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"Good, I'm ok though" But where is Spectrum?" OOC: I think he left already, I don't think that any of the guys that are playing the elders are gonno join the RPG for now.

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no but we are going to stick toghether" he look around then he sav more and more animals

#53 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

"If they attack, don't be affraid to blast there head off!"

#54 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

"ok, i Shape Shift to lion and you blast there head off

#55 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

Post Deleted.

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"You can shape shift too?" He turned into an enourmous fire breathing dragon, "If you want you can just sit down and watch while I obliterate them.

#57 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

"yeah, i can Shape Shift to any animal i wanna" He jumpde up to Mantid and said"ATTACK!"

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"I'm here," Oracle looked up and saw Mantid up on a tree. "They said we couldn't fly above than 3 ft, but no one said anything about climbing trees."

#59 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

Mantid turned back into a the Mantid and started to throw fists at the animals that were attacking

#60 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

Oracle did Mindtrick then he said"KILL ALL OF THEM" and the animal killed he other one

#61 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

"I'm starting to like you're Mindtrick trick."

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Nobody through the stick he had been holding on the ground. And looked deep into the forst and he could no longer hear them running. They were in farther than he planned on letting them go.

"Ok, I have given them more than enough time. I am going in now." Nobody said.

He stepped across the threshold of the woods. Then he started at a decent run heading stright into the woods keeping all senses at their highest in a hope to hear them.

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"thanks i am starting to like better then when we first met

#64 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

Oracle jumped down and there where no one there then he said"come he is gone"

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"I can hear them coming, keep moving Oracle"

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Paragon had gone off on his own for the first bit of the class. He felt he could hold his own against the Elders, having done it against villains since he received his powers. He thought this more just a nice walk in the woods, like he used to do back in his hometown. He pulled his water bottle out of his bag, and stopped to drink. Inhaling deeply, he took in his surroundings. The sun was at high noon, and things were peaceful. He could hear the trees groan and creak in the soft summer breeze, birds chirping, and the sound of yelling.

Yelling? he thought. That's probably the others. I should go see how they're doing. With a flash, he teleported near the place where he heard the voices. Staying low to the ground, he peered over a log, to see Mantid and Oracle, standing over the bloody carcasses of various animals, yelling orders at each other. Paragon thought it be best to stay hidden for just a while longer to see just what the two were up to.

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"Keep moving Oracle, they're getting closer"

#68 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

i am going to juse the Mindtrick then he said"KILL ALL OF THEM!"

#69 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

"Oh shit, I heard something, someone's here"

#70 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

Who are you using it against?

#71 Posted by Magda (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

"The animals who you are trying to not look"he sav some one in the pusshes and sav that was Paragon then Oracle said"Help us"

#72 Posted by Mantid (4418 posts) - - Show Bio

"We don't need his help,"

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OOC: I gotto go, sorry. I'll get on the RPG tomorrow

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"Look at me i am nearly dead and you dont want his help." he feld down he was nearly dead.

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OOC: I gotto go, I'll play tomorrow,. OCC: I'll just use my healing powers- oh, I forgot, I don't have healing powers.

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Nobody could hear some of the members talking. "For having to be quit and hiding they sure are noisy." He thought to himself. "Well guess I should try and sneak up on them"

An invisible disk appeared infron of nobody and he steped up on it. The disk kept him just inches above the ground so he could move without making a sound. The disk then zoomed forward at a pace faster than what Nobody could run.

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"Someone help me i can't move."Paragon come running to me and Oracle closed his eyese and woke up for an hour he was with Paragon sitting with a campfire preparing diner.

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The two rookie heroes took off deeper into the woods at full speed.

They'll never keep that pace for the next 5 days... thought Paragon shaking his head. With a flash he teleported next to Mantid, running along side him.

"You know you two should really let each other know exactly what you are doing. Yelling at each other in six word bursts, and killing every animal you see is leaving a lovely little trail for the Elders to follow. How do you think I found you so fast?" Paragon explained to Mantid. "If you both just keep running, you'll get tired, and when they find you, you're done. Slow down your pace, take in your environment, learn to use that against them, and watch out for the trap ahead." With that, Paragon disappeared.

When Paragon reappeared, a half a mile away, he suddenly fell into a hole. Laughing, he teleported himself out. Heh, should have seen that one... He then took out his sword and carved a message into a nearby tree.

*Hello Elders,

Glad to see you're on my trail. Cute traps. I'll be waiting for you.


With a nod of satisfaction, he sheathed his blade and continued his leisurely pace deeper into the forest.

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Waking up the after noon dew touched his plae lips, streching his arms or his back he walked out onto the field , his clothes lying on his body lazy , A small man ran up with a cup of coffe for him as he walked, letting out an almighty yawn he smiled, It was almost dark, Standing next to Nano , he looked out at the open gates leading into the dense green of the woods.

"Well this should be fun" A evil smile cracked along his cheeks , Arrow was an impressive sight , he stood 6 ft 2 and power just poured off him, Nano smiled at his leader, "You may enjoy this to much old friend still got abit of that darkness in you".

Arrow regard nano for a moment "Dont we all" he drunk up his coffe and the shadows surrounded him , slow changing his clothes with out moving a finger, his long black trench cot just hung of the floor as he walked, A black top hat sat on his slick raven black hair , He threw the cup to the side , "shall we beging the games".

Arrow borke into a sprint jumping from tree to tree with such speed , Nano following close behind his leader, hsi head phones exploding into his ears.

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"ah, my head" Oracle was in the depp forest then he thinked and said "No way, he cant do that Nobody cant do that he cant control animals and lead it to us" Oracle sit down and think about it and hear someone talking to someone.

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Nobody came across some dead animals. They were not rotting and there was no smell so it was very fresh. "They must have done this. What the heck do they think they are doing?" He looked around and could see branches and grass pushed down as if someone had ran through them.

"They are going that way. Lets see how far away they actually are." Nobody waved his hand infront of him and all the trees in his way turned invisible leaving a wide opening and he could see Mantid and Orcale running. "This would be too easy" Nobody said. Suddenly the trees came back into view.

He then began to walk in their direction. Taking his time so they could work up a plan.

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Then he sav Nobody and he walk be hind him then Nobody turned back Oracle and he Shape Shift to a rabbit.

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spidy was missing but the nao finally found and brought here the guards give a quick brief and the second he was done spidy was gone. and then use his inhanced vision to look all the way foward and spotted notthin so he kept going and then he reached the point where he heard somebody and stoped and

said "nobody is that you, or is it sombody else"
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OOC: I need to go seeya tomorrow.

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Post Deleted.

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Arrow stopped runnig , It was as if they wanted to be found the trail was so clear, he waved to Nano, nano hit the dirt and almost dissappered into the woods, Looking around he knew who was near by opening his mind he called out "Nobody you here" , No one could see nobody , so the only way to find him was to guess.

He spread his powers around him , the shadows would tell him if anyone was hiding, I wonder he thought to himself, One man he did not know had caught his eye, Paragon he seemed to know what he was doing , a fine addtion to the team he thought walking forwars.

Taking his top hat of he ran his hand round the rim, hsi magic shield buzzing round him, Waiting for nobody to replie.

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Wisp rocketed between the trees, her paws making occasional contact with the ground. Nina's idea had been to use Wisp to get far into the forest quickly, then to pull out Ghast if cornered by an elder.

"Whats the aim of this?" she wondered "To defeat? to evade?" The wolves mind was filling with three instinctual orders Fight, Flight, Freeze, over and over till the confusion had quite taken her.

Wisp stopped suddenly, she sniffed the cold air and looked around shrewdly. The wolf became a glowing shape which stretched upwards and became a young girl. "You think too much like an animal..." Nina looked back at the gates. "Wonder which one I should be most concerned about...?"

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"Nobody you hear" Nobody heard a voice call out. He knew that voice for he had heard it many times. He turned towards it and said "Yeah Arrow, I am right here."

He started walking closer to wear the voice came from, "Hey some of these new guys aren't too bad. Some others still got some work to do. I mean this path is leading right to them." He said.

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hm nobody answer so spidy thought it was an animal so he continued looking for someone

#90 Posted by Final Arrow (24383 posts) - - Show Bio

Then he caught it a sent, A young gril maybe about fourteen his head span and evil almost screaming from here, he smiled "well they are intresting " He threw Nobody his top hat, "put this on so I dont lose you again" he began to laugh as he walked into the shadows.

Nano came out from the woods and stood next to Nobody " got to give him that , he is a genius , insane but a genius" Nano crossed his arms and looked where he thought nobody was standing, "mad as a hatter" he began to laugh.

Arrow slipped into a shadow portal and came out ten feet behind the girl, he beagn to sign "if you go down in the woods today , " He stoped and lend on a tree and waved at her.

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Paragon continued his walk through the wood, stepping carefully, so as not to make much noise. A breeze came through the trees that sent a shiver down his spine. Arrow was the only one he really didn't want to find him. The fact of him being a reformed villain, paired with an almost unlimited source of dark magics at his disposal made Paragon's skin creep.

I hope I run into Nano, or Cryo, or Methos. What's his powers anyways? Maybe I don't want to run into him... Meh. Nobody creeps me out too. Can't ever see the guy. That'll be hard to fight... Paragon continued his trek, lost in his thoughts.

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"Umm...Arrow your hat won't work. Watch when I put it on." Nobody was holding the hat but as soon as he put it on his head, it turn invisible like the rest of him. He took it off again and it turned visible. "I am struck like this. Do we have a comunicator or something? That way I could tell you where I am at.' Nobody suggested.

Although he loved being Nobody, it was times like this he became frustrated at his own powers. It was hard for him to stay in contact with his own team mates.

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"Hmmm, and I thought I'd stayed far enough from the mess that lot had made..." Nina turned and regarded the wiry man behind her.

"It didn't feel like a two hour head start sir..." She twirled her hair around her finger and looked innocently up at him.

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Cryo looked around and saw no one was with him anymore. "Now where did they go!?" Everyone left him for the forest. Cryo rolled his eyes and walked into the forest.

Cryo ran and lapt onto a tree, climbing it to the top. He sniffed the air, the wind carrying him different scents. Then he found Arrow's. The smell of darkness was unique and rare. Cryo dropped to the ground and took off in the direction of Arrow.

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spidy quickley stop and looked around and with his inhanced vision he saw paragon and went over there and stop on a tree branch and said


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Nano looked at Nobosy in amasment "Um he left , I think it's a magic hat man, He knows where it is at all times, Anyway Im going hunting you coming, Cant let the boss man have all the fun" Nano span on his heels, the red stripe down the middle of his hair blew in the wind as he broke into a sprint.

He was indeed powerful looking man , he was a great tracker due to his time in the army , "Damn hard following a teleporter" he whispred to himself, sliding between trees for cover and into bushes he moved sliently , his body moving as he asked it to .

Seeing clearing in front of he he slowed and began to crawl.

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"Oh a magic hat! Well that makes a bit more sense." Nobody said. He put the hat back on and it turned invisible agian. "I hope he can really sense where it is".

Nobody then started dodging at a decent pace into the woods. He felt no reason to sprint, it would just make him tired and there is no telling which way everyone went. He there were times he thought he heard something and waited for it again but never heard from it till after he started moving agian. He assumed it to be an animal of some kind.

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Pushing himself of the tree he walked closer to her, He almost laughed at the atempt to play on his emtions , Innocent he thought , I can feel it from here , He had read all there Bios before he came on the hunt "nina is it, How are whisp and was it ghast".

He glided closer to her the shadows began running up the trees all around them, as if a dark audiance had come to watch this play, Smelling the fear from her he could almost hear her heart beating in her chest, He would have enjoyed that back in the day.

His own name disgusted him now, people fread what he was , what he had been, Once the most feared Villian on the planet, Standing next Magneto and Gambler, Now he would change all that, training the NAo in to the perfect weapon against those that hurt, They would be ready, "So what are you going to do fight or flee".

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Paragon was knelt down by a stream when he heard a rustling in the trees behind him.

Please be someone easy. he thought, spinning around, and drawing his sword. Hmm...probably just a bird.


He looked up, and saw Spidey. OK, so not a bird, just a really big spider. "You really shouldn't sneak up on a guy like that, sir. If you were closer to the ground, I might have tried to cut you in half. Come on down so we can keep this to a whisper." He said.

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Spidy said "thats why i stayed in the trees cause you might have cut me"

then spidy jump down and walked over and said

"i'm a little late but i know whats going on"