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For years now Persephone Gray, the metahuman thief known as Portrait, had been trying to get her criminal record erased. She had lost count of the repentant visits she had made to various governments and museums to this end. Every day she had to look in the mirror and tell herself that she was going to turn her life around (that’s what she told herself…actually she looked in the mirror because she looked fabulous and knew it). She was going to take charge and be a model citizen. A law-abiding artist who didn’t have to skip out on her own shows when the fuzz showed up. She was gonna do it. Yep.

Now, Portrait held a folder from the United States government containing official exoneration of all her past crimes, as well as those from dozens of other countries. She flipped through the papers, her eyes glassy. This was everything she had wanted and…it really sucked. Portrait threw the folder over her shoulder, the papers scattering all over the floor. The hell with that, clean slates were boring. She was an ARTIST. A clean slate was just an invitation for a scribble-fest. She was going to paint the town red, make the authorities go blue in the face, turn the other wanna-be art thieves green with envy…no one would accuse Portrait of being cowardly, having a yellow belly.

Her hands clasped behind her back, Portrait looked out the window of her little apartment in Paris. Her eyes were fixed on the horizon, just beyond which lay the Louvre. She grinned widely, bearing mother-of-pearl teeth. She was going to make her return in STYLE! Something really flashy. A bit of panache. Make the various governments instantly regret granting her amnesty. A plan was forming. A sinister plan. Carefully peeking down the hall to make sure her landlady wasn’t around to hear, Portrait laughed evilly.

The next day, as the sun gradually ascended towards noon, Portrait strolled over towards the Louvre. She was wearing a ripped tank top and shorts, and basically looked like any tourist. She wandered around the museum for a while, not really paying attention to any of the exhibits (she had seen them all hundreds of time before after all…and had been IN many of them). Slowly, she made her way towards the room where the Mona Lisa was kept, careful not to make eye contact with any of the security guards.

As usual, it was packed with tourists, but that was okay. This way Portrait could have an audience for her little show. She coughed once to get attention, and then louder when no one looked. That didn’t work either. “HEY! OVER HERE! FREE ART!” she yelled. That worked. As people turned at the universally interesting word ‘free’, Portrait tore off her tank and shorts to reveal her costume. “PATRONS OF THE ARTS! BEWARE! FOR THE MUSE OF THIEVES IS HERE!” She twirled a paintbrush dramatically. “Wait…how do you have more clothing on now than you were wearing before?” a tourist asked. Portrait made a shushing motion. “That’s not important. What is important is that I AM GOING TO STEAL THE MONA LISA, AND THERE IS NOTHING ANY OF YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!

Portrait vaulted over the nearest tourist, kicking in the glass surrounding the famous work of art. Snatching it from the wall, she threw up a canvas she had in one of her magic belt pockets, and then leapt into a painting on the side wall of the room.

The canvas was a picture of Portrait as the Mona Lisa. It constantly repeated a message: “I’m back b!tches! And here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to steal The Son of Man, Picasso’s self-portrait, Saturn Eating His Son, The Night Watch, and the Birth of Venus, in THAT ORDER. I’d give a list of times, but I have limited recording time. Nyah nyah, you can’t catch me!

Portrait tumbled out of the Painted World into one of her safe houses. She leaned the Mona Lisa against the wall, a little less carefully than art historians might have liked. This was great. Why on Earth had she ever even thought of reforming? Grinning, she mentally searched the Painted World to figure out where she was headed next: Montreal!

Canada, more like Can’t Catch Up! Except it would take a little while for the news to spread, and it would be no fun to perform the greatest heist in art history without anyone knowing. Shrugging, Portrait sat down next to the Mona Lisa and began tracking her tag on Twitter. She would have KILLED for a smartphone back in 1920.

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"(Glad you could make it)," Jean Marc Ayrault declared as Yusuke, dressed in all black armor clad with twin glocks and the Sword of sarutobi attached to his back entered the esteemed Prime Minister's office. "(Word spreads fast. Your an upstart, but I get the feeling you can bring me results)," Ayrault chided with uncanny candor. "Your charm does you a disservice Prime Minister. A service is all I am here to provide. Now, the target if you don't mind."

"(No problem)," he said with dissatisfaction. Reaching for a remote atop the paper cluttered, cherry wood desk he activated a tv on the far wall. Tropies adorned the area to the left, which when illuminated by the vivid display of the television came into view made the Executive smile with content. A video played, depicting the robbery of the Mona Lisa by a woman with an awe inspiring ability. As Yusuke watched her travel through the Paintings, alter the display, the disappear he found his mind troubled by the idea of attempting to capture her. "How much?" he asked with bravado. "(250,000 dolllars)." Yusuke rose from his seat, "I'll be back," and disappeared without a trace.

I’m back b!tches! And here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to steal The Son of Man, Picasso’s self-portrait, Saturn Eating His Son, The Night Watch, and the Birth of Venus, in THAT ORDER. I’d give a list of times, but I have limited recording time. Nyah nyah, you can’t catch me!

The words replayed in his mind with acute clarity as he dashed across the U.S. in route to the LHotel' Lounge in Montreal, last known location of Rene Margritte's masterpiece. Way he saw it he had five chances to take her down. The Namikaze Prince needed to gather as much information as he could about her in the premier encounters, and hopefully he can find a flaw. Armed with a more human arsenal he planned to take a less destructive approach, minimal damage was a prerequisite for such sensitive jobs.

Upon reaching the Hotel he used the Heaven's Eyes to place the people in the hotel under an illusion. Now to them he looked like a simple child no older than 12, running about with his paper airplane. If the Muse of Thieves was unaware of the illusion he would attempt to place her under it as well.

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The Louvre, Taking a Break...

Superheroes were known for their commitment to the war on crime, it was really what made them stand out. In a world full of superhumans, one was presented with one of three options: to straddle the line of neutrality, looking out for number one, but never straying too far either way in the spectrum of good and evil; to accept the label of villain and take whatever you want, by any means necessary; or to take on the mantle of hero, and fight for order and stability in the world. Neutrals and villains could afford to take time off, to take a break from the mad world of masks and monsters. Heroes had no such luxury. To be a hero was to dedicate yourself fully to the cause and to fight without ceasing until you could fight no more. Essentially, the three-way choice was a split path. There were only two options, to live selfishly, or to selflessly give everything you had to the cause. Jason had chosen the path of the hero, and as such had given up the right to have a life of his own. However, occasionally fate decides to allow the hero a moment of peace, a brief interlude, before the second act begins.

Jason Oakes was in the midst of one such interlude. He had spent the last year operating within Vine City, an American city swimming with criminal activity. There were several other heroes in the area, though Jason was one of the few with superpowers. His ability to manipulate electromagnetism had proven to be a huge advantage during his first few months on the job, but in recent times things had become more challenging. He was well known in the city now, criminals were starting to prepare for him, organisations were hiring individuals with the ability to stand toe-to-toe with the Thunder Kid. He had to be smarter, he had to plan ahead now, it wasn't enough to simply burst into a warehouse and start knocking out thugs. Jason had a plan, to take out one of the leading crime bosses in the area, the Regent. In order for this plan to work, he had to remove himself from the equation for a while, Eclipse had to disappear. He was still operating in the city, but without his powers and without drawing attention to himself. Still, he was trying to disappear, so every so often Jason thought it would be a good idea to get out of the city, to take a little time off. An interlude.

So as he wandered around the Louvre, the hero known as Eclipse tried his best to relax. After a year of spending his every waking hour dedicated to the war, it was difficult to switch off. The teen had decided to go on something of a tour around the world, and the Louvre was on his list. Although he was starting to wonder why. 'This totally isn't my scene.' Jason thought as he stood behind a mass of people, all attempting to get a glimpse of the famed Mona Lisa. 'I don't get art at all... I get that it's a really old painting, but it's just a picture of some girl. I mean it's alright, but it's not that great.' He eyed the security guards, who were all watching the painting closely. 'Just don't really understand how something so simple can be worth so much...'

“HEY! OVER HERE! FREE ART!” Someone yelled at the back of the queue, as Jason followed the crowd and swivelled his head. A young woman, much better looking than the dead one they were all clamouring the see, was grinning at the crowd. Without warning, she tore her clothes off, to reveal an entirely different costume. “PATRONS OF THE ARTS! BEWARE! FOR THE MUSE OF THIEVES IS HERE! I AM GOING TO STEAL THE MONA LISA, AND THERE IS NOTHING ANY OF YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!” As much as Eclipse didn't appreciate the art, he was pretty much entirely against theft. Before he could make a move to stop the thief, the panicking crowd smothered him and the Muse leapt over their heads, out of Jason's sight. By the time he had disentangled himself from the other tourists, the woman had completely disappeared! In place of the Mona Lisa she had left a moving self-portrait, declaring her plan to steal even more famous works of art.

"So much for my vacation." Eclipse sighed as he finally stepped outside, where the French police had gathered to interview all of the witnesses. One of them motioned towards the teen, who simply smirked as the sky rumbled and he was consumed in a flash of lightning.

Montreal, Eventually...

A bolt of lightning struck the ground in Montreal as Eclipse emerged a little while later. It had taken him a while to discover where the Son of Man was kept. He was completely uneducated in the field of art, at first he had thought that, due to the order Portrait had listed the masterpieces, the Son of Man was Picasso's self-portrait. Still, the time it took to find had also given him an opportunity to research the thief herself, so at least he was a little better prepared for her this time. Entering the hotel in civilian garb, Jason made his way towards the painting's location, hoping he wasn't too late...

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Swiftly arriving in Montreal after discovering the theft of another master piece, he had decided as an avid art collector to defend the next artistic genius that was meant to be stolen soon. Previously breaking in highly easily, he had laced a thin coating of plastic over the painting which would stop the assailant jumping inside without being stopped. First they would need too remove the coating ( a simple piece of plastic - very thin however, almost invisible to the naked eye ) then jump inside. He had known about the jumping tactic, beacuse the theft was recorded on I-phones and other devices by the spectators before-hand. Simply, he would wait for the robber as soon as they became visible and intervene.