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Prelude To The New Dynasty

Revival Of The Lost Dynasty
  • Excerpt From Charmix's Bio
Chapter One: Tales of the Imperial Blood
The story of the former alienated princess now empress of China, Sayomi Nakamura, began years ago, tracing her ancestral lineage back to the forgotten first empress and ruler of Japan (during the fourth century B.C.), Empress Himiko. The children and later descender of Himiko herself, who was a famed and powerful shaman, using magic to rule and entice the people in the land of the rising sun and to hide her territory of the legendary Yamatai kingdom, thus allowing Meili along with other female sharing her blood-line possess the same gifts and attachment to the craft. It was during her child hood that Himiko met and spoke to an unknown goddess bestowing her the gift and knowledge of Logomancy, the ability to cast spells in backward speeches that was only exclusive for her blood-line, added with her own innate mystical talents. Due to her love with sorcery she gave all matters of state affairs to her brother but not the power that rested in ruling the kingdom, she still maintained high power but focused more on her duties as a priestess and religious figure and it's activities.

Like many clans, the dominant imperial family claim descendancy from a kami in their favor, Himiko claimed the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu, but Himiko acted a spiritual vessel for the Sun Goddess who's light blessed upon the family and her later generation. Which was the speculation to what others thought as the powerful shaman to be the human reincarnation of the goddess. With power still rested in her hand, she sent a diplomatic mission to the old Mainland of China in the area controlled by Wei who's embassy at the time was in Korea. There she was recognized for being the first ruler of Wa itself. Unknowingly to others with her contact to Wei there she found another mystic in which the passion the two shared allowed for a child to be brought into her prosperous land under her rule, but hid it from others giving it to one of her hand maidens to keep secret. When death struck her, the trustworthy hand maiden commanded the empress's child named Iyo to take command and stop the chaos that struck them due to a new male ruler unsuccessfully leading them unlike their decease empress had did. When Iyo claimed her heritage and displayed her sorcery skill that her mother had, the mystic signature awed them and so order was restored. It wasn't until later her family-line would meet royalty again this time her descendant was the legendary Empress Jingu, who herself resembled the obscure shaman queen. With Empress Jingu producing new heirs, she too had one mysterious daughter unknown to others and sent her new-born baby girl to China, so then the line was able to continue on, which the Japanese born Chinese native soon was swapped and return back to Japan. Queen Himiko to this day remains an enigma, a mystery that shrouds Japan, only to which the past knows more than the present itself.

The Royal Court

The Party Members

The royal court consist of the famed imperial family and their consorts along with high powered officials and central figures that play a key role into society. During meeting the members discuss various of things that would benefit the empire also addressing problems and solutions to relieve them. The imperial court consist of:

The World
The Empress

Enchantix (Empress)

Nozomi is the supreme ruler of the Nakamura Empire and is solely stationed in her homeland Japan. She mainly occupy her self to her duties to that Japan faces. Gifted with tremedous talents and knowledge in the realm of occults and witchcraft she is by default the physical embodiment of Ameratsu, the goddess of the Heavens and Sun. Since being the prime vessel for the Shinto Sun Goddess, she has amass more strength and power to channel within her to perform magic that no witch in the world could do without consequences. Even without the enhancement she is a magic prodigy computing and detailing every known spell and ritual as well as knowledge on how to utilize and counter any force she encounter. This makes her one of the top witches within Japan and the world alone, a testament to her power was shown when she called and face Final Arrow and her stunning knowledge on shifting the physical plane materials to another plane of existence. To the eyes of the public she is consider a goddess in the flesh for her nobility, beauty, and her ability to exercise her political affairs that would protect and suit the people in her nation and to the super natural realm she is a well highly respected profile that few would even trifle with while others would second think any form of assault against her.

The Hermit
The High Priestess

Gloomix (Princess)

Yumiko is the well-mannered and calmed asserted princess within the Nakamura Empire. Like her sisters she is gifted with the natural affinity for magic and possess tremedous psychic talents. Her main expertise deals with the element of Earth. She uses this talent to manipulate wood to form paper in which she can precisely manipulate and craft into intricate art and origami designs. Her prime duties within the empire is to serve as the eyes and communication, her connection to the Earth gives her the ability to locate and watch the motives of all those within the land. She is only called upon to maintain the duties one a week in which the seers perform the task in a manner through psychic means. Unlike her sisters, Yumiko has claimed no terriorty for her ruling but enjoy the freedom of being a princess as opposed to the heavily duties empresses in her family. She is by well the most level-headed and stoic one in her family, the mediator between the gaps. Though not much is known about personally minus just her duties she has commended on, other than that she is the estrange figure within the empire.

The Temperance
The Magician

Charmix (Empress of China, Princess)

Sayomi is well known famed princess with the Nakamura empire before the family took place in power. Before she was a beloved actress and model and was known for her many roles as a princess in many movies and drama. She is the only one within her family to have specifically attune to all elements within nature, and her remarkable talents excelling in witchcraft and psychic capabilities brings her equal to her older sisters. After her annulled marriage to the current ruler of China, she took power for herself and made herself a one-stand ruler stating "Love cannot be forced unto an unwilling person, instead love must unite them for that is how love truly functions.". Since coming into power, she has remained closed within her life to the media but is warmly loved for her contribution she has made to the political side. Underneath her warm exterior persona lies a cold witch, spinning webs of lies that would embark on a quest for power.

The Strength
The Judgement

Fibra (Imperial Samurai, High Ranking Official Guard~Japan)

Fibra Hiryuu Kenshiki is the eldest son of the famous White Dragon Clan leader Ryuuko Kenshiki and the Brazilian elementist Noelle Cesar. Fibra was meant to become a great warrior from an early age due to his incredible bloodline which also included members of the dark Black Tiger clan. His harsh training however was to much to handle and upon turning 16 he ventured off in order to train alone and forge his own path in life. It was through these worldly travels thaat he met many new people and learned much more about himself and the incredible power he held. Fibra had inherited many gifts from both parents but to a greater extent. Though still young he is quickly becoming not only one of the most skilled warriors in Asia but the entire world. After his father's death at the hands of the Ninjan's Fibra in honor has decided to take on his fathers legacy. Though he was next in line to become the White Dragon Clan leader he left the clan to his sister Celeste and the clans elders. After that Fibra has gathered a group of young warriors and is studying a series off scrolls and a blade his father entrusted him. Now he stands amongst the finest of The Nakamura empire as it's blade and protector of it's people.

The Hierophant
The Sun

Cellphone Girl (Royal Regression, Representative~Japan)

At a young age the hero known as Cellphone Girl discovered that she had a natural gift of leadership. For a while, she lead the former group known as the Vine Titans only year later leading the world famous team Champions of Peace, the merge of various heroic groups, consisting of the Vine Titans as well. During that time she discovered her line of royalty linking to that of the seductress known to man kind as Cleopatra, her past life. Which in terms should make her the rightful Heir to Egypt but time has since change leading her out of royalty, this would also attribute to why she wielded her natural gifts as a leader. Armed with her dangerous ability to manipulate sound waves, with enough precision to form hard light constructs as well as to emitting pheromones that could over ride others, she is a silent trained killer in the making. Able to move from one location to the next, her other gift of teleportation makes her a dangerous foe but a relieving ally. Her morality is strong and the empire is lucky to have her on their side, for if the tides were turn this future goddess can change the world.

The Justice
The Lovers

Fuchsia Nightingale (Leader of the Susanoo~Japan)

The songbird of the streets, Fuchsia Nightingale, A mutant runaway turned champion of the mean Japanese streets. As a mutant, she is gifted with the fantastic ability to see in all spectrums of light, such as x-ray and inferred. She has also trained her natural gifts to levels of Olympic-caliber dual sport athlete, exceling in many areas ranging from martial combat to the medical field. Although new to the world of Metahumans, she is not afraid to do what she feels what is just. Representing “the little guy” in this ginormous empire, spearheading the Susanoo a.k.a “The Flock” the group of military muscle for the Nakamura. The reason why Nozomi has enlisted Fuchsia was not only because of her legend skills but also her peaceful nature that serves a leader good. When the mind is clear and calm, something that the song bird possess, she can effectively use her skills and leadership to protect the many people of the empire. There is no one that Nozomi trust more than Fuchsia. Her tales are constantly being spread by those within the wrestling norms.

The Moon
The Star

Umbra Sorcerer (Stationed Official, Leader of the coven: Charmed Ones~China)

This young man to the public is perceived as a true hero to the people as a Champion of Peace but underneath it all lies a complex array of emotions. While protecting those that cannot defend themselves, his true determination lies in finding those that have wronged him and his friends in life. Possessing an affinity for magic since birth and experiencing a mutation that granted him control over the weather. Michael has only begun utilizing these magic abilities in the last year through his training in witchcraft, and while lacking in true skill and finesse that many other possess, his potential is clearly visible especially with his telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities. Now allying himself with the Nakamura Empire he serves as the Empire's International Representative that is stationed in the western hemisphere, assuring that his gifts would be use to aid the empire's allies. His young and potential is the reason why Sayomi requested his current duties. He brings in a fresh face with his coven the Charmed Ones, as they task on the supernatural threat that lies in the west.

The Hanged Man
The Tower

Impero (Ambassador/Foreign Representative~China)

Enigmatic Impero has always been a figure shrouded in mystery and secrecy, however, the one clear attribute that even the lowest of minds can realize is that he is an individual driven by a virtually limitless sense of ambition. In order to achieve his cryptic master plan, the masked puppeteer has achieved a number of things, consisting of gaining absolute leadership over the shadowy Witch-Hunter organization, and much more, however, perhaps the most prominent achievement of his is his steady movement into the political scene which began with setting his sights on taking over the nation of Portugal and allying himself with China's lovely empress, Sayomi. Having struck a sort of business partnership with her, the martial arts grand-master has recently become a foreign representative of the Nakamura Empire, speaking and acting on their behalf during political matters that they cannot attend.

The Fool
The Devil

Zauberin (Leader of the Summoner Division: The Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto~Japan)

Arturia is the half-demon daughter of a Succubus and a human priest. When she was only a few days old, both of her parents were killed in a house fire that she escaped unharmed. Years later, after escaping from another attempt on her life by the same man, she went about life as a vagabond. In spite of struggling with her heritage and being an outcast for most of her life, she is remarkably well-mannered and charming. Inheriting abilities from both sides of her parentage, she possesses promising skill as a budding enchantress and sorceress. Due to her bloodline, she is endowed with a natural affinity for the mystical arts, though she herself is only a self-taught beginner, having studied for a few months on her own with grimoires from various sources. Hoping to learn all she could, she jumped at the opportunity to visit and become a part of the empire as a pupil and part of the royal court's summoning division.

The Chariot
The Death

Rumble Man (Magic and Supernatural Adviser and Guard~Japan)

Peregrine is created to be a son figure by the mad scientist Radix, so far everything works almost like Pinnochio's story. Except that somewhere along the line his father 'died' and that he went insane with loneliness, his father committed suicide after a dispute with his wife who is outraged at the thought that a mere machine could replace their dead son. At one of their heated arguments she threw a dining saucer at him, Peregrine was created to protect his family whom at the time did not yet recognize his 'mother. Tragedy occurred when it disintegrated the professor's wife after that the man disappeared from the public eye and lived as a hermit. Closing his world a layer a day, taking care of his 'son' until one day the pressure was too much and he slashed out his own throat with a piece of broken glass. Dying in his own pool of blood as his loving 'son' watched in agony, it's emotional program is a revolutionary one where it can feel like a person would. But chronologically it was an infant when it all happened, and it began to scream when it cannot understand why it felt so 'bad'. After that the lone automaton kept his fathers corpse in a containment unit, wandering the earth to become a 'real' boy so that his father can wake up. He needed a heart of a real boy, a brain of a real boy and the courage of a real boy; so far the third ingredient is still missing. So the automaton vanished into nature only to find out that it is content with green rather than gray. Later coming under the ruling of the Nakamura Empire as it's dealing with the supernatural affairs.

Nakamura Empire's Military

The Kamikaze

Due to the vast land secured within the Nakamura Empire the line of military defense has remained the same for other countries added with a few touches to make the standing nation strong and protected from native and outside foreign threats. The Nakamura Empire also has a collection of various historic relics and artifacts including weapons, such as the Grass Cutter which is in the possession of Empress Nozomi.


Yamata no Orochi- Is the eight division of defense within the Nakamura Empire named after the famed beast the storm god Sunsanoo slain. So far only five labels are known, while the remaining three has yet been exposed.

  • Amaterasu
The Heavenly Maidens

They are the top witches resding within the empire's palace with the empress. Female priestess, though males are accepted, but the majority of the member consist of mainly females. They are trained to use and wield the forces of magic to influence and affect the battle fields from either up close or from a distant, in times of war. They mainly work in conjunction to pool one another's power to magnify a spell that could be needed to perform high level of work. They have been trained similarly to the seers perfecting their mind, body, and soul so as to be one of the top reliable military force. They are elite and powerful witches housed under one empire, with the knowledge and teachings bestowed upon them, this ensures that the Nakamura Empire itself housed all but the best and most powerful witches in existence. They mainly work with most if not all of the sub-groups, to ensure the balance of having magic by their side.

  • Tsukuyomi
The Shadow Dancers

The more stealth and physical division is the Tsukuyomi. Constantly being trained to perfect their skills, they are taught various forms of combat mainly that familar to others in the form related to Asia. Able to intercept an opponent with ease and less difficulty, they are the perfect spies for espionage and their blessings from the priestess allow them to become one with the shadows. With this supernatural ability they can navigate around areas with certain ease undetected as well as bring their victims with them to make the kill in silence. Though the downfall is that this gift can only be used when the moon is present in the skies, other than that they rely on their renowned skills. The uniforms worn by the Tsukuyomi allow them to take strong impacts to an extent as well as projectiles and energy, their minds have been trained to a high degree to withstand mental intrusion all except the strongest. The group is most active at night, since that is when their gifts are at their disposal for patrolling in silence, but they are kept station in many parts in the empire and many in the palace.

  • Fujin
The Mind Benders

The Fujin are well endowed psychic seers, they are the eyes and ears in the empire. They are trained by the same principles of the imperial telepaths are and are the ones responsible for training the military force with techniques on dealing with psychic invasions and how to counter them plus defensive tactics. They are known for their ability to read the words of air in which they gain visions that are relevant and of great importance to the family, though the visions coming are sometime not always available they busy themselves with patrolling the country in the psychic atmosphere. Acting separably their powers are minimal but yet formidable; as a cohesive unit, they are among the most powerful telepaths even with enough power to take on the empress. They work closely with the Amaterasu in helping defend the empire from foreign psychic threats if the shields fail. Aside from their intangible effects the seers possess low-level telekinesis in a degree that alone one could move something as heavy as a boulder but as a unit they can perform much more. They are allowed access to the grand chambers of the known as the Cerebral (similar to cerebro/cerebra)

  • Susanoo
The Nightingales

Also known as the Flocks. They are lead by Fuchsia Nightingale, they are the standard military soldiers or police that patrols the country in a physical presnece known to the civilians. They are given standard equipment and trained in a standardized way. Along within their belts hold mystical items that have been enchanted by the Ameratsu that allows them to project low energy of magic that works similar to a tazer but with much expected results, enough to put one to sleep. Though they are the common police, they are not to be taken likely, with prestigious training from the empire they are more than meets the eyes.

  • Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto
The Spirit Binders

This group are the high summoners, they have the unique brand of magic practiced in the empire to bring forth terrifying spirits and demons that are held in the empire's domain. Not much is known about this group other than they can call forth terrifying spectrals. They mainly function to bless homes and ward off maleviolent spirits terriozing people and their homes. Since their magic itself and the way they are employ is severely dangerous they are only called upon in dire situations. The summoners have a vast disposal of supernatural creatures under the empire's domain, mainly those from the controlled countries origin. Though because the spiritual side of life is hard to control, the summoners must take extra precaution before pressing on to a ritual to delve into the realm and use them.

  • Suijin
The Fixers

Suijins are mystical healers from the long line of past reiki users, they also contain the roosters of scientists. They are trained in three degrees to heal an injured person, using magic they can lift many wounds minus disessembled bodies, but with the help of the Ameratsu they can repair lost parts. The more serious a wound is the more time-consuming it is to heal and repair, most Suijins are nurses and doctors who used their medical knowledge to further help their work. Along with healing they can identify and create elixirs to combat poisons and other harmful substance that attacks the body. The scientists in this division help work in creating new weapons that would benefit the country as well as using their knowledge to help create toxins as well as anecdotes similar to the magical elixirs. They are also in charge of the technological advances that place Japan on top of the other worlds in the market.

  • Hachiman
The Protectors

This group is named after the Shinto God of War and Divine Protection for the land of the Rising Sun. The main function of this group when not in war is to maintain and set up wards, glamours, and other assorted defensive spells within the countries outline including seas that bears the name and mark of the empire. Similar to how Charmix place the magical shieldings in New France, the Hachiman have perfected a more advance form of shielding creating the "9 layers of Heaven" also simply known as the Onion Effect. With each layer of shielding varying in strength and the core being the most durable. The shields can withstand constant pressure from all forms of attack ranging from energy to psionic though of course the shielding will cease thus revealing another layer and the process repeats with the shields being more stronger. The first shielding known is the glamour field, an illusion so real that manifests physical repercussions to their victims, telepaths and witches may fight the illusion but doing so alone would prove fatal.


Nine Phoenix & Nine Dragon

The Collective Champions (Nine Dragon)
The Nine Phoenix

With China already being part of the collective land in the empire, they have the same military force just as Japan does, though the numbers are much more lesser than the homeland, Sayomi felt that the stationed military force wasn't enough to suit her enormous empire. Instead Empress Sayomi has enlisted the best warriors from various provinces and location in the large continent to serve under her. She has recruited them to serve as her own personal military force for her land adding more fire to be thrown out if necissary. Their presence outside the palace rarely is seen, they are only called upon in dire moments of war.

Other Countries

Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Burma, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia as well as Indonesia, have the same military force stationed within their country. (The acquiring of the South East Asian nations will be explain in the up coming rpg that sets after the events of what Arrow had inflicted upon the world that I will start soon.)


Much of the present still standing geography remains but new structures and building were added to suit the tastes of the Nakamura family. Ranging from newly formed temples, honors, ect.

1. The Enlighten Island: Off the coast of Liaodong Peninsula lies the home for the imperial warriors of China, both the Nine Phoenix and Nine Dragon. Here they are joined with Shaolin monks and warriors to perfect and hone their skills. This place also house Amaterasu priestesses and Tsukuyomi warriors from the Nakamura empire to help keep the area safe and sound from threats that delve in their expertise.

2. Neo-Hokkaido: Is the newly redesign and constructed island, after the catastrophe inflicted by Arrow, Hokkaido was set for a rebirth thus bringing in Neo-Hokkaido with remaining building structures that still stand plus with new architecture built to house many and provided a site for those to remember and embrace change within their lives.

3. The Arena: The Arena is a stimulated sports play for those to enjoy and watch, similar to wrestling and other physical sports, the arena is controlled by a panel to change it's surrounding, though holographic, the physical field is warped and there is where people of many and super powered beings can watch and enjoy as others fight or challenge another in sports.

4. The Golden Orchid Palace: This palace is home to Princess Gloomix it is located off the coast of Nagasaki.

The Dead's Memoir

The Garden of Souls is an area that marks the burial of those who have past relations within the imperial court in China, also those of heroic efforts. It also has a stature built in honor for the decease Y-Intercept and her good deeds she had done for China.

Artifacts, Weaponry, Devices and Magic Archives

Magic Archives (1 of the 5 area)
The Sacred Scroll
Another Area

Due to the empire's affinity and usage in the natural forces of magic and the knowledge residing in it due to witchcraft, the founding family have accumulated and inherit a massive amount of items and weaponry dealing with magical origins and particularly those from Asia's mythology. There is no magical artifact and weapon that the empire hasn't already kept in custody, there are over hundreds of tomes, books, jewels, ect that are kept in mint condition and held safe. Due to the power vested inside and the knowledge hidden within these ancient items it is forbidden for any outsider minus those within the imperial court to allow view and only the imperial family can be allowed to use them. The chambers that the items are held in resembles that of a mixture between a library and museum, and is divided into 5 sections to store the mass amount of objects. The displays and chambers are kept under high magical protection and those through scientific means, making any intruder or theft who manage to bypass and find the secret location unable to rob the imperial family. The most sacred object under their possession are the "13 Artifacts" and it's scroll their power is currently unknown at the moment, but it is known to the court that two icons are already present. Princess Yumiko (Gloomix) is in possession of the Black Hand and Empress Nozomi (Enchantix) holds the divinity symbol.

Cerebral, The Psionic Think Tank
The Hive Chamber

Cerebral amplifies telepathic power of the user by stregnthening their brainwaves, effectivily amplifying their psionic senses to the tenth power. It also makes the users brain work extremely quickly by speeding up the neurons in the users brain. In the case of telepaths, it enables the user to detect traces of others worldwide, also able to distinguish between humans and other beings. Depictions of its inherent strength is said to be global but greatly depends on the telepath's stregnth. Cerebral is also equipped to find any disturbance with origin pinpointing through psionic or magical means, but the latter is only used if the telepath has an affinity for magic of course. Thus allowing it to be an effective tracking device, abling to determine a person's or phenomon geographical location. When in interface with Cerebral the user can project their thoughts to form psychic mirages that displays what the user's see.. Another unique feature is that Cerebral has access to the cyber space allowing the user to view profiles of almost every listed indiviual within states and continent by piggybacking on already existing files. The location of Cerebral is located underneath the palace in the "Hive Chamber", sealed away from any visitors minus the by the well-trained psychic members of the Fujin and Empress Nozomi.

The Psychic Strain

Though the downside of using Cerebral can be extremely dangerous, and telepaths without well-trained, disciplined minds put themselves at great risk when attempting to use it. This is due to the psychic feedback that users experience when operating Cerebral, since they connect with the psychic sphere and thus linking them to other's mind. As the device greatly enhances natural psychic ability, users who are unprepared for the sheer enormity of this increased psychic input can be quickly and easily overwhelmed, resulting in various psychological and mental state disorders such as insanity, coma, permanent brain damage or even death, while trained users can suffer from headaches, unconsciousness, or common nose bleed. The effects on trained user only happens when they've been putting an enormous output of psychic energy and long hour usage of the device. Cerebral is also effected by various natural environmental factors such as electromagnetic fields, particulary if any adverse effects were to happen it can limit and hinder Cerebral's usage to a certain degree such as limited radius.

China's Edition

Empress Sayomi (Charmix) has another variation of Cerebral that she built in China. Like the original it is kept undernealth the palace of the residing ruler and protected by multiple security walls. Cerebral's primary unit is an egg-shaped chamber in which a telepath could sit and connect to the system via a helmet. The system in China is secretly connected to the telemetric contact of the one located in Japan. The distinctive features allow the chamber, when telepathic activity is in use, creates a condensation on the walls from visible "psychic energy", forming images of what the user sees. Like Cerebral, Cerebral 2 can also extend the range of a telepath's thoughts. Though like it's original counterpart Cerebral 2 also sometimes suffer environmental factors, thus having an apparent level of decrease in it's power and the telepath.

The Shadow Cabinet

Where There Is Light, There Is Darkness

When life brings forth the light, there the darkness give birth to it's shadows. Hidden under the hearts of every soul awaiting for release of restrained ferocity, the Shadow Cabinet meets it's wishes. Not much is about this prestige group nor of it's existence. Acting behind the shadows and manipulating events to their benefit. They are a collection of high powered members sharing most if not all of the same goals. The members and key players are kept to themselves, they play along, wearing a mask to hide their true motives. In which the case, they take advantage of already played global situations, manipulating events behind the scenes, all for their own personal gain. The chess game is set and there is no turning back now, once your in, you can never get out.

(Please note, this is in the progress of adding more to this, but this is just a prototype that could be edit. I have much more to cover.)

standard rules applies to this thread if you wish to converse in it, but please sell, if your doing something rpg wise lol other than that have fun and enjoy the tedious reading.... :)

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@shadowknight666: Thank you :)♥

@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: :D hehehe thank you bfffff <3 pm if you want a chair ;)


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@Charmix: FOUND ONE!

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@Charmix: Niiiiice!

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@Angeni: Thank you goddesss<3

@Alcar_Vanwaar: awww yeah I'll add you to the magicpedia thing:D

@Mr. Mercury: thank you babycakes♥

@X_No_Name_X: ♥i see what you did there;)

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@Charmix: yaaaaay and is this a team or a pedia thing

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So this is it huh?

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@Alcar_Vanwaar: I don't make teams, lol so this isn't one sorry ;(

I'm a bad leader, its harder than it looks lol

@The_Obsidian_Emperor: yashhh it is.

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@Charmix: I'm wondering how my character would work into this?
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@The_Obsidian_Emperor: Hmmm ;) shoot me a pm and if your lucky I'll let you test run my jewels ;]

Celestial Rings of the Jade Emperor
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Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwww

Surreal is from China!

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@.Mistress Redhead.: Oooh yeahhh, I forgot about that character >.< i blame you for not flashing her more ;(♥ lol

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale: pm if you want me to add more information on your post :)

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@Charmix said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: Oooh yeahhh, I forgot about that character >.< i blame you for not flashing her more ;(♥ lol

Ninjas dont flash :P

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:

@Charmix said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: Oooh yeahhh, I forgot about that character >.< i blame you for not flashing her more ;(♥ lol

Ninjas dont flash :P

Not really, Kunoichi's do that

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Is that a Manga/Anime thing?.....

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:

Is that a Manga/Anime thing?.....

It's basically a female ninja.

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:

Is that a Manga/Anime thing?.....

It's basically a female ninja.

It's the definition of a female ninja lol what I meant was ..... Oh wait I think I got your joke now.... >.
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@.Mistress Redhead. said:


@.Mistress Redhead. said:

Is that a Manga/Anime thing?.....

It's basically a female ninja.

It's the definition of a female ninja lol what I meant was ..... Oh wait I think I got your joke now.... >.

Yeah, sure, let's go with that..

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@.Mistress Redhead.: They operate like the black widow, get them mens hornin then killem after they are weak in bed

Peregrine tends to water the bonsai gardens

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@Rumble Man said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: They operate like the black widow, get them mens hornin then killem after they are weak in bed

Peregrine tends to water the bonsai gardens

noooooo not true!

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@.Mistress Redhead.: Not being sexist here but they can obviously fight as well and sometimes better than their male counterparts. But they mostly operate as Mata Hari types, both in espionage and deceit. Because those sleazy feudal lords lower their guard during bedtime. One of their ninpo is called ahem 'reverse flow' which is a very painful to males. Because feminine wiles plus sleazy men who underestimate women's strengths are a good way to exploit flaws,

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Very impressive, Charmix :)

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This is seriously awesome ^_^

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Charmix this is bloody awesome!

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@Rumble Man said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: Not being sexist here but they can obviously fight as well and sometimes better than their male counterparts. But they mostly operate as Mata Hari types, both in espionage and deceit. Because those sleazy feudal lords lower their guard during bedtime. One of their ninpo is called ahem 'reverse flow' which is a very painful to males. Because feminine wiles plus sleazy men who underestimate women's strengths are a good way to exploit flaws,

This is one of those moment where research is needed for full on character creation lol♥

@Impero: Thank you ;) I'll pm you about something hehehe.

@Acer.: Thanks youuuuuuuu♥ love

@The Umbra Sorcerer: Heeheheh thank you and .... LANDSHARKKKK!