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This rpg is limited to, two factions. The planet Xan is controled by the military(bad guys) it will be cut into 4 sections, Black Zone, Red Zone, Blue Zone, and White Zone. The first 3 people that decide there evil while be giving a zone and a army to go with it.The first villian to post will control Xan. The second faction is the Rebels(good guys) they are scattered through out the planet. They appose the evil rule of the military.



  1. Must use your created vine character.

  2. Anybody can play.

3.None controlled characters are fair game.

4.If your a rebel, help people, peform good deeds.

  1. If your a military man, hurt people, blackmail shop owners, put people in prison. be evil.

If you need help or have questions pm Gambler.
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Gambler walked down the dirt street of the "White Zone," the little shops lined both sides of the street.

He pulled his hood up over his head as a military jeep drove by. He stopped at cigar makers booth.

"The've been out in full force since the prison break yeterday." said the vendor.

"How many escaped?" asked Gambler as he light up his cigar.

"They say 4, but they caught one late last night trying to cross over into the "Blue Zone, see for yourself."

The mangled body of a young woman hung from a lamp post just a few feet away.

As Gambler looked on in anger, an alarm sounded.

"The've cornered another one!" yelled a bystander.

"Poor bastered, they'll make an example out of him." said the vendor.

Gambler threw down his cigar, and pulled of his hood.

"You!, its you!" he yelled.

"Maybe I'll make my own example." Gambler said with a smerk.

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Mighty Magneto was please with the ruling of Xan everything was Going quite well. He had kept an iron fist around his empire. Nothing happened with out him Knowing about it. His troops where some of the most elite on Xan. His only wished for order and order is what he got. When he walked down the streets the people hide in fear. He had soon hoped to control all of Xan but that was yet to be seen. He awaited to see who would be worthy enough to be placed in command of his zones. He already knew most of the villians of Xan but never the less was interested. Magneto sat in his throne room in the black zone surrounded by his more lovely subjects.

"So what shall happen today"

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Raines had been giving command of the "Blue Zone" and the power had gone to his head.

His right hand man was a lizard type creature with a poison bite, named Hiss.

"Hiss! Round up the first born children of the year, and hold a public execution." said Raines

"Yesss commander, maybe we sssshould round up some of the elderly to?"

"That is a wonderful idea Hiss, make it so."

And with that the henchmen Hiss took a small force and went into the city.

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GL Bertron looked out of the alley he hadn't been he long, but he didn't like what he had seen. He had done the same thing to his world years ago and knew what it meant for the people.

"This is not gonna be good." Bertron had made some changes to his life and wanted to attone for his sins. "Wonder what I can do to help these people."

Bertron walked up to a news vendor. He held out thirty credits. The vendor eyed the plain clothed man suspiciously. He pointed out two papers and a meal package. The man grumbled to himself and grabbed the items. He added the total and gave Bertron back eight credits.

"Might as well find out what's going on." Bertron had read the first article of the paper when he heard a siren going off faintly in the distance. "What's that?"

"I guess the military caught another one of those rebels."

"Where?" Bertron growled.

"Sounds like the blue sector."

"Keep the change." Bertron through the man his eight credits change.

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Gambler turned into the alley just in time to see, a little girl struck by the butt of a henchmen's sword. She collapsed immediatly, blood trickling down the side of her face.

Gambler pulled his metal staff out from behind him, and began to charge.

He dove into a summersault, taking out the legs, of the soldiers. He placed himself between the little girl, and the henchmen.

"Stay behind me little one." said Gambler.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT, REBEL!" yelled one of the soldiers.

Gambler knew he didnt have much time, soon reinforcments, would arrive. He had to hurry.

As the henchmen pulled out there, semi-automatic laser rifle's, Gambler threw his staff into the air above himself, as the soldiers looked up, Gambler unleashed a furry of kneticely charged cards in there direction. By the time the realized what was happing it was to late. There body's were sent flying out into the street, mangled from the explosion. Gambler caught his staff and turned to the little girl.

"What to do with you?" he said

"Where is your family little one?"

The girl did not speak, she just pointed to the two dead soldiers in the street. She didnt need to say anything, Gambler knew that her family was dead. Captured and executed, like so many innocent people.

"You'll come with me then, I will teach you how to defened yourself."

The little girl reached out and grabbed Gambler's hand, and they desaiperd into the crowed.

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Mighty Magneto was enjoying the company of a few of his subjects when a messanger from the White Zone.

"My lord there has been a disturbance in an ally in the White Zone." Messanger

"You stupid dog how dare you disturbe me with such have the zone leader take care of it."

"But my lord there is no zone leader for the white zone as of yet." Messanger

"Fine, what is it be quick"

The messanger showed Magneto a live image of what had happened. Magneto stop the image and pointed to the man with the staff.

"That man there he reminds me of someone."

Magneto thought for a moment but could not figure it out.

"Place a bounty on the mans head of 1 Million credits. That should get a few locals to risk their lives and save the lives of are soilders."

Magneto know of a large group of mercs on Xan he let them live because of there usefulness and there greed kept them easy to control.

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"What did you do?" It was always the first thing out of her mother's mouth whenever she walked through the door.

Beth gave her a sour look as she padded through to the kitchen to get some food. "Nothing."

"Don't lie to me," the older woman growled. She planted herself in Beth's way and grabbed her wrist, holding it up for inspection. There were fresh cuts and bruises on her arm and her eyes were dark from lack of sleep. "You went out again, didn't you?"

"Don't start with me, mama," Beth huffed, yanking her hand back. "Just because you're happy to hide here and pretend like there's nothing going on doesn't mean we all are. I'm just trying to help."

"And when they come to the house again and question you? When they take you away and beat you like the last time? When they finally kill you?" The old woman sounded scared but her voice didn't waver. "How am I meant to survive without your income?"

"Money!" Beth pulled away from her mother and shoved past her. "It's all you care about. I'm going out. If they catch me, they can damn well kill me for all I care!"

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Magneto walked from his throne room to one of his many towers in the palace. From his tower he could look down upon his subject. He could see most of xan from here yet he was still in deep thought about this man. What was it about this man that he could not figure out. Magneto needed to fill the other Zone commands quickly but with the right people.

Just then some one knock at the door a tiny soft knock.

"Come in"

Magneto know who it was before he opened the door his son and daughter. Quicksilver and scarlet where still in there teens Quick was 17 and scarlet 18. However they already showing great potential as leaders.

"My children come here."
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"SSSir, Magneto hassss put a bounty on the head of a rebel named Gambler!" said Hiss

"F$#@ Magneto, let him deal with his own problems. I just know he's going to give that brat son of his control of Xan."

There had long been tension between Raines, and Magneto. During the early stages of Xan's history, Magneto defeated Raines, and exiled him. But when the Rebels formed a uprising, he brought him back to take control of the Blue Zone.

"But Rainessss, if we catch him we can usssse it to are advantage." said Hiss.

"Oh very well, take a small group and track him down."

"Yesssss massster." said Hiss.
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Command and control of an army, Oriax thought with delight. Her slinky black leathers made no noise as she swayed in front of her men. "We of the White Zone must go out and control them," she said, smiling cruelly. "We have our target, you all have his image on your blackberries. He's an insurgent that needs to be crushed and as quickly as we can." She knew the avarice in their eyes was all to do with the bounty and she'd probably let them keep it, or a certain percentage of it, after all, what was an evil mistress without a little bribery once in a while?
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Fourpower walked into the ruler of Xan's office-Magneto.

"Hello, Magneto. I see you have some junior villians here-but this is a little more important. I'll control the Red Zone for you. I am Fourpower-and my power and evil are huge. Do not trifle with me-and no one in the Red Zone will, either. As for the goods ad neutrals, I will take particular pleasure in destroying them. My pay doesn't need to be big-I can be paid 500 a month and be fine. I also enjoy working as lieutentant, a hit man, and intelligence-for cheap price. Sound fair?"

Fourpower resented Magneto a little-he wanted the throne but lost it to Magneto. He wasn't planning on taking him out-but if he needed to, he would quick as hell.

Fourpower had long blonde hair that reached down his back. It was tied in a ponytail. He was wearing a red tuxedo-this man liked to be well dressed all the time. He was often the life of the party with his quick wit and habit of attracting people. He was exceptionally good looking, with shining bright blue eyes, a dangerous smile, and lots of etiqutte and poise. His face seemed to be chiseled out if stone without the marks. He had tanned skin. You couldn't see it from his classy appearance, but Fourpower was loaded down with weaponry-in case. He carried a lighter that he played with, and a deck of cards-he was a master cheater and poker player. A wad of totally undetectable counterfeit bills stuck in his back pocket. Drug dealing, counterfeiting, weapons shipping, and illegal stock trading had made him extremely rich. Although he looked pretty-he could fight and was supersmart.
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"Fourpower it is good to have you with me i would rather you take control of black zone under my command. You will stay and the Palace with me if you like or i can give you one of the smaller locations if you wish."

Magneto had defeat this man fourpower but trusted him more then most and decide to keep him close.

"My lord Marchioness Oriax has taken her command of the White Zone." Guard

"Very Good now i only need a ruler for the red zone."

Just one more commander but who would it be. He thoguht he could trust Marchioness Oriax but Raines was another story. Raines had been a worthy enemy in the war that got him exiled. However when the rebels started up Magneto figured it was better to keep him on his side and to keep him close. Magneto looked towards his children and smiled many of those against him would harm these two. He kept them under guard at all times and never let them out of the palace. No one could eneter or exit the palace with out his knowledge magneto liked it that way.

" My children you must go back to your studys."

"Yes sir" Scarlet and Quicksilver

With that the children went back to there studies. Magneto feared the day his son would grow older would he be loyal or turn against him. However his daughter he had no fear of that she was his little girl.

"Guard let the new zone leader and Raines know i would like to see them at once."

"Fourpower join me in my throne room time to meet the commanders."

Magneto walked to his throne room and awaited his commanders.

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Oriax and her men patrolled the streets, all the while looking for rebels, especially this one. Her rainbow eyes glittered as she watched one of her men back-hand a citizen. The Demon was never happier than when she could observe the cruelty and fragility of mortal life. Her cell started to bleep and she allowed a small crease to appear on her otherwise unblemished face, indicating a frown. "Yes?" she snapped.

"Lord Magneto wants to see you now," a guard said.

"I am patrolling," she growled.

"He said now."

She snarled something demonic and snapped her cell shut. "Keep the streets clear. I will return." With that she span around and marched away.

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"Dont be afriad little one." said Gambler to his new ward.

He could see she was frieghtened. Gambler knew all the back streets and local hideouts. Many in Xan hated the rule of Magneto, but there were just as many loyal subjects.

Gambler stopped, and took time to show the little girl some card tricks, her face lite up and for the first time since they meet, she smiled.
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As she marched through the zone, Oriax eyed some of the citizens under her care. She was thrilled to see her reputation had preceeded her. They all cowered away, the fear radiating off of them in waves. They all knew the very real possibility that one day they would end up as the victims of one of her experiments to see exactly how much the human body could take before it died.

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Blue Zone was one of the slightly less appalling places to live. Not that Beth would call it safe, exactly, it was still being run by an evil meglomaniac but at least it wasn't the demon lady that she'd heard had taken up the post in White Zone. That one enjoyed torturing people. She pulled the collar of her coat up as a patrol passed her. She didn't want them to see her and recognise her as the one who'd been pulled in for questioning a couple of weeks ago.

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Magneto awaited the arrivel of his commanders.

"Please Fourpower take a seat you have not anwersed me would you like the command of the black zone."

Magneto know better then to trust his commanders and always kept a close eye on all of them.

Magneto's son Quicksilver was busy with his combat training. He was praticing on holograms and a few of the not so lucky residnets of Xan. Quicksilver killed one of them with a powerful sowrd trust removing his head from his body.

Magneto's Daughter Scarlet was also busy with training of her own. Scarlet was a master of telpathic and Majic powers far more powerful then her brother.

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"Raines happy to see me as always"

Magneto stood and pointed raines to a chair.

"Please take a seat we have another guest coming"

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Magneto's Imperial gaurds lead Raines to the thrown room.

"Now what does he want, to make some grand speech I imagine." thought Raines.

Raines noticed the son of Magneto as he passed by a door that was slightly cracked.

"A pretend warrior." Raines said under his voice.
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"Welcome Marchioness Oriax always a pleasure to have you here"

Magneto had a bit of a desire for her but that was kept secret.

"What an idea Marchioness Oriax but perhaps later raines has work to do now."

Magneto stood at his table he pointed to one of the guards and signeled him over. The guard brought him over a large map of Xan.
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"Don't be so moody, Raines," Oriax purred as she sauntered in, her hips swaying. "Perhaps, when Lord Magneto gets tired of you, mortal, he will give you to me to play with."
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OoC: Time you can not control others charcters you must follow the RPG rules. You may be given the Red Zone by default but other things you must accomplish threw the story. Time you have to go along with the story the rules have been set if you want take over then plan it out put you can't come in on one post and try take over. If you don't chose to have the red post then you must make youself appear somewhere else and start your story up with a little introduction.
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A hood-cloaked man walks into Magneto's palace, and finds an outraged Magento upset that none of his guards have stopped him. The man takes his hood off, looks Magneto in the eye and says with a deep voice, "I want control. Give me the red zone. Deny me and you will suffer pain beyond your imaginings and you will lose absolutely all you have." To prove his point, he snapped his fingers and the two guards in his throne room suddenly realized there was an intruder they didn't even know about rushed at the man. He snaps his fingers again and the man stop their fall in mid-air, and Magneto sees that time has stopped for them, even the momentum of their fall. The strange man walks up to them and reaches out to turn both their heads. He then walks back and snaps his fingers again, resuming time for the guards. As time resumed for them, they fell to the floor, breaking their necks at their fall. The man turned and looked at Magneto. The man says, "I am called the time keeper, and you have not begun to witness my full power, villain. I await your answer."
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OOC: woah there! Um, you can't write for someone else's character, can you? I mean, what Mags says is up to him isn't it?

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OOC: And I thought Mags was the only one who got to control the whole of Xan. Or did I read it wrong?

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Raines took cover behind a pillar, and watched this newcomer, kill two of Magneto's guards.

"He might be useful." thought Raines.

Raines watched on with interest, hopeful the newcomer would kill Magneto.

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"Wait Marchioness Oriax"

Magneto Walked towards the new man.

"Perhaps there is a place for you here Time"

Magneto needed another commander and this person seemed like some one he would rather have on his side. Magneto walked to the Man and offered his had.

"The Red Zone is yours Time now seat down and join us I will have the guards clean up the mes."
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Oriax' eyes flashed with fire as she put herself between this puny mortal and her leader. "Stand down, boy. If Magneto does not kill you, I will and in ways you cannot even begin to imagine."

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The Time Keeper looked at this foolish woman before him and said, "Woman, leave my presence or suffer for it. You have been given your last warning by a power far beyond your comprehension. And if you value your life, do not ever challenge me again."

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"How dare you speak to me that way, puny insignificant meat sack!" the demoness growled. Her hand shifted to form talons that she flexed at the flesh bag. "I will make you scream and beg to die."
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Magneto enter the mind of the newcomer.

"Do not be confused in thinking you have any power over anyone here that would be very foolish of you"

Magneto begin to try and pull a small amount of the the iron out of the mans had. While using his telepathic powers to control the man.

"it would be foolish indeed."

"Now show some respect Time and have a seat"

Magneto pointed the man to a chair. Magneto walked back to his own chair.
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"Magneto, I accept your offer. However, with my allegiance comes one rule, keep your people out of my way." Looking down upon Oriax with disgust, the Time Keeper makes sure all present know who he's speaking of.

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Scott Wolfman meandered through the streets of the Blue Zone. He was wearing camo cargo shorts and a blue and white hooded sweatshirt. Scott is only fourteen and had nowwhere to go. He didnt know anyone.

He quickly pulled up his hood as a patrol drove by. He could see out of the corner of his eye that they were staring at him.

It had all gone downhill after the S.H.A.R.P.(Super Human Animal Remolecularization Pod) incident. Scott had gotten trapped in an experimental machine designed to strengthen Magneto's troops with the DNA of animals. Most people didnt know this information but Scott knew because his parents worked on the machine. At first it didn't work and because of it Magneto killed his parents on the spot. After Scott had stepped inside the machine, somehow his mutant ice power had triggered it to actually work. His DNA was infused with that of a wolf, making him a werewolf. He swore to use his powers to bring down Magneto and avenge his parents, whatever the cost.
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Oriax eyed the creature with venom as she took her seat and crossed one long leg over the other. She would kill that one one day. Slowly.

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"Alright a llittle order now"

Magneto showed them a map pointing out alarge area coontroled by rebels.

"I need one of you to lead a group and take back this area."

Magneto sat down on his chair.

"Who shall it be"

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Very well. I will sit, and I will show respect, and I will not threaten any here. However, it would be unwise of any present today to underestimate me. The Time Keeper sits and waits to see things progress. He wonders if he truly is underestimating these people, while at the same time wondering if any are underestimating him. He can't help but feel that a time is coming for he and this woman to do battle.

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"You brought us all here to deal with Rebels?"

"Erik this is an outrage."

Raines always called Magneto by his birth name, it was a sign of disrespect. Raines had long considered Magneto his equal.
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Snorting softly, Oriax raised one perfect purple eyebrow. "And you would entrust your mission to an untested, green commander? Send in Raines." She gave the arrogant alien a slow smirk. "Let him prove himself to you as he is so fond on his own arrogance."

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I will lead it.

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"Shut your mouth you demoness witch!"

"I do not chase rebel scum, let this Time Keeper show his loyalty."

"If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave, unlike some in your command I run a secure Zone."

Raines looked right at Marchioness Oriax as he spoke.

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"I guess Raines you can lead it since its such an outrage. Oh and try not to mess this up."

Magneto stood up.

"As for you Time i have another mission. I would like you to search for this man Gambler is his name my source tell me. Bring the man to me."

Magneto was interested to see what time could do and just wanted to piss off Raines out of boredom.

'Marchioness Oriax I would like to see you alone please."

"the meeting is over"
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Letting her hatred fill her eyes, Oriax drew back her lip into a sneer. "Tell me, Raines, was it not your Zone that has a certain citizen upon whom you cannot bring charges? You had her in for questioning again last week, did you not?"

She gave Magneto a slow smile as she rose. "Yes, my Lord."
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"Before I go any further here, I demand to know who will command the red zone!"

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"READY MY TRANSPORT!" shouted Raines.

Raines was outraged, not only had Magneto embarressed him in front of the other's, but know he must deal with the rebels.

"Hiss, have the troops ready for my arrivel, we have work to do."

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"Time Red Zone is yours to control and do it well"

"Raines do enjoy yourself."

Magneto would have killed Raines for the way he acted but had other uses for him for now that is.

Magneto began to walk to another room Next to the throne room. Holding the door open for Marchioness Oriax.
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Oriax followed Magneto, her curiosity definitely peeked. "My Lord?" she said once they were alone.

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"Marchioness Oriax I trust you more then the other commanders"

Magneto looked her into the eyes.

"Not sure if i should but i do and I think we both know why."

Magneto stepped closer to Oriax.

"It is time for my kingdom to have a Queen."

Magneto offered out a large ring.