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Paragon left the office dumbfounded. Outside the door, he stopped to stare at his new badge.

Holy frick. Not only did I hold my own against the boss, but I was promoted! This is crazy.

Paragon walked back to Nobody, wearing his new rank with honor.

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Mantid was shocked to see what Paragon proudly wore on his suit, the team badge. "Congrats man," Mantid whipered to his team partner. He wondered if he could ever be the leader of this team, it wasn't one of his current goals, but it wouldn't hurt him.

"Can someone please speak up?" He thought as he started to get tired of just standing there. It was also starting to get cold, and he wondered what was next for the team.

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Post Deleted.

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OOC: No, we were all summoned to the base, where we first started. Ther's no action.

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OCC: i am so sorry i didn't read all of this page

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ooc: actually, you gotto read all of the last three pages to understand what happened.

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OOC: i know but i didn't wan't to we sould hadid to the base

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Nina nodded silently, she understood that it was Wisp's turn to talk. She closed her eyes and began to glow, her shape changed.

"What do you ask of me, dark one?" Wisp remained civil mostly for Nina's sake, she could feel how scared the girl was.

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Oracle was looking to Mantid and someone he didn't see the spare walked quietly to them but then BOMM and he was in a trap then he said"can't you do better then this"and he Teleport out of it.