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Well as the title says this is my first attempt at trying to make a character and I wanted to know what you guys think. Any advice/criticisms are much appreciated.

p.s. This may be a bit of a long read.

p.p.s. If it doesn't make sense I will change it later it's almost midnight at the moment.

Real Name: William Berquez

Given Name: Billy Club

Code Name: Grenadier


Billy has a level of control over energy more specifically HARPECKS which stands for:









Heat allows my character to have a very minor control over the heat of the environment such as creating a heatwave in a room to dispatch groups of enemies. This Power also allows him to channel the heat inside himself to raise/lower his own internal temperature, this aspect of the power is much more drastic than when he uses it outside of his body. This makes it nigh impossible for him to be frozen or burnt as long as he is aware of it happening.

Atomic energy is his most powerful type of offensive ability as it can create energy beams and explosions so strong that he can imitate the force of the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima. This is a rarely used power as it has lot's of repercussions. It can have a lasting affect on the environment and can also kill large amounts of people which is against his moral code. The power is also incredibly draining and can only be used for very short periods of time before causinghim to pass out from exhaustion.

Radiation is the ability to produce different types of radiation. It is unknown which types of radiation he is able to control however it has been suspected that he has the potential to have complete control of all types of radiation. The only one he has displayed use of so far is X-ray which have allowed him to see into a persons body.

Potential energy mostly comes in the form of Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) which allows him to fall from great heights unharmed and also hover in the air for around 30 seconds, his falling speed is also slowed down and his jumping height is higher however he cannot and never will be able to fly.

Electrical energy control does excactly what it says on the tin. This is used mostly as a tazer like attack and as such normally sends people unconscious. One key thing to note with this power is that it can be used to override certain brain functions if concentrated on the skull of a person, it has shown to be able to reverse the permanent brain damage of his Aunt.

Chemical energy is a control over fire, he can shoot a stream of fire from his hand or combine it with his control over heat to create a fiery force field. Like with electricity he can absorb small quantities of fire and use them to give himself energy or increase his power temporarily.

Kinetic energy, this is his second most draining power when used offensively however he prefers to use it to reach speeds of up to Mach 5. When he does use it offensively he can throw objects with much more speed, force and distance than is normally possible and can also send most humans flying with a punch. It is believed that he may be able to absorb the kinetic energy from others however he has not yet shown this ability.

Sound is the final type of energy he has control over. It allows him to hear sounds from much greater distance and be more precise with his hearing, he can hear a person sweat from in another house. Luckily for him he can turn his super hearing off when he wants. He can also produce sounds that are of a high enough pitch to stun people.


As his name would suggest he uses a pair of billy-clubs as weapons and often channels his powers through them.


William Berquez was an average person growing up in South East London. He was the best looking person, he wasn't the smartest person either, he had no special trait you could really associate with him. When William was 19 he met the love of his life, Laura, and for a time he was as happy as a man could be but that all changed when the fire nation attacked. And less than a year later she told him she was pregnant with twins. Despite feeling overjoyed at the thought of someone calling him Daddy he was worried due to not having a job, William eventually managed to get hired by a biochemical medical engineering company working as an electrical engineer in one of their labs.

His two children were born but this had dire consequences as Laura died during childbirth. William was shattered and despite the feelings of grief being overwhelming he decided that looking after his children was much more important than grieving. His children grew up in a two bedroom flat in Croydon and despite not having the most money in the world they still got everything they needed, for a while William's life was good again. Almost five years after Laura's death tragedy struck again, this time in the form of his two children. While driving to his cousins house for the weekend William let his concentration slip for a few seconds, however this was enough to ensure that his car went flying head first into a lorry, luckily he survived unfortunately his children didn't...This fact haunts him each day.

Feeling like he no longer had meaning to live he spent the next few years in America going into bars picking fights with everyone he could as a kind of punishment to himself for what he had let happen. On one particular occasion that he had one drink too many he ended up killing an on duty police officer, to prevent execution for murder he got offered the chance to help with an experiment in a physics lab, he had the most dangerous job to do which was switch it off if it went wrong, if he did this he would be free from execution.

Unfortunately the experiment, an attempt at recreating the Suns nuclear fusion, did go wrong but it was unable to be shut down. The resulting explosion ended up killing nearly 200 people in the facility but by a miracle William survived the explosion, his right arm had somehow absorbed the energy from the mini-sun which had caused the cells in the veins of his right arm to constantly undergo nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. This gave him all of the powers of HARPECKS but he can only channel it through his right arm. He also has to use cybernetic implants which are attached from every muscle in his right arm to his neck which gives him movement in that arm as the explosion destroyed the use of it. He must heavily armor that arm at all times because of how fragile it is and if one of the cybernetic disks on his arms are damage he loses all movement in the arm. The US government have helped him to find new meaning in life as the superhero Billy Club in order to atone for the mistake he made.


William is a working class man from London with French grandparents on his fathers side however he resides in New York.

Status: Registered hero.

So make sure to tell me what you all think.

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Clever, I like it. Plus its cool to see a registered hero out there too.

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Lovely! Going to be fun seeing you around!

A registered hero out there too.


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Nice work.

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@lady_liberty: Thanks I am going to rewrite his origin properly tomorrow because I left out some bits

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I like the scientific powers, It's gives the hero a different feel to him, usually I just try to explain everything like 'it's magic'.

Anyway props dude.

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@superstay: Thanks, I changed part of his origin and gave it a bit more depth I'm not sure if you've read it yet.

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I just finished reading it, the origins is cool.....It's a cool aspect. The Average Joe, who never had much going for him, finally gets something in his life; And he looses if. That's a cool aspect that I love. I would love to see your character in action.

P.S. So 'Billy Club' is a code name, cool...I haven't seen many government heroes around here. It reminds me of 'Shield'


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@superstay: Thanks, I wanted my character to be uncertain of his actions and I thought that the best way to make it a believable part of his personality would be to make it based on regret, the prime example of this was Punisher so I went that route.

Billy Club isn't a superhero name as such, it's more along the way Luke Cage named himself. If you can think of a superhero name then I'd appreciate it.

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I will add an image of how I picture him later. I can't draw to save my life so I will have to use the Champions Online character creation,

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I like it.

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I decided his offical hero name will be Grenadier. My reasoning is that the term was originally French and later adopted by the English much like how Billy is English from French descent. Also it originally meant a bomber and most of his powers are explosive in one way or another.