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Following their mutually harbored objective of grandiosely elevating mixed martial arts to the forefront of globalized sports while offering the sport's followers the cinematic aestheticism of a diverse set of extraordinary abilities boasted by the globe's premier metahuman professional fighters, Knightfall brothers, Andres and Quintus purchased the Metahuman Fighting League (MFL) from Gunther Beremund's ownership. Governed by the ambition of evolving the MFL into the world's largest mixed martial arts promotion with the aggressive ability to compete against the culturally popularized sports entertainment promotions, the MFL hosts rosters of pedigreed combatants of preternatural prowess, that facilitate the promotion's creation of worldwide events.

With its headquarters situated in the fight capital of the world, the architecturally beauteous city of Las Vegas, the MFL has several divisions based on factors such as weight (primarily) as well as muscular strength (measured via tonnage). Striking a television deal, facilitating its intention of appealing to the global sports market, the MFL, in addition to expanding into new markets in the United States, is expanding into Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, furthering its escalating mainstream-media coverage. Viewers are allowed access to MFL programming on pay-per-view television in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Canada, and of course, the United States. In the aftermath of a partnership struck with ESPN, MFL programming is primarily found on ESPN, ESPN2, as well the online streaming service ESPN3, while in the United Kingdom, it relies on BT Sport.

With its programming shown in over 170 countries worldwide, the MFL's international expansion is further fortified by its establishment of offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands.

ESPN Partnership

Shortly after the Knightfalls' purchase of the mixed martial arts promotion company, the MFL and ESPN announced the establishment of a ten year broadcast deal, including ESPN3. The deal includes a maximum of five events on ESPN's main network, and countless other live fight night events.

Several of the preliminary fights prior to MFL pay-per-views and other pertaining programming will be additionally featured by ESPN2. Meanwhile, subsequent programming consisting of live fights, pre-shows and post-shows, countdown shows, and knockout highlights as well as weigh-in specials will be featured as well. An additional programming opportunity manifested as a weekly MFL magazine series. The MFL retains production control over the show, particularly the use of its broadcast team.

ESPN3's primary function in the partnership is to provide an online streaming service that delivers both live streams and replays of MFL events to fans residing in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, the United States.

Weight Divisions

The following unveils belonging to those of those citizen of language right she its Armageddon:

Weight ClassesTonnage Strength per Class
Bantamweight (No longer exists)Below one ton
Featherweight (Merged with Lightweight)5+tons
Lightweight (145 pound limit)10+ tons
Welterweight (170 pound limit)20+ tons
Middleweight (Merged with L. Heavyweight)40+ tons
Light Heavyweight (205 pound limit)60+ tons
Heavyweight (265 pound limit)80+ tons
Super Heavyweight (Unlimited)100+ tons

MFL Rules


An eight sided enclosure of appropriate openness, an insistence on serving as octagonal cages, it is a structure with walls of metal chain-link fence coating with black vinyl and a diameter of nearly years, enabling the accommodation of thirty feet of space from point to point. The aforementioned fences are reportedly nearly six feet in height, his foam padding around the top of the fence between each of the eight sections. Additionally, the cage is embellished by two entry-exit gates opposite each other.


With varying lengths of match rounds depending on whether or not the match is for a championship title, or is a fight card's main event fight, in all fights, each round is no longer than the maximum five minutes. Differing from usual generic fights that boast a maximum of three rounds, championship fights last for five rounds. There is a one-minute rest period between rounds.


Fighter attire requires MFL approval and usually consists of shorts, no conventional foot wear such as shoes are permitted. Shirts (accepted only for female fighters), long pants or gis are disallowed. Light-weight open-fingered gloves with necessary padding around the knuckles are to be worn by fighters as they enable fighters to execute punches with less risk of sustained a hand injury while simultaneously retaining the ability to grapple. A protective cup, mouthguard, and jockstrap are also required. Masks are allowed, provided that they do not have any form of armor that will aid the fighter.


Relying on a ten-point must system, three judges are tasked with the scoring of each round, with the rounds' winner receiving ten points while the loser receives nine points or fewer. The judging criteria is dependent primarily on number of strikes landed versus number of strikes sustained, number of dominant positions, takedown efficiency etc.

Fight Outcomes:

  • Knockout: When a legal strike results in another fighter being forced into unconsciousness.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO): Should the referee feel that the victimized fighter is incapable of continuing due to an inability to properly defend oneself, the fight is said to have been terminated with a technical knockout. This may also be stopped due to a doctor's insisted stoppage e.g should a fighter sustain a deep enough cut etc. Or if the fighter's corner concedes.
  • Submission: When a fighter either taps the mat or his opponent or verbally communicates his defeat or simply voices his pain to a degree that the referee is compelled to stop the fight, it is said to be a submission victory/loss. A technical submission occurs when a fighter fails to tap out and instead loses consciousness.
  • Judge's Decision: Largely dependent on scoring, it may end as a unanimous, majority, split or technical decision. Or at times a unanimous, majority, split, and technical draw.
  • Forfeit: A fighter may willingly end their bout with another fighter for a variety of reasons other than injury.
  • No Contest: This is a situation that occurs when a fighter is incapable of continuing or at the very least, compete effectively due to an unintentional illegal move etc. and an insufficient number of completed rounds to be judged to make an appropriate decision.
  • Disqualification: A decision made should a fighter intentionally perform an illegal move that is considered by the referees or the opponent to be deliberately injurious.

Illegal Actions/Fouls:

  1. Eye-gouging
  2. Inserting fingers into the opponent's mouth
  3. Attacks to the groin
  4. Small joint manipulation
  5. Pulling of the hair
  6. Biting
  7. Head-butting
  8. Inserting a finger into any cut or laceration
  9. Attacking the spine or back of the head
  10. Attacking the throat
  11. Clawing
  12. Intentionally attempting to break bone
  13. Kicking and kneeing the head of a grounded opponent
  14. Stomping a grounded opponent
  15. Spitting
  16. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  17. The use of abusive language
  18. Attacking an opponent during the break between rounds
  19. Attacking an opponent being observed by the referee, corner or cage-side doctor
  20. Attacking an opponent following the end of a round
  21. Ignoring the referee's instructions
  22. Interference by the corner
  23. Feigning injury

Fighter Salaries, Offered Facilities & Roster

MFL Training Camp

Adhering to a system whereby MFL fighters receive no salaries but are instead paid per fight, the amount being largely dependent on the fighters' renown and how well sponsored a particular fighter is, and the event as well. Aside from the money received for the fight, additional bonuses may be acquired upon victory. Spectacular knockouts, premium submissions or exciting fights warrant these described bonuses. Fighters, even the lesser well-known ones, are paid a healthy sum whereas the more famous ones are awarded more ostentatiously. The following are the offered facilities and benefits for MFL fighters:

  • Heavily armed security forces with fortified ballistic armor and modern firearms etc. offer protection to both the fighters and those in attendance. Additional, more technologically adept quantum-centered security forces have been implemented in anticipation of metahuman assaults.
  • Training facilities and camps designed to ensure the continued optimum physical conditioning of MFL fighter should they opt to select the promotion's offered training facilities. Beta-Trion centered technology purposed for the structural fortification and necessary resistance to overwhelming superhuman force renders offered exercise and calisthenics equipment beyond suitable for those of substantial superhuman attributes. Training camps catering to a variety of styles e.g counter-striking, grappling, submission wrestling etc. are offered for the promotion's professional fighters and available to any enthusiastic individual willing to pay the necessary money to partake in the camp's onerous training and sparring sessions.
  • Nutritionists, doctors and other medical staff are readily available for the necessary examination, drug testing etc. of the promotion's fighters. Their prioritized task however, to prevent the probability of injury, to manage an injured fighter's medical recovery, as well as offering nutritional advice regarding the optimum fight diet.
  • Medical facilities pertaining to the aforementioned medical staff consists of technologically innovative equipment for the acceleration of the body's healing process in anticipation of injury. By preventing the unraveling of the telomerase enzyme in human DNA during cellular mitosis, tissue regeneration is substantially accelerated.

Fighter Roster


(This is an open location thread, anyone is welcome to post here provided it is within reason)

  1. Anyone can apply to be an MFL fighter, PM either me or Quintus (Gambler) with the weight class your character will be in.
  2. Anyone can attend an event after IC purchasing a ticket etc.
  3. Sparring sessions held by MFL camps and whatnot can be joined by any character.
  4. Fights, tournaments etc. will be organized by MFL staff.
  5. No destruction without approval from either myself or Quintus (Gambler).
  6. Sell the security
  7. Things such as cheating, corruption, drama etc. can be used as it is part of the sports world.
  8. Have fun :)
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Hellz yeah its on

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So this is what was in that suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

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Might have to make a new character

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I kind of want to bring Lena in as a press agent.

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Glad y'all approve :)

Might have to make a new character

That Chael Sonnen one we were joking about a while ago :P

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@andres_knightfall: Is there any kinda criteria for becoming a fighter? Like a stat sheet.

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@_titan: Not really. Anyone can join, the point is that once they become a fighter, you can gradually increase their H2H however you want e.g BJJ, Muay Thai etc.

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I'm looking to join. I won't use my claws, promise.

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Featherweight weight class- 134lbs

10+ tons strength

(might have to bump you up to Lightweight though)

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Might have to make a new character

Wanna do one for me as well? Cause I have absolutely 0 ideas about what to do, I just know I must do it.

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@quintus_knightfall: Cool. Adding him now. Ownage's also in, he PM'd me a couple of minutes ago.

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Just realized Trevor is technically a super heavyweight....

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@_nobody_ said:

@quintus_knightfall said:

Might have to make a new character

Wanna do one for me as well? Cause I have absolutely 0 ideas about what to do, I just know I must do it.

Fcking thing ate my post -_-

I'm not that ambitious. But I usually start with the look. Find a fighter looking dude (Mister X for example) the rest will kinda build itself.

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I want in this with a new version. Of Y I plan on introducing

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@quintus_knightfall: Yeah, yeah. Guess I gotta start searching for it...................

Balrog from Street Fighter will be my choice if I can't find any others lol

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@_nobody_: Sagat or Fei Long would be cool too.

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@_celt: Never played Tekken? O_o

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@_nobody_: Is that King? Never liked his style. Eddie though...that nicca is coldblooded

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@quintus_knightfall: Eddie is brazilian as me. Although I know 0 about capoeira, he's one of my favs. King is the best character for me, though, he's strong and not too slow. Besides, his jaguar mask is badass as fck.

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@_nobody_: Eddie Gordo, e o meu favorito :) You should use him, cause if you don't, I will :P

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@_celt: So that's why you don't know him =P His name is King, he ain't a hybrid, just a luchador with a jaguar mask.

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@kalinda: (Gina is better then Angie :P)

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@andres_knightfall: So use him, my capoeira writing sucks =P Besides, I'm a boxing/lucha libre person =P Boa sorte com o personagem =)

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@_celt: One of the most dissed characters of the series................... My favorite fighter lol

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@_nobody_: Haha I would but capoeira isn't a practical martial art :P But nah fck it mano, I think I will haha. Usa o King!

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@andres_knightfall: Sim, sim. King na veia! Lol, my fav fighter is him, so I must take the chance!

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@gularte2000: Nice :) Got you in that super heavyweight class.

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Numbers in the name WHYYYY :P

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Woah, this is amazing. I'm gona have to get in somehow O_o

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@quintus_knightfall: Nah, its all good, I changed it. I didn't really like the numbers either... harder to remember H@CK3R than HACKER.

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