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@mercy_: Yeah really. I don't know. I kinda feel like I entered the comics world because I found all these great classic stories, but now I've read all the classics and all that's left is the day to day frustrations of being a female comic fan. Its a lot of emotional investment and very limited pay of; time to move on.

Perhaps WW will get a good live action movie one day, Kane will get married and the Comics world will improve. Who knows.

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/sets up artillery pieces across the way, whistling innocently

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@lobos_del_rayo: Same here. I think on the surface its a little silly, but I'm willing to give the man a chance.

Hehe, I was serious. Obviously Tom Hardy was a better choice because Brock is a terrible actor. But in another movie where he didn't have any, or many lines, Brock could provide a terrifying Bane.

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@mercy_: @strigidae_23: Hollywood and sometimes fans are to caught up on her origin. They need to think outside the box. A movie franchise like WW wouldnt be a one and done right? We'd be talking sequels. All movies these days are established with that in mind (trilogies and chronicles etc). With that in mind skip the origin. Screens black, music starts, and we see a very tall black haired woman in a short brown jacket, white t-shirt, and jeans, hitchhiking down some old southwestern road with a small bag slung over her should. Some hillbilly stops, hits on her and offers her a ride. She reluctantly jumps in. The dudes got a little girl who looks terrified in the back cab. WW takes notice of this when all of the sudden the dude tries to force himself on her (WW). Camera angle switches to outside the moving truck, door explodes off and the dude goes flying to the ground, hard. Little girl asks, "WOW who are you and where did you learn to do that?" WW, "I dont know.....I cant remember."

BAM!!! No origin million dollar idea and I'm rich.

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/aggressively dances out of the way

I'll get you next time!


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@lobos_del_rayo: Have you seen the latest Fast and Furious? If so she's the total badass who shows up with the Rock. She's also in a movie called Haywire. She's a pretty good action actor.

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@the_last_arashikage: Hahah, actually not a terrible idea. I HATE origins, despise them, especially in comics. Its exposition and the only two comic writers I've ever seen do it well are Alan Moore and Grant Morrison (the intro to All Star Superman was a masterpiece of exposition). So I agree; just leave that crap out lol.

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@last_man_standing: Hahaha.

I like the new look by the way. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

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Probably changing it in a week.

Three days.

Just start the stopwatch, okay?

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@strigidae_23: Cant lie I like some on screen origins. But like Wolverine, I always thought the most compelling thing about his origin was that it was a mystery. As soon as it was revealed I felt let down. Same with Gambit. For a long long time he had this secret. Then when it was revealed that he actually led the Marauders down into the tunnels to kill the Morlocks it was a let down. Xena's origin was revealed in pieces and flashbacks and it was cool. They could do the same with WW but they wont.

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@last_man_standing: Hahah, I'll do that. Ever think about going back to the Ant-Man character? That guy brought out some of your best writing.

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@the_last_arashikage: That's what made it work with Xena. They didn't have this long, boring passage where they explain everything right at the beginning when they need to be getting your attention.

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I have no idea what I'd do with him if I did. Same with Freeman.

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@last_man_standing: *Nods* I understand. Kinda the same way with some of mine; I'd love to get back into Kratesis.. but what would I do?

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@strigidae_23: I think I may be the only person who hated Tom Hardy as Bane not because Tom Hardy was a horrible actor but because there was no venom. How do you make a Bane without the crucial part of his character damn you Christopher Nolan. <_<

@the_last_arashikage: Nope haven't seen Fast 6. But just from the look of her and the fact I found out she was the Gladiator Crush in that NBC American Gladiator remake that is enough for me.

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@lobos_del_rayo: I think they should have mentioned it as an experimental steroid or something.

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@strigidae_23: That would have worked at least then again I think Nolan should be nowhere near superhero films ever again. i hated TDKR. :P

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@lobos_del_rayo: I didn't think they were that bad, though I do think Nolan is a bit over rated.

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They're more or less just grunts rather than a singular badass character. There will be one or two with a greater degree of fighting ability like the renegade I'm planning.

But just fodder for the most part.

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@mercy_ said:

@strigidae_23: it's mindblowingly frustrating.

Marvel has a freaking cgi raccoon that shoots guns in space.

But there's no audience for WW???


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In the aftermath of his brief yet emotionally charged confrontation with the martially potent Noir Rose, Charlemagne LeBeau, Andres' perpetual pursuit of martial arts perfection coupled with his authentic shock at having his lethal grappling prowess deceptively matched by the Killer of Knightfalls, contributed to his determined trek to one of the globe's most geographically isolated locations. Seeking out the xenophobically situated Nest 629, the Martial Arts Don's desire to further his potentially peerless grappling pedigree appropriately coupled with internally-inhabiting technological augmentations and protective attire rendered possible his journey into the unforgiving, climatic environment of the Alps.

Irreversibly intent on commencing an undisturbed period of intensive training to strengthen his position as one the globe's premier combatants, if not arguably the globe's premier combat master, the Knightfall A-Lister's steps pause. Perceptive, dark blue eyes of aesthetic mesmerism examine the historically undocumented site's entrance, waiting patiently for an inevitable encounter with one of the legendary location's residents.

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Ivana pushed open the gates. "Andres Knightfall." She said. "Your reputation precedes you." Pivoting on her heel and walking into the cobblestone courtyard Ivana gestures for him to follow with a wave of her ebony gauntleted hand, the golden trim glittering in the air.

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@strigidae_23: "Gracias", a subtle inclination of the head jointly accompanied by a faintly flashed smile of charismatic magnetism, visually conveying deeply ingrained polite mannerisms as well as genuine gratitude in response to his allowed entrance to an area restrictively isolated from outsiders. Following her steps as instructed, the Knightfall Don instinctively carries himself with postured poise and characteristic flair. His eyes taking note of the quick volleying glances from the Nest's residents. "Your name, senora?", he asks as both individuals approach the approximated courtyard.

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I'm glad she didn't say "your reputation proceeds you."

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Inside her mask information streamed down the interior of her goggles. File after file on Andres. As a trusted ally of the Arcani, due to his friendship with the Immortal Amaranth, the Strigidae had a significant amount of information on him. Though the most secretive files were restricted to Amaranth's eyes only, Ivana was able to acquaint herself with a general overview of the man in short order.

"Ivana." She responded, her voice electronically distorted by the vocal circuitry in her mask.

Soon they stand at the border of the courtyard. Within its confines several Orochi spar, bouts of rank and honor. In a corner a few talented Flock warriors perform ritual calisthenics. Sweat and blood stain the worn cobblestones, soon joined by teeth as one of the Orochi drops to a headkick. "Welcome to nest 629." The martial prodigy intones.

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@strigidae_23: The distinct architectural features and the bulk of the Nest's environmental faculties underwent meticulous analysis by the M.D.D.S., visually absorbed information by the Catalan Cobra's mesmeric, calculating eyes relayed to his genetically preternatural brain's synthetic, more efficient counterpart. Somewhat intent on potentially enlisting Ivana's services in his obsessive objective of mutant progression, the additional intention was however, mentally forced to the background, presently focusing on more prioritized matters.

"Bueno", an instinctively formed smile, gracing his immaculate, captivating facial features, the approximated sight of sparring martial artists, the sound of fists colliding with flesh, and a thunderous headkick ruthlessly inciting the drop of several teeth, it was precisely the environment the Martial Arts Don had sought out. "Senora", Andres began, gentlemanly mannerisms and polite formality dictating his disposition, "I think you know why I've come here. After all, tis obvious, si?", subtly turning his face, meeting her eyes as he spoke.

"My pursuit of martial arts perfection has never been secret", he had already been under the tutelage of the esoteric masters of Reisho, where he had discovered and refined his blood-bending prowess. The following destination, Nest 629, was Reisho's appropriate successor. "But I've come with a specific goal in mind. I want to strengthen my grappling pedigree", he admitted, obsessively intent on isolating himself from the only peer his prodigious grappling mastery had ever encountered, Charlemagne LeBeau.

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Ivana met his eyes, the golden spheres of her goggles staring into his mesmeric orbs. An intriguing individual, Andres. One of the most unique men of his time, famous world wide, a prodigy in every art and science with an intuitive sense of style and class that was unrivaled. Unique, though a simple word, was the most descriptive word to describe the fascinating man.

Aside from her personal intrigue the Strigidae owed Andres a debt for their microkinetic gauntlets, indirect though it may be.

"I see." One hand dangled freely at her side, the other rested on the sheath of her katana, as was the custom of those who wore such blades. "I can provide very little aid to you directly Andres. Though I have been instructed extensively in the grappling arts I am no specialist such as yourself. I suspect there are very few in the world who could conceivably teach you something new. That said, the world is old and the Strigidae have existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Our temple has witnessed the millions of martial greats that have lived in those times and we have kept extensive records."

Once more she gestured for the martial master to follow her, and the 23rd Strigidae wove her way through the courtyard to one of the traditional dwellings. Once inside she leads them up the stairs to the facilities central computer. The equipment was extensive, though the majority of it was built to protect the transmission of information, not enhance processing power. The computer itself was designed to communicate, not store information for this Nest was not secure enough to store the secrets of the Strigidae. "The temple owes you a debt Andres. If you would like I can call in that debt and provide you with information that may be of assistance to you."

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@strigidae_23: (I remember the gauntlet thing :)

A semblance of disappointment temporarily overcame the magnetic hue of his eyes, Ivana's confession implied a potential inability in offering what he so intensively sought. However, the Strigidae Mamba's gradual revelation of an excessively extensive collection of recorded combat information presented an appropriate alternative. Optimistic of the proposed alternative, Andres followed closely behind Ivana's poised footsteps, politely voicing his genuine gratitude, "Again, Ivana", opting for an informal verbal approach, "You have my gratitude for your aid. Tis very much appreciated".

Led away from the frenetic setting of the populated courtyard, both individuals found themselves in an interior area of serene isolation. The M.D.D.S. continually recording the visually captured artistry of Nest 629's distinct architectural features. Pausing, standing to the elusive Strigidae's right, the Debonair Don calmly folded both arms behind his back in an instinctive showcase of fundamentally ingrained Knightfall regalia. "I would appreciate that senora, thank you", briefly flashing a smile of visually disarming panache, silently conveying his endless gratitude.

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"No gratitude is necessary." Under her mask she smiled, just a hair. "We owe you a debt Andres, and we always pay our debts." The protect against hackers or detection the computer system had no connection with the electromagnetic spectrum. No radio, no infrared, no internet, no laser transmission, nothing. There were too many brilliant hackers and A.I.s to trust their location to any number of firewalls, no matter how sophisticated. Ivana removed a glove and placed her hand against a scanner which scanned her palm for an pattern of heat absorbing microfibers under her skin. Once approved the computer allowed her access, and she put in a request for nine pages of the SETI-NEKHT. "These pages are from a text known as the Seti-Nekht. Penned by Amaranth during the rise of the Godwinne dynasty and the first war with the Knight of Infinity. These nine pages do not describe any technique or strategy, but rather the cognitive means by which a strategy may be discovered, subdivided into various tactics and split into combat techniques. Although this itself is interesting, the passage is also rumored to be a code. Few know if this is true, but some scholars believe that it is a style of grappling that revolves around the use of intangibility." Ivana shrugs a shoulder. "I know not; neither I nor my instructors have ever been able to decode this passage, but perhaps you could." After the segment downloads she instructs the computer to print (it has no removable drives or ports to protect against electronic attack) and hands the nine simple pages of an ancient Arcani language to Andres.

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@strigidae_23: "If you say so querida", a subtle shrug, subsequently accompanied by a faint smile of charismatic flair, facially expressing appreciation for Ivana's insistence on modestly rejecting polite gratitude. "Hmm, quite an enigmatic text I must say", he pointed out, highlighting the cryptic veil on the cabalistically guarded text's potentially true meaning. Pensively rubbing his immaculately structured jawline, Don Andres accepted the nine pages with wordless gratitude, momentarily examining the various grammatical characters with perceptive, intellectual intent.

Turning to face the 23rd Strigidae, a softly escaped chuckle emits from the Knightfall's flawlessly chiseled frame. "Heh, perhaps I can senora", the ocular pizzazz of a quickly cast wink charmingly teasing Ivana's suggestion that he may encounter success in his research of the Seti-Nekht. "This text is clearly invaluable", he pointed out, "Perhaps tis best if I study it here. In the outside world, its information would be at risk, even in my possession", he continued, "But, it should not take me too long", confident that the combinational potency of his cerebral ingenuity and the M.D.D.S.' analytical capabilities, he would uncover the cleverly concealed information of the Seti-Nekht in no less than a few hours.

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"Of course." Tapping the touchscreen she brings up a map of the Nest. It is quite small but there are several spare rooms for privacy. Additionally the dojo is clearly marked and open to Andres should he wish to study there. "The entire facility is open to you Andres, and I will ensure that none of our guests disturb you. Your fame has intrigued several." A little chuckle escapes from the impassive mask. 'I have received several messages of visitors and Orochi requesting to speak with you. Do not worry, I dismissed them all. Your studies will not be disturbed." And should he prove capable of decoding the text in mere hours she would keep that information to herself until after Andres departed; otherwise curiosity about the cerebral celebrity would grow a hundred fold.

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@strigidae_23: Lord! I'd love for Noah to stop by...visit "what could have been"


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@strigidae_23: "Gracias Ivana, it is considerate of you to do so", subtly inclining his head with politely expressed gratitude. "Well, aren't they flattering", a faintly formed smirk of charismatic appeal projecting magnetic jest in relation to the Strigidae Mamba's 'fame' comment regarding the Nest's guests. "While I don't want to be rude to the others, I do have to focus on things according to priority", he paused, instinctively meeting her eyes before asking, "Before I begin, and of course if I may ask, do you intend to do anything about LeBeau's anti-mutant crusade? I could use the aid".

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"They should understand." She said before answering his question. "Yes, I do. Although my duties in Gothic City take up a great deal of my time I do intend to act against LeBeau." Amaranth and the Flock had dismissed LeBeau as a minor problem retaliative to the other difficulties that faced them, while Asteria and her followers were concerned about the threat. It was a natural division in Ivana's opinion; the Flock was vast, composed of many thousands of mutants. No matter how lethal the man was he could never kill them all, nor even make a dent. But Asteria's faction was composed of a small number of elite mutants, the very kind of people LeBeau specialized in killing, they faced a much greater retaliative risk. "And I would be happy to assist you, of course."

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@strigidae_23: "Bueno", pleased with her response, a smile of reactionary contentment briefly graced the Knightfall Don's Adonis-like facial features. "I can use all the help I can get. He's a very dangerous man, senora. When I am done with the text, perhaps I could share with you the information I've gathered on him, si?", almost certain that she would agree, he focused on present matters, "But for now, I'll study the Seti-Nekht. Thank you for your hospitality", flashing a charmingly appreciative smile, he departs, subsequently isolating himself in one of the instructed rooms for necessary privacy.

Five hours of extensive analytical examination followed, the combined intellectual might of both his organic and synthetic 'brains' working feverishly in their meticulous study of the cabalistic text's worded structure, the implicit meanings cleverly veiled by nigh-incomprehensible characters. Acknowledging the sheer difficulty in the task, the Spanish Savant's obsessive determination ruthlessly combated his accumulating frustration with the lack of success. On the brink of conceding and admitting defeat, he decoded a minuscule portion of the text, the M.D.D.S.' methodical analysis functioning as the catalyst in the success of his endeavor. Several more hours passed as more and more of the text was uncovered, and finally, nearing the end of the seventh hour, it seemed he had comprehensively grasped the entirety of its information.

A patient review, designed to ensure the apparent success of his study of the text was conducted in the eighth hour, and completed in the ninth. Coincidentally, it was as the 23rd Strigidae had postulated, an innovative set of grappling techniques involving the implementation of flickering intangibility for appropriate evasion of attacks while slyly maximizing the lethality of one's grappling potency. Emerging from his temporary quarters, Andres seeks Ivana out, intent on informing her of his success, and subsequently providing her with necessary information on Charlemagne LeBeau.

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@andres_knightfall: [ It was indeed. Its been too long since we've done any significant RPing. ]