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"The Mantid stopped throwing fire balls at the clones, he looked close and saw that there was one still alive, "How in the hell did you manage to survive? Oh well, you'll have to suffer some more then."

Mantid shape shifted the sides of his body and formed two more arms, "Double the fire balls my friend," He began to throw fireballs at the clone with such speed and power that he formed a cave in on the ground.

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Arrow stopped the blade and looked at Copycat "I know or one of those ligthen bolts would have hit me, Instead you almost fryes your team mate. " Arrow began to laugh, He glided back wards over the clouds, "Maybe you should think more of your team mate and less of me".

The whole area turned black, there was no light nothing, It was pitch all that could be seen where Mantid fire balls, Now theyreally would have to work as a team, Arrow lived in the shadows, Calling forth creatures from the dark, the shadows began to move, Slowly builing around Mantid.

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Mantid suddenly appeared beside Shaman, with Arrow coming at them. "Can we do this?" Mantid whispered to his partner.

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As Arrow flew he was gone the reappered next to him stood three more arrows, All solid all smiling, Each teleported away, then they reappered closer this time but now ten of them.

Come on Arrow thought to himself, Call for the others , the two of you cnt do this alone, seek help lrean to use each others weakness , Paragon is close as well as specturm that will more the even the odds, Call for help work as a team, If this was a rel battle you would be dead by now.

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Post Deleted.

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Post Deleted.

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Arrow Laughed "I fear nothing , He turned in his mind to Copy cat, I took over hell , I fought gods, I fought Hades himslef, I have seen thing that will make your blood boil and You think I fear this, I fear one thing and that what I can do to you " Copy cat had screwed up big time, He had gone the one place Arrow had total control his mind.

The darkness began to erputed as arrow walked towards him, Little creatures began to follow in hsi stride the grew bigger as he got closer, "If your wondering what im doing, Im trying to decided do I leave you as a child or a retard, I really dont know"

Arrow had fought to keep his darkside hidden, but there was no where for him to keep it Copycat had entered the one place he could not protect him from it .

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Spectrum turned to face Paragon,

"Wow that was quite the compliment"

He smiled and then continued walking through the forest. Spectrum was glad to be out of th fight he could have some "me time" walking through the forest. A raging ball od fire shot a couple of feet to his left. SPectrum folowed the path of burnt trees the firey ball had left in its wake. He arrived at scene to find Arrow battleing to of the newer members of the team. Spectrum charged himself with light. He dived into the shadows his body emitting bright light he shot beams of light through his arms at the creature that were coming forth from the shadows,

"got your back" He yelled to Mantid

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"Spectrum! Thank god!" Mantid concentrated in powering up, but then it came to him "Light" he turned his skin into a glowing material, and the light helped him see Arrow.

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Occ dont forget there are ten Arrows walking around LOL, that should be fun for you.

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"Copycat, make him think he's on a lake, make him think he's drowning, that might weaken him, he's afraid of drowning, quick, do it!" Mantid told Copycat hoping that that would weaken Arrow.

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"Oh god," Mantid said as he noticed that there were multiple Last Arrows moving around him.

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With Nina begging her to go backwards and Ghast urging her on, Wisp serenely glided into Arrow's line of sight. Seeing him again stirred her elegant rage.

"You give these fools too much of a chance, you insult us all, why not just strike us down with a word?" she seethed

While keeping her eyes locked on the real Arrow, she bobbed and weaved between all his dark creations.

Nina feverishly wished she had the power to shut Wisp up. The white wolf had a terrible habit of putting her foot in it.

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Arrow threw copycat out his mind "Fool did you think it would be that easy, Im a freaking imortal" Arrow span ordering the ten Arrows to disappear , the daylight came back, Looking over at specturm , "Hello, Welcome to the party".

At last the sought help, He moved enforcing his barrier again, so Copycat could not do the same attack again, His shadow powers would be of no use here specturm would make sure of that, Maybe it was time to up the anti, The battle field they now stood on ripped from the ground the three of them shot into the sky.

Thy where now over a small villaige, Arrow teleported into the middle of the village surrounded by cilvilans he wondered what they could do as the peice of the battle field came hurtling towards the small village.

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"That's it!" Mantid yelled with rage, "this is humiliating!," He teleported from one arrow to the other throwing fists at them, then he created an enourmous fire ball and threw it at each of the Arrow's, "Dodge that!!!!!"

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"How about you hel, or shut up" Yelled Spectrum to the figure who had just enetred.

Spectrum blasted through the air at one of the Arrows, they werent quite as stonr as the original but just as tricky to defeat.

Spectrum tumbled through the figure of Arrow as it turned into shadows and evaporated into the night, only to regroup itself somewhere else in the battle feild.

Spectrum stood now alarmed.

"What do we do. THINK, DANM IT THINK" He urged himself,

"What do they feed on, shadows okay, what are shadows, the absence of light, the absence of energy. NO, there moving therefore they must have inetic energy there fore...."

SPectrum lifted a hand and concentrated hard on his task. Putting a hand to his temple he began to scream, it was like trying to get blood out of an orange.

All the Arows stopped an stood where they were . They slowly began to turn around and face the real Arrow.

"Yes" Spectrum yelled. He had managed to tap into there kinetic energy so that he could control their movments and the beauty waas the more they fought it the more power he had over them.

"Its okay Mantid get The real Arrow, the decoys are mine, I have control" Wtih that each fake Arrow began to shake violently and one be one exploded flames.

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Post Deleted.

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Spectrum flew over the giant rock .Extending his hand he was able to take all of its kinetic energy and stop it before it crashed to the ground. Taking control of it he shot it high into the air over the forest where it would land with out harming anyone. Spectrum dived down to the earth,

He lunged toward arrow his fist in flames, as all of Mantids ice balls blasted towards him.

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Post Deleted.

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Mantid turned towards the real Arrow and stared into his eyes, "You're mine," he whispered. He then teleported faster than light all around Arrow and throwing ice balls at him. "Dodge this" he whispered at him and then he leaped out of the way.

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"Such disregard for life, I may as well be fighting the vv, your team mates are on that rock , what about the casauties of the villagers , why do you not draw me away"

"NOT ONE , NOT ONE OF YOU MADE A MOVE TO PROTECT THEM"He shock his head, Nobody and the other elders where standing next to him.

The gated of the camp had not even been opened, it was all a trick , "I was impressed with some of you eveantaly, but in the end you could all stil not come and work as a team, Nobody take over from me."

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Post Deleted.

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"It was all a trick but how?" Mantid thought to himself, he was confused and dissapointed with himself.

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Spectrum stumbled falling onto the ground after Arrow made his abrupt speech. He picked himself up and approached Arrow,

"But thats completly unfair, how can you change the situation likr that and even so i got rid f the rock and Mantid got the..." SPectrum trailed off as he looked around. The people were stil there.

"What the hell Arrow i can do everything, i was able to get rid o the massive rock, i thought someone else could have taken care of the people, I dont..." he trailed off again unwilling to say what he really thought about what had happened.

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Post Deleted.

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"I have to go to say you are all pretty sad heroes! I mean, I think Gambler was a better hero than you all were and he is not the leader of the Hellfire Club!" Nobody was shouting at the heroes. It was a pretty sad day, though not all of it was dissappointing.

He was walking infront of them all which his hands behind his back, "Barguest! Spectrum! You two are to see Arrow in his office now! The rest of you I need you to stand there and tell me what it was you did wrong." He demanded.

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Post Deleted.

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"Great" Spectrum said sarcastically. He turned to Barquest,

"Do you know where his office even is?"

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Nobody heared Spectrums comment and glared at him, "Spectrum! Did I studder? Get the hell out here!" And what is taking the rest of you so long to point of your mistakes?"

He walked right up to Manid and got in his face and shouted, "You go first! What did you do wrong?"

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"Sure thing," said Nina " Its that creepy room at the end of the hall, follow me."

Nina walked up the echoing corridor to what felt like her doom. She didn't like Arrow at the best of times, and now he was probably in a vicious mood. Her knocked and hand found the cold metal door knob, she looked round at Spectrum, "Ready?"

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"come in" his voice was calm, The room was dark and silled with old painting and tubes with items for spells and potions, he pointed to two chairs in front of him, As they sat he looked at Specturm "Do you have something to say ", Arrows hands lay flat on the desk as he looked at him

Then he lent back ready to listen

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Mantid stared right infront of him, he didn't knew that Nobody was there, but he didn't see him, "I realize that I should have saved the villagers before I attacked Arrow, I should have thought of the lives of them, but was too occupied with taking out Arrow. I should've also not made a major move like throwing all those Ice spikes at him, it could have hit the villagers,"

Mantid stared as if staring into Nobody's eyes, it wasn't a daring stare, it was a gesture of respect.

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"Not only that but you and Orcale were making trails for yourself when you should have been avoiding us! You were so obvious. Both of you!" Nobody's voice was now coming from behind them. "What do you have to say for your action? What have you learned from this?"

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Spectrum looked into Arrows cold eyes,

"No" He said coldly. He planned t let Arrow talk as he had called them here
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Mantid looked at the ground, he was deep in thought, sweat dripping from his forhead, he was still tired from the recent battle. He finally looked up and said something.

"I learned that the lives of the innocent is what we're really fighting for, and not just to kill the enemy. I learned that as a team we can acheive more, and not fail like we did today, I learned that I should be careful with not leaving any hints on my trail... thats what I learned by this." He said with a firm voice.

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Nobody grinned though no one could see it. Mantid had learned a great deal and he could tell. So he decided to move one as he shouted, "What about the rest? What have you learned?" He had once again walked infront of them and was staring them all down.

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"Really you where so brave before, when you shouted at me in FRONT OF MY MEN" Arrow was now standing,"Now what was it you said , Ah yes What the hell Arrow i can do everything, i was able to get rid o the massive rock, i thought someone else could have , Well lets think shall we what command did YOU scream after the YOU got rid of the rock," Arrow rubbed his head "OH Yeah GET HIM BOYS" , moving round to look at specturm " A poor work man does not blame his tools, I hvae evry right to change the situation cause I created it, It was my magic that tricked you".

"And it was UNFAIR to test you with civilans, Hold on I will just get the VV on the phone and ask them not to have fights in big cities , Im sure Mags will be fine with it."

He looked at Barguest then back to him, "You took control of the situatuion, those men where looking to you, do not blame them , Now do you have anything to say."

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Paragon looked towards where he heard Nobody's voice coming from. "I let my ego get in the way. I had been a lone wolf for so long, I had forgot how to work as a team. My pride didn't allow me to let anyone help me, and I thought it was a sign of weakness to ask. I now know it's not. Had I not been so prideful, and used teamwork, Arrow could have been subdued by a number of us."

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Spectrum remained seated,

"A team, Arrow i thought this was team. Not some boot camp, where the hell do yuo get off trying to force me into situations like that, I never once blamed any member of the team for their short comings, if there even where any. In a team the resbonsability is shared amongst all its members, i played my part and even if someelse didnt the reprecusions are felt through out all the team not just those who dont have enuogh authority t stand upu to the likes of you, I saw you in the forest Arrow, you were fighting it, fighting the rage. At that moment you were a bigger threat to those people then anthing else"

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"Arrow shock his head, so you lreaned nothing from today, Everyone else has, today was about combing you as a team, You say has are power gone to are heads , No but how about yours, You tried to take control but did nothing , you attacked and attacked, Speturm I brought you up here to make you a captain but your not ready," Arrow began to sit back down,He was tired , He had fought them all at one point to day trying to teach each fioghter something new, something they needed.

Looking over at barguest"And nina what did you and your friends lrean from today."

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"Well, now. Pargon you did have some of the most experience already here. And lack of teamwork was your greatest fault, don't ever underestimate your enemy. Even as a team you would be every lucky to stand up to Arrow's power." Nobody told them He really wanted this idea to sink in. Underestimating your enemy is the greatest weakness for anyone on the battlefield. "Ok who is next? What did you do wrong?"

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Nina squirmed in the uncomfortable chair. "I'm not sure sir, I feel that I hesitated too much, but I was trying to think about the situation before I attacked...and Ghast, well, he just thought it was a game. I'm not certain Wisp learned that her pride is a weakness...she's kind of pig-headed."

Nina stopped talking suddenly, realising she was babbling, she was looking into Arrow's eyes like a stunned rabbit.

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Before anyone answered him, "Paragon! Your up, head to Arrow's office now." He then went and sat down and looked at the team, "The rest of you will stand there until I hear answers from you all. You work as a team and are punished as a team, so although Mantid is done with me, he pays for the rest of you until someone speaks up."

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Spectrum took his chance to talk to Arrow againn,

"Arrow i learned alot today about fighting about backing your team up and a hell of alot more, the only problem i had was the fact that i thikn you went down to harshlt on th men about the villigers, yes ill admit it was a mistake, but i fell you have to meet me halfway here.."

He had spoken clearly and calmly. He felt there was no pont in being angry and shouting as it would resolve nothin. He awited Arrows response.

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Paragon knocked on the door of Arrow's office, and opened it slowly. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything... Nobody sent me up here for a lecture too." He walked slowly over and stood next to Barguest. Man, he looks pissed. He is going to rip me a new one...

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"Go easy does the lose of life mean that much for you" he shock his head, "Speturm please, I need you to leave I will speak to you again when both are heads are clear, Turning back to Nina," Nina May I speak to wisp"

He paused knowing that it was not a polite thing to ask, but he needed to, Looking over at nina , she had been in so much so quick and at such a young age, His heart was heavy with her burden, it was close to his own "please"

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Spectrum stood from the chair and left the room silently.

out in the hallway his anger git the better of him and he punched the wall. His hands in flames. He needed to clear his head. Flyin out the nearest window he saw a lone hill standing out against the night. He sat and watched the moon.

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spiderman0409 says:

"Cryo-Wolf says:
"Cryo's eyes opened wide. "That's animal cruelty! Now you've done it." Cryo charged for Spidey, claws and teeth bared, growling and snarling at Spidey. No one harmed animals on Cryo's watch. He would make sure that Spidey paid for harming innocent animals."
spidy says "i would have to web those animals if you wouldn't have brought them into this" then spidy charged at cryo with fangs and talons in the lead"

At the last minute, Cryo flipped back hoping that Spidey would fall to the floor. Then the foresy dissipated into The Base. Cryo spoke into his com-link. "Ok, where are you guys."

He ran through the halls of the base.
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OCC there is no action guys we are back at base. Please read over the last posts

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Paragon entered , Arrow stood and pated her on the arm "Take your time" He walked over to Paragon and handed him somthing, It was a badge with the rank of Team Leader, "You need the practice, I see you as a great commander, maybe one day fit enough to be Cryos seconed if I die, But you must work on your team work", He placed an arm oh Paragons shoulder.

Then turned back to his desk, Paragon had stoped to help poeple in the forest, he had also showen a cool head under massive pressure, But he lacked one thing that even arrow lacked at time friendship, "And Paragon, I expect a rematch my sword against yours, my Friend,Head back to Nobody He will give you your team." he waved the awe struck man away.