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Monday morning

The buildings catch the light in the morning like a black hole, absorbing it as shadows envelope most of the streets in the City, light never truly hitting the planted trees that withered and died without being replenished or removed. Flucks watches the sky rise from the Eastern horizon with velvet suspenders over his black tank top holding up his dark burgundy slacks, his fists behind his back, bloody. "P-please, I don't know how to do it, it's impossible, I can't work for you, and work against the JLI! P-please just...just let me go, I won't tell anybody about this I swear, just let me see my wife and kids!" The man in a blue jumper with the JLI insignia stamped on says, on his knees with hands tied behind his back. Sin Fong, known as The Assistant to most, stands behind him with a gun to his skull watching the beads of sweat drop from his recently gelled head. "I abducted you from the pick up zone for a reason, one reason. It comes down to two options. You can go back and see your family, dead before you even make it to them, and I'll let you live with that. Or, I can just kill you here, now.." He pulls out the mans wallet from his fist,looking to the identification card, "James." The technicians eyes shift back and forth as he feels the cold steel barrel kissing his cerebellum, "Don't! God, please don't...I'll help you two.. just leave my family be " Flucks hikes up his pants at the knees as he squats down in front of the man, looking him in the eye with a smile " See? Incentive always equals productivity." Rising he wipes his hands on the towel on his couch and throws it to the man after Sin cuts his bindings, "I'll take him back to the so fuckin' secret, port station." Presses his ear close to the jaw line, responding privately messaging Sin "Kill...his dog, and maybe that nephew staying with him. Your call, just know I want him on his toes working, not on his knees crying." The communication is cut off without the regard for a response, the two having a well melded business relationship, able to leave more than a few decisions to her often displayed general acumen in their line of work. James stares at him with terror in his eyes walking down the hall, but keeps his mouth shut for fear of paying for whatever they may be.

That afternoon


A pool of sweat drenches the bed, leaving rings of stained musk atop the already current stains, this was his life. He steps out of the cubed bed and reviews the holographic ticker feed of todays agenda while heading to the kitchen as it slides across the wall with him, stopping in front of the cabinets while he's pouring coffee.

20 minutes later

Stepping into the control room with another cup of coffee, feeling drained as usual until he trains and builds kinetic energy, syphoning it and turning it to an adrenaline like secretion to his brain, "Morning Jimmy, got you a coffee" He says with a down to earth tone and a kind smile, "Thanks S-S-Surkit..." H e grabs the cup with his head in the information serverm expertly hiding his slightly swollen features. "No problem, sounds like you had enough as it is, J-Jimmy" He says laughing and taking a seat observing the fluctuating chaos statistics graph, an experimental feature that can with enough data predict and help prevent events of a tragic or devastating nature. "Gonna be a loooong week"

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"You know sir...there is a doctor that could help you..."

Bishop takes a break from the chaos computer, looking at Jimmy, "What's a doctor gonna do, give me some knockout pills and watch me drop? Nah I'd rather put in extra shifts."

Jimmy smacks his hand with the wrench walking up behind Bishop, "I mean't a head doctor" he leans in close, ready to swing a bludgeoning blow until Bishop turns again, making him quickly jam it into a bolt on a computer tower. "A shrink? I don't know about it... what makes you jump on my sanity first man?" He asks with a defensive posture pressing himself to the side of the chair

. Jimmy pulls the wrench back out and looks at him, "No disrespect sir, it's just ya know, if your not sleeping and your an elite you said it can't be fixed by a pill and a prescription right? Gotta be in the head, didn't mean to call ya crazy. "

bishop leans back down then stands with a sigh, "Don't worry about it I see where you're coming from, I never tried it though, not sure what will go down. I keep my problems my problems." He turns and looks into the blank chunk of wall zoning out for a moment in thought, "Can you recommend anybody?"

Jimmy turns opposite to his back, with a deceit written grin on his face, "Maybe...I dunno uh... Well who do ya know that could help a super, knows'em well enough to figure your guys' brains out?"

The weary leader sits in his chair and reads off the list of degree certified candidates to share his mental state with, one pops up in particular. A woman he knew prior by the name of Cassidy Lockheart Starks. She was certified in anatomy and engineering as well as a laundry list of other enviable skills of the mind and hand.