Magnetism: Used with the the teleportation because it allows OC to walk on walls while wearing shoes, making it easier to climb walls then even spiderman. Of course this can be turned off at will.

X-Ray and Telescopic Vision: Useful for obvious reasons.

Peak Physical Potential/control: OC has complete control over body and it is healthy as ever. Muscle memory works a lot faster with this OC, so they can learn all types of things that require hand eye coordination a lot faster than your average human. The mind is still normal, although the OC is no dummy.

Lack of having any offense powers forces this OC to use weapons, or at the very least teleport above a wall and drop down on foes.

Sure I could have added other powers but I really think this is enough. My OC is not a team buster, they could only do that with a lot of prep.

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Those are very smart powers especially the teleporting eye beam

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@_Sojourn_ said:

Those are very smart powers especially the teleporting eye beam

I forgot to mention that her beam can go through solid objects as well. This is mainly good for dodging stuff right in front of her as well as hiding.