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The Mobb Mansion was unusually quiet with all the members presently there. It had been a trying few weeks but like always the Mobb Deep Affiliates overcame adversity and now they were just taking some much need relaxation. Each member was off doing their own thing through out the Mansion. Some were training, others playing video games or out by the pool taking in some sun while Kurrent was on the grill making dinner for the team drinking a beer. It was a perfect day but like Mobb Deep has learned that day like that don't last very long.

Mobb Deep has tech throughout each major city in the US that is linked to the CV radios of the police cars. It functions in many different ways but mainly when key words are spoken it triggers Mobb Deeps systems back in the mansion to alert them when things are going on that require them. After about an hour of them hanging out and when Kurrent was serving the stakes the system went completely ballistic. Alarms rang throughout the entire mansion and each member knew that the had to answer the call and go to the briefing room. As soon as they entered the meeting room. Large screens lowered from the ceiling and the police transmissions could be heard on surround sound. It sounded like total chaos people screaming, police men shouting "man down, man down"

It took a second for the screens to turn on but when it did it went right to CNN where the disturbance could be seen. It was total devastation to the city streets. The city was in a fiery blaze and what stood out was a large red demonic looking figure that was blowing fire from his mouth. Behind him you could a large green Tyrannosaurs Rex ramming into  the Sun Trust building. Then right in front of the camera as it panned from left to right you could see a caped man with beams coming from his eyes cutting the road in half and before anything else could happen The Batman was on the screen. This was not the one that valiantly battled the HFC or LOS at one point thought this one was different. He had a girl in his arms that had a painted clown face. She was struggling but was tied up by a lasso  that really gave her no shot in moving. While looking into the camera The Batman said aloud "Come out, Come out wherever you are Mobb Deep" and right after pulled a gun from his holster and fired on the girl.

Kurrent was in shock as to what he say and quickly acted. "They are in Orlando, in our city, everybody suit up and get to Downtown now." Downtown Orlando was not far from the Mobb Mansion and it would take some members only seconds to get there and others a few minutes. Before everyone had left Kurrent pulled The Genesis Archer and Agent Death to the side and said you guys are the teams newest members this is what it's all about. I know you guys can fight but we need to work as a team and put these guys down before they destroy the city and hurt any more people.

The team scatter all finding their own way to the crime scene. Kurrent quickly suited up and grabbed his belt. As soon as he got outside  made a vine like electrical stream that attached to a power line right outside the mansion. He used his electrokenisis pull himself up to the line and began to "surf" on it as fast as he could towards downtown. As soon as he got there he could see some of the Mobb Deep members had already arrived. Once he was right in front of The Batman he jumped of the power line in a 450 flip and landed on his feet about 150 feet away but still facing Batman who spoke first....."You must be wondering who we are and why we are here" but before Kurrent could reply the same lasso that that was holding the girl that was killed in cold blood was now around him. He looked down at it and when he did so an electric rush came through it that would have put anybody down but not The Excellence of Electrocution. As the women wielding the rope looked at Kurrent in astonishment he said in a loud angered tone "YOU MUST NOT KNOW WHO THE F@#K I AM" and engulfed his entire body in electrical energy. The effect of it carried the same shock of the lasso back towards Wonder Woman and gave he a large shock that caused her to release the lassos grip that had slipped down onto the heroes feet.

By this time Batman had pulled out his gun and was aiming at The Electric One. As bullets began to fly Kurrent combat rolled behind a large armored van and yelled to the police chief "Get the press and the people outta here" then right after looking towards the Batman that was heading his way fast he said into his com link to his team "They are trying to double team us watch yourselves"

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Agent_death was enjoying the hot sun by the Mobb Deeps mansion poolside she could smell the nice and rare stakes being cooked on the grill when suddenly there alarm system went off Agent Death Knew what was going on there was trouble quickly her and the rest of her team immediatly stopped what they were doing and walked into the mission briefing room.
she could hear the inoccent screams coming srom the police radios suddenly CNN was broadcasting the scene live It was total destruction below city streets. The city was in a fiery blaze and what stood out was a large red demonic looking figure that was blowing fire from its mouth. Behind him you could see a large green Tyrannosaurs Rex ramming into  the Sun Trust building. Then right in front of the camera as it panned from left to right you could see a caped man with beams coming from his eyes cutting the road in half and before anything else could happen, suddenly The Batman was on the screen. This was not the one that valiantly battled the HFC or LOS at one point thought this one was different. He had a girl in his arms that had a painted clown face "harley" Agent death said aloud. She was struggling but was tied up by a lasso  that really gave her no shot in moving. While looking into the camera The Batman said aloud "Come out, Come out wherever you are Mobb Deep" and right after pulled a gun from his holster and fired on the girl.

The gun shot made Agent Death Jump she had never seen anything like this before. suddenly Mobb Deeps team leader kurrent said "They are in Orlando, in our city, everybody suit up and get to Downtown now." Downtown Orlando was not far from the Mobb Mansion and it would take some members only seconds to get there and others a few minutes.

Agent Death ran two her locker and pulled out all of her equipment she had just finished zipping up her vibranium enlaced suit when Kurrent pulled hr off to the side and said "you guys are the teams newest members this is what it's all about. I know you guys can fight but we need to work as a team and put these guys down before they destroy the city and hurt any more people." Agent Death shook her head in agreence and then she took off she ran toward the nearest window jumping out of it, she landed in the garden  but she got up and kept running as fast as she could toward Downtown. Her and Kurrent arived at the same time Agent Death could see all of her team was present and accounted for.
Agent Death looked up at batman who began to speak "You must be wondering who we are and why we are here" But before anyone could reply the same lasso that that was holding Harley Quinn Who was killed in cold blood was now around Kurrent. He looked down at it and when he did so an electric rush came through it that would have put anybody down but not The Excellence of Electrocution. As the women wielding the rope looked at Kurrent in astonishment he said in a loud angered tone "YOU MUST NOT KNOW WHO THE F@#K I AM" and engulfed his entire body in electrical energy. The effect of it carried the same shock of the lasso back towards Wonder Woman and gave he a large shock that caused her to release the lassos grip that had slipped down onto the heroes feet.

Agent Death immediatly Looked at wonder woman while Kurrent was fighting the Batman Agent Death was About to take on The Most powerful amazon in the world, Agent Death threw 6 Ninja stars in Wonder womans direction but she managed to see them and she blacke dthem using her braclets Wonder woman then came flying toward Agent Death!

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It was one of those moments that every Mobb Deep member welcomed with open arms, after many missions as a team and overcoming many trials and tribulations each one had earned a well earned day of rest and relxation and thats exactly what most of the team were doing. Some were just relaxing in the pool while others were acting like kids and having video game competitions, Kurrent was busy at the grill preparing food for each member. The food smelt delicious and the beer was chilled and looked so good right about now but for Acer even in times like this he still liked to train, this was his was of relaxing his body but most importantly his mind. Acer trained intensivlely and had been for two hours straight by doing this he was able to keep his darkside in check and at the same time hone his body even further.

Acer was inside his own personally built dojo that stood next to the outside pool, the windows were tainted so no one could see him training and the walls were made of special material that stopped any sounds of getting in or out, everyone on the team knew not to disturb him in times of training and thats how he liked it he needed his mind to be at peace when training and not have distractions. There was a com link inside as well as video screens and an alarm system should he needed to be reached incase of an emergency. The only other person that usually came in here with Acer was Kurrent and that was so the two could spar and further increase there already amazing abilities in hand to hand. Acer had yet to best Kurrent in a sparring session even with his photographic reflexes and his argumented ki that had increased him physically in almost every aspect, not once could he best the more experienced Mobb Deep leader. Today Acer was focusing on pressure point fighting, he always had basic knowledge of pressure points but over the past couple of months he had become a master on presure points. Acer had learned that he could disable a person and make there bodies react in different ways depending on the points he hit and the sequence in which he hit them. He could further devolop this by adding his own chi to the points to disable a person from the inside.

Acer was in his usual red training gi, his blonde hair swaying in the directions in which his body moved. A punching bag hanged in the middle of the room shaped to look like a human with various dots over it to show were each pressure point is located. Acer was hitting each point using a style known as tai chi, this was a more fluid style and one that relaxed his mind and body while keeping his body in prime shape. This style was the best style when using his ki energy in a fight as it was the one style that kept him at complete peace and was the only style to date that stopped his darkside from getting out even just a little. Acer was hitting each point with great speed and accuracy. Then an alarm went off and Acer missed his next point and that made him angry and he completly destroyed the dummy with one punch. He knew that alrm meant only one thing and that was to get to the meeting room and fight another threat, it was the job of being a hero. This was welcomed by Acer he could put his new knowledge to the test.

Acer left the dojo and followed each member in the briefing room, standing at the back of the room the monitors came down from the ceiling showing a city in chaos and destruction. People were running around screaming poilice were shouting, cars were burning and destroyed. A large red demonic figure stood setting things ablaze while shoting fire from his mouth, a large T Rex stood there crushing things as it moved. A masked man stood there next to a woman who had a lasso tied around her. The girl struggled to move but to no avail as she had no were to go and she had a gun to her head "Come out, Come out wherever you are Mobb Deep" and with that he fired the gun and downed the girl. Acer looked around at all the other shocked faces in the room at what they just witnessed. Acer closed his eyes and meditated keeping the darkness from getting out. "They are in Orlando, in our city, everybody suit up and get to Downtown now." Acer opend his eyes and left the room as Kurrent took the newest members to one side, keeping his gi on he went down town.  Acer was scalling the roof tops and he quickly arrived were he could see the destruction in true form. "YOU MUST NOT KNOW WHO THE F@#K I AM" Acer turned to see Kurrent next to the two people who had just put down the clown faced girl. His body was surrounded by the lasso but the electric ace quickly turned the girls own move against her by shooting electricty up the lasso. Kurrent was free and moved out of the way of the firing masked man.  

They are trying to double team us watch yourselves"Acer could see the newest member of the team engage the lasso wielding girl. Then as Acer looked around more he could see the large dinosaur coming at Acer with its large set of claws, in one swift movement Acer preformed a set of of backflips dodging a killing blow, the building was left nearly almost destroyed as the rubble fell down. Acer landed in a back alley and when he landed he could see a blur running all around him and every now and then the blur would attack Acer with a series of rapid punches. Acer knew that after seeing the villain Zoom III in action he knew he was up against a speedster. Acer took a defensive stance, he knew in this alley and up against this persons speed he stood little chance. His body was being attacked and he knew the only place to go was up but if he went the the rooftops he would have a dinosaur to deal with, the choice was does he stay on the ground and face a man who he simply could not hit or go and face a dinosaur  who he had no chance in overpowering. He had to make a choice and he had to do it quick.

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Gambler sat alone inside the LeS Chateaux eagerly watching the news. was under assault and the city was being burned to the ground. His eyes sharpened as one of the assailants coldheartedly looked into the camera before ruthless executing a hostage. Blood ran down her painted face as her body slumped to the ground. In his lap he held a folder labeled Lex Luthor. Running his finger along his chin he quickly rose up and refastened his cuff links before making his way out to the front lawn. The whirling blades of a helicopter preparing for take off whipped the wind around in a frenzy.

“Good afternoon Sir. Where to?” shouted the pilot.

Without making eye contact the Cajun simply replied, “Metropolis”

While in flight the news coverage of the recent attacks on had increased. Whoever the team was that was destroying the city had obviously picked it for a reason. was Mobb Deep’s backyard and it seemed the attack was only meant to draw them out. From what Gambler had seen the invading menaces’ all had powers that rivaled those of Kurrent and his band of heroes. They also seemed to be highly organized and disciplined in their tactics. Discipline reflects leadership, it was one of the main reasons Mobb Deep was such a cohesive unit. Both teams seemed to be evenly matched.

As the chopper entered Metropolis airspace they where immediately asked to confirm their identity. Lex Luthor had a strangle hold on the city and nothing came in or out without his approval. Luckily the Les Assassins Silencieux had connections and obtaining a face to face meeting with the most powerful man in Metropolis was not outside their reach. Gambler’s chopper touched down on the roof of the illustrious Lexcorp building where the King of Kings was greeted and escorted inside by some of Mr. Luthor’s personal security detail.

Once inside the guards led the way right up until they reached the dual oak doors with the gold LL initials on them. Making his way inside both men flashed fake smiles and greetings as they shook hands.

Its truly an honor to finally make your acquaintance Mr. LeBeau. I’ve heard nothing but admiral things about you and your family. Tell me, how is your daughter doing anyway?” he said with a condescending smirk.

family be in dee best of health Mr. Luthor. Perhaps I have my boy come by for some face time. He’s such, an admirer of yours.  The Cajun replied with a Cheshire Cat grin.

Both men knew the score and neither one let their gaze stray from the other as they both took a seat. Hours past as the two men engaged in deep discussion. Finally the doors burst open as Gambler stormed out of the room and Luthor had his security detail immediately surround the Cajun and begin to escort him out. As the doors began to slowly shut behind them Gambler threw a flash elbow into the face of one of the guards before dropping down onto his hands, using them to balance his body as  two otherguards simultaneously pulled their guns and fired taking eachother out. The Cajun quickly spun back up to his feet and dashed towards the closing doors, slipping through just as they closed. Luthor pulled his gun and fired but the elusive Cajun easily avoided the bullets. In one smooth and continuous motion Gambler flipped onto the desk and unleashed a kinetically charged card into the face of the most powerful man in Metropolis. But as the smoke cleared it reveled a patchwork of circuitry and metal.

Hahahaha Ahhhh Mr. LeBeau. You didn’t actually think I’d let a man of your reputation anywhere near me did you?” mocked the robotic look-a-like.

With a look of disbelief the Cajun frantically ran towards the window. Instantly the top half of the Lexcorp building erupted into a massive explosion raining debris and glass down upon the street below. Proving that Lex Luthor was a man not to be taken lightly.

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It seemed to be one of those unusual days where everything was quiet around the Mobb Mansion. The team had just been through one of it's toughest missions, in battling the dark power Apocalypse. It had been extremely trying for Alpha Guard, as when fighting Apocalypse they were 7 years in the future, and right at the time Mobb Deep challenged Apocalypse, an increase in Alpha Guard's power erased the kid hero's memory of the past seven years, and thus erasing near all the control Alpha Guard had over his growing powers, as well as making his mind unstable, because due to the memory loss Alpha's mind was part 14 year old, and part 21. However, Alpha Guard had managed to regain some control over his abilities, not enough to access their peak, but enough to make him a far more formidable opponent. When Alpha returned to this reality, he lost most of his increased powers, but a few of them, such as unaided flight, he retained.

So that afternoon, Alpha Guard was just enjoying being a true 14 year old again. He was in a T-shirt  and shorts instead of his costume, but still used his powers to conceal his identity, even though he did not wear a mask. Alpha Guard couldn't quite explain how he preformed this feat, he just did.

After a little training and playing some games, the alarms sounded. Alpha Guard created a fly swatter that smashed the alarm on the wall in mock annoyance, and raced th the briefing room.

Alpha got there in time to see some guy dressed like a bat saying Come out, come out wherever you are Mobb Deep, and then shooting a girl ensnared in a lasso. Kurrent then said, They are in Orlando, our city, everybody suit up and get to Downtown now.

I should have known this was too good to last,
Alpha Guard muttered to himself as he projected Alpha Energy around himself, forming his costume. Oh well, I can use the action.

Having donned his uniform, Alpha Guard raced outside, and propelled himself into the air by creating an invisible force felt only by him. He then directed his flight towards Downtown Orlando. Alpha Guard was one of the first members to arrive, but when he did, what looked like a T-Rex turned its head towards Alpha, and knocked him into the side of a building. What the, a T-Rex, here, now? Recovering from the shock of being hit by an animal that was supposed to have died out 65 million years age, Alpha plunged back into the "terror zone." There he found Kurrent battling the "Batman," Mobb Deep's newest member Agent Death battling the woman with the lasso, and Acer caught between the T-Rex and a super speedster. While debating who to go for, a blue blur flew at Alpha Guard like a rocket, and for the second time that day Alpha Guard got knocked into the side of a building. The blur, whoever it was, flew at Alpha again, but Alpha was ready that time and used his own super speed to get out of the way. The blur swerved away from the building, and then stopped in front of Alpha. Foolish child, do you really hope to come out alive against me, Superman?

Superman, huh? Well aren't you modest, Alpha retorted. This only angered "Superman," who attacked Alpha Guard, delivering blow after blow. Alpha did what he could to defend himself, but if hi was going to overcome his foe, he needed time to gather his wits. Problem was, it wasn't likely he'd get that kind of time real soon.

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Making sure the people were out of harms way was Kurrent's first priority but he had to act quickly. This group that had blatantly called out Mobb Deep was highly skilled and incredibly  dangerous. Once he saw that the police were doing their part and evacuating the people he knew that Mobb Deep was free to unload everything they had to put these guys down. Still though in the back of his mind Kurrent was wondering why they were here and why did they call them out specifically.

With the protection of the armored van the bullets coming form The Batman were being deflected and Kurrent was waiting for the right time to attack. As soon as the gun fire stopped the Excellence of Electrocution thought to himself "he is out of rounds" he kept his body close to the armored van and quickly he stood when he reached the front of it. Through his right hand came an electrical blast that was sent straight to where The Batman was believe to be but to Kurrents surprise their was nobody there almost as if he had completely vanished. The weary hero then pulled out his twin retractable Kali Sticks and extended them both to full range. Despite the devastation going on around him he took slow cautious steps to the middle of the road and saw that Batman was nowhere to be seen.

He looked to his right and saw that the green Tyrannosaurus Rex was in the middle or a metamorphosis. A bewildered look came across Kurrent's face having never seen anything like that before and when the change was done the green prehistoric beast was now an emerald feline. Kurrent was amazed for a second but when the green lion turned his head and show his teeth before taking a full charge at him his amazement was gone and replaced by an instinct to survive. Immediately he turned around and started sprint the other way to find higher ground. Into his com link he spoke the words "the green thing is a shape shifter" but before he could give out any strategic order his chest was caved in by knee that caused him to fall flat on his back. As soon as he hit the ground he was mounted by a woman that was sitting on his stomach. She was wearing an orange and blue costume and was wielding an energy based sword. She held the sword up over her head facing downward and when he and Kurrent looked eyes she said "Goodbye Lover" and began to drop her arms. The Heroes flexibility and combat prowess instantly came into play. While she was dropping the energy blade towards him Kurrent was able to shift his right  leg up around her and use his strength to over power the girl.

It all happened so fast and he caused he to roll off of him then he followed it with a Kip-up to get on his feet. When he turned to face her she was already on her feet as well gripping her energy sword with both hands. The two began to circle each other Kurrent with his adamantium Kali sticks in hand and The Ravager with her energy blade. She had an aggressive demeanor to her and condescendingly said "You're cute I hate that I have to kill you" she looked like she was going to attack when Kurrent said......

"Who are you people , what do you want" she quickly responded with "You have to die, so that we can live" then she came in swinging the blade at full force. Kurrent planted his feet and began to block while contorting his body in awkward positions to parry he sword. She was coming from all angles and each slash that she was doing had killing intentions behind them. He did his best to avoid her blade by clashing them with his sticks and every time he went to attack it was as if she knew what he was going to do before hand. Still in close quaters she was able to make a deep cut on Kurrents left bicep. That drawing of his blood seemed to make her more hungry to kill him like she was a shark after her prey. Thinking quickly he side stepped out of her direct path and preforemd a back hand spring to spread the distance. Upon landing he spoke again to The Ravager "We don't even know who you are you not making any sense".........."Let me give you a little history lesson, well my history" she said as both her and Kurrent were in a dead lock on each others eyes with weapons at the ready she spoke again. "When you guys leave Earth, we are the only heroes around fighting the good fight and we got pretty damn good at it. With Lex's guidance we were running things in no time. That is until you guys came back and said that democracy had been lost. Mobb Deep took everything away from us and locked us up to restore the world that was already perfect because of US!! After months of solitary we escaped and with the help of the cosmic treadmill here we are, back to take you out so that our young selves never have to deal with you scum"

You could hear the hatred in her voice and if Lex Luthor was behind this Mobb Deep was in deep trouble. While she was speaking Kurrent realized that his com link had still been on and that his team could hear everything. He had also been charging up his hand and the moment she took her first step towards him Kurrent fired an electric blast that put her through glass window of a pizza parlor on the street. Suddenly out of nowhere came the green lion. He jumped  on Kurrents back and slashed downward with his paw. The hit was hard and knocked  the hero down on the ground but the lion had not had enough. Again Kurrent found himself the victim of a mount but this time it was from a lion that was scratching away at Kurrents skin with the same intensity of the heroes former opponent.

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The blur just kept coming and going and when it did it would sent a flurry of rapid punches to different parts of Acer's body and head, how many time he had been tagged by this unforgiving speedster was baffling way to much for him to start counting. Acer was a master in martial arts and even with his extensive training he sitill could not predict this persons movements or come up with a counter that would turn the tables in his own favour. He could even sense the energy inside this man and against anyone else he could have done something but fighting a guy with such amazing speed was suicide and Acer was even above human physicallity and could increase himself by using his ki but still he could not tag this man. Strike after strike was layed upon The Ace but he could do nothing, he was a deer trapped in the head lights.

How he could even see just a blur was a miracle in itself, he knew this was not the only option but he couldnt run he was in a enclosed alley way and if he ran then the speedster would catch him, so his other otion was the rooftops but if he went there the dinosaur would most likely tag him. Acer even with the beating he had taking had still managed to stay on his feet and keep his defensive stance. He then made a choice, Acer began to jump frm wall to wall untill he made it to the rooftops but he went on the rooftop where the dinosaur was not at. Acer got to the top and was immediaetly met with a punch to the face. The pucns hit him in hir right cheek sending his head to one side and if it wasnt for his quick thinking blance he would have dropped back down in the alley and back to the speedster. The punch had hit him hard and had shook Acer a little. Regaining his composure he could see his attacker standing there in a shotokan karate stance.

This person was wearing a blue skin tight outfit with a red mask and other parts of the attire were red. Most of there face was covered but Acer could tell straight away that this was a girl, he could tell by her body shape and lower jaw that she was a woman. Acer could feel a strong chi in this person, it was the type that only gifted and hardened fighters had and by her stance and execution of attack he knew this person was an expert in fighting and would prove a dangerous opponent but at the moment it was a much better idea fighting this girl than taking on a speedster or a prehestoric beast. Acer took his own stance, it was a style known as praying mantis which is a chinese martial arts style, its moves are based of the agressive movements of the praying mantis. Its style focuses on circular whipping strikes to deflect direct attacks, then once an attack is deflected the person does precise attacks to the persons vitsl points, its style was perfect for Acer's recently mastery of pressure points.

This style is well noted for its amazing spped and pin point rapid attacks as well as its complx footwork which was greatly like the monkey style kung fu foot work. Acer could tell this person was ready to attack and his photographic reflexes were kicking in ready to cpy any movement this person would make. Acer began to circle around his opponent and his oppnent watched, doing this enabled two things the first was it would take hm away from the edge pf the building allowing him more room for  him to fight at his best, the second was he could check his opponents style from all angles and look for any kinks but he could not find one and also he could check for any hidden weaponry.  Acer moved into his opponent but then she backed off and dropped to the building and Acer was about to follow her when his com link kicked in "the green thing is a shape shifter" Acer moved to see that the green beast had now become a lion and was facing down Kurrent, Alpha was stuck in a death stir with a man that looked like the famous hero superman but his demeanour was more sinister.

Acer crouched down looking to see Kurrent fighting the woman only a few moments ago he himself was about to face, she now had an energy blade while Kurrent held his trademark kali sticks. Acer could hear the full converstion through the com link, if someone like Lex Luthor was involved then this ran much deeper than what the surface was showing and someone like Lex always has something much more sinister behind the curtain. Acer jumped from the building as Kurrent sent the girl through a window. Acer then saw Kurrent being atacked by a salvage lion, taking off with impressive speed Acer took off and kicked the lion off Kurrent but the beast just got right back up and began to snarl at Acer, just then Ravager began to get up and she made her way to the two Mobb Deep men and if things couldnt get any worse the speedster came and stopped on the other side. Acer helped Kurrent up I miss times like this, so what do you say we show these boys and girls that messing with this city is unforgivable. Acer took the praying mantis stance again and he looked up noticing a cable running through the street. Whispering through his com link Kurrent the cable electricity bro send some to that cable. Acer could see the enemy were advanicg for an attack, his plan was to have Kurrent send electricity at the cable and using his chi energy at the right time he would cut the cable if all this was timed right the attackers would be caught in a shocking attack.

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As the battle between Alpha Guard and Superman continued, Alpha could feel himself being overcome by Superman's relentless attack. Alpha Guard had formed a personal force field around himself, but he had formed it in haste, and Superman had never given him time to strengthen it to the point where it could fully protect the Guardian of Good. This isn't doing me any good, I gotta get away from him. Problem is, he's not letting me. Wait, if I can just ride with this punch instead of trying to resist it...

As Superman delivered his next blow, Alpha Guard allowed the force of it to send him flying backwards. But as soon as Alpha gained some distance between him and his opponent, he felt a mysterious force pulling him backwards. Really Alpha Guard, did you really think you could match my telekinetic powers? You are no more then a puppet to me!

Alpha Guard wasn't shaken by what Superman was saying, it seemed he underestimated his powers. But when the Guardian of Good tried to unleash a blast of energy, the bolt never left. Alpha Guard was filled with dread as he realized what was happening, Superman was using his telekinesis to prevent any of his Alpha Energy from leaving him. And if Alpha couldn't expel his Alpha Energy, then there was nothing he could do. But after some quick thinking, Alpha Guard came up with a plan.

Superman started to swing Alpha Guard around and around above his head, taunting the hero nonstop. He then suspended Alpha in the air, holding him motionless with his telekinesis. Superman flew forward to deliver a fatal blow, but as his fist touched Alpha, the hero quickly channeled a powerful surge of energy through his body and at Superman, a maneuver he had not thought to prevent. The attack worked, and Superman was blasted backwards. At the same time, his telekinetic hold over Alpha ceased. The Guardian of Good quickly unleashed another attack, sending a stampede of energy wildebeests at his foe. But Superman quickly recovered and plowed through the stampede, sending a blast of telekinetic energy ahead of him, towards Alpha Guard. Alpha countered with his own blast of energy, which the telekinetic blast couldn't get through. At the same time, Alpha couldn't get past Superman's attack. He increased the force as Superman did the same. The question was, who would overpower the other first?

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Upon arriving in the past, Animal man exactly what to do. He was to cause chaos. And he was good at it. The second they all had landed, Animal Transform into An Emerald tyrannosaurus Rex and started to cause havok in the streets. Batman came up to him and said:

"Good Job, Animal Man. Cause as much destruction as you can. We need them to show"

Animal had listen and did what he did best. A few minutes later, they came. Mobb Deep was here. Kurrent led them into battle. They looked like an army. But what happens when an army comes in with an One man Jungle? They get slaughtered.  Animal sight his binocular eyes on Acer. He charged toward him roaring his head off.


Sending his head towards him to eat him, the man dodge his attack, but got attack by another. The Flash. The Flash went and took care of Acer, so Animal man had to go for the others. Noticing Kurrent by himself, Animal Man transform into an Emerald Lion and chased Kurrent. Kurrent ran off and yelled into his com-link:

"The Green one is an Shape Shifter!"

Animal man continue to go after him, until she attack. Animal man knew he needed to to look for someone else. But that someone else, found him. Acer came back and kicked the Lion a few feet back. Animal man Transforms into an Grizzly Bear and roared:


He runs towards Acer and sends out a couple of slashes of his claws and then goes to bite him on the neck.