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This is a long term RPG one post every 12 Hours its more about story rather then battles mauke sure you read the rules for the RPG.

You are in a Mid-Evil World with the heros and villians of the Vine with very little Technology.

If your on a team and want to join let me know teams control countries and their armies. They must even control day to day management of the control area either you as dictators or freedom fighters.

None of the Teams start out at war with each other there is an uneasy peace.

3 Teams will have starting postions the other must request one before joining.

Vine Villians Controls the Darklands, Hellfire Club Controls Kasland, New Vine Heros Lissan

If you are not on a team you may go about your own ideas anything that requires taking over some place needs to be approved first and have good story to go with it that includes teams as well.

Because this RPG is mostly about the story and you can only post every twevle hours there is a seprate Battles page.

Here you can battle other people you come in contact with all the same rules apply except no 12 hour rule.

Once you have completed your battle Simply post a summary of it in one post on the RPG page.


Official RPG Rules apply in this RPG read them before you begin.


1.If you die your out done finished with this rpg. Everyone must be able to be killed if you can't be killed you can't be in the RPG. Other people can revive you if you wish but thats your call if you want to come back from the dead as part of your story.

2.You must have atleast two real weakness and no pocket dimensions or anything like that don't get to power happy alright remember this is about a good story make things sound good and flow together.

3.You must also use your Comic Vine characters and are limited by their powers only.

4.If you have Invulnerability or a power like that you must edit and/or it will not count in RPG neither does Immortality. Even though this RPG is mostly about the story there still maybe some battles between people this keeps it fair.

5.Take your time with the post make it interesting too theres no rush. Once you have posted you must wait 12 hours before you post again. This can be told by look at your last post and how long it has been

6.No god moding, No auto hits, No noobism, Make sure to explain your self don't just assume everyone already knows

7.Traveling, there is no teleporting. You can only move to a territory connected to the one you are in. You can't move thru an enemy territory. You may only move to another territory once per post.

If you are new to RPGs on Comic Vine make sure you read the rules and if you have any questions ask one of the Veteran players.

Any OoC/ Out of Character talk should be done in the OoC thread. Also use this thread to talk with others about the story and if you need any help.


Remember its all about the story not just battles.

If you have any questions please PM Mighty Magneto


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MidEvil World Map

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Lissian, the last resistance of good in this Middle Earth. Though it may stand alone there were strong and united as one. And they had a great leader, he had not been doing it for long but he was brave and loyal to his men. His name is Sir Nathaniel Mendenhall, also know as Nobody. His name has nothing to do with his presence though, only by the fact he is always invisible.

Present day, Nobody set in the Lissian Castle in the conference room. He was sitting at the end of a table and was the only one in the room. He stood up and walked over to a window and looked down upon the land. How long must these wars go on? He asked himself. He then walked back to his seat and sat down. Then he let out a big sigh and laid his head down.
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“I can assure that it is quite necessary for the progress of the VV to continue that we know the lay of our land. With the castle now in place and the presence of the VV truly felt throughout the world, I can assure security, give me what I need and you shall never have to worry about any intrusions to your kingdom as you have before”

Spectrum awaited Magnetos response. With the a wave of his massive hands Magneto gave him what he needed. Spectrum was on his way out of the VV castle Dark knight of the inner circle and now Chief of Security of the new VV kingdom.

A ragtag group of individuals awaited Spectrum at the gates of the castle. They stood to alert as their leader approached them.

“We have been given what we need”

Spectrum said to his platoon

“Maxwell gather the equipment”

A young scrawny man stepped forward and began to walk to the castle. Spectrum turned back to the group of men.

“I have given all of you your briefing, let be no mistake failure will not be tolerated. Beta team your mission starts as of now.”

Several of the present group turned and began to run in opposite directions. A couple of yards away they transformed into birds or dogs and other species of animal they would continued the rest of their journey as these forms.

“Infiltration is now under way,” Spectrum began. Maxwell returned with several animal skin packs.

“Load up the horses, we leave now”

Spectrum led the group through the rough brush of the country side. The supposed roads were ill managed and the surrounding plant life had managed to splurge its way out and now lay askew and untended. Spectrum had left several individuals at the bigger villages to ensure the construction was getting under. They now cam to their last stop at the border of their lands.

“Phivel you know what to do” Spectrum said without turning on his horse. One of the individuals form the group departed and headed into the city. Holding up a piece of parchment he began to shout to the villagers,


Spectrum carried on with the remaining members of the group. A man ran out in front of Spectrums horse shouting and waving frantically,

“Please my lord I cannot work, I swear”

Spectrum got down form his horse majestic and slow and walked towards he man. By now the man was regretting what he had said. Spectrum moved closer.

“What is your trade,” Spectrum asked resentment ringing clearly in his voice.

“I, I am a carpenter sire,” The man bowed low, not willing to meet Spectrums fiery gaze.

“You have to arms I do not see why you cannot work” Spectrum laughed

“You see my lei….” The man began, Spectrum hit the man hard in the face. He began to scramble along the ground away from Spectrum.

Spectrum grabbed the man and tied his arms with rob. Then attached the robe to the saddles of two of his companions horses.

“ALL MEN AND BOYS” Spectrum roared to the now gathered crowd. With that he cracked both horses across their hind legs and they galloped apart, taking the man apart like matchsticks,

“Now you have no arms, now you can not work,” Spectrum got back on his horse and moved on, his companions throwing the robe with the man ligaments on it back at the now bloody mess.

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The castle walls where dark and hung off the sides of them where those he had once tried to stop the VV from taking over the Darklands. These people where are dead now killed by crows who ate away at their flesh slowly. Around the castle was a pool of Lava on all sides the only way across was over a Magicical Draw bridge. Enchantment on the castle keep it protected from the lava and heat it gave off. The country side was dark there where many villiages and towns this had once been a Good Kingdom before the take over.

Lord Magneto walked down the great hall followed by his three children Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Polaris. His children went about there days Quicksilver went practice swordsmanship and combat. Scarlet Witch continued her work in sorcery along with her sister Polaris.

Magneto turn towards his throne and sat down. Looking out towards his throne room it was high above in the top of the main keep. From here he could see out on his left and right sides his kingdom. The walls where made of glass and you could see out for miles.

Someone walked into the throne room it was two of his guards and they carried a man with him.

"My Lord, this man was caught stealing from you My Lord" -Guards

Magneto looked at the man he was but skin and bones more then likly stealing food.

"Hold out his hands"

The man began to cry out for mercy. Magneto waved his hand the iron ripe out of the mans hands leaving a bloodied stumb on both arms.

"You are not dead consider that Mercy, Guards put him in a cage and have the crows enjoy his flesh."

Magneto sat on his throne with a bit of a smile on his face.

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Thee order of the Hellfire


Lord Gambler's castle sat on the coast over looking the Sea of Vaduz. Behind this great castle lay thee enchanted Rain Forest of Kasland, many creatures good and evil inhabited this untamed wilderness as well as the people of Kasland. Gambler's father had been a great leader and beloved by his people, he was cut down in the last great battle in which all sides cut the earth in sections each ruling over there own lands, it was an uneasy peace agreement at best, with all sides having lost many loved ones do to the conflict.

"Hows he doing?"

"He's grumpy but what do you expect, he's your son."

Several days ago Lady Mastermind the Queen of Kasland gave birth to a baby boy, the next ruler of Kasland. In his honor there would be a feast and all would be invited.

"Messenger, take these to each of the Kings and formerly invite them to my celebration."

At once my liege

In two weeks time the King and Queen of Kasland would like to invite all members of the royal familys to a celebration of his Majesty's son, Prince Cassander Le Beau. All are expected to attend and to refuse well be a direct affront on the King himself.

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Boken was a high ranking official in Magneto's court. He was one of the very important people of the dark lands. his son michael was the darkhonest to his boken. he had a finly smelted which shall be replaced by the boken blade at the time of his fathers death.

"look at this sowrd my son. this and all of my power shall be yours. the dark blood line shall not stop here. ii'm stonger than my father who was stonger than his father who was stronger than his. you'll be strounger than me for your power is just your base. all what is mine will go in the sowrd and be yours. remember my son you son shall bemore powerful than you so if indeed there is a beast you can't kill, die and your son shall avenge your death with the new found power.

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Darkchild waited to the screams of the man subsided before entering the throne room. HE enters the room and immediately bows before Magneto.

" My lord i have come to watch over your safety, even though you need none."

Darkchild stands next to his lords throne next to the man sitting in the throne.

Looking to his left he knows the man sitting next to him needs no protection, but the man sitting next to him made him what he is today.

Darkchild looks back on his memories of the good ol days. The days where someone finally had the guts to go against them. And they failed miserably. He remembers the blood and gore and wishes someone was again that ignorant to come against his lord and the VV.

He takes out his sword and puts it in front of him sword edge against the ground and stands their at his Lords side grinning. Thinking to himself

Oh how i wish the humans were that dumb again

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Octagon Freak paced inside his room. The voices were still talking to him. They wouldn't stop. The only thing keeping him sane was walking around the room. He shut the door so the light wouldn't bother him. He sat in a chair, and held up his hands. They didn't look like his hands. Or was that the voices bothering him again? He couldn't tell. He thought he was insane, or maybe he was going insane. He decided that he needed some fresh air, so he walked outside. He looked up at the mid-day sky. It was dark and gloomy as always. Maybe it would rain later. The rain always made him feel better. He sat on a rock, and watched the animals go by. He rubbed his gem that hung from his neck. His only friend in the whole world.

"I'll never leave you," he said into the gem.

He decided that he should keep moving, as he was becoming uncomfortable. He walked, listening to the ground crunch beneath his feet. He walked slowly and steadily, hoping something interesting would happen. He looked back to the Vine Villain's castle. It was dark and imposing, of course. He wondered if that was really where he belonged, but then again, he always wondered that. He kept walking in hopes that he would spot something or someone that he could interact with. He still wondered if he was insane...

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Nobody awoke from a sleep in the conference room. He streched his arms way up in the air and let out a huge yawn. "I need to go do something to take my mind of things." he said to himself. He then got up from the table and walked out of the room down a massive staircase. He walked by several servants of Lissian Castle but they didn't even see him pass by.

He finally came to a door an opened it, leading him into his chambers. There he picked up some of his fishing gear. "Some fishing at Mythenian Sea should take my mind off the troubles of the land." He said.

He then walked down to the Castle stables and found his favorite horse. It was a beautiful and majestic beast. He but a sadle on it and tied his gear in the back. Then he hoped up on it and used his powers to turn the horse and all his stuff invisible like him. Then he rode off out of the Castle and past the Castle Walls.

Noboy finally arrived at Mythenian Sea. He tied his horse to a tree and gathered his stuff. He found a nice log to sit on and cased out his line. This was truely peaceful and just what he needed.

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Magneto watched a few of the VV members enter the throne room Boken and Darkchild. Looking at Darkchild he stood up and walked towards him putting out his hand and shaking Darkchilds.

"I has been to long Darkchild"

Magneto most trusted and loyal VV member and the Black King.

"Have you recieved the orders for Tadatizagaza, The Hardlands you are to build and prepare an army for invasion."

Magneto then turned to Boken one of his best men and Black Bishop.

"Boken I need you to began taking out the heads of goverment in Tadatizagaza cause mass confusion what you do best."

Magneto turn away from the two men and back to his throne seating down slowly. A messagner came thru the large doors.

"My Lord, Lord Gambler of the Hellfire Club has requested your presense at Celebration of his son, Prince Cassander Le Beau." -Messanger

Magneto sat and thought about it for a moment, the main question was how to get there.

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Darkchild did as he was told he went to the Hardlands where their were already a few soliders their.

One solider came up to Darkchild and bowed before he spoke.

" Black King, thier are so very few men in this land of any merit or honor to be in your army."

The solider waited for his "Kings" responce.

Darkchild took out his sword and rose it above the solider, causing the man to flinch.

" Solider why do you cower, i have never harmed a solider in the army of VV and i will not start today"

My young solider send word out to the corners of the earth that warriors of these times are needed and that any wanting to serve us will be allowed. But before you send out this decree go to our liege and tell him of our problem of our soliders and our need to spread our word further.

Also be careful not to cause problems for the house of VV. For we do not need problems now understood young one.

The solider nodded and headed off on his long journey back to Magneto. Darkchild turned and looked out into the horizon.

" You know what this is actually breath taking"

the lands before are nothing but wastelands and death

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Spectrum walked through the doors of the VV throne room.

"I beleive i have found something of interest, MY Lord" Spectrum said as he bowed low.

Approaching the mighty figure he held out several scrolls.

"I have put into mothion the beginings of the the VV's walls, they shall span around our kingdom as much an offensive wepon as a defenseive decoy"

He stated,

"Whats more many of the survaours have coms back to me with the information and a map of the current movments of our enemys lands and populations is as we speak being put together."

Spectrum paused, taking a longer scroll from his pack.

"This is probably of the most interest" He said as he unscrolled the brown page infont of Magneto, "An under ground cave has been found in the southern most part of the country, amoung other thing a river and several laa flows are found here. We have been able to tap into these to produce an armoury. Whats more mining operations have also began, your armys will soon have weapons and armour."

Spectrum bowed low before his king, and then fluidly unsheathed a magnificent broad sword. Swinging it in the air it produce an electrifying twang in the air. Spectrum took the hilt and blade in his hands and offered it to Magneto for inspection.

"Aswell as te many metals found within the grounds, jewels have also been found," He said motioning towards a massive purple stone in the center hilt of the sword. "Indeed i hope you dont mind if i took the liberty of maing my sword first," Smirked Spectrum,

"Several of the lands finest smitheis have been found and will be here soon to gather your requirements for your armour and weapon preferences,"

"I hope this has pleased you my lord"

Spectrum bowed low infront of the majestic lord of the VV.

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Magneto was very pleased with Spectrums news with the wall built there would be few he need worry about. The discovery of the cave was an added bonus.

"Spectrum have everything from the cave brought here"

Magneto waved over one of his guards who then ran out of the room very quickly. Magneto stood up and walked towards Spectrum.

"You have done well"

Magneto then turn back around to see his family walking into the throne room as he had ordered the guard to inform them to come at once.

"Make sure to take your portion out of the goods Spectrum you have more then earned it."

Magneto walked towards his children then lead them to one of the private rooms. Once inside he closed the door and turned to his children.

"I need to leave i am going to Gambler's Castle i will return soon, You three are my eyes and ears while i am away. Scarlet you know how to reach me if the need araise."

"Yes Father" -Scarlet

Magneto embraced each child one by one they had grow so quickly both his daughter where old enough to marry and his son soon old enough to perhaps rule one day. Magneto smiled and thought for amoment was this happiieness could it really be.

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Darkchild looked upon his army. Not massive but suitable.


" We are one of few. The ones who believe that world run by the futile and moronic shall destroy it. We beat them once and they went in thier holes and prepared. WE are not fighting but preparing. So warriors of the VV be prepared because when we call on you, it is your life we will be calling for. Because the greatest thing for a VV is to give his undying devotion in battle. LIVE LONG VINE VILLAINS!!"

the troops cheered.

Darkchild turned from his men. and looked at the solider to his left.

" Keep this army growing i need to go meet with our liege. If more troops arrive after the edict goes out allow them to join. But be careful alright and do not engage any enemy until i return"

DC took off to the sky. Heading towards his liege
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Magneto had spent some time with his children before he was about to leave.

There was an anciet device used to travel between kingdoms only the rulers of the kingdom could activate it and only if the person on the location you where going also activated his side of it other wise nothing would happen. This is what Magneto was heading towards when he saw Darkchild coming back towards the castle.

Magneto hover over to greet DC perhaps he had news of the invasion and how it was going.

"Black King Darkchild what news have you"

Magneto used the mans title out of respect for him he was one of the most loyal of the VV members.

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the black knight bows before his liege

" Our army is a fraction of what it used to be, but i see that to be no problem when dealing with the Tadatizagaza. They are simple people which means the army we have now will be of a great advantage over them. But i feel that the battles in the coming years requires more than we have now much more. That is why i sent a edict out asking for all who want to follow the VV to come and join."

Darkchild stood up. Waiting for his lieges reply.

" When you give the order the march on the Tadatizagaza will be started"

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"Well done DC make the people of Tadatizagaza fear the very name of the VV."

Magneto was surprised about the stregth of the army it had been so strong long ago it would return to that stregth soon enough.

"Once you have conquer them send a messanger and set up a temporary goverment there"

Magneto then continued back towards the anciet device deep inside the castle down below the very ground.

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Darkchild bowed before his liege. He knew it wasnt needed since he was the black king but he knew it was a way to show how loyal to Magneto and his VV.

Darkchild left the castle and was about to leave when he bumped into Lorna.

My lady i apologize bows

Lorna: Where is father?

Where he usually is.

Thank you.

Darkchild finally took off back to his army, knowing full well the up coming invasion would be quite fun.