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For as long as Darkchild can remember his days amongst the evil have been because of one man Magneto. For years he fought by his side and died for him, the years took a toll on both of the fighters. And when Magneto abandoned his team along with Darkchild, the latter knew that if he would return he would show him that a man of his word does not leave those who follow him and risked their lives for him.

The battle has been set. Darkchild has invited the man he saw as a father to the last place he will ever see, a place full of hatred for one man. The ruins of the first VV base, the very place that was set to ruins after a battle within.


Magneto against Darkchild no outside interference.

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Magneto walked thru the destruction that had once been such a powerful place. Skeletons of those who had died layed rotting around him. He had died not far from here killed by his own Son Gambler in an Epic battle of old. Rising up from hell he now stood in a new hell one where he must fight someone who never thought he would have too. Magneto floated about a foot above the ground looking around and the ruins. Thats when he saw him the one he had called ally Darkchild. Magneto began floating towards him stoping several feet from here.

"A fitting place you have chosen to meet me"

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Darkchild walked down the halls of his former home, every nerve ending in him was on fire. The hate coming to the surface he smashes a wall down in anger.

You deserted us you bastard, i will show you no mercy Darkchild says to himself waiting for Magneto to arrive.

The voices within his head scramble for authority and control, finally one surfaces Do not old back you fool, if you do i will need to take control and take care of this myself. "BACK OFF! This is my fight" Darkchild screams to himself. He walks out to the open ceiling and looks up and sees the man coming down. A grin washes over his face, he has been waiting for this for far too long.

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A fitting place you have chosen to meet me

"Fitting? I think the word is ironic since you will die twice within these walls." DC says with a smirk on his face "I find it fitting that the man you trained and made a solider for you will be the one to end your life once again. See first you are killed by your own son and again by the man you saw as a son" DC says while his body becomes total darkness. "I have become much more since the last time we met father see i have made some new friends pointing to his head and i dont want to disappoint them..so please put up a fight!"

DC rushes Magneto turning metallic and launching a blast at his feet sending him airborne. While airborne he creates a sword and slams it downward towards Magneto.

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Magneto Expected DC to come rushing in DC always did.

"More things change the more the stay the same."

Magneto quickly dodged the attack flying high into the air. When he was about 50 feet in the air above DC he closed his eyes. Using his telepathic and Magnetic powers he created several copies of himself high above DC. They all Charged a Magnetic Blast in one hand but only one was real but Magneto could use his powers to make theres real. So from 20 Mighty Magnetos it rained down Magnetic Power Towards DC.

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DC's sword slammed into the ground where Mags was, but no Mags. DC looked up high as Mags flew upwards and made copies of himself. Darkchild smiles as he bends his knees and takes off towards soaring dodging a few of Magneto's attacks as he closed in. As he dodged each one would hit him sending terrible pain throughout his body, but this was what Darkchild wanted a real fight no holding back. The blasts from Mags were taking their toll his insides felt as if they were being burnt from the inside out, the blood coming to the surface through his pores.He saw Magneto as he was now not holding back and he would do the same. He stopped his soar towards Magneto mid-air and stretched his arms out. His face turning from metallic to a more human look but his eyes glowed a bright yellow.

He pulled his arms in towards his body. "You will see the power of all of my friends combined." DC says as his body contorts and writhes. Finally the transformation stops and he looks at Magneto with rage in his eyes. He smiles as his body turns invisible. He appears behind Magneto and from his hand he creates a bolt of light and hurls it at Magneto.

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Magneto was pleased with Darkchild he had indeed grown in power in a way he was proud of him. But he had made that mistake before with his son and it would not be done again. He was able to turn around and face the bolt of lighting hitting his chest. He could smell the burned flesh under his nose the smoke coming off his face.

"You have indeed grown in power, but is you mind still as twisted as ever."

Magneto sheilded him self with his Magnetic force field. He then started his telepathic attack on DC's Mind. A Mass of Confusion Pain Emotions sent to Darkchild. He know the darkness and death would not effect DC mind much but what of the opposite what would hope joy and goodness do to DC's already mixed Mind. While the Pain attacked, the Images and emotions would confusion and damage his mind further. Magneto waited before taking further action to see how this would play out.

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The images are sent through his mind. As they course through his mind he smiles. "You believe after had died and been sent to hell images of pain and sorrow would affect me you weak old MAN!" Then suddenly images of goodness race through his mind and he is becoming irritated. The images confuse him for a moment but it will take much more than mind tricks to stop Darkchild. DC reappears turning himself visible and his body had become stronger much stronger. Attack the old man, the powers from all of you have come in contact with and absorbed are now within your limits DO IT NOW Says a voice inside his head

DC smiles and shimmers out of side coming up next to Magneto and slamming a barrage of attacks into Magneto's shield. His hands charge with light and darkness. He screams and backs away and blasts Magneto with his light and dark powers.
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Magneto Watched as DC went into a rage his powers tearing into Mags Sheild it wouldn't hold much longer. Magneto sheild gave way he jumped backwards and to the side energy tore into the his left arm pain radiating thru out his body. He held his arm for a sec then created a new Sheild this one was Around Darkchild not allowing air inside. Sending Magnetic Waves at Darkchild to tear apart any metal on or in Darkchild.

Magneto landed on the ground and braced himself for the next attack.

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Magneto's attack proved a well tactic. The metal inside Darkchild poured out through his skin the screams from within the shield could be heard from the outside. Darkchild fell to his knees blood pouring from his body his screams were ear shattering, then from the screams can a evil and sick cackle as he rose his eyes turned from their yellow tone to a dark red. His eyes pierced through the shield glaring right at Magneto. "You will live to regret that old man. I may not be able to use my armor but as you can see right now that is no bother." DC flicks his wrist at the shield and the force behind it shatters the shield it crumbles around him. He lowers himself to the ground, and charges straight at Magneto and does a roll, rolling right underneath Magneto and swings upwards with his fist but this time his fist is crackling with electricity as it gets closer the power inside his fist erupts as it nears Magneto.

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Magneto tries catching the fist in his hand reenforcing his own strength with Magnetic power. He WOuld be able to absorb the electric energy and us it against DC.

"You should know better then that Electricity only makes a Magnet stronger."

Magneto released a huge Blast at DC from the close range they where at. The Blast sent Mags fly backwards and into and thru an old wall.

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The attack hit DC right in the face searing off the flesh on the right side of his face. His evil grin still being held he heals the wounds and stands as the "mighty" magneto flies through the air from his own attack.

"You fool blasted backwards by your own attack, you truly have grown old. And as all old things that have become useless you will be put down" DC flies straight at the fallen Magneto and unleashes a flurry of attacks directed at his chest and his knees. "From the depths of hell the mighty will fall, isnt that what you told me." He charges his fist up with an unknown energy and swings it upwards towards Magneto. What was that? He asks the voice in his head Psychic energy you fool now pay attention DC continues his onslaught of attacks both light and darkness fly everywhere his attacks all concentrated on a kill strike.

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The Fury attacks was expect always rushing in he was able to block them. However the Psychic punch was unexpected and sent Mags flying smashing into the ground rolling and smashing into rumble. When the dust settled Mags was standing looking at DC he spit out a mouth full of Blood. It was indeed time to stop holding back perhaps Dc was stronger then he had thought. Raw power would make this battle go on for along time and Mags was not sure if he would last longer. He began a strong Telepathic attack no longer images or confusion this one was meant to melt DC brain to destroy it.

He Raised his hands into the air and sent large piece of rumble into the air along with Large metal spikes. They Went Flying at DC with DC mind under attack and Metal Removed this Might be what he needed to get back into control of this Battle.

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DC was sent to the ground onto one knee his mind under attack.

Inside Darkchilds mind

"HAHAHAHAHA FOOL" The voice inside Darkchilds head attacks Magneto while he was inside DC's mind. "I may not be able to attack you with that helmet on but once you enter my head your fair game" The voice attacks relentlessly with his own telepathic powers.

Outside world

The metal spikes and rubble soar towards DC who stands still clutching his head with one arm and deflects most of the attack but one spike evades his attempts and enters DC's gut going straight through flying out the back. DC's healing could not heal the wound. "You fool, you really think i will fall so easily." DC takes off to the defenceless Magneto launching a full powered punch towards the mans head.

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Magneto had not been aware of DC Telepathic powers and for a moment was trapped in a battle with him in DC Mind. He saw the attack coming but did not move could not move the impacted came slowly time seemed to slow down he could feel his helment getting closer to his right cheek. The Metal seemed to fuse together with his skin. Suddenly time became normal once again the impact sent Magneto spinning. This strike took alot out of him he shock his head looking back towards the pain in his face was unreal he could hardly think.

He would try something different he had gone at this the wrong way he thought. He used his telepathic powers once again on DC Risking yet another conflict with his mind. This time he would attempt to use DC own power against him under the cover of a telepathic attack. He would reverse the healing factor make his subconsense attack itself destroy itself.

"So then the Gloves come off"

Energy came out of Mags eyes as he entered a rage. He tried riping Darkchild apart with anti-gravity feilds pulling him in different directions.

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Darkchilds mind was a wasteland after the attack. Both his third personality and Mags were fighting. As they fought his mind was taken off keeping his healing up and running.

In the really world Magneto was pulling Darkchilds body in different directions. He could feel the nerves within his body tearing his skin also tearing. "You will not be the one to decide if i live or die THAT IS FOR ME" DC pulls all his limbs inward breaking the power Magneto was using against him. DC stood hunched over his right arm was pulled too much and was useless much like his healing power. No matter if it was pushing itself to its limits it would not be able to heal all his wounds. No way, so he had to make everything count.

He disappears and appears behind Magneto leaning in and whispering "Goodbye" Before using all the rest of his light power and thrusting his hand towards Magneto's back in close range. His arm rippling with energy as it neared Magneto.

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Magneto ducked and tried to kick out DC legs. Flying into the air he used his magnetic powers to bring Metal Ripping thru the ground in the form of sharp spikes. The Earth rumbled and roared. A large section of an old tower came crushing down towards DC. Magneto eyes glowed red under his Helmet it had been along time but something dark awoke inside him that passion he had lost so long ago reborn but would it be to late. He Hovered above the ground cape blowing in the wind large pieces torn off from the battle. The right side of his helment blackend and melted to his face. His chest burned badly he stayed his ground.

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Shinkt splatter

The spikes flew up from the ground and tore through DC as if he was nothing more than a amateur. He pulled his way out from the spikes his limbs almost useless. Looking at Mags he knew he would either be defeated in the next move or be the victor. He pointed at Magneto and a sudden rush of power erupted from within Darkchild "You will not leave here alive old man" And in a blinding light a vast amount of power erupted from Darkchild enveloping the entire place the sheer power of the blast vaporized the remains of the building. Darkchild stood for a moment before falling to his knees and his head falling forward. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA" The laughter could be heard for miles. Darkchild waiting to see if their was anything left of Magneto, and if their was he didnt care. He would fight him with his own bare hands.

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The energy came straight at Magneto he tried raising his sheild. The blast hit the sheild at first it appeared as if it would hold together but it suddenly failed. Magneto was shocked when it hit him. Could it be could this be it had he come back only to be beaten now. Mags fall towards the earth landing hard on the ground creating a small crater upon impact. The area filled with dust when suddenly a hand appear from out of the crater. The hand graped the edge of the crater pulling its self out followed by an arm. Then came a badly burned Magneto crawling out of the crater. He got to his knees looking at DC. His hands hit the ground sending a large blast flying back towards DC.

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The blast sent Darkchild flying backwards as he landed he saw for a brief moment that magneto was loosing power. This gave him the power to counter his fall and land on his feet. He sped towards Magneto not with a great degree of speed but enough to catch Magneto off guard. As he neared Magneto he picked up pieces of the fallen building and tossed them at the fallen man. We need to kill him let me out "Shut it" DC says as he nears Mags he stops finally feeling the pain of the attacks he has endured. The voice inside his head turned his healing power off all together he felt every thing now. "You b@stard" he mumbles to the voice. I am in control "No you are not" DC looks at Mags kneeling on the ground very much beaten and he walks up to him and looks down at him. "You will be given this one chance, leave me now and i wont make your death be so soon. Their is someone who would enjoy ridding you from this world more than i would. But i have made my point, i am no longer one of your kind those were the old days when i was younger." DC turns around and slams his head into a boulder shutting the voice up inside for good for the time being.

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Magneto Listen to the words of his old friend. However he had used the time to absorb the Magnetic energy from the earth connecting himself to it. He rose to his feet looking towards Darkchild. He Spread out his body erupting into Magnetic Energy all around his body.

"Let it out you shall not leave here alive"

Magneto exploded towards Darkchild repowered and full of energy. He sent several large blast towards DC then got closer Threwing Magneticly charged punches.

"The Vine shall come to Order"

The Earth rumbled as Magnetic energy continued to be riped from it.

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DC smiled he knew the old man was too proud to leave it as is. DC turned around and his face had changed into the one of the voice inside his head. "You know they tell me im a great actor" He puts his hand out absorbing the blasts sent towards him. The catching one of Magnetos hands he blocks the other punches with his other hand. He grips Magnetos hand and begins to absorb his powers. "You may call me Erik" the personality says as he absorbs a good portion of Magnetos powers before letting go of Magneto's hand and pushing off Magneto and backing up.

"I see why you are so damn cocky, your powers are rather powerful" DC begins to create a ball of magnetic energy in his hand. He then mixes the energy with his own creating a ball of dark matter and magnetic energy. Smiling he tosses the ball of energy like a baseball it soars towards Magneto.

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Magneto quickly reversed the magnetic charge coming towards him causing it to exploded.

"You might have some of my power, but it has taken years to learn how to channel and control that power."

Magneto stood up and hovered a few feet above the ground. He had hoped for this had planned for this at last Darkchild had made an error. He raised his hands channeling the earths electro Magnetic field. Then reversed Darkchild new magnetic field creating a vacuum for all the energy the world could offer.

The ground shook and the very earth roared with pain as the enrgy came riping out from all around. Magneto shielded himself he could full the power passing by him it was so intense so refreshing. It had been so long since he had channeled so much power. Had he not his shield up you would truly be dead.

To make sure this had the most effectiveness he used another telepathic attack against the now hero. To see how much of a hero he had really become. Releasing all the old memories of old times upon him.

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The power from within the earth rips through the ground the energy flows around DC cutting little cuts all around his body, he would surely be dead if he hadnt put up a small telepathic shield around his body. The shield took alot of the damage but the energy still was able to get past the shield enough to do him harm. Blood trickling down his body he was paying so much attention on keeping the shield up that he wasnt able to stop the telepathic attack and was hit full force. He was sent flying backwards, he falls to his knees holding his head in his hands screaming at the top of his lungs, memories of what he has done and who he has killed and who has killed him flow through his mind. Images of his famiy, being killed by Arrow, risking his life to save Magneto, and finally killing Gambler rush through his mind.

Blood begins to flow from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Magneto stands a smile gracing his face, but the smile doesnt hold up for long soon it turns into a grimace.

"You are going to die!!!!" screams DC finally pushing the telepathic attack away. He looks at Magneto and rage overwhelms him, he shoots off flyiing straight into the field around Magneto. As he flies towards Magneto he forcibly brings the rest of the iron in his body outside of his body creating a much thicker metallic skin around his body and as he pushes through the field it begins to peel off. "God damn you!!!" DC pulls his arm back it engulfs with darkness and fire and he swings aiming right for Magnetos head, the skin on his body almost tearing off him.

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Magneto watched as the rage entered Darkchild exploding like a bomb predictable as always mags thought. Magneto thought for a moment was it worth it was it worth it to kill one man. Days before he would have said no but now was different now was time for death.


As the two got closer there Magnetic energy combined with that of the earths being pulled. The energy was to much and needed a release. Power began shutting off all across the world city after city. Magneto eyes turn red once againleaning forward hands in front. He released the power.

Everything went white.

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His punch was being pushed away by the release of power, he held it up for a while his punch pushing back on the sheer power of the blast his skin peeling away on his hand muscle was showing as the blast was winning this struggle of forces.DC was pushed back sent flying he landed on the ground spinning on his feet, spreading his legs he straightened himsellf as he spun he created a sword. This time the sword was not of just darkness but of fire, electricity, and magnetic energy. He used alot of his remaining energy to create this weapon of his.

He stood 2 meters from Magneto breathing hard, his body covered in blood his uniform battered and blooded. He tore his coat off and let it flow through the wind, he held his sword above his head straightened holding the tip of his blade in his hand. He readied himself for Magnetos next attack

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Connected to the Magnetic field made Magneto fill stronger then he had ever felt. The rage combined with that much power was intoxicating. He was surprised to see Darkchild still standing but this was not the end of the attacks only just warming up.

"Enjoy that old friend"

Magneto began spinning into the air continuing to absorb the energy. He began shifting large iron plates in the earth creating earth quakes and opening a large hole in the earth. Lava came bursting out from the hole burning everything in sight. He continued moving the plates there was one thing on his mind now and it was still Death.

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The lava flowed all around DC he still stood awaiting Magnetos attack as the lava finally slammed into him. Steam arose from his position the steam made it very hard to see what had happened. Finally as the wind picked up the steam it could be seen what happened. The lava was hovering above the ground, DC's powers of fire manipulation have grown to the point of controlling all heated matter the lava was a fun trick. He looked up at a airborne Magneto, he let go if the tip of his sword and raised his hand into the air, the lava shot forth from the ground and headed straight for Magneto the heat was massive.

As one stream of lava shot forth towards Magneto DC made another one shoot towards him but this time the lava hardened and DC ran up this stream of lava heading straight towards Magneto as he neared he got back in the sword stance from before he thrusted the sword forward the force behind it sending a air wave towards Magneto.

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Magneto was pushed back with Magneto's strength returned to him he looked at Darkchild into the eyes of the once long time friend. He paused for a second just waiting taking in all that was going on around him.

He created an anti-gravity field around Darkchild to keep him from moving. He then created shield after shield around Darkchild at the same moment cutting off the air to him. Reinforcing the shields with all the energy he could channel from the earth. How long would Darkchild be able to last with out air and after so much abuse to both body and mind.

Magneto stared on to watch the upcoming events.

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bastard DC thought to himself the air was dwindling. And even as powerful as he is DC needs air. He looks around at the shield he was in thinking of a way to break it. Finally he pulls the magnetic power from the sword and brings it within his body his eyes roll back into his head, and blood begins to come from his nose and ears again hes using his newfound power in a way his body cant take.

He expells the magnetic power within him outwards the shield cracks from the force of the same power that created it. He sees the small crack and thats all he needs,he slams his fist into the crack and a slams a hole in the field. The field begins to repair it self and DC jumps from the shield but his arm is caught within the repairing field, it is severed at the elbow. The blood pours from the wound, DC just looks at it as he hovers in the air and smiles.

He looks at Magneto, DC's skin turning pale the amount of blood loss is vast he continues to smile. Looking up at Magneto he vanishes and reappears about 4 feet from Magneto he looks straight into the mans eyes. "One more time for old times sake" And with that he releases all the power within him the energy produced in a wave of pure energy.

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Magneto watched on as his old friends arm was cut off almost in delight. He watched as it looked as Darkchild had no hope but was there.

Magneto realized what Darkchild was doing his only chance after the Magnetic powers failed him. Magneto created several telepathic images of himself and watched as Darkchild destroyed on of them with great power. Now standing behind Darkchild he created a blade of energy of his own and tried stabbing him threw the back then up his body in an attempt to cut him in half.

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DC's release of power was stopped and he was run through with a blade Magneto created. His mind still being flooded with images he did not care. Magneto prepared to pull the blade upwards in an attempt to cut him in half but DC placed his hand on the top of the blade stopping it from moving anywhere and he gripped so that Magneto couldnt pull it out. Blood flowing from his mouth he speaks "I see Gamblers moves rubbed off on you old man, see you have changed he was right." And with that DC again attempts to release all of his powers, and either way if they made it all the way out his body wasnt going to hold.

As the power erupted from his body his skin began to melt as the energy poured from him. The brightness was blinding. The area went white as the energy exploded.

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The blast sent Magneto flying his sword riped from his hand exploding as he flew away. The blast burned his skin badly he could feel his flesh melting away. He landed several feet away from the blast hitting the ground hard and rolling till he was stopped by a large rock. He slowly rose to one knee he could not fell his body he looked like death. He slammed his hands onto the ground.

The earth cracked large holes formed everywhere lava bursting out. The rest of his power and the power channeled threw the earth began to make the earth its self implode on itself.

Soon all that would be left was nothing no more earth no more humans.

"The End justifies the means"

Everything went dark when he awoke it was hot very hot he knew this place well.

"Satan where you at, I'm back"

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As the inital blast peeled his skin away he lay motionless watching as the world around him began to darken and fall apart he hears Ends justifies the means and he smiles and begins to chuckle. At least he didnt kill me he thinks to himself as he drifts from this world knowing exactly where he is going. Limbo purgatory, the devil has met him twice in his life time and each time DC gave him hell, so DC knew he wasnt going their the devil didnt want the trouble for a third time. And He has screwed his chance at meeting HIM so he knows he isnt going their.

His spirit leaves his body and awakens in Limbo a dead and empty space devoid of nothingness.

Peace and Quiet finally.

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Magneto stomps oh so hard

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yur ending was kinda lame bro lol

and I was in Limbo, peace and quiet finally ;P lol

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@Scavanger said:
" yur ending was kinda lame bro loland I was in Limbo, peace and quiet finally ;P lol "
It was a year ago, we all sucked
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I never sucked -_-


is afraid some old threads may be digged up with his name on it

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I did'nt suck a year ago lol

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@Scavanger said:
" I never sucked -_-


is afraid some old threads may be digged up with his name on it "
@The Elite Four said:
" I did'nt suck a year ago lol "
Yes u guys did
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No, i did'nt

a year ago i was at my height!

A year and a half ago i sucked XDDD

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runs around in a tantrum

NEVER!!! I will rule forever!!!
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@The Elite Four said:
" No, i did'nta year ago i was at my height!A year and a half ago i sucked XDDD "
u sucked face it

@Constantine said:
" runs around in a tantrum

NEVER!!! I will rule forever!!!

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Nah, i was sweetness on a stick, probably better than then now lol

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aha, I was actually kinda good a year and 5 months ago, I remember my fave RPG was made :D and one of my posts beat yurs....cos I was better

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@The Elite Four said:
" Nah, i was sweetness on a stick, probably better than then now lol "
@Scavanger said:
" aha, I was actually kinda good a year and 5 months ago, I remember my fave RPG was made :D and one of my posts beat yurs....cos I was better "
oh shut up u two. ur starting to be bothersome lol
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